WWE Stars SHOOT On Lana Lashley Wedding! WWE Raw Dec. 30, 2019 Review! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2019

WWE Stars SHOOT On Lana Lashley Wedding! WWE Raw Dec. 30, 2019 Review! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2019

Randy Orton fakes an injury! Drew McIntyre has a sexy body! And stop the presses, a wrestling wedding
doesn’t quite go to plan. I am as shocked as you are. I am Luke Owen, press the thumbs up and subscribe
buttons, and get ready to watch me review the 30th of December 2019 edition of Monday
Night Raw – the last one of this decade – in about 5 minutes. But let’s be honest it will likely be longer
than that because we’ve got a wedding to cover. The show opened with Kevin Owens cutting a
firey promo, that was undercut by him constantly throwing to the video screen to recap previous
stories like AOP attacking him, Samoa Joe turning face, and Andrade winning the United
States Championship at Madison Square Garden. Seth Rollins and AOP Security came out for
a big brawl that awesomely saw the full main roster babyface debut of Samoa Joe. He looked so frickin’ cool as he brawled
alongside Kevin Owens, and security ran down to break it all up – with Owens doing a senton
dive onto everyone. This was a great start to the show, and we
later saw that security escorted all 5 men from the building. Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy had a TLC
rematch that mirrored their first enounter, with the crowd not giving a single s-word
about either guy. But unlike TLC, this crowd eventually got
into the match – showering it with the much deserved THIS IS AWESOME chant. The two work brilliantly together, and Black
picked up the win after two Black Masses. Sadly what started as a hot show, became a
bit of a slog. Erick Rowan squashed an enhancement talent
and his Green Lantern tattoo. Gee, haven’t seen that before. Charlotte Flair entered herself into the Royal
Rumble, and then had a pedestrian match with Natalya. Becky Lynch brilliantly said that her contract
is coming up with WWE, but she won’t start negotiations until she beats Asuka at the
Royal Rumble.I really love her motivation in this storyline. We got another video for Liv Morgan. The OC came out to cut a promo, which was
interrupted by Street Profits who then beat Gallows and Anderson in a competitive match. I know that was a quick recap but I’ve got
a wedding to cover and I’m against the clock. Drew McIntyre boasted about his sexy body,
and then squashed Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, Randy Orton teased retiring due to his knee
injury, before revealing to AJ Styles that it was all a ruse by RKOing him. This was actually a great segment that I want
to spend more time on, but there is that wedding to talk about. Andrade threatened to DDT a lad on the concrete,
before Ricochet made the save, who then lost to Andrade due to Zelina Vega interference. Rey Mysterio gets an antiquated rematch clause
against Andrade next week. And then, we got the wedding. First off, there was a giant cake which made
me think Vickie Gurrerro was going to return so she could go through it, Bobby Lashley
copied my wedding outfit by wearing a waistcoat with no shirt – how dare you – and Lana is
still being called The Ravishing Russian. Because of… reasons. Lana really was the star of this segment though,
doing what she has done since this angle first started – throwing herself into this dumb,
dumb storyline and acting her ass off. She screamed over the Rusev Day chants by
saying it was actually Lana Day, and hilariously said this was the luckiest day of Lashley’s
life because he gets to marry her. She even wrote Bobby’s wedding vows which
got a laugh out of me. So far, so standard. And then it got bonkers. During the “any man or woman here present”
bit of the wedding, some random guy came out and said that he married Lana at 18 but she
left him for Rusev and she’ll leave Lashley too, so Lashley beat this stranger up. Then some random women came out to say that
she married Lashley when she was younger, and got slapped in the face by Lana for her
troubles. So, we’re getting Rusev next, yeah? Nope, we got the return of Liv Morgan. Man, I bet all those people that weirdly thought
she was going to be Sister Abigail are going to be pissed. And three years after Stephanie McMahon promised
WWE fans we’d be getting seriously told LGBTQ storylinies, Morgan revealed that she
and Lana are lovers to get a cheap pop. Waaaheeey, lesbians, cat fights, lads, lads,
lads. But it’s not done there folks, Rusev burst
out of the giant cake to attack Lashley, and Liv pushed Lana’s face into the frosting
to stand tall. I honestly don’t know what people were expecting,
but this should all have come as no surprise from a Paul Heyman booked wrestling wedding. I’m actually stunned there weren’t more
lesbians. It was bonkers, it was stupid, it went too
long, but I kind of loved it. It’s a shame that this is the LGBTQ storyline
