WWE Stars Want JAPAN Move?! Chris Jericho Partnering AEW & New Japan?! | WrestleTalk News 2020

WWE Stars Want JAPAN Move?! Chris Jericho Partnering AEW & New Japan?! | WrestleTalk News 2020

Two WWE stars are reportedly considering moving
to Japan! Chris Jericho is trying to get AEW to work with New Japan behind-the-scenes and
New Day shoot hard on WWE’s scripted promos. Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk Super
News – I’m Oli Davis. Before last year, WWE was the girlfriend that
broke up with you – it very rarely happened the other way round – with them routinely
releasing mass groups of talent every six months. But suddenly at the start of 2019,
which I’m sure has absolutely no connection with the launch of All Elite Wrestling, it
was the wrestlers that started saying to WWE: nah babes, we’re done.
Last year saw Hideo Itami, Goldust, Tye Dillinger, Mike Kanellis, TJP, Dean Ambrose, Jim Ross,
Mike Kanellis, Luke Harper, Jordan Myles, The Ascension, Mike Kanellis, Sasha Banks,
Sin Cara, and Mike Kanellis all either reportedly asking for their releases or just letting
their contracts expire, with some actually being granted. But not Mike Kanellis no matter
how many times he tries. And 2020 appears to be no different, with
two high profile women wrestling names also reportedly being tempted away from WWE – current
Women’s Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane and top NXT heel Io Shirai. And it’s a story
that begins all the way back in 2016. Io and Kairi both came to prominence as two
of the best women wrestlers in the world from their time in the all-female Japanese promotion
Stardom, who they had both wrestled for since 2011. But WWE went on a worldwide raid of
female talent through 2016 and 17 to put on their inaugural Mae Young Classic tournament
– leading to them poaching Sane in March 2017 for a three year contract, reportedly worth
$60,000 – which was actually a pay cut from what she was then making in Japan.
Shirai was offered a contract at the same time, but a failed medical meant she wouldn’t
join WWE until a year later in June 2018 – also reportedly for less money than what she was
making in Japan. The two briefly formed the Sky Pirates tag
team in NXT before Kairi was rather pointlessly called up last April to form a new women’s
team with Asuka called the Kabuki Warriors, where they would be managed by Paige. They
did win the women’s tag team championships, and even main evented last month’s TLC pay-per-view
against Becky Lynch and Charlotte, but the match fell apart after Kairi seemingly suffered
a concussion, which Flair appeared to exasperate with a reckless powerbomb, and she hasn’t
been cleared to compete since. While it’s being reported that WWE expect
Sane to be cleared in time for a women’s Royal Rumble match spot on January 26th, it
appears that both Sane and Shirai’s former promotion might take advantage of how the
two women are being treated. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Stardom
are offering big money to Io and Kairi to return to Japan. This follows Stardom being
bought by New Japan’s parent company Bushi Road late last year, and it seems the new
owners have huge plans for the promotion – which has already seen the first ever women’s
match being put on in New Japan’s WrestleKingdom show over the weekend, and now potentially
bringing back two of the biggest women wrestling stars in Japan from the last decade.
Bushiroad director Takaaki Kidani has already said in interviews that he’s trying to get
Sane and Shirai back in Stardom, as they’re investing more money in the promotion and
need big stars. And Sane’s WWE deal is thought to expire in just a few months, with her three-year
deal presumably finishing in March 2020 – and Dave Meltzer previously reporting she’s
“definitely expressed interest in exploring other options.”
But he’s now also added what Shirai’s feelings are on the whole situation…
The Wrestling Observer Radio has claimed that Io is unhappy in the United States working
for WWE because she’s away from her fiance – New Japan wrestler and new Never Openweight
6-man tag champion EVIL. Apparently they don’t get to see each other that often and she doesn’t
like being so far away from him. On top of this, she’s earning less in NXT than she
was in Stardom. But Io signed with WWE a year after Sane,
meaning her contract is likely up in June 2021. As we’ve seen over the last year,
though, wrestlers aren’t content to just wait out their deal expiration dates any more,
as they can just publicly request their releases on Twitter. Oh my God, Mike Kanellis has just
asked for his release again! Meltzer speculated that WWE might up her money soon to stop her
from trying to leave, as they’ve already put in a significant amount of time building
her up as one of NXT top heels: “Io may be moved to the main roster real
quick to keep [her from leaving] because then her pay goes way up because her pay in NXT
is nothing special. I heard she was making more money [with STARDOM].”
Asuka is also often lumped in with Sane and Shirai because, well, she’s Japanese. But
she’s reportedly perfectly happy in WWE at the moment and isn’t looking to go anywhere.
Don’t expect this to be the last time in 2020 that WWE needs to guard itself against
a threat from the East, as Vince McMahon might find himself like Germany in 1941, where Russia
