WWE Superstar Sued By WWE! Royal Rumble 2020 Winners and Returns LEAKED? (Ronda Rousey, CM Punk)

WWE Superstar Sued By WWE! Royal Rumble 2020 Winners and Returns LEAKED? (Ronda Rousey, CM Punk)

What’s going on guys and welcome back to
wrestling world! We got a lot of stories to go over today including
a former wwe superstar that could’ve just got themselves into some massive legal trouble,
as well as more information about the suspensions that have been going around, and some news
regarding the royal rumble First off, let’s start with the former wwe
superstar that might have just got into some horrible trouble with wwe This superstar is the recently released, sin
cara In the last video we had going over sin cara’s
suspension, we talked about how wwe had all of the rights to the sin cara character and
persona, as well as a 90 day no compete clause Well now sin cara has broke both of those
terms Sin cara recently appeared on AAA wrestling’s
most recent show He made a run in and was even announced as
“sin cara” and wore his same gear This is just a violation of so many terms
that wwe gave him about his release WWE never gave him clearance to use the sin
cara character, that’s still property of wwe and ignoring the 90 day no compete clause
could be a massive issue as well, but rumor is that sin cara doesn’t have a 90 day clause The rumor going around is that AAA approved
the appearance because they don’t care if wwe comes after them so we’ll have to see
what the next move will be for wwe after this violation of their release terms Will WWE just offer a warning to sin cara
or will they take serious action right away? We’ll have to see how this all plays out
for sin cara Another big concern recently has been the
wwe superstar suspensions Primo and Robert roode we’re both suspended
for failing the wellness test Wwe commentators noted that the story line
explanation for robert’s absence is because he’s “injured”, but in reality he’s
just serving his 30 day suspension The other star that got suspended was primo
and he recently made a big reveal about the situation Primo hasn’t wrestled a single match for
wwe in over a year and hasn’t been on the road with wwe for a really long time As many fans joked about, it was just a complete
shock to find out primo was still even employed by the wwe But primo recently made the reveal that he
never took the wellness test His failed test outcome was a result of him
just failing to get tested on time He wasn’t around during the testing, so
just like what happens when you miss an important test in school, you automatically fail and
that’s what happened in primo’s case It’s always a questionable look when someone
fails a substance test so primo wanted to clear his name and reputation after the news
of him failing the test went public But Robert Roode’s failure seems to be actually
legitimate and we’ll see how wwe handles him upon his return Next up is more news for the 2020 royal rumble
pay per view event The favorites to win the men’s and women’s
royal rumble matches have been released and they may leave you a bit stunned The current favorite to win the men’s royal
rumble match is Roman Reigns And the second favorite out of the entire
roster to win the men’s royal rumble is cm punk Yes, someone who’s not even signed to wwe
is the second favorite to win the royal rumble out of the entire men’s locker room Looks like some fans are really sticking to
that idea of cm punk walking out as number 30 in the royal rumble match The number 30 spot used to be saved for major
returns a few years ago, but lately the number 30 entrants have been falling a little flat So there’s still probably no chance of punk
returning to the ring, but if he was to return at the royal rumble, it’ll likely go down
as one of the biggest returns ever While the number one favorite to win the royal
rumble match, Roman Reigns, actually makes a lot of sense to happen The highly rumored plan for the main event
Of wrestlemania 36 is Roman Reigns vs The Fiend Bray Wyatt for the universal championship As the fiend continues to walk through everyone
in the Smackdown locker room, it looks like the one man who would be capable of taking
him out is Roman Reigns So the scenario of Roman reigns winning the
royal rumble and starting his program with bray Wyatt from January all the way until
wrestlemania is something that has a realistic chance of happening Wwe having a few months to build up the story
between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt will really set the stage for their showdown in the main
event of wrestlemania Now On the flip side, the favorite to win
the women’s main event is Ronda Rousey Ronda Rousey is another superstar whose status
is the biggest mystery right now She’s still signed through 2021 but no one
knows what’s going on with her at the moment She left after wrestlemania because she wanted
to start a family, but that still hasn’t happened either And there’s been nothing but mixed signals
coming from Ronda about her wanting to return and her not wanting to return, so with all
that confusion about her status going on, it’ll be the perfect opportunity for her
to return out of no where and win the royal rumble the story for Ronda after she wins is quite
obvious too, she’ll go right after becky Lynch and that will likely lead up to their
one on one match up for the wwe raw women’s championship! What are your thoughts on all of these stories? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you
in the next one!


  1. Who do you guys think will likely win the 2020 royal rumble match? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe with notifications on so you won't miss any new videos, and leave like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys 😀

  2. Sasha Banks should win the women's Royal Rumble and go after Bayley.

    And Aleister Black should win the men's Royal Rumble and go after The Fiend.

  3. No one's talking about Shayna Baszler after Wednesday this past week. What if Shayna faces of Ronda in the women's Royal Rumble match.

  4. As far as Hunico {Sin Cara} is concerned, he SHOULD get in trouble for stealing intellectual property. He ISN'T the original Sin Cara and WWE created the character as well as the LOOK. However, his 90 day compete clause will be DIFFICULT to enforce because AAA is in Mexico and it would be hard to argue that AAA and WWE are competing companies in the "classical" sense. YES they BOTH are wrestling companies BUT they operate in different spheres.

    As far as Ronda Rousey is concerned, PLEASE DON'T let her return like THAT! I got sick of her on her first WWE run and I'm NOT looking forward to her return IF it occurs.

  5. Why do youtubers as well as wrestling companies keep ruining returns? Seriously, spoiling the return destroys any ounce of surprise as the return would have. It's no wonder why wrestling is so bad these days.

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