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the latest coming up we’re talking everything that went down on Monday
Night Raw and all of the recent news Jon Moxley talking about how unhappy and
angry he was that WWE would just let him walk out Chris Jericho talks one of the
biggest problems with WWE right now WWE still holding back on a major heel turn
even though we all want to see it later some Becky Lynch NXT once again and
beats ow IEW and more updates before we get into it
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upload anyway so let’s dive into it and let’s start off by talking of something
that is a bit frustrating from Monday Night Raw and that is Seth Rollins
itself as WWE continued to hold off while he’s hold back on his heel turn
which doesn’t make much sense because we all know how grace of Rollins is as a
heel this week he started off Monday Night Raw by apologizing to the locker
room for what he did last week which appeared to be a fool he’ll turn upon
apologizing he indicated and claimed that he had nothing to do with AOP and
their heel attacks then he stuck by this story and didn’t turn heel again
throughout the whole show just showing some signs that it might happen but WWE
might just be swerving us with this whole situation and again it’s a bit
frustrating this flip-flopping status between hero and babyface frustrated
many of the fans and shared their displeasure over on social media to make
things even more confusing we are self Rollins teaming with the babyface Viking
raiders to take on the OSI in a dark match after the event
Rollins and the Viking raiders of won a quick match but the architects of
Rollins did all of this while playing the babyface persona so the big question
is what is WWE doing here are there just simply teasing a heel term for Seth
Rollins even though it doesn’t seem like it’s really going to happen we’ve seen
it in the past with top superstars like Roman reigns where no matter what WWE
just doesn’t want to plug and give the fans what they’ve been
asking for to add to all of this WWE is taking a bit longer than expected when
having Seth Rollins say in certain interviews that the only reason why he’d
been storming off is because he knows he is doing the right thing motivating the
locker room overall hopefully this is a slow turn but the fact that it then it
happened last week makes me feel like they were already holding off on it and
I’m having second doubts on doing the whole thing which is not good because
babyface Seth Rollins has been unwatchable for a couple of months now
and we already know how great he is on the bad side and it’s what we have been
wanting moving it’s some other news from Saffron as we move over to Jon Moxley
who left the WWE early on this year and it’s now of course one of the top stars
on aew and in an interview from Chris ban a couple of days ago he revealed
that he was angry at the WWE that they just let him walk away this isn’t the
first time that Jon Moxley indicated this but he did explain the whole
situation a bit better by stating the following once I decided I was going to
leave I wasn’t happy about it for a while I was pretty pissed off about it I
was like are they really gonna make me leave they’re gonna make me leave aren’t
they they’re gonna f everything up so bad because I wanted that money it’s not
like I don’t like money I like to put it in the back and look at it you know I
was like I can’t believe they’re gonna make me walk away from all this money
can you write one good effing storyline one little thing so it looks like that
is exactly what he wanted from the WWE just for them to have something creative
for him to do on television than just coming out there and doing some silly
promo a bit unfortunate to how everything just go back to creatives
idea being so bad that leads to a superstar just walking out doing the
same interview jon moxley also indicated that he has no ill-will towards the WWE
or even Vince McMahon he just absolutely hate the process that everything is run
in that jugnu of business that is WWE meanwhile in aew he has way more freedom
to do anything that he wants and he is doing exactly what he wants which is
continue to wrestle while going to work without feeling like it’s an actual job
and having a chip on his shoulders sticking with jon moxley he’s a bit of
an interesting note for this past weekend we of course went through Black
Friday in cyber monday and WWE was advertising some of the leftover stuff
that they had not just for jon moxley but also for Enzo amore
these were promotion runs over on social media and instead of promoting something
like a brand new title we’re getting the Ambrose unstable t-shirt on sales at
which WWE has to pay for Chris Jericho also talked about one of the biggest
problems that WWE has stating the following in a recent interview I watch
Survivor Series it was really good but there was this problem with the mess and
Daniel Bryan and the mists saying for the sake of our children and our
families you have to stop the feem nobody talks like that you can still put
the guy over a big time but what is he going to do break into your house steal
your kids it’s just not believable it is cartoonish in a bad way he also
stated the following if you have a guy like Roman reigns in aew he’ll be so
over because Roman reigns is in legit really cool dude he’s a great guy super
cool he’s the kind of guy you want to hang out with but they never put tre
that on the show they always give him these promos to read the real Roman
reigns never shines through it is the same with Seth Rollins they have their
own unique personality so don’t write stuff for them just basically let them
go at it smart words from Chris Jericho and last but not least that we’re
talking about the fact that nxc be aew for two weeks in a row now on the
ratings this week was of course the fall out of Survivor Series which team and XE
dominated Team Raw and SmackDown so it was expected for NXT to get high ratings
Wednesday e.w dynamite on tnt drew six hundred and sixty-three thousand viewers
while NXT drew eight hundred and ten thousand viewers what it’s worth
