WWE Signs Goldberg To Purposely KEEP HIM AWAY From All Elite Wrestling | Off The Script 272 Part 1

WWE Signs Goldberg To Purposely KEEP HIM AWAY From All Elite Wrestling | Off The Script 272 Part 1

my services have been requested now I am no magician I am just a mere entity in this community that we call the YouTube rustling community and on Monday night I'm usually doing what I do best and that is complain I'm complaining about Monday Night Raw I'm complaining about how this sucks and that sucks and why they're doing this wrong and why they're doing that wrong and everybody's just very unhappy about the entirety of WWE so I get a text on Monday night usually when my phone is most busy I got a touched on Monday night and it's from my buddy Brian ghoulish he texts me and says I'm gonna run something by you on social media let me know what you think about it so I go over to social media I got my phone next to me my iPad in front of me I'm refreshing and then I see it tweet come in by Brian ghoulish and he simply questions we all know WWE ratings are down merchandise is down everything is down live attendance is down our fucking attitudes who down everything is down except Vince McMahon's fucking pockets they're not down physic bands bankroll is up everybody around him is up what would I do to fix the WWE what would I do to fix Monday Night Raw and Smackdown live on a Monday and Tuesday night and make it better so this is what we're gonna do today to open this weekend's off the script we are going to pitch plans and ideas I don't know if anyone in WWE bothers to listen to the bullshit that I spew every single week but I have ways to make the show better I have points that I've been making for years that go unheard and I want to know why the simple question of why which WWE doesn't do well at all on a week-to-week basis why is NXT so much different and I'm not talking about the inner ring product cuz we all know the inner ring product on NXT blows away WWE why is everything surrounding the product on how to do things so much different than how they operate on the main roster and it's the same fucking company this is what I've wondered for years what is it really what is it really is it a case of Vince McMahon not wanting to do what NXT does because he knows that in the end he'll look like a fucking failure or is it the simple case of Triple H creating NXT because they want to surround the entire marketplace with WWE you want your Indies we'll give you your fucking Indies but with a taste of WWE I don't know what it is but all I know is that whatever NXT is doing they're doing it correctly I don't give a fuck if it's taking from the Indies and making your own sorry that you don't go back and watch the Indies that doesn't work that that meant that mentality is is non-existent there's a reason why NXT is doing things right and WWE is fucking up every single week to me there's no reason why one can't borrow from the other doesn't make any sense so like I said I've been called upon by my good buddy Brian ghoulish to come up with several ways to fix the current dilemma that is in WWE and that is Raw and SmackDown life I feel there is no better time than now after the news broke this week that Ross suffered the lowest rating in the history of the show for a non holiday episode and Smackdown live cannot be easily forgiven either they set a new record low since the 2016 brand split not hard to see why shows are fucking insufferable if you're an average viewer like I am every single week it is easy to figure out what is going wrong after being subjected to it for so long it makes me wonder how we the fans see it and see everything that they're doing wrong and the company does not see it what I find even more hilarious is how we the fans know what the problems are and when we voice our opinion the WWE takes every chance they have to mock us they mock its fanbase on a weekly basis I have been subjected to this product for over thirty years I actually take great pride in being what you guys call me the voice of the voiceless a lot of you guys are the same sentiments that I do but you don't have the platform to do it someone turn you look to me to get the point across so that hopefully somebody sees it and hears it I take great pride in that position that you guys have unofficially given me and I love doing what I do every single week I just wish that whatever I was talking about on a week to week basis was actually incorporated and heard of and actually touched upon it was a situation that I felt like I needed to do back when I first started this channel and I never looked I never looked in any of the direction I love this product so much that I have all these concerns and I have to voice it in the way that I do because if nobody's doing it I feel like I have the voice to do so and make a difference now over thirty years of watching this product I've obviously taken my love for pro wrestling and I've made it into a profession this is my job I sit here week to week every single day and I turned my love to of professional wrestling into a job I turned it into a profession this may come as a surprise to you the fucking cretins out there that are living in your caves on social media you know what I do is very much a job I'm sorry you don't have something that you are passionate about in your lives to fill your miserable existence but this is a job and what I do takes time out of my day to give you free content and what I do actually takes a lot of preparation just like you would do if you go to a nine-to-five job and you're fucking counting the fries that I got that got to go into a small happy meal you fucking cretin anyway how do we fix Monday Night Raw I'm not here to talk about fucking happy meals or these pimply face virgins that are fucking dwelling on social media how do we fix Monday Night Raw and Smackdown live on Monday and Tuesday night it's not all about entertainment anymore my good buddy mr. lebar just in the bar every time I had the pleasure of sitting down with him to talk wrestling with him and he knows me very well he knows how voice chourus and opinionated I can be he knows how I view the product I've always stated that WWE needs to incorporate a real Sports feel into their product now now oh but JD yes I was one of the people who are very intrigued by mr. Bray Wyatt and his take on an evil pee-wee Herman mr. Rogers with his fucking cardigans I was one who was very intrigued by Bray Wyatt and the Firefly funhouse now this is the complete opposite from a real sports like field but it also addresses another issue that WWE needs to really make a priority it's the simple fact that they don't have characters like the one that is budding and Bray Wyatt they don't have characters