WWE SmackDown In About 4 Minutes! (Jan. 3, 2020) SEVERAL MAJOR SMACKDOWN RETURNS! | WrestleTalk

WWE SmackDown In About 4 Minutes! (Jan. 3, 2020) SEVERAL MAJOR SMACKDOWN RETURNS! | WrestleTalk

Sheamus returns to the ring, John Morrison
returns…backstage, and The Usos return to save Roman Reigns! I am Chopper Pete Quinnell,
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thought of SmackDown where you can choose from Smacknificent, Smacktastic, Smack Bang
in the Middle, SmackDowner, and a Smack in the Face. This is the January 3, 2020 episode of Friday
Night SmackDown, in about 4 minutes. The show opened with a quick recap of the
triple threat main event from last week, before Miz and Daniel Bryan are backstage, with Miz
telling Bryan to beat The Fiend at Royal Rumble while he figures out what he needs to do next.
I’m sure what he needs to do next will become clear later in the show. The main show opened with a triple threat
tag match between Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss vs Lacey Evans & Dana Brooke vs Bayley & Sasha
Banks, with each team cutting a quick promo against the others before the match got underway. This was a pretty fun match, with Dana Brooke
being a massive improvement in the ring, Alexa Bliss having some nice looking sequences,
Bayley & Banks working great together as heels to retain their heat, leading to a nice Lacey
Evans hot tag that culminated in a Women’s Right to Banks, followed by a Senton from
Brooke for the win. A senton, that she got all of, by the way. That is not a time I would
like to be Sasha Banks. After a quick recap of the Mandy/Otis story
from last week, Mandy comes up to Otis backstage, but Otis is very standoffish, delivering short,
curt lines, before Tucker takes him away to focus on getting ready for his match. The
tension is so real! The Miz is back again, this time he runs into
the New Day, who try to cheer him up by reminding him about the amount of titles he won, but
all it does is fire him up because it’s not about titles, it’s about The Fiend invading
his house. Kofi Kingston squares back up, and it’s Kingston vs Miz later in the night. Elias does a song, and it’s actually funny!
Wahey! Next we had a backstage altercation between
Shorty G and The Revival, which led into a Shorty G vs Dash Wilder match, with Shorty
G picking up the win in a fairly quick match. Immediately after the match, Dawson and Wilder
continue to beatdown Shorty G, but out comes…Sheamus? For the save? Just kidding he’s a heel and
Brogue Kicks Shorty G into hell. It’s great to see Sheamus not cutting a promo in a corridor
for once. Kofi Kingston vs The Miz was next, and this
was a wonderfully told match, with Kingston constantly outmaneuvering and outsmarting
Miz at every turn, making Miz more and more fired up. He slaps away Kingston’s attempted
handshake, almost has the win with a Skull Crushing Finale, before Kingston counters
it into rollup for the win. This fires up Miz even more, and he attacks Kingston after
the bell, before Big E makes the save. On the ramp, Miz screams at the crowd, and looks
distraught. I love this character work from Miz, and it’s yet another victim for The
Fiend. Bryan & Reigns are backstage, and they cut
a nice promo saying if Bryan beats The Fiend, and Roman wins the Rumble, it’s Bryan vs
Roman at Mania, and they both like that. I do too honestly. Up next Cathy Kelley knocks on the dressing
room door of The Miz, attempting to get some answers. But Miz doesn’t answer. Instead,
it’s John Morrison, who simply says “He has nothing more to say”, and shuts the
door. Miz and Morrison reunion? Are we getting a Dirt Sheet relaunch? Are they both heels?
There’s so many questions. Despite this not being the most impactful return, I thought
it was supremely effective in what it tried to do. Otis has a match against Drew Gulak which
ends quickly, with backstage shots of Mandy, Sonya and occasionally Dolph Ziggler watching
the match, before we get Braun Strowman vs Cesaro, in a decent match, which ends with
Strowman countering a Neutralizer into a powerslam for the win. Then finally it’s time for the main event
of Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns vs King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler. This was a decent match again,
with Bray Wyatt’s laughter ringing out throughout the arena, before just as it looks like Bryan
is going to win, The Fiend appears, Claws Bryan through the barricade, and disappears. Corbin and Ziggler take this opportunity to
beat down Reigns some more, and threaten to pour some more dog food on him, before we
get the return of The Usos to save him. They undo his handcuffs and stand tall to the end
the show, which I think is the return we all thought they should make. Overall, I thought this was a pretty good
show. We had plenty of returns, and the storytelling of Miz’s apparent heel turn, fuelled by
the events with The Fiend, was perfectly told. It’s nice to see Sheamus, Morrison and The
Usos back, and nothing on this show was actively damaging or even bad, and the good stuff was
really good. For me, this show was Smacktastic. What’s the real reason for Liv Morgan’s
shock return? Press the video to the right to find out more, and press the video below
that to find out more about a WWE SmackDown star leaving soon. A special thank you to
our pledeghammers on Patreon, some of whom you can see scrolling below me right now!
I’ve been Chopper Pete Quinnell, and that, was wrestling.


