WWE Women’s Match in Saudi Arabia CONFIRMED?! Double or Nothing Buyrate Revealed! | WrestleTalk News

WWE Women’s Match in Saudi Arabia CONFIRMED?! Double or Nothing Buyrate Revealed! | WrestleTalk News

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between Triple H and Randy Orton. We’ve got a…Stacked show for you today,
including the 24/7 championship changing hands again, and then again, Goldberg’s SmackDown
promo reportedly not being scripted, new NXT signees being offered five year contracts,,
AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV buyrates, and the latest on a possible women’s match taking
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WWE Women’s match in Saudi Arabia? But first… We’ve got another 24/7 championship title
change…again. Which was also won back…again. After their rather funny scuffle on a golf
course, which saw Jinder Mahal appear in his wrestling gear for some reason, R-Truth and
Jinder Mahal went back and forth again, as Mahal rolled up Truth on the tarmac before
them boarding the plane to Saudi Arabia. Mahal would run off with the title, and in a separate
video later in the day, Truth would win the title back by pinning Mahal while he was napping.
Although I’m not sure if he’s pinning him or trying to suffocate him. Truth then celebrated winning the title back
by yelling loudly and waking up all the other wrestlers on the plane, smort, who then chased
Truth into the aeroplane toilet. I guess Truth is just going to…stay there for the rest
of the flight. Godspeed to every other wrestlers’ bladders. Let’s hope Goldberg wasn’t on the flight
with him and was desperate to get to the toilet, because Goldberg and doors don’t get along
too well, after the one time he headbutted one before a promo and busted himself open. Speaking of Goldberg promos… The WWE Hall of Famer appeared on this week’s
episode of SmackDown Live in order to build to his match with The Undertaker at Super
Arabia, and he cut one of the best promos of the year. Goldberg was believable, genuine
and felt a lot more real than…I don’t know, let’s say some promo where a guy talks
about hummingbirds and doesn’t make any sense and rambles for five minutes, oh yeah
that promo was on the same show. The reason for this being the case, is because
according to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Goldberg’s promo wasn’t
scripted. Goldberg reportedly has a similar deal to Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and Daniel
Bryan in that he’s given the freedom to say whatever he likes. Why is being able to talk freely a perk? Shouldn’t
it be the norm, and then if someone is particularly struggling with promos, you can give them
a writer to help assist with it? WWE is topsy-turvy. The promo in question was rather excellent,
and it did more to build to their match at Super Arabia than literally any other segment
for any other match on the card. Shocking, letting people talk in their own character
voice leads to good promos. Who could have foreseen that? Well, Jon Moxley, for one. Moxley’s departure
and subsequent appearances and interviews are being felt throughout the wrestling industry.
The Moxley effect, if you will. That’s a term I’m coining by the way, so anyone using
it, send me royalties. The Moxley Effect is very much still being felt within the WWE,
and one of Moxley’s primary complaints about the company was its over-produced, over-written
promos. So maybe, just maybe, seeing Goldberg cut
a very good one on SmackDown, when he wasn’t scripted, might just start to change Vince
McMahon’s mind. But probably not, don’t hold your breath. In fact, definitely not. Definitely don’t
hold your breath. You will suffocate and die. Because Vince McMahon doesn’t change his
mind. Ever. That’s kind of his thing. Another factor of the Moxley Effect has seemingly
taken hold of the Performance Center and NXT, as further expanded upon in Meltzer’s Wrestling
Observer Newsletter. WWE have a pretty sketchy history when it
comes to contracts and signing talent. Whether it be their stance on their wrestlers being
“contracted talent” and not employees to avoid having to provide benefits, yet still
demanding exclusivity and retaining the ability to refuse releases, or denying release requests
and extending contract lengths due to time being injured, reportedly, WWE sure aren’t
short of controversy surrounding their contracts. Moxley’s departure from the company has
seemingly awoken something inside one Vince McMahon. As Moxley departed at the end of
his contract, so there were no legal ramifications, and refused all other offers, it seems WWE
have now taken this information, and ramped it up to 11. Reports are that new NXT signees are being
offered five year contracts, as opposed to the standard three. Three years is still a
long time in and of itself, but asking new signees, some of which won’t be very experienced