turned babyface and created a war on two fronts. Which… I suppose, yes, in that case I am
comparing WWE to Nazi-era Germany. But purely on a battle strategy perspective. I’m not
say- After Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and Cody
Rhodes left New Japan after last year’s WrestleKingdom 13, suddenly gutting the promotion
of its main event non-Japanese talent, NJPW has been understandably frosty towards the
new American promotion they went to start, AEW – with Dave Meltzer even reporting last
Summer that those initials were ‘forbidden’ backstage in New Japan.
But it seems AEW president Tony Khaaaaaan has a New Years Resolution: squash that beef.
Squash the beef! Squash the bee- Chris Jericho has revealed that it was him
who pitched the idea of putting an AEW title shot on the line in his non-title WrestleKingdom
14 match against Hiroshi Tanahashi yesterday, and Khan approved it. As Jericho won, it now
appears this was nothing more than a very effective promotional tactic to build excitement
around the match, and not Khan and New Japan signing off on a bigger working relationship.
But New Japan’s Japanese commentators did frequently bring up AEW in the show, the title
was heavily featured in the Jericho vs Tanahashi match, and the crowd did react loudly to the
championship belt – all good signs that something could be worked out between the two sides
later down the line. Right now, though, there’s no proper relationship behind-the-scenes,
but Le Champion himself Chris Jericho has vowed in his post-match WrestleKingdom interview
to make this happen: “The forbidden door is closed, but I don’t
think it needs to be closed. Put aside all of the hurt feelings and egos, put aside all
of the issues and politics and concentrate on great wrestling matches and big business…
I can see the amount of money that we could make together with AEW and New Japan, both
here in Japan and in the United States, and Canada, and England, and Australia, and all
around the world. So even though I beat Tanahashi tonight, I would be more than willing to wrestle
him again, any time, and I’d be willing to give him an AEW title shot. And Okada.
And Naito, and Suzuki, and Ibushi, and Ospreay.” Jericho’s words shouldn’t be taken lightly,
as he reportedly has a lot of backstage sway in AEW, and now he’s gotten a few other
wrestlers excited about the idea… Along with Jericho saying he expects to wrestle
on next year’s WrestleKingdom – most likely against one of those main event names he mentioned
in his interview – and Jericho’s current AEW title rival Jon Moxley will also continue
to wrestle for New Japan, leaving WrestleKingdom 14 not just with his newly re-won IWGP United
States championship, but also with a feud set up with Minoru Suzuki TAKE MY YEN NOW
– another AEW wrestler has tried to book himself in a New Japan match too, with the former
‘Tye Dillinger’ Shawn Spears tweeting Jay White:
“Hey Switchblade, We should wrestle sometime. Sincerely yours, The Chairman”
What dream match-ups do you want to see between AEW and New Japan? Let me know in the comments
down below because I’ll be replying to people FROM OUTTA NOWHERE for the first 30 minutes
after this video goes live! Sadly none can involve arguably the world’s
most exciting wrestler for the next few months, as PWInsider is reporting Will Ospreay suffered
an ankle injury – thought to be a broken heel – in his IWGP Junior Heavyweight title loss
to Hiromu Takahashi on Day 1. Which, despite Ospreay only having one foot to wrestle on,
will still likely be a 5 star breaking match when Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer ratings
come out on Thursday. If Kofi Kingston hadn’t signed a new multi-year
contract with WWE last month, you’d think the New Day might be trying to get released
themselves to go to New Japan or AEW too, as the latest episode of their WWE-endorsed
New Day: Feel the Power podcast might have had its most brutally honest comments yet.
The trio spoke about how Vince McMahon and WWE now gives them a lot more creative freedom
around their promos, with Big E revealing they do have a writer, but it’s their direction:
“We don’t write our own promos, but we are given promos and oftentimes we are able to
say ‘we don’t really care for this, so we’re not going to say that.’ So, we huddle in a
room for an hour and come up with what we want to say. Our creative process is so fun
and easy and organic. I don’t like when we have a writer. There’s three of us and we’ll
have a writer in the room, just lingering. It’s always easier for the three of us to
go into a room, sequestered, and just hash things out. We start popping ourselves and
getting on a roll to make things more creative and more us. I don’t want to take shots at
anyone, but if we read what was given to us on a regular basis….trash.”
Xavier Woods jumped in and tried to frame the ‘trash’ comment a bit more diplomatically:
“There are certain situations where, if you have someone writing for you that doesn’t
have similar life experiences or sense of humor, it’s harder for them to write in your
voice. That’s something we ran into.” The real reason has been revealed behind why
Liv Morgan made her shock return as Lana’s lover! Click the video on the right to find
out more! And watch mine and Luke’s full review of yesterday’s excellent WrestleKingdom
14 show by clicking the video below that! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.