we were promised 3 years ago and it sucks for Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, but I can’t
say I hated this segment. I was Sports Entertained. So that was this week’s Raw in way more
than 5 minutes no doubt. Vote in the poll above my head to let me know
what you thought where you can choose from RAWsome, Cor, AvRAWge, Poor, and RAWful. The first two segments were great, the AJ/Randy
angle was fun, and the wedding was silly fun, everything else was filler. This week’s Raw was a high AvRAGge. And now over to Pete, with details on how
WWE stars reacted to it. Hot tag, Pete. Nice review Luke! Well, that wedding was…well it was something
wasn’t it? With the general fan consensus being, well
I guess confusion more than anything, there’s a couple of WWE stars who have commented on
Lana and Lashley’s…celebration, with the inclusion of Liv Morgan and her declaring
her love for Lana. Mandy Rose tweeted out to say “No words
… Annoyed deadpan straight face emoji” While the other half of Fire and Desire, and
the first openly lesbian WWE star, Sonya Deville, tweeted out to say “Welp…my mind is blown”
while also responding to Mandy’s tweet saying “I know my friend I know literal mind blown
exploding mushroom cloud emoji” Both of them seem a bit miffed about the proceedings,
and arguably, quite rightly so. WWE’s Chief Brand Officer, and woman who
literally created women’s wrestling and all women, Stephanie McMahon had previously
promised more LGBTQ storylines going forward on WWE programming. Speaking to NBC OUT, McMahon said: “…when it makes sense…absolutely we
will integrate LGBT storylines into our programming.” And while no set date was met, she would go
on to say it would happen “in the near future”. Oh, by the way, this interview took place
in 2016. Since then, a grand total of 0 have happened
so far. Well, 1 I guess now, if you can even call
it that. Why this has presumably upset Mandy and Sonya
so much is due to the pair repeatedly pitching an LGBTQ storyline idea to WWE creative, which
obviously, has never transpired. On the preview for the season premiere of
Total Divas, which was mysteriously cut from the actual episode, Sonya said: “Mandy and I are meeting with the producers
to pitch the first-ever LGBTQ storyline in the WWE. This is Mandy and I’s moment — this is where
we prove ourselves. The story of my life. I’m the comeback kid. I always start as the underdog, but I’m confident
that I’ll prevail.” Sonya and Mandy had a moment on SmackDown
earlier this year that seemed to suggest a level of intimacy slightly higher than friends
after Sonya Deville managed to beat Ember Moon in about 2 minutes, but it was edited
out of the YouTube version and never mentioned again. Perhaps this was Sonya & Mandy taking things
into their own hands and going slightly off script, which was then quickly shot down by
Vince, or perhaps they began the story but then got cold feet over it. And instead they decided to run the story
with two blonde women. In the “every dropped storyline of 2019”
video that I did over the Chrismas period, I mentioned the Mandy & Sonya storyline being
dropped, and I said I was thankful they dropped it because I didn’t trust WWE, specifically
Vince, to handle the storyline delicately and with respect. Paul Heyman isn’t much better either, with
his history of Mike and Maria Kanellis and Rusev and Lana storylines. This would be exactly why. Because now we’ve got Liv Morgan and Lana
instead. And Liv is *crazy* guys. It’s not exactly the sort of representation
the LGBT community would want going into 2020. Meanwhile on SmackDown, Mandy Rose is tied
up in a romance story with Otis, instead of with Sonya, and the pair are teasing a split,
with Otis seemingly coming between Mandy and Sonya. One can only imagine the frustration the pair
must be feeling at the moment. But let’s forget that whole Liv Morgan thing,
the question that’s really on everyone’s minds is WHO WERE THOSE PEOPLE WHO CLAIMED
TO BE LANA AND LASHLEY’S FIRST SPOUSES? According to PWInsider, the person who claimed
to be Lana’s first husband was indie wrestler EJ Risk, who came out of Create a Pro school
and WrestlePro, the promotion co-founded by Curt Hawkins and WWE producer Pat Buck. [More you know meme] The woman who claimed to be Bobby’s first
wife we’ve actually already seen on WWE programming a few times. Her name is Karissa Rivera and she lost to
Lacey Evans on the November 14 episode of NXT in 2018, and she also teamed alongside
the now-AEW star Kris Statlander as the Brooklyn Belles in a loss to the IIconics on SmackDown
earlier this year in April. On top of that, several wrestlers from Create
A Pro were booked as wedding guests, while the officiant was a local actor. Has there been a major WWE injury? Press the video to the right to find out more,
and the video below that to find out more about WWE being sued over the XFL! A special thank you to our pledgehammers on
Patreon, some of whom you can see scrolling below me right now! I’ve been Chopper Pete Quinnell, and that,
was wrestling.


