(WWEfox YTP) NO BALLS BARRED episode 1

(WWEfox YTP) NO BALLS BARRED episode 1

ReeR YooY:
Let’s jump into no balls barred BoooB: Whoopie yeeee yeee ReeR YooY:
So now we’ve got a brand new Universal ChaaC and that gold comes over to SmaamSDown with BraaR WyaaW So I ask of you… Can he cum on my ass? PAAP: Oooo Ah ha-ha Looking at you Christian ♪♪ Christian ♪♪ Looking at you Christian CRiiR:
Well, first of all, I want to say that I’m a little bitch PaaP: I was gonna say…
CRiiR: I… I… I don’t even care… I don’t like… what? PaaP: Well alright come on, come on, come on
PaaP: I mean we are the hosts CRiiR: Here… heres…
BoooB: Yeah yeah yeah Here’s the thing about Bray Wyatt, I’ve said it before he doesn’t need BoooB:
Um um I mean when I look it up um Bray Wyatt um BraaY WyaaW He’s a gay a guy that has created something up I ‘ber at hell in a cellar and I watched those fans and I watched their reactions and uh-uh That, that this man is suckin’ dick for quite some time and you… We’ve seen that, we’ve done that we’ve had a taste of that already and I said man the art at work you *unintelligible* a a a a a a a a a Aaaaawww BoooB: uh
I think BraaR WyaaW some you know
right now is yet to be seen yeeen but I think it’s a whole Uh agree with me or not on that? *high pitched*
but allow me to, everybody PaaP: Boom But SeeS RooR hasn’t been as hot
as he was when he was with Triple H with a bunch of young guys because I think that maybe what Seth Rollins need is someone to actually be able to fawk Seth Rollins butt PaaP: HA HA HA HA
ReeR YooY: Damn ReeR YooY: You did not PaaP: I know, but like… T-that’s the thing I just feel like he needs to be more… BoooB:
with a bunch of young guys PaaP:
He needs to be more like becky’s bitch You know and I see that just from you know, a coach’s perspective I think this dynamic right now as far as Triple H
trying to get him ♫ trying to get him, to trying to get him
trying to get him, trying to get him ♫ ♫ to trying to get him, to trying to get him into my head with a bunch of young guys ♫ CRiiR:
I think going back to that is it it’s backtracking taking a step back for him I think you just gotta ride that cawk where it takes you BoooB: Where’s does that…
CRiiR: I meem… I mean if here’s the thing
if you gonna cheer him here’s the thing Overall guys, where do we stand on it? Uh, Where do all the talent fall? We feeling good about things Paige? Oh, it’s fantastic Heee Hit me. meem Hit me up brother. I’m ready. I’m ready for my Come on, Vince. I’m ready coach Cum on my face CRiiR:
I thought that was really important both the men and the woman Um, I think that you’ve you’ve worked hard to become the face of Your face and now what lies in front of you is a new set of faces That, that stood out to me ReeR YooY: Book? BoooB: Yeah, yeah you know To meem I like the other dynamic of you know both outside picking teams I like the the dynamic of of course Smackdown they got they got some big cawks ReeR YooY: BIG CAWKS Huge, huge uh uh You don’t get any bigger than that and they got uh They got Bray Wyatt Uh um they got Bray Strowman They got uh Bray Lesnar uh look at the… They got that maam Randy Orton uh you you uh RaaR OrrO They got
ReeR YooY: A LOT OF MEAT Okay so we saw a little rundown of what the draft was looking like What do you think was the best pick of the night? Like I said earlier, I’m gonna say the Kabuki warriors like I love them so much I think I love jizz so mu… BoooB:
You know I see that just from you know a coach’s perspective coach’s perspective Uh, so christian what do you think? Who, what was the best pick of the night? Well for me the steal of the night with SamooS JooJ What does it feel like to go through that? PaaP:
Well, it feels like your going into a new school or something like your the new kid It’s like very strange for you Like at first you get you just get used to being Like certain people and then all of a sudden you get shoved onto Smackdown and it’s just like It is legit. You’re left in the dark. You don’t know where you’re going through So there is that uncertainty? but then when you Find out where you’re going. You can kind of look at the field here And for me, I used to like to study all of my What I could do with this guy and to see what we can do weew PaaP:
I’ve known you for years
but I haven’t been hanging out for you,
with you for months so like it feels really weird so… yeah if, if you know a a a a a And it’s exciting ♫ Oh shit ♫ It opens a whole new horizons for ya I think I think I’m getting a chance just to test yourself, you know against the best competition out there I think I think that’s what the switch does for you it almost like give ya Man, I was ready for that as well, but they got SeeS RooR they got Uh uh you know when you hear about a guy before you ever seees Guy before you you you you Rico-shit he is that guy He reminds me of me when I came to WWE, you know, I could I felt like man I was ready for that that guy right there. He’s


  1. "I'm ready for my GANGBANG Vince!"
    Uhm, just hit up XavvaX & Mad BraddarB again and make them CLAALC your SUUS PaiiaP

  2. So glad your back man …… hopefully your still into ytps in 2020 and btw I like Booker t trying to do a freestyle lol 🤣

  3. SnanS GaiiaG I'm currently transcribing the closed captions for this video because the auto translate ones are trash and not in ytp SUS also, welcawk baab

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