  1. The new Japan thing is kind of tricky because they have always been very big on tradition and honor and they are the type of company where if you do them wrong one time no matter how long ago it was or if there are new people in charge they will not do business with you again🤷🏾‍♂️it just seems to be how they do things. Like personally I would love for WWE just out of spite to become their new partners but they tried that before in the 80s a new Japan seem like the type of company that still hasn’t let that go😂😂

  2. Everyone screaming for AEW and NJPW and STARDOM to be together. Not njpw and roh together, but truly together with incredible promotions, wrestling, angle depth, exposure, unison the works! The feeling the same here in Japan and more. In fact, Japanese are really missing Kenny omega right now and if this unison partnership deal works then everyone will be happy and will gladly travel to all AEW and NJPW events.

  3. The amount of money required to compete with WWE main roster money would be pay scale breaking. If Mojo Rawley can bag 500k a year WWE would be fools not to offer Kairi considerably more to stay. With Io they at least have time to play with but losing Kairi now would leave RAW's womens division looking stale as hell.

  4. Damn Kairi Sane was only getting paid $60,000? Thats ridiculous, if true. Why would she accept an offer for so low?

  5. WWE should just work alongside both Stardom and New Japan, that way they could be the ultimate wrestling alliance and also if it did happen we could have endless dream matches.

  6. I don't see how Io Shirai's being used badly… like at all. Also, I'm sure Io and Sane will be offered massive money to stay.

  7. Private Party v R3K
    LIJ v Jirassic Express
    Guevara v Hiromu
    Archer v Janela
    Dragon Lee v Sabian
    SCU v GoD
    Spears w/Tully v Switchblade w/GEDO
    Bucks v Aussie Open
    Sanada v MJF
    ZSJ v Havok
    Ospreay v Allin
    Okada v Hangman
    Takahashi v Omega
    Suzuki v Mox
    Ibushi v PAC
    Naito v Jericho

    I know a lot matches but I thought way too long about this

  8. This out of nowhere bit felt a little too “now Ollie’s fantasy is revealed” for me here. Also holy sh*t if you haven’t watched Okada in a match watch him and Ibushi’s wrestle kingdom bout. F*n intense

  9. Hey imagine if there was a njpw invasion of aew, also kenny vs osprey is the answer to the question

  10. If I can book their first encounter I'd make it like:
    Imagine An invasion angle with AEW being attacked by NJPW in the US. A 6-man tag match between Best Friends and Orange Cassidy vs Jack Evans, Angélico and Kip Sabian is happening in the ring. Suddenly the lights turn out, and when the lights came back on there was the LIJ members, led by Naito, attacking all the competitors. Cut to backstage and we see; Hiromu and Joey Janela having a brawl, The inner circle being attacked by Chaos, Cody and Dustin is blind sided by GOD, Hangman fighting against Lance Archer, Jon Moxley and Suzuki giving each other brutal strikes. And cut back to the ring. The Elite comes out to help their roster but was but was stopped with chair shots from LIJ. The night ends with New Japan beating up All Elite Wrestling (but after the beating and NJPW has left, Kenny Omega is seen standing up looking at the crowd with a disappointed look on his face until he saw Orange Cassidy's sun glasses, he takes it and looks to the crowd, after a few encouragement from the audience Kenny puts it on while looking angry). NJPW fired the first shot
    The following week, in Japan, Naito is addressing the people on what they did the following week, how AEW is built by those who turned their backs from NJPW, and that they proved that NJPW is better than any Promotion in the world, and as he's about to shout the LIJ yell. The lights go out, and a video plays. "So you think that we're just going to go silent after what you've done?… I tried to hide this side of me to the rest pf the world because I know they're not ready yet… But you pushed me too far….." Then a familiar sound vibrates through the stadium (or hall) a sound the people have not heard in a while (terminator's dudun dun dudun) thne the video fades then "Devil's Sky" plays, out comes Kenny Omega wearing his black leather jacket and sunglasses "The cleaner is back" says the commentary team. Kenny walks into the ring, takes the mic and looks at Naito. Kenny acknowledges the events of the past week and says " you layed down the challenge last week and AEW is more than willing to accept it. Come (a certain ppv) let's see who has the better wrestling NJPW or AEW?". Naito likes the Idea of proving that NJPW is the best and they shake hands… Then Kenny blindsides Naito and starts beating him up and the LIJ members come out to help NAITO, Kenny is outnumbered, but suddenly the Elite comes out to help the Cleaner… Kenny and Naito is brawling in the ring while the rest of the their faction members are fighting out side in the ring side… While Kenny and Naito is fighting a familiar face comes out… Ibushi, "but who is he going to help?" Says the commentary. Ibushi rushes to the ring looks at both of them as they brawl… Kenny hits Naito with a V-trigger and knocks him outside… Ibushi and Kenny sees each other… Kenny comes to hug Ibushi, but Ibushi hits Kenny with a roundhouse kick knocking him out… And we see the soulless eyes of Ibushi staring Kenny Omega down. Cody and the Elite makes the save by blindsiding Ibushi with a chair and making their escape.
    (More altercation happens the week prior the ppv)
    (Ppv event)
    Joey Janela vs Hiromu Takahashi (No DQ)
    The best friends and Orange Cassidy vs Bullet Club(6 man tag champ)
    Jon Moxley Vs Minoru Suzuki (Japanese Death match [if possible] if not the no DQ)
    Cody and Dustin vs GOD (tag team match)
    Hangman Adam Page vs Lance Archer
    Luchasaurus vs Okada (built up during the weeks
    Young Bucks vs Roppongi 3K
    Kenny Omega vs Kota Ibushi
    Jericho vs Naito (Champion vs Champion)
    Card subject to change