  1. When Daniel Bryan was doing a interview he said he was the only one that didn’t change when facing the Fiend. That a good character because is dosent think he has in side

  2. Typical WWE…..failed to write something new for Sheamus……His previous return (in new look) was similar ,He ran down to safe Bryan (if I'm not wrong) and thn hit him to reveal himself a heel…..

  3. I loved how when the lights came back on, the red lights told us that Daniel Bryan was taken to a different place entirely by The Fiend and when the normal lights came back on everything was back to normal again.

    This is how you do black out transitions

  4. Morrison shoulda came back at the rumble , won it , and faced Adam Cole in the MAIN EVENT at WM. What a wasted opportunity.

  5. Absolutely loved the episode. I'm not moaning but Sheamus really should've made his return with his old theme song and Morrison's return should've been saved till the Rumble.

  6. Anyone else play “who’s that wrestler?” with the thumbnail?

    Side note: Didn’t Shelton return through a backstage segment? I wonder where he’s at now.

  7. Meanwhile , almost 80 percent of the Smackdown clips from WWE's official YT channel are not available for Indian audience idk why

  8. 2 midcarders and a team that will play hot potato with the tag titles along with New Day…… Yep exciting returns……

  9. Anyone else bored of the fiend. He’s destined for the Roman reigns spear at 11:50pm on wrestlemania night and he does the same shit every week

  10. WWE has gotten dumber with returns over the years. I remember when the rumble was used as a return for easy momentum. Now they seem to try their hardest to make sure you come in with a whimper.

  11. Might just be me but I think rumble returns are overrated I’d much rather you come back on an episode of SmackDown as a part of a storyline than get a cheap pop at the rumble and then now we have to find out what you’re going to be doing for the next few months

  12. Why was Morrison here and not royal rumble surprise? WWE need a tag team to challenge New Day. Its not like any other teams returned except the USO's who will most likely be in a 6 man tag.

  13. Didn't we see Sheamus do the EXACT SAME return last time? He came out to "save" Daniel Bryan…then kicked his head off. Speaking of Daniel Bryan…The Usos return to save & celebrate with Roman…TOTALLY unconcerned that Daniel Bryan is just feet away having been slammed through the barricade by The Fiend & having his mouth profusely fingered.

  14. Just when I though Morrison would have gotten a singles push as he deserves they pair him with the miz for nostalgia smh thats week's problem living in the past instead of making new mega stars 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  15. it dont matter how many ppl wwf has return…wrestle kingdom is still gonna be better than anything wwf will put out this year

  16. I liked how Pete used impactful while talking about John Morrison and are they finally going to have Roman and his cousins become a stable ? I hope so

  17. I feel conflicted.
    On the one hand I feel bad that the new guy has disappeared from the Smackdown review segment.
    On the other hand I'm kinda relieved because he wasn't very good…. but then I just feel bad again for saying that.

  18. I want to see a feud between the fiend and baron corbin, hear me out. I believe the fiend is the cure to ending baron corbins mid card vortex.

  19. Thoughts:
    Happy new year WrestleTalk!
    This episode gave me four matches:Dana and Alexa vs. Boss N Hug,Braun vs. Cesaro,Miz vs. Kofi and Shorty G vs. Dash!
    Here's to 2020!

  20. I want Oli (clap clap clap clap clap)
    I want Oli (clap clap clap clap clap)
    I want Oli (clap clap clap clap clap)

  21. I think dana's botched swanton was on purpose as payback from last week where after Dana tapped out to the banks statement Sasha being a heel grabbed dana's head and slammed it into the mat but pushed to hard and if you go back and watch it Dana grabs her nose and you can see blood running down dana's face

  22. Shemaus and John should have been way more interesting, squashing a smaller guy who jus fought and being the miz mouth piece sucked but the show was ok

  23. Sheamus returns, me: YAY!
    John Morrison returns, me: THANK GOD FOR 9 YEARS HES BEEN GONE NOW HES BACK!
    Usos saving Roman, me: boooooo

  24. If people think WWE spoiled returns of Sheamus and Morrison on TV you guys should knoe it was spoiled weeks ago better to do the obvious returns before Rumble

  25. Would love to say I’d have seen it but now on BT I ain’t paying £30 a month for it.

  26. I want Roman vs. Bryan at WM as long as they turn Roman heel for it. It's what he would be good at. So much more than his years long attempt to lead the company as a babyface. There have been plenty of top guys that were heels in the past. I hate that John Cena has made everyone think the main guy has to be good all the time.

  27. Imma be honest: They did not need to put Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in the opening match they should’ve let it be a regular tag team match. They felt out of place

  28. Tag teams is something WWE really needs right now not named New Day and I thought Usos were going to be on Raw, especially now that Smackdown has New Day, Revival, Heavy Machinery, Miz and Morrison, RooDolph, and I think Cesaro and Nakamura and maybe Gable and Ali? And i even think Lucha House Party is on Smackdown so that's at least 6-8 teams on Raw and Viking Raiders, OC, Street Profits and AOP on Raw and also Hawkins and Ryder are there but i don't think they count anymore.

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