Welcome once again to my channel welcome to Kalifax WWE, this time we have a special video double
WWE Wrestlemania 36 rumored card I will explain to you just a little some
matches here and rumored to happen at Wrestlemania 36 others are just
matches that I think can happen because it’s not the full card rumored right? So
faster than never like always we’re gonna start with this Kick-Show and we have
the Andre The Giant Memorial battle royal to start. And my pick to win will be our king Baron Corbin and becoming the first-ever to win this match twice Next, this is on me Elias having a special concert
and Edge appearing will be short segment more than a real match. and the last match in this kickoff show another Battle Royale
but this time for the womans and my pick to win here will be Dana Brooke thanks to
Batista And now, it’s time for the main show but before to go
right into it, I have to tell you don’t forget to subscribe because it is free!
join to our big family on our road to 50,000 subscribers so
smash that sub button because we have to reach that number before to WWE WrestleMania 36 and I know we will do it so now we’re gonna start with
this main show and our first match to start we have for the Intercontinental
Championship Shinsuke Nakamura defending the title against and Sami Zayn
this will be like Owens vs Jericho in 2016, people think it will happen
and it rumored a little, we’ll see Next, we have one-on-one action and between
Braun Strowman against Goldberg. Goldberg it’s rumored to have a huge match
and Strowman too, this match also was rumored to happen last year so it will
this? Now, we have for the Smackdown Tag Team
championships a fatal 4-way match We have The New Day*** vs The Bar vs Heavy Machinery and against The Dirt Sheet Duo. Now for the United States Championship
we have a 7-man ladder match. Those ladder matches at WM were amazing it will be great to comeback this
WrestleMania and the USA title can take that shot, what do you think? Next, we have an 8-man tag team match
The O.C against the undisputed era rumors about this match are huge but
also a new chapter between Aj Styles and Randy Orton but The O.C against the
undisputed era I think would be much better Now we have a controversial one Brock Lesnar
defending the world title but against who??? This is rumor card so we have against
Cain Velasquez or Tyson Fury what do you think? I think we can drew McIntyre Aleister black Kevin Owens and even Daniel Bryan and much more to put on the spot
hopefully, WWE will change that and will not put Caín Velasquez or
Tyson Fury next match it is for the Smackdown
Women’s Championship and we kept Bayley defending the title against Sasha Banks. I think this match is very possible to
happen but Sasha will earn that spot on the Elimination Chamber something like
that not on the Royal Rumble that’s on me, we’ll what happens. Now, it’s time to dream a little we have
another 1-0-1 action but this time between Seth Rollins and CM Punk hard to
happen? Yes and the rumor it is Seth Rollins vs Edge we all know these rumors
but in case that Punk or Edge don’t come back other possible match for Seth
Rollins more realistic will be against Samoa Joe this rivalry started of the
road to Wrestlemania 33 can continue this time? Next match it is for the women’s Tag
Team Championships and here we have The Kabuki Warriors defending the
championship against the heel team of Natalya and Charlotte Flair. Charlotte Flair
it seems like without a clear plan for Wrestlemania so this spot for her and
becoming a full Grand Slam champion will be epic on the greatest stage of all
I think… Next, we have for the RAW Tag Team
Championships a triple threat match between the Viking Riders vs AOP and against Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. If KO and Samoa Joe, doesn’t have any plans
are all being here to win the tag titles will be not bad I think and finally almost to the end here we
have a 101 action mano-a-mano first we have Drew McIntyre against John Cena.
John Cena it’s rumored to have a huge match at
WrestleMania and I think against the Scottish psychopath it’s one of the
match of the people most want to see and the second one it is Aleister Black
against The Undertaker last match this is more of the same growing superstar
against old legends and people want both matches rumors are rumors but wouldn’t
happen what do you think? Next, it is our co-main event match
and we have for the Raw Women’s Championship Becky Lynch defending the
title against the Royal Rumble winner Shayna Baszler. I personally think this match will
happen and if happens rumor or not I think Ronda Rousey will come to help
Shayna Baszler to win the title and now finally we have our main event
match and it is for the WWE Universal Championship rumors say that
it will be The Fiend against Roman Reigns but other possibility and other
rumor is a triple threat match adding Daniel Bryan to the contest and I think
this one it will be more worth it to happen we’ll see. thanks for the support that you always give to me and don’t forget to put yours dream matches or the matches that you want to see you at WrestleMania36 on the comments, so thanks for
watching now as always, and I will you at the next time, Bye champs!


