WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Fatal 4-Way Match: WWE Starrcade 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Fatal 4-Way Match: WWE Starrcade 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)


  1. Could Lynch have made the positioning looking even more obvious? Seriously that was sloppy, the only thing worse would've been her saying "wait I need to get positioned correctly"

  2. Que estúpida Becky
    Al menos disimula un poco la posición en la que vas a recibir el codazo! Inútil! Cuando va a luchar bien? Como puede tener el título aún! Tronco! Y tosca!

  3. Can give me reason why everyone likes kabuki warrior ??
    Dunno but im not have interest about kabuki warrior.
    Just curious…

  4. Making Starrcade a house show event is such a Vince way of sticking it to his old competition. It's like if Nintendo bough out Sega and only used the brand to publish budget licensed TV tie-ins.

  5. I'm just relieved The Kabuki Warriors won. And I'm happy that they finally got entrance music. It may not be as good as either of their themes on their own, but it makes them feel like more of a tag team.

  6. الي يشترك في قناتي اشترك في قناته و فعلو 🔔 التنبيهات وشكراً لكم 🌹

  7. I don't know about any other person watching these WWF shows, but the acting and action is so set up, that even wrestlers have to move into the location while the attacker is getting ready to attack. Total bogus action. I know they are great athletes, but the stories are so crappy.

  8. If The Kabuki Warriors keep getting booked like this- they’re going to make the WWE Womens Tag Team Championships a force you be reckoned with. I’m here for it!!

  9. Y'all need to stop coming for Becky she did it so what she is still the best and the WWE universe is so fake to bayley how y'all booing her and just 2 months ago y'all was her fans and cheering for her in her matches day don't make no sense at all

  10. I swear if they have Becky and Charlotte beat the Kabuki Warriors at TLC just so they can make Charlotte a grandslam champion, I'll be really pissed

  11. I love how damn near every shot taken in this video caused one of the women to roll out of the ring… Except for "The Man" she just rolled into position like Seth Rollins was coming to bed!

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