  11. You did know that before wwe womens raid, Kairi and Io were on a trip around usa wrestling in different promotions (remember doku and hito kiri from lucha underground). That's why they accepted the wwe offer even if they have a pay cut since they were already in the country.

  12. I really don't want to lose Io Shirai. She is my favorite women's wrestler and I love how they have her in NXT

  13. I would like to see Io vs Arisa
    Io vs new improve konami io vs new improve jungle io vs momo io vs utami
    But wwe probs wont let her go, as kairi, she could go back to stardom

    3 years for 60k or 1 year for 60k??? Thats freaking low !

    Yeah move up to main roster got big money but buried like a piece of shit

  14. Well it was fun Io and Sane thank you for putting up with wwe bullshit for as long as you did, you definitely deserve better

  15. The best way to book a NJPW x AEW partnership is to make the NJPW writers book most of the matches and the AEW writers book mist of the storylines

  16. I have a source that told me wrestlemania will be 4 nights, because you see, vince McMahon wants to top new Japan by adding one extra night of sports entertainment.

  17. I really want this AEW-NJPW working relationship to happen. I mean…I would love to see guys like Okada, Suzuki, ZSJ, Naito, Robinson, etc. to throw hands with the likes of the top tier talent in AEW. And now that STARDOM is now in the fold in New Japan, it would give the chance for the women of AEW (Riho, Brandi, Britt Baker, Nyla Rose, Awesome Kong, etc.) to also cut their teeth and square up with their female talent. Hell, if Io Shirai and Kairi Sane do get back to STARDOM then it would bolster the female ranks both ways!!

  18. Honestly I think an njpw and aew partnership would only really benefit aew. A major chuck of the roster already came from njpw and already worked with the top talent from there and moxley Jericho already work there.

  19. ok that "just because she is Japanese" line dont exactly hold water. you do know Kana(Asuka) along with Io's older sister, Mio, use to have their own stable faction, theTriple Tails, in Japan?? probibly didnt think that comment through enough.  all 3 got history with each other for many years, so might wanna double check your stuff for the jokes lol. not meaning to sound like i'm bashing but, my OCD kicks in bad on stuff like this.   missing details.

  20. Australia, England… ah, where is my lovely homeland, Germany? ^^;
    I havent heared of anything of note from wXw – let alone a live event near me o.o…

  21. WWE should have another Japan special. Remember Beast in The East? Wasn't that Brock and Kofi in the main event?

  22. I want ZSJ vs PAC for the British heavyweight championship
    Jon moxley vs minor Suzuki for the iwgp USA championship
    Tetsuya naito vs Darby Allen for the iwgp intercontinental champion Chris Jericho vs Jay white for the aew championship scu vs G.o.D for the aew world tag team championship young bucks vs finjuice for the iwgp heavyweight tag team championship this is my dream matches please make it happen

  23. NJPW should never work with them since aew tried to screw them over cause there mission failed and now they want there help? ROFL Go help WWE Cause i want The Fiend vs Okada

  24. Private Party vs Osprey and a partner of his choosing, Superbad vs Tanahashi, Kenny vs Ibushi (would rather see them as a tag team honestly) Darby Allin vs Takahashi. Cody vs Naito. Could come up with a million other matches probably those would be good enough to make me happy.

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