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  2. My winners
    Alexa Bliss
    Sami Zayn
    Morrison and Miz
    Buddy Murphy or Humberto Carillo
    Undisputed Era
    Brock Lesnar Vs Aleister my winner Aleister
    Sasha Banks
    Cm Punk
    Charlotte and Natalya
    John Cena
    Shayna Baszler
    Roman Reigns Rollins Returns and Helps Reigns winner

  3. Corbin
    Heavy machinery
    The oc
    Flair and natalya
    Owens and joe
    The undertaker

  4. Braun wins ic title at rumble and going wm has champ with 2 title defences because allready ic title s prestiges allready lost,andrade is going wm has champ for the 4 title defences because the elevaition of andrade.K.Owens will win the chamber and earn no:1 contender for the lesnar s title.Because roman will reportedly winthe rumble and challange for the fiend at wm.Becky unfortunality beat asuka to going wm has champ and lose the belt for the pass out against shayna.Because look at survivor series 2019.Bayley allready going to wm has champ and probably her next challanger carmella after royal rumble and bayley retains the title at fastlane and after I think wwe gave us for the remarkable elemination chamber match for bayley defended the title against mella,sasha,alexa,lacey,niki at first ever sd.womens title elemination chamber match at history before wm.But wm wwe screwed the fans and put charlotte against bayley- sasha and make it the triple treat match like they did samely for the becky vs ronda match because c.flair s birthday but if this happen this time c.flair wins the sd.womens title by tapout or pinning sasha.Because she is weak link in the womens division for a long time.

  5. My Card
    The Undertaker def Seth Rollins
    Universal Championship – 'The Demon' Finn Balor def 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt(c)
    RAW Womens Championship – Shayna Baszler def Becky Lynch(c)
    NXT Championship Special Guest Referee Triple H – Tommaso Ciampa def Adam Cole(c)
    Interpromotional Tag Team Match – Team Smackdown (Braun Strowman, Daniel Bryan, King Corbin, The Miz & John Morrison) def Team RAW (Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, Aleister Black & Samoa Joe) & Team NXT (Johnny Gargano, WALTER, Keith Lee, Dominik Dijakovic & Matt Riddle)
    Smackdown Womens Championship – Sasha Banks def Bayley(c)
    Roman Reigns def John Cena
    Smackdown Tag Team Championship – The Undisputed Era def The New Day(c)
    Rey Mysterio, Cain Velasquez & Dominik def The OC
    WWE Womens Tag Team Championship – Charlotte & Natalya def The Kabuki Warriors(c)
    WWE Championship – Kevin Owens def Brock Lesnar(c)

    Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal – Winner Sheamus
    Intercontinental Championship – Sami Zayn def Shinsuke Nakamura(c)
    RAW Tag Team Championship – The AOP def The Viking Raiders(c)
    Womens WrestleMania Battle Royal – Winner Nia Jax

    Cedric Alexander
    Alexa Bliss
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    The Bar
    Humberto Carillo
    THE O.C
    Cain Velasquez
    Tyson Fury
    Sasha Banks
    Seth Rollins
    Edge again
    Samoa Joe
    Charlotte and Natalya
    Viking Raiders
    John Cena
    Aleister Black and Undertaker can go either way but The Undertaker ends Aleister Black undefeated singles match streak!!!
    Becky Lynch
    Ronda Rousey
    Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns again

  7. H i need help im about to subscribe to the wwe network i need to watch the royal rumble on it after i subscribe do i have to pay money to watch the ppv live or the ppv will be free after I subscribe?

  8. My wrestlemania 36 predictions
    Kickoff Show
    1. Andre The Giant memorial battle royal
    2. Women's battle royal
    Main Show
    1. Andrade vs Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy vs Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley vs Humberto Carrillo vs Matt Hardy vs Ricochet in a 8 men ladder match for united states champion
    2. The Kabuki Warriors vs Charlotte Flair and Natalya for women's tag team champions
    3. Braun Strowman vs Sheamus falls count anywhere match
    4. John Morrison and The Miz vs The New Day vs The Usos vs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode for smackdown tag team champions
    5. Cain Velasquez vs Rey Mysterio Rey farewell match
    6. Bayley vs Sasha Banks for smackdown women's champion
    7. Triple H, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe vs The O.C in a 6 men tag team no holds bared match
    8. The Undertaker vs King Corbin
    9. The Viking Raiders vs AOP for raw tag team champions
    10. Shinsuke Nakamura vs John Cena for intercontinental champion
    11. Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton for wwe champion
    12. Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey for raw women's champion
    13. Seth Rollins vs CM Punk
    14. The Fiend vs Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan for universal champion

    Erick Rowan
    Dana Brooke
    Aleister Black
    Charlotte Flair and Natalya
    Braun Strowman
    The Usos
    Cain Velasquez
    Sasha Banks
    Triple H, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe
    The Undertaker
    John Cena
    Randy Orton
    Ronda Rousey
    Seth Rollins
    Roman Reigns

  9. Muy buenas luchas, lo mejor que le puede pasar a Roman Reigns es que sea una triple amenaza , por qué si no volverá a ser odiado si le gana limpio a The Fiend , saludos

  10. Cedric Alexander
    Lacey Evans
    Sami zayn
    Braun Strowman
    Heavy Machinery
    Humberto Carrillo
    The OC
    Drew Mcintyre
    Sasha Banks
    Seth Rollins
    The Kabuki Warriors
    The Viking Raiders
    John Cena
    Shayna Bazyler
    Román Reings