mentioning is that this is the lowest aew viewership since the show launched
on october 4th as you guys know i don’t necessarily get into the debate of
rating especially between NXT and eight you cuz I just enjoyed golf to the show
but I do get a say I feel like NXT has been picking it up as of late and it’s
obvious that WWE made the right move on involving and exceed with the main
roster a Survivor Series because look at them now they’re pulling good numbers
consistently every single week so credit to the WWE as they did made a smart move
and switching it over to on Monday Night Raw recap the show opened up with Seth
Rollins quote-unquote apologizing to everyone for what happened on the last
week’s episode how comes Kevin Owens who says that the apology sounded like B yes
they were then interrupted by AOP Kevin Owens alluded to the fact that Seth
Rollins and AOP are probably working together so this is not gonna end well
for him Seth Rollins wanted to prove him different and offered to team up with
Owens to take on AOP tonight but Kevin Owens wasn’t having and he said hell no
I’m not gonna have a match against those guys especially teaming with you because
this is only going to end with me on the ground and the three of you guys on top
so credit to the WWE for making Kevin Owens now look like a complete idiot of
a babyface like they usually book their top baby
faces anyway this leads to Seth Rollins and they Opie leaving not wanting
anything related to Kevin Owens Kevin Owens though gets on the microphone and
says he’s already in the rain there’s no way that he’s gonna walk to the
backstage so he challenge someone from the back to a fight out comes a Bobby
Lashley so we get a rematch from Starrcade and any Kevin Owens defeat
Bobby Lashley but by disqualification when AOP interfere and attacker wins and
dragged him to the backstage after the match Lashley said he had no idea what
was going on with AOP and was then attacked by rusev the guards did nothing
because the rules in Tennessee were differently so the restraining order
didn’t mean much lastly gets upset at the officials
so he gets handcuffed and then Lana is completely pissed off
slapped one of the cops and then she gets handcuffed so they both got
arrested too in the segment probably the best thing that we got in this whole
year between this whole storyline up next we got drew Macke
tired defeating a cable – zau with a claymore kick after the match – McIntyre
call out Randy iron it didn’t really lead into anything
though as the OC attacked mine do you earn three on one or two ricochet made
the save vertically you show up to make this safer ricochet and then rey
mysterio show up to even out the odd we had Alice to black defeating Tony nice
with the black mass buddy Murphy White’s from backstage and said that he will
come Alice to black down we hadn’t rather defeating Eric Young with the
hammerlock DDT after the match there was a bit of chaos r-truth lost a 24-7
championship to one of the NASCAR drivers in attendance he didn’t want it
back later on in the night or at least over on social media and regrowing
defeat in no way Jose and he is still teasing to have
something inside the cage which Jerry the King Lawler kept thinking that it
was going to be a baby in there and hopefully that is not the case I have no
idea what was going on in commentary last night except for some mojo he was
absolutely amazing we had an awesome handicap match woman attacks him
champions the kabuki Warriors defeating Charlotte Flair and there were a couple
of parties but this was a hell of a solid match they went out there and tore
the house down there was no Becky though like Sunday on Starrcade but I did what
it needed to do which was put over the kabuki warrior and more especially get
some spotlight – Charlotte Flair which did work fairly well the Viking raiders
are still facing enhancement talents to this day even though they are the
current row tag-team champions WWE literally have nothing concrete for
them so we are still having squash matches month after month after month of
them debuting doesn’t really make much sense we also had some mojo and
commentary try to explain the whole situation saying that they’re doing
these matches to redeem themselves from the laws on crown jewel which is over a
month ago and that makes no sense at all because if you’re losing to the current
roster having squash matches against local talent it’s not how you redeem
yourself you need to be facing best of the best but at least shout out to some
mojo for trying to explain the whole thing then for the
main event we got the OC defeating rey mysterio ricochet and alberto querido so
AJ Styles pin ricocheted with a style clash of the second rope to end the
match but after it was over how comes Ryan do and out of nowhere and hits AJ
Styles with an RKO and that wraps up this week’s Monday Night Raw what all of
that says something that we didn’t even get to mention is Becky Lynch because
once again for two weeks in a row she has not been on the show she is of
course doing completely fine it just looks like WWE is waiting out there time
to bring her back at the right time and we did discuss the rumors that Charlotte
and Becky Lynch are set to team up to take on the rotating champions the
Kabuki Warriors at the next pay-per-view WWE TLC and based on what have been
going down with Charlotte it does looks like that is the direction that they are
headed so expect Becky on television more likely next week
she was historic aid one eye before so of course she is doing completely fine
and she was also the dark main event of this week’s roll taking on Kerry Saints
in singles competition which she did picked up the victory she also did a
backstage segment indicating that she’s not gonna be sitting back with her
championship and that she has one more debt to collect anyways guys that is
what I got for you in this raw round up if you enjoy I found this informative
don’t forget to elbow drop it and hit those notifications to be fully up today
join up as we are on the road to 200,000 subscribers and stay Savage