with wrestling at all, to commit to five years with essentially no exit route, with the potential
of that length being extended if you get injured, that’s bonkers. That’s crazy. This is just the latest attempt by WWE to
lockdown talent and avoid another Moxley Effect from taking place when they leave the company. Moxley’s appearance at AEW’s debut show,
Double or Nothing, was a long time in the making, and it was just one part of a very
successful show, including Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega and The Lucha Bros vs The Young
Bucks just to name a couple. Now there’s been an update on the PPV buyrate
for Double or Nothing. Last week it was reported on the Wrestling
Observer that Double or Nothing was estimated to have drawn around 98,000 PPV buys, which
includes both TV and digital purchases, with an almost exact 50/50 split between the two.
That split was actually somewhere in the region of 75/25 in the UK, because the majority of
the marketing surrounding the show in the UK revolved around ITV Box Office. That 98,000 buy number has now been further
clarified, and AEW’s first show is estimated to have drawn somewhere in the region of “98,500
to 113,000” PPV buys. For a bit of context, All In drew around 55,000 PPV buys, and December
to Dismember, which was WWE’s lowest bought PPV ever before the WWE Network came in, drew
around 90,000 buys. They’ve already managed to outdraw ECW. Well, the bad one, but still! This is some great stuff for a promotion that
hasn’t started weekly TV yet, and their entire promotional work was pretty much exclusively
done online. These buys numbers for future shows are expected to increase over time,
especially once weekly TV kicks in in October on TNT. AEW have of course still got a ways to go
to reach the heights of what a regular WWE PPV would draw before the network days, but
this is a very promising start for the promotion. Something else that could actually be promising,
is the potential of having a WWE women’s match take place in Saudi Arabia at Super
Arabia. Now it seems that match may actually be taking place. It was previously reported by PWInsider that
both Alexa Bliss and Natalya have travelled to Saudi Arabia, potentially for a first-ever
WWE women’s match in the Kingdom. This was compounded by the reliable Wrestlevotes,
who stated that the original plan for the match was Nia Jax vs Natalya, but with Jax
being injured, it seems Bliss has been swapped in in her place. Now there is further evidence to suggest that
the women’s match may be taking place, as on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer
stated that WWE have technically been able to hold a women’s match for a while now,
due to recent changes within the country. Prince Mohammed Bin Salman
Al Saud has vowed that the country will be ruled by “moderate
Islam” which has allowed females to begin working in other entertainment mediums in
the country. As it stands currently very few people know
whether this match will be happening or not. Alexa Bliss and Natalya, the people who may
be performing the match, are not two of them. However, Meltzer suggests that high ranking
officials within WWE will know whether this is the case or not. If the match has been
given the green light (gimme the green light), then the most likely reason why there hasn’t
been an announcement is to prevent some backlash from within the Saudi Kingdom itself. A women’s match has reportedly been in the
works in Saudi Arabia for a long time, with WWE and Saudi officials just waiting for the
right time to pull the trigger. If the match doesn’t end up happening at
Super Arabia itself, then the likelihood is that Alexa and/or Natalya will appear to announce
the women’s match that will take place when they return to Saudi Arabia later this year
on November 1st for an unnamed show as of yet. Saudi Arabia 4.0. “The forefront of change” has been a line
WWE have been pushing for quite some time now regarding their Saudi Arabia shows, and
while this has most certainly been a slow burner, and in no way excuses the other controversy
surrounding the shows, having a women’s match in Saudi Arabia is an actual form of
change. It’s just a shame then, that this change
has to be marred under the Saudi Arabia banner and all the controversy that comes with that.
Regardless, if a women’s match does take place at the show, it’s a tiny little silver
lining on what will hopefully be an increased female presence within the Kingdom. I think
they’ve missed a trick here though. Should have brought Becky Lynch with you. She’s
The Man after all. Has the Pokemon fandom gone too far with creating
sexual content around its characters? Click the video to my right to be taken to Laurie
and I discussing the subject. And make sure to check back here to watchalong with Oli
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been Chopper Pete Quinnell, and that, was wrestling.


