WWE Star In Body Shaming CONTROVERSY! HUGE WWE RETURN LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

WWE Star In Body Shaming CONTROVERSY! HUGE WWE RETURN LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m King Oli. Press the thumbs up! On this week’s episode of Raw, WWE made
history by becoming the first wrestling promotion ever in the history of the Universe to have
a women’s commentator EVER! …apart from So Cal Val on WOS Wrestling, Lita on
the Mae Young Classic, Beth Phoenix on Mixed Match Challenge Shimmer, etc.
But even though officials were impressed with Renee Young’s performance, Pro Wrestling
Sheet are reporting “there are no immediate plans in place to permanently change her position.”
Meaning Young can go back to what WWE thinks she does best. Asking a question and then
becoming a microphone stand for the next three minutes. And, of course, cutting promos on
Dave Meltzer. On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer
Radio, famed sports journalist Meltzer started talking to his co-host Bryan Alvarez about
SmackDown star Peyton Royce’s look since being called up to the main roster.
A fan tweeted a clip of this conversation calling out Meltzer for saying Royce was “more
attractive in NXT” and that “she was a lot lighter”, which was then reposted by
Peyton herself: “So what would you have me do Dave… starve
myself? THREE HEAD BLOWN EMOJIS! This is how nightmares for young women start. The females
in your life must be proud.” Which prompted many of her fellow WWE colleagues
to shoot on Meltzer’s comments. Like Renee Young, Peyton’s tag partner Billie
Kay and even a -6 star rating from Seth Rollins. Stars for… nobody.
Meltzer’s ‘lighter’ comments about Royce, however, are most likely his misguided way
of referring to the breast implants she reportedly had last December – in that he wishes women
in WWE didn’t feel the need to have plastic surgery.
Which, ironically, would mean Meltzer is critiquing the body-image focused wrestling business
that likely pressures so many female wrestlers to have breast enlargements – a pressure that
he’s now accused of applying himself. If that was his intention, though, the sentiment
was poorly communicated, so he’s publicly tweeted Royce:
“I’d like to apologize to you. You are an exceedingly attractive woman. I do realize
the lengths and pressures on women in the entertainment world to maintain unnatural
looks at times and am glad you pointed this out.”
Which is… still pretty badly communicated. ‘I’m sorry. But I still find you really
hot.’ His apology on the most recent Wrestling Observer Radio, however, is far more sensitive.
We’ve had the most definitive sign yet that Rey Mysterio is indeed on his way back to
WWE, with Northeast Wrestling revealing he’s been pulled from their show next Friday:
“Unfortunately due to his upcoming contractual situation with WWE Rey Mysterio is unable
to appear on August 24th.” Mysterio has been in negotiations to return
to WWE ever since his Royal Rumble cameo became one of their most watched YouTube clips of
the year in January. The Wrestling Observer has previously reported WWE tried to get Rey
pulled from All In on September 1st, but Mysterio wanted to honour his commitment. He’ll likely
sign with WWE sometime next month. More allegations about Randy Orton have resurfaced,
this time from former WWE wrestler Mr Kennedy! Click the WrestleTalk.com link onscreen now
to find out more! And become a WrestleTalk Pledgehammer on Patreon today to make weekly
NXT reviews happen! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.


  1. Knowing how Twitter is Dave should have not said shit about anything appearance related its that simple would he would have avoided all this shit.

  2. Wtf Dave? Peyton is good as far as looks & body goes… I'm glad she is eating more and not as bony either she is a healthy ass athlete yeah he really "shhh the bed with those comments"…

  3. So what Peyton & Bliss got "the upstairs enhancements" that's just the #WweReality everybody can't be Stacey or Banks say "F it" my natural talent in the ring is enough. Not to say any chick with fake boobs aren't as talented in wrestling or in general either it's either a personal-business decision to them each. Even Serena Deeb had a reduction or took her implants out which shocked me….

  4. Call me crazy, but methinks the whole Peyton controversy is a distraction from the actual allegations levied towards Randy Orton.

    And I also find the Seth Rollins tweet funny considering it’s from the same guy that literally fucked a nazi.plus this is WWE, the same company that was okay with the Piggy James angle. In any event, it’s a fine example of the WWE universe’s fake/selective outrage machine at work.

  5. And yet it's a great big joke when they make fun of Ellsworth for not having a chin, and being skinny. Double Standards, much?


  7. News flash, a guy didn't find Peyton attractive anymore. Or worse, he thought she was more attractive when she was NXT. Stop the fucking presses! Thats not body shaming, thats an opinion

  8. I just want to point out that "I'd like to apologize" is not the same as "I apologize". That's just intention but no action.

  9. BBC website just reported this with the headline ''PR hits back at 'body shaming' Meltzer'' 😮 RIP Dave

  10. All this begging for Patreon support is sad and unprofessional. It gives the impression that Wrestletalk is a poorly ran company.

  11. I actually like Renee commentating better than Coach. I think she and Graves would have good chemistry. I've never liked Cole.

