WWE Stars Return! MAJOR Smackdown News Leaked!? | WrestleTalk News May 2017

WWE Stars Return! MAJOR Smackdown News Leaked!? | WrestleTalk News May 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis, and yes, I am wearing Nia
Jax’s I’m Not Like Most Girls t-shirt. I lost both the predictions and fantasy booking
warfare competitions on last month’s WrestleRambles, and this is my forfeit. For full gimmick, here’s a close up of me
doing Nia Jax’s shifty eyes. Triple H has now confirmed on Twitter that
WWE’s long-reported Women’s Tournament is actually happening, along with the competition’s
name: The Mae Young Classic. “A tournament with top female talent from
around the world is the next stage of the Womens Evolution in @WWE…July 13/14th from
@FullSail.” Dave Meltzer has pointed out on Twitter the
32-woman tournament is most likely so named because Mae Young, who passed away in 2014,
and Stephanie McMahon were very close – which is probably why the competition wasn’t rightfully
named the Eva Marie Cup. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has confirmed reports
from last week that he’ll be on the tournament’s commentary team. And an equally momentous equality moment might
soon be taking place on the main WWE roster. Pro Wrestling Sheet are reporting that WWE
officials are planning the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match at next month’s
Smackdown-exclusive pay-per-view. This comes after last October’s first ever
women’s Hell in a Cell match, which was also the first time a WWE pay-per-view was
main evented by the ladies. If all goes according to plan, the 18th June
pay-per-view will have two Money in the Bank matches – one for both the female and male
genders. Which is a great step forward in equality,
but a long way from catering for the 48 other gender identities listed on Facebook. When, oh when, will we get a Two-Spirit Person
Money in the Bank match? Get outta the 80s, WWE.
Shane McMahon announced on this week’s Smackdown that Carmella, Natalya, Tamina, Charlotte
and Becky Lynch will compete in a No. 1 contenders match for Naomi’s Women’s Title on next
Tuesday’s show. It’s expected the winner will go onto face
Naomi at Money in the Bank, while the other four women will be involved in the high-stakes
ladder match. And potentially James Ellsworth. In all seriousness, to boost those numbers,
we might finally see Summer Rae return to WWE television – jumping ship from Raw – who
has been cleared to return since before Wrestlemania. After being out of action since February with
a knee injury, Cedric Alexander made his return on last night’s episode of 205 Live, defeating
Johnny Moon – hopefully starting his conquest to regain 205 Live’s mid-card title Alicia
Fox. And after 205 Live, The New Day made their
long-awaited return to WWE TV, being the opening guests on Talking Smack. Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods haven’t
been seen since the Superstar Shake-Up, where The Revival wrote Kingston off TV so he could
undergo minor ankle surgery. Going by his Instagram posts, Kofi appears
ready to return soon, which is probably why The New Day teased matches with The Usos,
Breezeango and American Alpha on Talking Smack. They also took issue with JBL calling The
Usos the best team of the past half-decade – saying that Bradshaw shouldn’t be allowed
to say whatever he wants, a possible dig at the recent allegations of bullying against
the Smackdown commentator. Raw has continued its downward ratings trend,
setting its latest non-holiday, non-football season record low, drawing just 2.61 million
viewers this week. As F4WOnline points out, this is a 20% decline
from the same time last year. 62% of your ratings thought the show was AvRAWge,
while both Poor and Cor were tied at 16%. As I mentioned a week ago, I’ve got plans
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  1. That shirt isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I like the font. I wonder if they'll ever get a Women's Tag Team Championship one day after this tournament.

  2. I don't like the Money in the Bank stipulation. All that happens is the next time the Champion has a long gruelling match (usually the next PPV), the Money in the Bank winner comes out, does their finisher and wins the belt. Hell, why not come out with a chair, beat the hell out of them then cash in?

    All they need to do is tweak it so you can have a Championship at any time, but with notice (i.e before the champ's next match but at least 24 hours after their last). So someone can come in and cash it in at the start of Raw and they get the main event against the champ that night. Hell you could use it to swerve fans by having a PPV with one main event advertised, but the MINB winner cashes in before the bell rings and the Champ now has to face someone else, with the challenger getting rightly annoyed by it.

    This would make it less predictable and you wouldn't get this 95% win rate for MITB winners. Challengers who've lost their place at the last minute could interfere with the match and would be easier to write bad (as in decision for the MITB holder) cash-ins.

  3. i wish they'd pack this fuckin womans bullshit in… no wonder the ratings are down. And yeah all the sjw and little sensitive offended sexist idiots wont like this but its true… people dont give a shit about tht division trynna push tht equal bullshit on people its fuckin everywhere.. in movies.. video games… tv shows… now wrestling. Im not saying there's anything wrong with it… but to have them act like they're equal to men… i mean sasha got to hit tht scottish mong noam is it? like shes all empowered n shit. Makes me sick.

  4. If I ever have a son and his voice comes out like Oli's, is that past the point where I can have him aborted?

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  6. You keep saying Raws ratings keep dropping and I'm not doubting your info,but who are these ppl that keep showing up to shows..How is the company still a multimillion dollar company,are WWE fans morons then 😮😮

  7. Wonder how they count the viewer numbers. I suspect more and more people are watching their wrestling from some recording device, like a DVR.

  8. wrestle talk always rides WWE's dick!!! Please report other promotions!!! And fuck Dave mel!!! he is 70% wrong about his reports especially reports thats has to do with impact wrestling. Do you guys even listen to your past episodes?

  9. well the Universal champ is not around 80% of the time so ratings will continue to drop until we have a FULL TIME CHAMPION I don't care if it's Roman Reigns at least he's a full timer

  10. I always liked Mae Young but Why would you name a wrestling tournament after her? Faboulous Mulah tournament I can see but Mae Young? Mae was never a great weomens wrestler to the best of my knowledge. She might be classified as a Diva? But wrestler? No! RIP MAE.

  11. Carmella is a glorified manager with the same wrestling skills as Lana! I was a big fan of Carmella until I saw she has not wrestling talent whatsoever. Natalia needs the belt again and Tamina needs a character change. Also Becky Lynch needs a pin finisher. I thought they should have put Summer Rae with Jack Swagger around SummerSlam and called it the Summer of Swagger. But oppertunity passes people standing still by.

  12. Women's MITB ladder match is a good idea but hopefully the suitcase is not pink that's where I draw the line

  13. This is getting way better than whatculture…their shows are getting low on energy and content! They are always being a smartass and well WCPW dsnt really click that much!

  14. it's good WWE is finally treating their female wrestlers as what they are, wrestlers. After decades of soft porn and King being perv of the century it is s step forward.

  15. Please God give us Jim Ross and Cory Graves on Commentary and send Booker T and Michael Cole packing. I want serious commentary on Raw and I've had enough of the fun and stupid remarks. Wrestling should be down to two guys at a table calling the match.

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