  1. Alexa Bliss’s segment “A Moment of Bliss” should become an official WWE bathroom break titled “A Moment to Piss”

  2. they should've take someone like Charlotte or Lacey Evans with them for women's match. They definitely would've shock all shaikhs (rich Saudi males) by their excellent athleism. So, they won't mind to have another women's match on their next show.
    (tho Alexa is damn talented, but she is not having good time in ring in recent months.)

  3. Look at how they had to dress at the hospital. You really think the guy who ordered a journalist kidnapped, murdered and dismembered is going to allow them to wrestle? You think the guy who arrested women who pushed for the right to drive is going to allow that? Why are you carrying water for this propaganda? Why are you live streaming watching it?

  4. Sorry Chopper, you still mispronounced it. It's Mohammed Bone Sawman Al Saud. Just wanted to add the correction!

  5. You don't have to sign a contract. Ppl complaining about a contract that they willingly signed is silly. Ppl not liking their place of work, after learning more about it's inner workings is nothing new, and far from a WWE exclusive issue. Totally hate my job, but it pays the bills so.. works starts at 5am.

  6. The wwe has the potential to have great matches with the wrestlers they have if they actually start using the rest of the roster but we all know it'll never happen

  7. Jon Moxley: "Vince pays brock tons of money to come and ruin his company because he wants own brock, and be like ahh brock's my attraction"
    Vince: "ahh screw the active roster brock should win all the titles, be in the main events of major ppvs, and even win the mitb. I'm a genius"
    Vince also in stone cold podcast: " the young talents lack passion for the industry.
    Vince looks around….
    Vince calls HHH: " Hey bring in some of your NXT guys, let's make them debut"
    HHH: "But what about the current roster?"
    Vince: "Screw them I don't see any main eventers here, let's just give the main events to brock and baron. I am a genius hahaha"
    HHH: "🧐🤔"

  8. The women's match will be an empty arena match as all the Saudis will run out screaming at the sight of unoppressed women.

  9. If a womens match does go ahead I'll be very interested to see if they're in their usual attire…. That said i still don't see it happening…

  10. 24/7 Championship. So much legitimacy. And it's all real because WWE superstars apparently aren't subject to TSA rules and regulations and would never have the authorities called on them for their actions at an airport or on a plane. Great, realistic storytelling Vince!!!

  11. Going to be the last womans match also, what a garbage match smfh. Leave it up to WWE to ruin the first women's match.

    As to your question I believe it should have included either Bayley, Becky, Asuka, Ember Moon basically anyone with talent.

  12. Change marred by being under the Saudi Arabia flag? There would be no talk of change if they weren't in Saudi Arabia… I'm no fan of Saudi Arabia either facts are facts.

  13. I actually hope the womens match does not get any reaction from the crowd. Ladies are propably walking in to some hostile territory.

  14. Does the WWE executive board consist of chimps? You’re already receiving a lot of bad press after Jon Moxley’s interview on Chris Jericho’s podcast and NOW you’re going to be changing NXT contract signings to five years instead of three, which was already an absurdly long contract?

    If I am a young, up-and-coming wrestler with promotions like AEW coming into existence and NJPW being as big as ever, why the hell would I lock myself into a contract like that, especially since most NXT wrestlers don’t make it to the main roster? WWE could easily utilize you for a year, believe you’re not cut out for them, but not release you from the contract for four years, not allowing you to go to another promotion to earn a living.

    You’d have to be downright insane to sign that sort of contract. Not only is this going to hurt WWE’s publicity, but I think it’s going to hurt its talent pool in the long run because you know damn well that a lot of young talent aren’t going to lock themselves into that sort of contract.

    Just when I think WWE cannot find a way to screw themselves any more, they somehow find a way to do it.

