WWE Smackdown Full Highlights 11 March 2019 HD – WWE Smackdown Full Highlight 11/03/2019

WWE Smackdown Full Highlights 11 March 2019 HD - WWE Smackdown Full Highlight 11/03/2019

[Applause] a smackdown live being accompanied by the monstrous bro title against Kevin Owens ladies and gentlemen has a defense against Kofi Kingston by the road it's not gonna get any cuz Kofi got screwed [Applause] I'm replacing you [Applause] [Applause] Daniel Bryan at Fastlane as Shane and Stephanie McMahon and all you people gushed about Kofi Kingston I remain silent [Applause] Kofi Kingston in the WWE Championship match at Fastlane and your turn to remain silent [Applause] your job [Applause] I'm not out here to talk about Kofi Kingston Kofi Kingston is a supporting player which is why Kofi Kingston is exactly where he should be Kevin Owens does not deserve a shot at the WWE Championship and what all of you don't understand is that I have everything to lose because I am the planets champion [Applause] right about Pepitone does have nothing just a member of the WWE Universe deserve to get your stupid condescending mouth shut and I'm the one who's going to do it with all the garbage you and all these people shove down your throats which is why all these people relate to you because they're all lowbrow too then yep I am just like these people I don't have a seven-foot-tall backup dancer the only reason why you don't have a 7-footer next to you is because Kevin you don't have any friends left to hit you with that stunner and pin you one two three in the middle that ring my attention to beat you again and when I do I'm taking the WWE title from you [Applause] so now driven and it's Sunday as well guarding the new Daniel Bryan and the WWE to excessively defending his championship lastly Jimmy J want a shadow with damn called the Perry Elley successfully defend your Tag Team Championship oh yeah welcome Beto's how much shave it man in the midst of Scott for this Jimmy and jr. but they're gonna be leaving Cleveland the same way they [Applause] confident city title this obviously took it hard miss landlord or nine years for the Usos I just don't know that these two everybody tonight the best tag team in the world before Jo so to completely turn the complexion of this match up saying to be set for dad's gonna be in the front row but is that emotional emotional drive could be the downfall of the visit as usual it's going to be like [Applause] the Queen Charlotte Claire suffering from the beating that Ronda Rousey gave her so I'd like to invite her here tonight I mean what did Stephanie McMahon say if she loses to me if she loses to me this Sunday at Fastlane she's done but if she beats me sorry if she beats me then my WrestleMania main event match becomes a triple threat so I want to know if Becky is man enough to come talk to me tonight about her physical and mental capabilities and I just want to have a friendly discussion you can never doubt the guts of Becky Lynch but I mean what kind of physical conditions what kind of physical condition is Becky even in after being beaten badly by Rousey loud I want to be just like my childhood hero John Cena I didn't realize he issued the United States open challenge every single week you're right he said that but he also said you can't see me I see him on my John Cena poster in my bedroom John Cena showed up there too right after it is seven seconds oh come on corner is your best move sit out Saxton you're embarrassing yourself US Open challenge starts now we know at this alarm means challenge that's obvious Saxton but the fact is Smackdown ladies and gentlemen please welcome the sassy southern belle lazy heavens making a presence felt yet again on come back miss sexy gloves yeah she won't know that doesn't kill Alison you're out here the WWE Universe wants us to defend that US title am i right damn you John Cena [Applause] challenge accepted [Applause] [Applause] decided say championship open challenge and it isn't some people would consider did to disenchant we're going to have a new United States chain of stereo down on the left side of your screen there goes our truth incredible it was incredible but now you had game Jones right for the chest for the title think about a guy like Ray Mysterio former world look at Somalia to the belly most dangerous men walk in the earthís Madden Oh Joe and on tronic stars mismatched has been in his road to the old elimination our aim is stirring in his desire to replace bubble Oh too much even supremacy here come my god when packing for injector in a 200p another athlete on the play Samoa Joe dozen of our truth again it's open challenge you never enough oh wait a minute oh gosh slow down Samoa Joe's good Oni and to prevent here whoa wisely r-truth positioning stuff right in the middle of the accents actually I got a call from John one of the scenic state-owned bigger tape they call the pinfall attempt relatively quickly big so you buy true from a seller on a miracle two weeks in a row in everything that moves on wait a minute Oh a double knuckles that color oh wait for the scissor kicks – whatever it takes Oh dropkick plan on a center of the Ring this fatal 4-way match for these athletes giving it their all table to show [Applause] champion show [Applause] what a fatal four-way match took advantage