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    Fire & Desire Shoot On Lana/Lashley Wedding Angle – 5:53 / Who Were The Surprise Spouses? – 9:03

  2. Hey guys, can you please stop attacking blonde people? i love your show and we all know that vince loves blondes but you guys are being kind of racist constantly piling on people for being blonde, its pretty hurtful.

  3. Jim Cornette said it best: Stephanie needs to be the head of creative like I need to be the head of NASA. Man, mainstream wrestling sure as hell regressed in the past 20 or so years.

  4. Yeah I don’t think you can say that Mandy and Sonya are really upset but this based on one tweet apiece that their minds were blown. I mean I know you aren’t a journalist and that’s fine but you basically fabricated that entire thing. They very well might be upset but you really showed no evidence to support that conclusion so thumbs down on this one my dude

  5. Romance storylines are really dumb but adding in LGBT aspects to be woke makes it fully retarded.

    I wish it made sense to add things instead of it just being thrown in there

  6. Who watches pro wrestling and thinks, "I need an LGBTQ storyline in this."? Can we put this bullshit where it belongs and flush it? By the way, somebody tell Sonya DeVille that Randy Orton is the 983rd straight wrestler to fake an injury.

  7. You forgot to mention how Lashleys makeup smudged all over Lanas face at the begging making her look like she has dirt all over her face!

  8. Seems like all the big shows/series/movies now must include lgbtq angles just because. Its hard shoving into people face

  9. This gave me one match and it's the Charlotte vs. Natalya match that concludes this decade!

    Also what a disgrace to the LGBTQ community that storyline is! I'm bisexual and this year has been nothing but disappointing in representation! Why do I expect much out of this when Nyla Rose not winning the belt was worse? Wrestling has sucked at LGBTQ storylines this year and Lana and Liv are no different! I want one good form of representation in 2020 to help make up for the lack of representation this decade! Jesus queerbait has had a great year! Next year will be better! I'll vote for Bernie and do a great job representing my minorities:LGBTQ(bisexual),autism and ADHD! Holla at me in the comments if you care about this! God I'm going insane! I'll save my rant for another day but to quote Ron Simmons,

  10. I was happy to see Rusev at the wedding but was shocked when the others showed up!!!! Lana needs to get back with Rusev!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. What did Drew actually say? I don't want to have to watch raw, but I'm curious to see if he's going back to his original gimmick…

  12. Apparently I triggered some weak social justice ideologue when I mocked them for whining about LGBTQLMNOP representation on a show about fighting. Hot.

  13. Honestly, people need to stop taking wrestling so seriously. The wedding segment was so dumb but thats what made it such a fun segment lol its the onky thing i actually saw from this weeks episode

  14. Exactly, "when it makes sense, " obviously means when we want to push superstar. Bravo. It's Liv Morgan's turn at the top. I wish her the best.

  15. Times like this, I wished Kane would have showed up and chokeslammed that entire wedding angle to Hell itself.
    I would have preferred the Katie Vick angle over this

  16. I do like the first 2 minutes review
    And no no no no, dont like rusev story line because rusev deserve more than this soap opera

  17. Except there WAS NO WEDDING because CJ, aka Lana, is STILL very much married to Rusev. This has to be one of the worst storylines ever, and I know it was Vince McMahon's idea because he LOVES this kind of soap opera bullshit.

  18. Everyone from the WWE, this channel,or whoever else, need to stop shoving their political and/or sexual agendas down my throat. Thanks.