  15. It doesn't matter if they have 10 women matches,fuck this show and that country's officials and half of the citizens who think shaming women and rape is ok. They get away with murder and our president and government does nothing about it. Fuck America and fuck Saudi arabia

  16. Truth and the 24/7 championship and Firefly Funhouse are the best things in main roster WWE.

  17. You going All In on using Moxley Effect. I would pay you for using Moxley effect but then Moxley will find you to redefine the term…soooo…..bye!

  18. Maybe Nia Jax vs Natalya was the planned match because of their ring gear?
    Their current respective ring gears cover more of their bodies than those of almost all other female superstars on the roster. When Sasha and Alexa had their match in Abu Dhabi they had to change their respective ring attires to cover most of their skin. But with Nia vs Natalya, there wouldn’t appear to be any obvious restrictions on the performers and everyone could focus solely on the fact that the match was actually allowed to happen.
    Just a thought, anyone else considered this? Would be interesting to find out

  19. So a GUARANTEED 5 YEAR CONTRACT in the WWE is now a bad thing for the talent?🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I realize that AEW NutHuggin is Real thing 💯, but WTF 5 years of guaranteed money is more than any independent wrestler could only dream of just 3 months ago🤔. This is probably the best thing I've ever heard of for upcoming wrestlers and allows them to follow their dreams. Ambrose even said he owes everything he has to the WWE and has even given him the freedom to be able to do whatever he likes for the rest of his career.
    DAMN YOU VINCE…..You've screwed the IWC AGAIN😡

  20. Imagine KO, SZ, Samoa Joe & Roman Reigns doing promos without a trash ass script.
    And aren't the New Day & the Usos allowed to say whatever they want too?

  21. This is why I really hate youtube. This video was not in my subscription history at all. Support WrestleTalk youtube.

  22. Becky's gimmick would not be a good idea to have in Saudi as the first women's match. It'll be like ripping off sand paper from a wound rather than a bandaid.

  23. It was just for putting face. WWE trying to look good for the public as a desperate move because of bad ratings

  24. Allah damn it.. i watched super Arabia to see if a women's match would happen… it didnt.. watching that ppv was brutal to sit through.. just terrible. And 0 womens matches.. ffs i was tricked.. Pete are you a wwe shill? Lmao tricked me into watching the show ffs.

  25. See no women's match lol ..u and all YouTube channels about wwe r so wrong …included is the ratings decline which there is no decline it's just watch through different Avenues now duh

  26. Im from Saudi Arabia, and to be honest I think only a few people here watch wrestling like 5% .. others don't care because they say it's fake..
    And about women wrestling in my opinion I don't care because it's boring and not enjoyable..
    Also there is a lot of people in Saudi Arabia agree with me. (sorry if my English is bad)

  27. Parade fucking episode I tell you what I fucking love watching Choppa Pete he's fucking hilarious rock on Chopper Rock on

  28. At this point I don't really care who competes in Saudi Arabia cuz anyone would be good and they'll make history just hope it's not Alexa as she already wrestled the first women's match in UAE

  29. LOL @ people thinking the women's match would actually happen. This is a country that beheads gay people, and imprisons female activists who ask for basic human rights. They'll let women wrestle one day, but they'll have to be fully covered like Raisha Saeed.

  30. Steph and Alicia Fox should have the first women's match in Saudi. The woman that invented women's wrestling vs the pioneer of women's wrestling.

  31. Love how the initial reports were 100-200k… let's face it, 50$ is WAY too much for a wrestling show in 2019 no matter how good. BOSJ Finals blew Double or Nothing out of the water from an in-ring perspective, cost 1/5th the price, and includes 3 Kizuna Road shows, oh and DOMINION. C'mon, AEW marks.

  32. There will never be a women's anything in Saudi Arabia. Women are worth less then a dog in Islam especially in Saudi Arabia. Stupid fucking libtard clowns.

  33. Wrestling in Saudi let alone being entirely covered up with no skin showing sounds miserable in that temperature

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