  11. MY WINAR
    THE O.C
    Read more

  12. Kalifax Dave Meltizer said on his podcast Brock wont face Cain Velasquez or Tyson Fury anymore so it might be Black, McIntyre,KO, or Riddle not Velasquez or Fury

  13. Im hoping we get Elias vs Edge & New Day vs John Morrison & Miz & Asuka vs Kairi/Ronda/Shayna & Seth & Becky vs CM Punk & AJ Lee & The Fiend vs AJ Styles/Sheamus & Brock vs Drew 😀

  14. Baron corbin
    Alexa bliss
    Sami zayn
    The dirt sheet duo
    Randy orton
    The O.C
    Kevin owens
    Sasha banks
    Cm punk
    The kabuki warriors
    John cena
    Shayna baszler
    Roman reings

  15. My predictions for wrestlemania 36
    Kickoff show
    1Cruseiweight championship match
    2 Womens battle royal
    3 André the Giant memorial battle royal
    Main show
    1Braun strowman vs Cesaro vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs King corbin vs Sami zayn vs Sheamus in a 6 men ladder match for the intercontinental champion
    2 The new day vs Heavy machinery vs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode vs for the smackdown tag team champion
    3 Andrade vs Aleister Black for the United states championship
    4 The o.c vs The Viking Raiders vs Aop for the raw tag team championship
    5 Bayley vs Sasha banks for the smackdown womens championship
    6 Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey for the raw womens championship

  16. 1. I think for the WWE world heavyweight championship definitely would be Brock Lesnar but I prefer seen him going up against an NXT star like Matt riddle
    2. If the Bayley versus Sasha banks doesn't happen I prefer seeing Bayley & Sasha & Charlotte vs. Shaina Basler and her friends
    3. For the universal championship yes I definitely want to see Daniel Bryan vs. The Fiend vs. Roman reigns but. If that doesn't happen I still want to see the rock versus Roman reigns or they can do a contest to do a triple threat match to go up against Daniel and the fiend for the WWE universal championship
    4. The boogie warriors or however you say that tagteam vs. Charlotte flair with Natalia if this doesn't happen I prefer Alexa bliss & Nikki cross vs. The boogie warriors for the WWE women's tag team championships
    5. The WWE Intercontinental championship no words for it. sure definitely break up Sami Zayn and Nakamura
    6. The WWE United States championship no words but however. I don't want to see Rey Mysterio in this match I want to see somebody new and fresh I put Rey Mysterio going up against a wrestling legend like the undertaker
    7. John Cena versus Drew McIntyre OK sure but can you add velveteen dream to this match I'll probably make it more epic
    8. Dana Brooke winning the battle royale thank you yes I really want her to win this
    9. For the raw and SmackDown tagteam championships just doing winner takes all match
    10. Do you know what is the make it this match more epic do Seth Rollins versus CM Punk if he ever comes back or not vs AJ styles in a triple extreme rules match

  17. Ps Quick SideNote for number 11 if Elias Sampson does not fight edge I prefer him going up against Jinder Mahal and Elias wins at wrestlemania

  18. My winners
    Cedric Alexander
    Lacey Evans
    Sami Zayn (epic match)
    Braun Strowman (Goldberg retires)
    The Dirt Sheet Duo 😍
    Buddy Murphy
    The OC
    Brock Lesnar vs Drew McIntyre (Royal Rumble winner) and McIntyre wins
    Sasha Banks
    CM Punk
    The Kabuki Warriors
    Joe and Owens
    The Undertaker (The Undertaker retires)
    Becky Lynch
    The Fiend

  19. Bock lesnar Vs Kevin Owens

    The Kabucki Warriorrs Vs Paige And Aj Lee

    Viking Raiders Vs The Hardy Boyz

    Randy Ortan Vs Jhon Cena

    Shinushke Nakamura Vs Braun Strownman

    The Under taker Vs Sting

  20. Bryan vs strowman for Ic championship, roman vs fiend in main event, drew vs randy, sheamus vs cesaro edge vs Shane, hhh vs owens, Joe vs Big Show aj vs andrade vs Murphy vs mysterio at mania 36

  21. my winners
    Baron Corbin
    Edge attacks Elias
    Alexa Bliss
    New Day
    The OC
    mystery opponent
    Sasha Banks
    Seth Rollins
    Kabuki warriors
    John Cena
    Becky Lynch
    Roman Reigns

  22. My winners:
    Alexa Bliss
    Sami Zayn
    Morrison & Miz
    Bobby Lashley
    The OC
    Kevin Owens faces Lesnar and beats him
    Sasha Banks(Ronda Rousey attacks)
    Rollins'll lose
    Nattie and Flair(Shafir and Duke attack)
    Drew McIntyre
    Aleister Black
    Shayna Bazler
    Roman Reigns

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