notification Carmelo will movie it seemed like Ray Mysterio so it's the seal more challenge is all about the United States Championship open challenge what the United States title I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see with my own planet but Becky Lynch is in the building they're looking to send a message to tell you Brian ahead of their wek might do something irrational here tonight but nonetheless the news is that since arriving here at WWE showing no signs of slowing against the revival nearly becoming the raw egg Varenka sure it was an absolute ricochet and black the champions were Bible and Jackie [Applause] recently going toe-to-toe it coming up short against Johnny Gargan 20 Carol smackdown live let's create it a lot of ghosts like everybody knows we don't just set the bar we are the bar thing right over and Alastair black any sort of advantage you can gain on home ricochet and Alistair black of the ones who knew cheated and ricochet says the Celtic Warrior cross or hold on NXT on oh man this hell Oh shot there to shame it's in the cachet to the dragon self to the corner and makes its half destroyer first hand right now Oh from the second your lair annoys you and cruelly and without mercy calm our program game on right side your screen the big me Oh garrison sorrow Colonel Alistar ricochet reasonably newly formed team Oh Alistair is going to join him down go go ricochet crap arrivals from NXT continue to be thorns it naca moon 7 nakamura tag-team action this is what we talked have to meet the Hardys got beaten to the punch twister funny with a second twist over the outside it's not doing poetry and it may have too powerful to shape ricochet now mr. black Oh a huge thank you tails on the road to Wrestlemania so this matchup ricochet with thee boom CIPA cock about it but a lot of back and forth here that I don't smoke a was certainly driven certainly motive in the form of a hellacious lost lamb from Champion Daniel Bryan presumably discussing strategy in a minute Saxton stop talking right here we go man Nero's who are scheduled of basically this is worse the company finds Sony the mill and a honky Tonk Man is part of the true family that this year too she is literally only because of aw a light shoots it with Naomi the last [Applause] [Applause] he was jealous of the success that they helped me has had here is that's a very real possibility probably even a likelihood building it my heart hasn't skipped a beat until May zeros John Day may why the champ to compete with us in the traffic outside the arena may go go tell them – OH couple weeks ago osku Oh Oh jawbreaker binary – bill you're putting the stone do this on Sunday football champions of all time man you wrote it shoot a fan Rose may be champion for there was nothing illegal that just happened somatic attraction from some heroes would have been disqualified [Applause] those despair to get this opportunity they only letter what's he sees because man there see why it took you 15 years to get here the state of my Randy Orton has earned the cachet to say whatever he wants to whoever he was new Daniel Viner joins us here on commentary Owens whoa out of the gate going after Rowan who a convenient election will equal that's Rojo could do to you I mean you came out here earlier on claim he doesn't allow opportunity Byron let me tell you something forget think I've ever seen a lazy coward oh here comes Rowan intervene Daniel Hyde with a Collins oh and Rowan flattened during his knee and now Daniel Bryan is unleashing Bryan and Rowan instead out to punish your bandage he can get oh I remember Ryan and Rowan trying to dismantle to stop who stop all we always thought it was Rowan who caused time he's been seating at the opportunity to know oh no don't ah oh wait a minute oversight Rowan and into the steel Holmes oh thanks the only one there [Applause] how much this championship rain wins is coming for it this Sunday at Fastlane we're going to see how it goes live next we have all marveled at how the road to Wrestlemania is unfolding the challenge for the raw women kreidel but it is between Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey right now we don't even know but this Sunday can I agree with you Tori beg you live here tonight to talk about her physical and mental capability I did everything I could to respect this business screw the Wu and no more missus dice [Applause] [Applause] to come out here and have a friendly I don't understand how Betty hope saying is if you're going to be dumb you got to be tough thinking all the Queen should it was a great strategy so wouldn't is she's a wife competitor she's a queen she's a worthy champion man it's good to be back you want to know about my well-being you said and last night she hit me with her absolute best but I'm still here and you know Charlotte you know I've owned you for a month they know that I beat you on one good leg Oh Charlotte Blair this is a well-laid trap is what it was it's a brilliant weather the rise because it for Becky to show up tonight [Applause] [Applause] so some side to life here before fascinating this shows that there's still hope skill of a path to Wrestlemania it will not be as AZ of the Queen of PQ on one way [Applause] [Applause] shield [Applause] you

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