  12. (Rolls eyes) Thank you Oli. For being the voice of reason. I GET THAT BREAST IMPLANTS IS A CHOICE……But to hear Charlotte Flair tell the story, it's also a mistake in that particular field where you take numerous shot. In an interview just prior to her return Charlottte give details of her ordeal with having an implant bust at some point and then, feeling the pressure of so many high profile things coming up, to put off the neccessary procedure to have the problem fixed…….She expressed genuine regret for facing the symtoms of that ordeal in that same interview. They take so many shots doing what they do, and in honesty, after reading up on Charlotte's condition BEFORE HER MEDICAL LEAVE……The woman is DAMN LUCKY if she DID NOT BREACH the point of being prone to CANCER putting off her surgery. That's not cool dude. By any measure. When we come to care for these people it should not be at the expense of their health. Peyton made a choice that was hers to make, but one of her WWE sisters has already suffered the reality that they aren't in a GOOD FIELD to do that to themselves….Add to that, the messages of people like Nia Jax AND Alexa Biss whose tattoo showed her own feelings of insecurity regarding her body…..The MESSAGE to young girls is to be STRONG, and CONFIDENT, and to LOVE THE SKIN THEY ARE IN…….What about getting breast implants post main roster call up DISPLAYS THIS MESSAGE. See they like to say that the critical fans are "TOXIC" They like to say we FORGOT WE WERE FANS……And for some that's true……But that EXCUSE was also something The Undertaker said in a video 16 years ago when their product had shred of integrity and the man was right…….Now Tho? They made a mountain out of a mole hill because they, like Hollywood CAN'T ACCEPT ANY FORM OF CRITICISM…….They CAN'T TAKE IT…..The problem with that is……The company that sends cease and desist orders to individuals while they still make 50 million from the lovely city of Jedda, where a guy got arrested the next day for saying their product SUCKED….The company that PUSHES THE MESSAGE OF BE A STAR, NOT A BULLY…..Displays the opposite while getting plastic, metal awards for HUMANOTARIAN SHIT……Why are ANY OF US WRONG…..Just for holding them to a higher standard, when they made the CHOICE to be MORE than a wrestling promotion and involve themselves DIRECTLY in the influence of the CHILDREN?

  13. i think its interesting male wrestlers get commented on their weight and size all the time, but it doesnt fly for women aparently…

  14. Oly if you would do less screaming you would be less annoying. Sometimes when I hear your voice I want to shove a knife in my ear.

  15. Maybe finally everyone will see Dave meltser for the piece of shit he is . His reporting is terrible . Keep up the fantastic reporting wrestle talk . Your word is more trusted 🙂

  16. It's another case of people being over sensitive and blowing things out of proportion. It's obvious he didn't intend to shame her.

  17. All these feminazies & white knighters bashing Dave Meltzer are probably the same people that laughed at Baron Corbin having a smily face on his tummy & fat shame Kevin Owens. And defend WWE that has had angles make fun of Nia Jax, Mickie James, & Vickie Guerrero’s weight. This is ridiculous he didn’t say anything bad & is being bullied because of it nonstop people are so god damn sensitive nowadays.

  18. So, WWE has done more to demean women than Dave Meltzer ever could. We could talk about them taking millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, knowing full well that women have less rights there than a house cat. We could talk about how they body shamed Mickie James with that awful "Piggy James" promo by Michelle McCool and Layla. We could talk about how they still have divas at the top of their divisions (Bliss and Carmella). We could talk about how Paige cut a promo on SmackDown, insinuating that Tamina was a man. We could talk about Trish Stratus barking a dog. So, you can miss me with this fake outrage over Meltzer. Where the fuck were all these people when all of the incidents I mentioned happened?

  19. The TIT job "pressure" is from "frat boy vince mcmahon" who doesn't push women unless they have big tits….trish, lita, sable, chyna, luna..the list goes on and on

  20. Wtf with everybody shitting themselves??? He said that she was lighter and more attractive and what's wrong with that? Stupid fucks going apeshit on that

  21. Why is Scott Steiner wearing a mask? That’s a crazy look for lol rey rey I wonder if he still looks like a little boy under the mask.

  22. Listen to the "something to wrestle" sable episode and hear Conrad read old wrestling observers in which Meltzer attacks her appearance multiple times.
    It's uncomfortable and can't be chalked up to "it was a different time".
    Even 20 years ago it was bizarre.

  23. Americans can get butthurt over the most idiotic things. So, please explain to me, how him airing his opinions got this much backlash. Nobody could just simply disagree or better still, leave it be?
    It's like y'all are in the outrage olympics…

  24. Renee Young should be put on the Smackdown live show. Leave Corey Graves as an Raw only commentator.

    Is Meltzer talking about seeing her in person both on NXT and Smackdown. If he talking camera well that depends on who is running the camera, brand etc. They add weight lol

  25. He should have just have just said he was talking about her tits instead of pussyfooting around the word and it would not have been taken so much out of context.He was too worried about being called a perv that he was accused of fat shaming instead.All the more reason pc culture needs to fuckoff. He was going to get it no matter what he said .I swear sometimes the poles have already shifted.

  26. What if it were to men like Kevin owens that put a huge pounds on his body? No folks out there would take care of it. Just because this is for women they got annoyed(especially women wrestlers) and try to defend Peyton for that.

  27. The facr that matters is Dave pointed out 2 things about Peyton. One is She is not attractive than in NXT, the other is that she cant wrestle. So-called women wrestlers defend Peyton just for his attractive sheets and dont take care of the latter saying it makes me lol

  28. Lighter as in skin tone or weight cuz Royce weighs like 110 lbs so he couldn’t have been talking about weight

  29. it is disgusting how as soon as a woman hits the roster, boom plastic surgery, paige is starting to look like a man in drag, but thats wwe, vince likes big tits

  30. 🤦🏽‍♂️Peyton Royce is the epitome of WWE’s trash product. She was offended by someone saying they found her more attractive when she was a little lighter but saying that her wrestling and promos suck doesn’t faze her the slightest bit! 😂 I’m done.

  31. He personaly find's her more attractive when she had a few less pounds how is that body shaming. Its his personaly opinion. Why he should say he finds her attractive if he doesent. Or is it his duty to find her attractive even if he doesent like her new weight ?

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