  1. Raw was pretty good last night; The Lana, Bobby Lashely, and Rusev segment, the main event and Charlotte vs Auska and Kari Sane match. That’s it. Everything else was just squash match’s but still Raw gets a 8.5 outta 10. And did I ever mention that Lana did the bad girl slap? That was funny 😆

  2. AEW still won (barely) the “coveted” 18-49 demographic… I think nxt won cuz of the survivor series build up and fall out… they might win overall by a few again tomorrow, but then I think AEW takes over again, after the fans realize there won’t be anymore WWE guys appearing in nxt anymore

  3. Moxley lied said he was gonna go take some time off & make a movie. But jumped ship to AEW now he’s saying he is pissed off they let him walk? That’s not what he said in Jerichos podcast.

  4. Why is moxley angry with wwe letting him walk out? He is a grown ass man they can ask you to stay but if you want to go then go why beg

  5. Wwe won't miss a beat without Rollins, heel or face. If anything the show would be better without him. In my opinion face or heel he's still really corny

  6. Idk….his character right now is a lot more interesting then it has been for months. Definitely intriguing. Dont mind being left hanging for now

  7. NXT, won the ratings, on their go home show and aftermath show. It will be very interesting how well their ratings will be if it isn't a go home or a aftermath

  8. Idk i think this is my opinion wwe does not do it for me i think they have going i loved to watch is the womens division overall i think wwe is a boring product aew has more action and more fun to watch

  9. There will be a bunny in the cage with Rowan. Why are there local talent when there is people backstage not being used? Joe on commentary is great. Good thing That Becky was off for a day. WWE needs to do this more often with top talent on Raw/Smackdown

  10. Them focusing on WWE is stupid cause they are still doing what they are doing.As far as Seth people are so damn impatient.

