WWE Stars Upset At CM Punk Return! AJ Lee WWE Return? Rusev Vs Bobby Lashley Cancelled! WWE NEWS!

WWE Stars Upset At CM Punk Return! AJ Lee WWE Return? Rusev Vs Bobby Lashley Cancelled! WWE NEWS!

Here is your news for
November 15 2019.. The Wrestling world is still reeeling
from CM Punk’s shocking appearance
on WWE Backstage, and since he’ll be on the show next week,
it’s likely that plenty of fans will be staying up late to see
what he has to say. Following his controversial 2014
exit from the company, WWE
nixed Punk’s Profile on their website, but have now re-
added the bio about the former
WWE Champion. Fans will just have to wait and
see what’s next for the Best
in the World, as whilst he may never wrestle again, his
mind could always be changed
if the price of right. Speaking of money, AEW
reportedly offered Punk a very
lucrative deal with them, and Tony Khan even met with Punk
personally, but clearly, a deal
between them did not emerge. Punk is also searchable on the
WWE Network as well, so if he
doesn’t lace his boots up again, there’s no
shortage of great matches
fans can find. According to reports, there
was something of a mixed
reaction from super Superstars on Punk’s return,
with one anonymous star
saying: “someone like that, you can
have a great story with,
and where there’s a great story, the fans are happy
and there’s (money), so I’m
happy.” With that said, one Superstar
didn’t really care about Punk’s
return, saying: “I have zero time for that guy.
So no thoughts, no.” Another longtime name of WWE
said that the company will have
quote “royally f***ed up” if they don’t use Punk during their
upcoming four-day stretch of
Chicago for Survivor Series. Before returning this year, Punk
competed twice in the UFC, coming
up short on both occassions and the venture was described as
“a bit of a dead end” for Punk,
by one Superstar. Though he may have never won
in the Octagon, Punk did fulfill
his dream of competing on that level, and
got some nice paydays as well. While opinion may be split on Punk’s
return, the general consensus back
stage is that he will wrestle again for WWE, and there
is no shortage of dream match
opponents on the roster. Now that Punk is back though,
many are wondering about AJ
Lee, as the Mrs Best in the World left the
company one year after her
husband. On Backstage, Paige, who both
feuded and teamed with AJ in
her final year, asked about the former Divas Champion, and it
seems her return could be
happening soon. On the Oh You Didn’t Know
Patreon, Brad Shepard
reported: “According to a source in WWE,
former WWE Superstar AJ Lee
is in talks to occasionally appear on
WWE Backstage.” After having a fascinating career
which included three reigns as
WWE Divas Champion it’s obvious fans would like to
hear what AJ has to say
about the current product. Since leaving wrestling behind
shortly after WrestleMania 31,
AJ hasn’t wrestled since, but has kept herself busy with
other projects, including her
memoirs ‘Crazy is my Superpower’. It wasn’t too long ago that the
idea of AJ wrestling in WWE
again seemed impossible but now that Punk is back, it
seems anything can happen. Over to RAW now, and next
week’s show will see a huge
Tag Team title match just days before
Survivor Series. On the show, The Viking Raiders
will defend their titles against Zack
Ryder and Curt Hawkins, who qualified by defeating the OC and
the Street Profits in a house show
this week in Mannheim, Germany. The match ended with Hawkins
getting the pin over Anderson, but
will the Wrestling figures collectors once again hold championship gold
when they appear at the TD
Garden? Tune in to RAW to find out. Speaking of title matches, Smack
Down’s Tag Team Champions
the New Day will also have to defend their gold
before Survivor Series, this
time against the Revival. Tonight’s show may be Dash and
Dawson’s last chance to get onto
the Survivor Series card, as the RAW, SmackDown and NXT Tag
Champions will meet each other
in non-title triple threat action on Pay Per
View on November 24th. It’s been another week of the
Wednesday Night Wars, and
AEW have won once again, despite NXT
closing the gap last week. Showbuzz Daily is reporting that
AEW pulled in 957,000 viewers
for this week’s show, which saw saw The Inner Circle face the
SCU for the AEW World Tag
Team titles in the main event, and this
number is a big increase from
last week’s 822,000. NXT on the other hand brought
in 750,000 fans this week, down
from last week’s 813,000 and their overall share
of viewers dropped from 0.05
to 0.025. In that crucial 18-49 demographic,
AEW once again shined, ranking
5th whilst NXT came in at #22, and we think it’ll be just a matter of
time before the new promotion
breaks 1 million viewers. We mentioned earlier that tonight’s
SmackDown will feature a tag team title rematch, and that isn’t the
only repeat on tonight’s show. WWE has announced that Nikki
Cross will take on Bayley in non-
title action during the show, and if Cross
can defeat the champion, she
will be the final member of Team SmackDown’s women’s
Survivor Series match. This match was set up after Cross
did some trash talking on Twitter,
which caught the eye of Sasha Banks, who suggested the Scottish
Superstar should prove herself by
beating Bayley. This will be the second match in two
weeks between Cross and Bayley,
as the former Hugger retained her title last week, thanks to a big
asssist by her best friend the Boss. Sticking on SmackDown now and
Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson
have never cared too much about sticking to the status quo, but
have taken things one step
further in recent days. Fans will know that the pair have
been rather vocal about things
