WWE Smackdown 14 May 2019 Highlights HD – WWE | WRESTLING REALITY

WWE Smackdown 14 May 2019 Highlights HD - WWE  | WRESTLING REALITY

Smackdown Oh thank you John please welcome it was woman laying into lap saitama Shaymin bed and thumb prompt to match ordered by shane mcmahon a big dog would suffer the laugh of the trio but Roman reigns will then amid static that of the foot wave after wave of the number hard and remain standing on Monday Night Raw so that brings the big fight to Elias this Sunday at money in the bank unfinished business for Monday Night Raw last night and I'm not gonna wait until money in the bank so I said we solve our issues right here right now welcome to Smackdown live the Miz is feeling it here on Smackdown live once again thank you very much for the invite it's good to be back in London you and I beat Elias through and through but that wasn't enough he put his hands on my father that is unforgivable and unforgettable look what we have here lies Oh miss you you actually disgust me basically ban you from the ring and the building tonight yeah but Roman stay right there Elias has something to say but under estimating Elias is going to be the biggest mistake of your career and that is that WWE does in fact stand for walk with Elias so allow me to bring them out and look at the size of her oh and that'll get to you so this is not a good situation this has incurred the wrath multiple times in Rome and had the option to leave the ring they opted not to look at the fact that she rounded it up these were unwinnable odds for Roman and Men there's no rights and that is not gonna pass this absolute mugging orchestrated by shame because before the money in a bag those taking advantage of the wild now will get flying inside the ring these titles well now it's Roman Oh Daniel buck thank goodness for the you show intro it is not boiling it all Philip you know if you are talk about plants how's that gonna work out a lot of questions Oh no one attacks the greatest acquisition and Smackdown live history and gets away with it yeah this is a wild chain I don't care about this wild card fool rolling alive we're not just a tag team champions we're gonna planets shit okay okay calm it down you know what on the hands-on owner I'm gonna prove my point tonight the four of us right here are gonna take on Roman reigns though Osos and if the Miz comes anywhere near this match our cage match this Sunday is canceled he's not allowed to come down at all so it's four on three handicap match black on to become mr. money in the bank for the second time or k2 this Sunday the same can be said for all the other it could be Game of Thrones it could be Avengers endgame we don't care about spoilers and become mr. money in the band [Applause] what does that mean for us we live with our minds but it was water brought in white fattier odds-on favorite to win the bentonite he's doing have that same opportunity Sunday full wine our other chance participation was beyond that look at the motivation at Penn Fowler has we dumpy championship opportunity and all takes place Sunday Darla I'm happy Foster was out of this match I think my chances of increase exponentially in the bank is next at the moment of VIPRE in complete control above the ring that is the money of the bank change your life great New York already trying to took advantage earned the right to be mr. and miss money in the Fairlight their power separate money into their boys look over their shoulder oh it's contract concern about what miss might do to him the cover pile way to close out this match of it's not have to mention the X Factor that he possesses can observe everything going on all around the ring you've got seven other competitors well in the magic oh here Continental champion quite the rider Continental champion Balor's been huntin Balor has incredible resiliency or see this Sunday we're going to double the amount of competitor goes anything canons mother great escape 500 lumens big fish' to start us off alive and on Oh double these are the cult of I Indrani but I want to count out service qualifications in this fatal 4-way match here tonight it's all odds Ronny use it oh and taking place in the money in the 5a ttle four-way action continues on slip down Holly completely played our trouble I do enough damage to your photo buddy of a lifetime what applause to competitors was Ronnie doing battle but top can look at ricochet crab at the birthplace the end of the night this Sunday absolutely and hot wing Sunday Kevin will challenge Vic WWE Champion but tonight he captivated for Shane McMahon and company and the Queen Charlotte Flair has the opportunity women's right lacy and break that glass jaw I get this my intentions once daily for a woman its title launch sulfate evidence pit Becky to mold but not an advantage for cool Lacey Evans