  11. Jericho is straight up pitching to Roman.I ain't mad.He would be way doper over there in AEW.Damn,Now I hope it happens someday.

  12. Seth Rollins is the man cool as f CrossFit Jesus aka architect aka king/beast slayer dude was only good thing on raw for last 2 years I swear I hate fans and social media such short memories.i was at mania and summer slam crowd went wild for Seth and both nights after he got you deserve it chants I’m a loyal fan I’m Seth Rollins for life

  13. Before people bite my head off, this is an unbiased opinion and based off of looking at the numbers and situations, but the past 2 weeks aren't important factors for ratings. The next few weeks will tell if this is an anomaly in the numbers, or if the ratings will eventually fluctuate back to normal.

    But I'm not sure that the ratings will stick, for both viewerships of AEW and NXT. The only time NXT beat Dynamite was the show after survivor series and the week prior, which was the go home show. So… the demos of the ratings are showing that aged 50+ people always view NXT. NXT consistently beats AEW since they started in this demo. This is why NXT won the past 2 weeks, because the majority of viewers were in the aged 50+ demographic. Dynamite has beaten NXT in every other demographic, but the numbers show the number of older people watching wrestling pushes NXT over AEWs ratings, despite AEW having more viewers in every other demo.

    Now, the numbers do show that though they do not share the entire same viewership, a large portion of AEWs viewers are also viewers of NXT. This is why there is such an anomaly and fluxes in the ratings where AEW was winning at first, then they went down, then up, then NXT pulled up and past them the past 2 weeks. So this shows that the viewers are still deciding which brand they want to watch on a weekly basis. When you look at the numbers, AEW is actually doing better than NXT, despite being lower in ratings, because the most important age demographic is tuning into AEW. So no matter what, they will still be ok.

    But this week, it was a holiday, PLUS wwe just had survivor series where they put NXT over smackdown and raw, of course they were going to beat AEW. Everyone was curious what was going to happen. But the numbers have shown us that NXT gets their viewers back, then they slowly tune out and the quarterly viewership shows that throughout the show, AEW gains viewers, while NXT loses viewers. All this shows that people are deciding which brand they want to watch, then a majority of people choose NXT at first, then decide to watch AEW 30 mins into the show. That's not an opinion, the numbers prove this. NXT regularly loses viewers as the show goes on, it starts strong then it loses. And AEW has been starting strong for most of the time, then they eventually gain viewers throughout the show. This shows that people are actually turning off NXT to see what's going on on AEW Dynamite. Excluding the past 2 weeks, nxt has been killing it DAWG! Survivor series was hella good. And nxt went over, so of course everyone wants to see the fall out lol. I know I did. But I still watched dynamite over nxt because its more unpredictable and entertaining. NXT has better wrestling, but AEW is just a lot more entertaining. People shouldn't have to choose one or the other, they provide different things so just pick your poison.

    But I'm getting off topic. WWE had set up a narrative where everyone would tune in to NXT for sure, and it was during a holiday. So it was obvious that NXT was going to win. But that isn't the important number. The important numbers are the ratings for tmrws Dynamite and NXT and the next couple of weeks.

    This will show if the hype for survivor series succeeded in making viewers want to tune in to NXT consistently over AEW, or if they drop the ball and AEW starts turning up the heat. Its not the ratings that just released that are important. It's the figures that will be released in the next few weeks.

  14. Dark matches don't matter. They are swerving us, it's a slow heel turn. He'll probably team up with AOP soon and attack KO.

  15. You seemed to misunderstand the KO/Rollins/AOP fight challenge: KO didn't say "Heck no I'm not gonna fight these guys especially with you" he said "You're just gonna betray me so let's cut to it and let me fight all three of you." Note the difference? You seemed to think he was backing down when in fact he was bowing up.

  16. I think it makes sense what WWE is doing with Seth Rollins you don't want to just turn him he'll just like that

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