  19. This wedding segment was so terrible that it had me dying laughing. Liv Morgan coming out for this crap was so random. I was waiting for Lars Sullivan to come out and say his weiner is not small!

  20. At this point you'd think Rusev is just going along for the ride and agreeing to anything in this story until his contract's over, just like Moxley agreeably went with his last dumb feuds & matches until he can finally do his character the right way after leaving.

  21. i like the south park version of "and now you know and knowing is half the battle". it's in the Jones brothers' episode.

  22. I'm just gonna copy my comment from wwe's video of the "wedding":

    WWE Creative: "So Liv, we're gonna book you alongside one of our most over characters currently with a new spooky gimmick"


    WWE Creative: "You're in the Lana divorce storyline now. You're attracted to Lana now and you'll shove her face on a giant cake as if you were one of her exes"

  23. Lgbtq wants progression so complains to be included in literally everything or they're not happy. So… okay then! They get included… Given what was asked for. Aaand they get mad about it. Hilariously hypocritical and sadly… extremely typical. Bitch and complain until you get what you want and then bitch and complain about it when it happens. Welcome to the lgbtq community! Progressive!!!… yet, hypocritical, whiny, and usually acting 200% stereotypical even though they hate being stereotyped. Don't like it? Quit your shit then! Make up your damn Minds what you want and then let the world know. Until then… QUIT BITCHING AND COMPLAINING!!!!!

  24. Randy Orton did the fake injury many years ago.
    Apart from the match between Alister and Murphy there was nothing high level.
    Drew is now a baby face? Sounds good to me.

  25. Im actually done with WWE, not even recording it, removed it from my DVR schedule. Let me know when this stupid Lana/Lashey storyline and Squash match after squash match, jobber after jobber is over and ill reconsider. 3 hour show and only part worth watching was any time Zilena Vega is on screen and the Aleister Black/Buddy Murphy Match. They could of just looped that match for 3 hours and probably got higher ratings.

  26. So Sonya Deville has been getting moist in her women’s boxer briefs for an opportunity to do a LGBTQ storyline, and WWE gives that shot to Liv Morgan???? When will the talent realize that company doesn’t give two sh*ts about them?

  27. Everyone in the comments being so negative on the wedding but… the crowd seemed pretty into it lmao
    Starting to think people are just being marks about it.

  28. Not everyone gives a damn about the wedding angle. Should have spent more time talking about the angles we actually care about.

  29. Imagine willingly liking that episode of RAW. Sorry Sonya nobody cares about your sexual orientation and its pretty laughable that wwe is falling victim to social agendas, but I digress. That was a pretty bad RAW outside the opening with KO and Joe.

  30. Chuck and Billy wasn't their first LGBT storyline?? Lol.. Vito crossdressing?? Viscera humping men?? Shoot.. Even Heidenreich….. and you know…… Michael Cole……

  31. wow…. when the "wedding" started i had the tv on mute and glanced at it every few minutes (no way im watching that bullshit) and when liv came out i was like " whos this random 40 yo woman?" they made her look so much older then she is

  32. I wasn't expecting much from the wedding to begin with, but I definitely wasn't expecting Liv Morgan. To me that was a bad way to bring her back, but I think it's still salvageable.

  33. To all who work on these vids – from hosts to catering – 'Thank You' for another year of content!

    (myss4tune since 2016)

  34. You cracked me up when you said oiii lesbianssssss lads lads lads lads lads I think that's what you said anyway 😂😂😂

  35. Luke I love you so much. I was crying in laughter at today’s review. I have to rewatch raw now. At least the wedding Lmao thanks mate.

  36. Your standards for acting must be extremely low if you think Lana is acting her ass off. Her acting is horrible.

  37. Storyline segment was so bad it's getting attention thus it will get more time in WWE?
    Now we know…
    and knowing is half the battle!

  38. Please keep the GI Joe references. I died laughing and will enjoy it even more when it gets old and becomes annoying and then resurges as hilarious due to overuse. Please.

  39. Liv Morgan appears once and every one is saying she is buried or ruined why can people not give stuff more than one day to see how it turns out. It's the fans own fault for getting their hopes up that she was going to be sister abigal so no matter what she came back as use would all be saying it.

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