they shouldn’t be vocal about, such as wanting to
leave, and the pair have even
started paying tribute to a notable team that
competes in AEW. Posing in a manner similar to
the Young Bucks at a live
event in Zurich Switzerland, and WWE wisely
decided against showing
them do the pose. Unsurprisingly, this has led to
speculation by fans on whether
the former Tag Team Champions will leave soon, and
many already assume that a
match between the Revival and the Bucks
will happen in the future. As of right now, it’s much more
likely that the Revival would
jump ship to AEW, as it doesn’t make sense for the
Bucks to leve a promotion that
they helped start in the first place. Of course, this could all be a decoy
by Dash and Dawson who want to
remain in WWE for good but since this is pro wrestling,
there’s always going to be room
for some conspiracy theories. One thing fans may not know
about WWE is that during
events, they have local indie talent backstage,
even if they don’t use them. This is because sometimes an
extra star or enhancement talent is
needed at the last minute, and after appearing on both NXT and
SmackDown, Karissa Rivera may
have finally hit the big time. According to Squared Circle Sirena,
Rivera will be backstage tonight at
the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia for SmackDown,
and the second generAation
27 year old already received a WWE tryout
in December last year. Trained by Damien Adams, Rivera
was also backstage at a recent AEW
Dynamite taping, as it seems the war between the two promotions
is proving to be beneficial for
this second generation star. From one name who is getting
their big break, to a true icon
of wrestling as The Undertaker has once
again showed more of his
human side. Over the past year or so, the Dead
man has been taking part in
interviews and attending events out of character, and recently kept
busy alongside his wife Michelle
McCool during Veteran’s Day. A photo of the pair was even
shared by WWE, as it seems the
company is fine with fans knowing truth, and The Deadman will be
part of the first episode of ‘Stone
Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions, which was filmed backstage at Madison
Square Garden and will air on the
WWE NEtwork after Survivor Series. There are currently no future
plans for Undertaker appearances
in the ring, but it was good to see the Deadman enjoy Veteran’s Day
as a true American Badass. Now, we all know that wrestling is
a dangerous indjustry, and that
fact was one again proven during this
week’s edition of WWE NXT. During the match between Xia
Li and Aliyah, it seemed Aliyah
was busted open, and the spot happened
moments before the match
ended. Helped to the back by the trainers
and medical staff on hand, Aliyah
was holding a towel, now filled with blood to her face, and it looks
like the young Superstar may
have suffered a broken nose. Her friend Vanessa Borne did not
take this injury lightly, and quickly
hopped on to Twitter to blast Li, describing the Chinese Superstar
as quote “the sloppiest person in
the locker room.” Harsh words for the Superstar who
doesn’t have a reputation for hurt
ing people, and who is reasonably well liked by everyone, there’s
always the chance that Borne’s
comments are a shoot. However, a much more likely idea
is that Borne’s reaction was just part
of a storyline, to plant the seeds for a match between the two,
and eventually a rematch
between Aliyah and Li. And finally we’re ending with
some news from Survivor
Series, as the rumored Rusev Vs. Bobby Lashley
match seemingly isn’t
happening. Instead, a match between the
two powerhouses is now
being advertised for TLC, meaning this feud will
be carrying on for at least
another month. On Wrestling Observer Radio,
Dave Meltzer noted the match
was scheduled for TLC, as well as a Tables, Ladders and
Chairs match between Roman
Reigns and King Baron Corbin. Since the love triangle angle started
between Lashley, Lana and Rusev,
fans have been very negative of the angle, with this week’s story of
Lana pretending to be pregnant,
just to allow Lashley to once again sneak attack the Bulgarian Brute
being eviscerated by fans. Though the angle hasn’t got too
many fans, it seems those in the
story are pleased with it, as Rusev recently praising the story which
has allowed him a lot more time
on TV. As for why the match isn’t taking
place at Survivor Series, the
reasons are unclear, though it’s possible that the show is already
stacked, thanks to the added
NXT involvement and there was simply no room
for the two to finally face off
on Pay Per View. For months, Rusev has been
ridiculed and attacked by his wife
and her new man, and though everyone wants to see the
former United States Champion get his revenge, it seems
Rusev will just have to wait.


  1. He signed a contract with FOX, not WWE. I doubt he'll return to the ring anytime soon. Perhaps just an appearance at Survivor Series to thank the fans, but I doubt it'll be an appearance to confront someone.

  2. It's not like he left due to injury. He can clearly wrestle! He's doing this for 💰! He can easily get in the ring but won't and that's a slap in the face to all his fans. All you stupid idiots!

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  7. Even though it's part of the same company, I think AJ Lee would be better in NXT. Even though NXT isn't like ECW in it's heyday, it has that rebellious type of feel. A renegade promotion.

    I could see AJ being an ally or an enemy to most of the women on NXT's roster. From Baszler to Mina Yim, to Bianca Belair. But on the RAW or Smackdown roster, hmm…Would they let her jump over everyone and go after Bayley or Becky Lynch's title?

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