WWE Stars Hang Out With AEW Stars! John Cena’s WrestleMania 36 Plans! WWE Spoilers! Wrestling News!

WWE Stars Hang Out With AEW Stars! John Cena’s WrestleMania 36 Plans! WWE Spoilers! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
December 23, 2019. We’re starting off with some news
from former WWE Superstar
Ryback, as the Big Guy has found himself at odds with
the company. Speaking this week to Chis Van Vliet,
Ryback revealed that the WWE has
recently re-filed a trademark on his name,
and now it could cost him a lot of
money to regain the rights to use it. Interestingly, the company filed the
trademark on the last day before
the former Intercontinental Champion was
meant to receive it, as Ryback’s
attorney notified him. He said: “Then I had a phone call with him
and he notified me that it’s gonna
cost anywhere between $45,000 and $60,000 to
cancel out their trademark on it
and it’ll take anywhere from 12 to 18 months and
I’m probably going to get it, but I
actually sent them a message I think I sent Mark
Carrano a message, nothing mean,
just like, ‘I wish you guys would cancel this, drop
this on your own. I will be very
upset if you don’t drop this on your own.’ I’m going to
be really f*cking upset.” Since leaving the WWE in 2016,
Ryback has had plenty of
criticisms with the company, even calling Vince McMahon a pimp,
meaning fans shouldn’t expect to
see the former Superstar back in the company
anytime soon. More Ryback news now, as this
recent trademark issue didn’t
stop him from hosting his ‘Conservations With The Big
Guy’ podcast, where the former
Superstar discussed the company’s Wellness Policy. In his discussion, Ryback revealed
the lengths that some
developmental stars have gone to to get away with breaking
the rules, and even claimed that
WWE COO Triple H is exempt from all testing. He said: “Hunter, there’s no way. And if he is,
he’ll do one as a publicity stunt.
Hunter’s whole career has been made on steroids.
That’s f*cking — I grew up
watching the guy. Without them, he doesn’t exist in
pro wrestling. And I grew up loving
him as one of my favorites, and that’s what it is. It is
very biased what they do there
and all that. But the policy in and of itself, I love it. I wish
they had strict drug-testing policies
in all of wrestling.” Once again, claiming that one of
the biggest stars ever, and the
future head of the company is nothing without steroids
probably isn’t helping his chances
of a return, as it’s clear that the Big Guy isn’t
looking at a surprise return at all. We’re looking at stars who are in
WWE now, as the Revival came
up short against Heavy Machinery during last week’s
‘Miracle on 34th Streetfight’ with
Otis’ ham ending up more over than the
Top Guys. Despite losing to the heavyweights,
Dash and Dawson ended the night
on a high, as the show was in Brooklyn where they
know a lot of people in the area. Two wrestlers who were around at
the time were AEW’s Private Party,
and the four had a picture together on Scott
Dawson’s twitter. This isn’t the first time that The
Revival have been linked to AEW,
as shortly before this year’s Double or Noting, Cody
Rhodes sent a secret message
to the pair, and with the Revival’s WWE contract coming
ending around WrestleMania 36,
the duo could end up in All Elite. Speaking of the Revivial, the former
Tag Team Champions are in WWE
for now, and at this month’s TLC Pay Per View, took
shots on the kick-off show against
Booker T. On Social Media, the Top Guys took
things one step further, even
challenging Booker and his Harlem Heat partner Stevie
Ray to a match, which many fans
would consider a dream feud. Whilst the dream match hasn’t been
made official by WWE, the Revival
have now picked a date for the contest, as
next month’s Royal Rumble will
be in Booker’s hometown of Houston, Texas, and
shared a match-card on Dawson’s
twitter. This post got the attention of Randy
Orton, who said that Legos were
greater than thumbtacks, referring to the Miracle
on 34th streetfight, and joked
about the lengths the Top Guys will go to get over. In response, Dawson said how the
pair were struggling following their
brief alignment with the Viper, as it’s been reported
that Orton pushed for the three to
remain together, but his request was
ultimately shot down, and he
was moved to RAW. Needless to say, it’s been a strange
year for the Revival, and hopefully
WWE will treat them better in 2020, or risk seeing
the Top Guys in AEW. One Superstar who fans shouldn’t
expect to go to AEW is John Cena,
who is ready to do something big at
WrestleMania 36 this year. Though Cena’s return to the
Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick
at this year’s show was entertaining, Cena now wants to do
quote “something substantial,” at
WrestleMania, according to WrestleVotes. The 16-time World Champion was
originally supposed to wrestle
against Lars Sullivan at WrestleMania 35, and the
storyline was supposed to kick
off in January 2019, but these plans were scrapped after
Sullivan suffered an anxiety attack. Though Cena hasn’t ruled out
wrestling again entirely, he has
said that his body can’t handle multiple matches a year, as
he has a lot on his plate with his
acting career. The fact that WrestleMania 36 will
be in Cena’s current hometown of
Tampa, Florida has only strengthened the rumors
of Big Match John appearing,
and when Wrestling News asked an anonymous
source in WWE about this, they were
told there are big plans in place for Cena, including
the proposed Sullivan match, but
nothing has been locked in place, other than the likely
chance that Cena will wrestle at the
show. One man who knows all about taking
on John Cena is CM Punk, and
despite the Best in the World being a draw on WWE
Backstage, that isn’t enough for
some fans. There are plenty of people who are
ready for Punk to make an in-ring
return, and one person who agrees with this is
United States Champion Rey
Mysterio. Speaking to Sportskeeda, the Ultimate
Underdog said he would love to see
Punk return to being a wrestler, but that
the decision is ultimately for the
Chicago-Made star to make. He said: “I think definitely we would all love
to see CM Punk back eventually.
Whether he comes back or not is up to him –
but I enjoy having him around,
even if it’s just with his FOX role. But we all enjoy seeing
CM Punk in the ring. I doubt
anybody out there would say, ‘Nah, I don’t really want
to see him back.’ He has a great
personality, great character and he’s great in the ring.” With WrestleMania season around
the corner, there will soon be
plenty of rumors and speculation on Punk returning to
the ring, and this is also the case
with Edge, who despite telling fans he will not return,
has been rumored as a dark horse
to win the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble match. From two retired legends of the
game to another now, as in
2017, Kurt Angle revealed his big secret, that Jason Jordan
was actually his son. Though the angle, which reportedly
would have culminated in a Jordan
heel turn and a father-son match at WrestleMania 34,
never got finished, both Angle and
Jordan have kept the illusion online, even when
Jordan revealed this week the very
real news that he and his wife are expecting a
baby girl next June. This is obviously huge news for the
Jordans, and grandpappy Kurt
decided to get in on the action aswell, congratulating the
pair on their big news, as well as
suggesting the name ‘Kurtina’ for ther baby daughter. This isn’t the only big family news
for the Jordan-Angle clan, and
Kurt and his wife recently adopted a son from Bulgaria,
as the Olympic couple, and their
extended kayfabe family will keep on
growing in 2020. Now, over the past year, the WWE
has seen plenty of big title news,
including the introduction of the Women’s Tag
Team and 24/7 titles, and the
re-designs of the Universal and Intercontinental
Championships. But with that in mind, we have one
last bit of title news this decade,
as the United States Championship seems to be
the next piece of hardware to get
a new look. BeltFanDan, an online account with
a decent track-record on news like
this, has said that the new WWE US Title has been
delivered to the company, but didn’t
give any specifics on what it looks like. The current design is the oldest
design in the WWE today, and
was introduced in 2003 when Eddie Guerrero won the
vacant gold at Vengeance,
defeating Chris Benoit. It wouldn’t be a surprise for WWE to
kick off the new year and new
decade with a new US Title, and expect the new gold
to be put on WWE’s Shop shortly
after it debuts. We’re looking back to last week’s
SmackDon now, and whilst the
show promised just two matches and the return of a
much less hairy Daniel Bryan, this
was enough to get fans to tune in. According to Showbuzz daily, Smack
Down averages 2.41 Million viewers
for the show, up from last week’s 2.33 million. Breaking this down, hour one did
2.49 million, whilst hour two
pulled 2.33 million fans to stick around, and this is a good
sign for the blue brand as we
head into the holidays. After last night’s SmackDown went
off the air, three matches for NXT
were taped in Brooklyn, New York, as fans saw
Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott defeat Jack
Gallagher. Fans who stuck around also saw
Dominik Dijakovic defeat Bronson
Reed, and Keith Lee and Lio Rush defeat Damian
Priest and Tony Neese. These matches will be part of next
week’s Christmas Day edition of
NXT, as will a North American Championship Open
Challenge, in which Roderick Strong
will retain against Austin Theory. After Christmas, the January 1st,
2020 show will also be pre-taped,
and will reveal the teams for the Dusty Rhodes Tag
Team Classic, and the 2019 year-
end awards, before the show goes back to being live
on January 8th. The gold brand won’t have any
competition by AEW on
Christmas Day, but Dynamite will return on New Year’s Day
for a live show. Although fans of the gold brand will
have plenty of action this holiday
season, they won’t be seeing the dancing and
grappling skills of Fandango, who
is out with an injury. The dancer only just came back to
NXT to rejoin Tyler Breeze as the
fashion police, and Fandango described the injury as
a Tommy John on social media. Unfortunately for him, Tommy John
injuries are very serious, as
rehabilitation can take up to 15 months for Major League
Baseball pitches. With that said, we don’t know for a
fact that Fandango’s injury is a
Tommy John, but whatever the injury is, don’t epect
to see the Ballroom Brawler
anytime soon. We’re moving over to AEW now, as
both Matt and Nick Jackson
recently left Twitter, leading many to question why the
Young Bucks would do this. What made things even stranger is
that neither man gave much of an
explanation, though Matt did say that he’d had
fun on the app for a decade,
before deactivating. Now though, Matthew Lee Massie,
the father of the Bucks, took to
his own Twitter account to explain what has
happened, and told the fans
that both Matt and Nick are doing fine, and just needed a well-
deserved break from the toxicity
online. In a follow-up comment, Papa Buck
said that the pair give 110% to
everything they do, but didn’t give any word on when,
or if, the Bucks will return. What we do know is that AEW won’t
be running any more live events
until they return to Jacksonville, Florida for the
January 1st Dynamite, giving
the roster a well-earned rest after an explosive first year. We’re heading back to WWE now,
as Variety Magazine recently put
out their 500 most influential business leaders
operating in the entertainment
industry today, and the company’s chair Vince McMahon
made the cut. Under a picture of the boss, the
magazine also included a caption
describing how McMahon became a titan of
entertainment, saying: “Last year, McMahon metaphorically
circled the ring with the WWE,
arms aloft in victory, after signing separate five-
year deals with USA Network and
Fox Sports to carry its ‘Monday Night Raw’ and
‘SmackDown Live,’ estimated to
generate revenues rising from $311 million in 2019 to
$462 million in 2021. And then
the WWE itself was dropped to the mat a few times.
When Q2 2019 earnings were
released in July, its stock price had dropped 31% from
a record high of about $99.43 in
April, and average ‘Raw’ viewership was down 20%
from the same quarter in 2018.
Finally acknowledging the decline, this summer McMahon
hired Paul Heyman (‘Raw’) and
Eric Bischoff (‘SmackDown’) to run the shows, and
hopes are high for a turnaround.” Though Bischoff may be long gone
after a rather disastrous time in
charge of the blue brand, the WWE has a few pipelines
of income other than ticket sales,
with both the FOX deal and the agreement with
Saudi Arabia keeping Vince
McMahon on lists like these for a very long time. And finally today we’re ending with
news from Lacey Evans, as the
Sassy Southern Belle has taken her talents
out of the ring. Last week, the SmackDown Super
star revealed that she has been
filming a commercial with her daughter Summer, and it
looks like this commercial was or
Foster Farms, who promise Local, Fresh and Naturally
Delicious produce, according to
their Twitter Profile. This won’t be the only time the
mother-daughter tag team
appear on screen together, as Summer was part of the latest
episode of SmackDown, where
she was berated by Sasha Banks before this was
stopped by her mom. With WWE being a family-friendly
product, and having used children
of the talent like Dominick Mysterio and Nicolas
Cone in the past, fans should
expect Lacey and Summer to appear together even
more on SmackDown in the
coming weeks, as the Lady of WWE hopes to become the
next SmackDown Women’s Champion.


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