where you gotta wonder what kind of condition Thank You Lynch's in championship lane here at WWE as me victorious as the SmackDown Women's Champion with a man in her championship they make it 4-3 handy comment next we are back here on Smackdown lies committee we want Shane McMahon who ordered to stack the odds of a steel cage match up a net Shane McMahon Sunday because corporate muscle to avoid and once it's you can and then Sunday WWE money in the bag this implies that Shane McMahon is afraid of than this yet Shane was more than tell me how he's afraid man do you have any idea the adversity that will wait that more Shane you expected so you're upset and you're trying to take on my own validity of it earn those tags I seem to recall the end of reality that's not Brian Shane McMahon with wrong with an Alaia tonight Roman reigns of course gets Elias one all under the facts that Roman reigns got himself and that is being on the Roman being like Roman reigns puts their hands on man so legal watch the landing here there was not that a sense best in the world Rowan and Daniel Bryan this is a skewed moral values use the turtle up line again go on strike let's see how that works out it's great right think in a way they're just prolonging the inevitable right now the victim rollin rollin like put this away for his JJ McMahon to enlist more and more superstars to his cause because if his team at Phillips you act like engine top shelf ever would work oh really not a cover cover my highest caste is these cover cop about those things in just mention buyer because of hemolysis career if he defeats Roman drew are absolutely right Tom but what if Elias the feats of ice that would have fire Oh in race Smackdown a flitch go the way he throws the same advantage he'll be gone doing all that aprons ray just having fun this with a big dog Daniel Bryan's in trouble quite a train's that wasn't why is he careful shit a man who his first night on Smackdown he ger elias's the compete on behalf of shane mcmahon great the money in the bank take another look at this beautiful jumpin need Wow right on the range rolling wants to get in on the party cover and Ryan's able dog God and look at this on the face of [Applause] no wait a man all and I'm up I don't wanna lie a said earlier tonight Roman our great deal of validity to Elias the statement or the guy handled his business is going to have to work together to cover this family but whoa reliance from behind look at it drift away but even throwing imposing his will a big dog on the moon [Applause] to be all alone inside that still kick terraPower matches over the past we have acute bands from Smackdown and the ring gates lights up you get taking up a floor what are you talking about the Miz just attacked this is egregious [Applause] embarrassments of Miss J McMahon of our attention on the fireflies spun out we're here is a tight team but certainly take [Applause] because you're looking at the future of the entire division I'm sure that the future was like all right take it down a notch Paige you named a tag team but the future of the women is not kabuki warriors I was just I mean I ever found to make a tag and Oscar was creative great tailor solid teamwork blitz from Oscar you gotta be a presser foot on any wool Oh Kevin Owens just about cut up so this would be some finish like Kevin Owens Anisha rather to come to the Kevin Owens show the Lord of the cuts [Applause] wheels out here on Smackdown live at the o2 in London for Kevin Owens between the new day and I always would to take well I have received an invitation to the Kevin Owens show and Here I am you said that you wanted this well Sunday and money in the bank you gonna get your chance I'm here on the Kevin Owens show as a guest – allow me to introduce to you the host of the chaos show Kevin oh okay so we might rename the show to the Kofi so I like that I like that bar now you couldn't possibly be sure no because you were talking such a big game talking all that trash talking about all those things that you were gonna do to me look I'm out here giving you a chance to make good on your word humphy out here Kofi good on you worried Kofi you find yourself on your own and trust me it's at the worst time possible it really was a dream come true but did you ever during that 11 year journey did you ever wonder what happens when the dream ends you are facing the most dangerous man in WWE and here is proof if you're not gonna come out here and face me right now [Applause] all WWE Champion one big underhanded setup it could be looking at the next WWE backup baby brother saviors – just like Oh what Center the boat obviously with Kevin Owens is banking on a brilliant strategy Sam instead of Tom this Sunday yep edible and Kevin Owens did do everything in his power

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