on their TV that could suspend your belief in Pro Wrestling and they don't have characters on TV where you could just kind of watch and just kind of drift into a different world they don't have characters on TV where you can invest your time and just not give a shit you know I love the Johnny GaN Janos & Tommaso champions and the ricochets and the Alistar Black's of the fucking WWE but I know that it can't all rest on in-ring work I know that to me in ring work is very important to me in ring work when you look at those guys work there's no way a human being with functioning eyeballs can say oh they suck they're not a professional wrestler give me a break give me a break but on the other side of the coin where I want a real sports like feel I also do believe that WWE needs gimmicks and characters that we could see on television that have that soup natural you know I don't believe this is happening this is only a pro wrestling gimmick type feel we do need that and I feel like WWE's been lacking in that for quite some time what is important to you during a sports game and how WWE should present their product what is important to you during a sports game obviously when you watch football or baseball you get that real sense of competition when I watch a sports game it's how I want WWE to present their product NXT is the perfect model of how things need to be I've been saying this for years it is not fucking rocket science NXT is the perfect model about how things should be never mind the fact that it's a one-hour program never mind that fact that is something that we have to deal with an X T's one-hour Raw is three hours simple but the difference is where we want Monday Night Raw to be cut down to two hours I would not mind seeing in extra 45 minutes of NXT because the quality of the content is there that one hour of programming has set the precedent for how things need to operate very rarely do you see a wrestler take wrestler a for example appear on one show and then again he appears on the next week's show very rarely do you see wrestler a versus wrestler B have matches week one week two week three in a row out of thin air with literally no reason for them to be in the ring in the first place talent is never overexposed you are always excited to see that talent never feeling worn out or tired of their presence on TV and takeovers are so important to Triple H that they all feel like WrestleMania with the most important talent always shining through never oversaturated with matches for the sake of making it the longest pay-per-view in the history of pro wrestling it's a show that happens five to six times a year with a model of if you work your ass off you could be one of the five matches on NXT takeover we don't need to have this overbearing seven our fucking pay-per-view with 16 matches there's no reason for a Royal Rumble pay-per-view to be seven hours there's no reason what is the reason what is the logical reason for that to be a seven hour pay-per-view oh well it gets the audience retention the most minutes watched of all time happened in April with WrestleMania being eight hours in the WWE Network yeah no shit no shit that's what's important to you what is important to you audience retention on the fucking network for an eight hour pay-per-view or your fans sanity you want people to fucking watch your product what do you want people to fucking go away to come back at the time of their their choosing and watch when they want in half an hour intervals you want to keep people's interest for three or four hours over the night not eight hours and they're falling asleep by hour three you don't want them to walk away during the fucking show to come back when they want to watch it when they want over a span of two weeks it's fucking ridiculous five matches two and a half hours of takeover how many of you watching me would want WWE to add another match or two to add another hour to take over everybody that's a good thing the reason Triple H does it this way it's because he doesn't want to burn you out he doesn't want to give you qua quantity over quality and he wants you coming back for more you whet their appetite just a little bit and they're gonna come back for a second dish it's not that difficult to figure out I met with House and Glory officials not too long ago they wanted my opinion on what could we do to better the overall product when we have our monthly shows look at the takeover model there's no reason to have eight or nine matches on the show for the sake of getting everybody on the fucking show some of these people don't even belong on the show some of these matches don't even need to be on the show at all you're putting people on the show just because you feel bad and you want to get everybody on the show you don't want to leave anybody off for the sake of hurting someone's feelings no no you take what is important you put it on the show in a 5 or 6 match format you give me two and a half hours of great quality content you leave the fans wanting more so that they come back for the next show you want that crowd you got engaged everything off the crowd you want that crowd to be on an upward swing you don't want the crowd to be here and then here and then here they're never gonna achieve that height you got to keep them always ascending you don't want the crowd to be dead during one portion of the showing in a live and then dead again and then alive again that's tiresome that's tiresome you work your ass off you get on the shows take over and NXT is the perfect model why has Jonny Gargano been on every takeover not including the fact that he's the NXT champion why has he been on every single takeover very easy to figure out because nobody has been better than Johnny Gargano he's the best wrestler employed by WWE right now and I mean that wholeheartedly he's the best wrestler employed by WWE just this past January NXT takeover Phoenix had a show right before the Royal Rumble you do realize that Adam Cole was not featured on that show Adam fucking Cole was not featured on that show how on earth is that even allowed in a normal circumstance it's one of the best guys that they got in the entire fucking company and he wasn't on takeover Phoenix it's because NXT has built up everyone to a point where everything that they do and everything that they did on that show meant something Adam Cole could have wrestled anyone that night but Triple H opted to leave him off the show because why use him in a Nothing situation when you could save the appeal of Adam call from something that actually matters quality over quantity I could end this fucking open right there Monday night Raw's three hours we know that isn't going away because of WWE's greediness the blind follow the blind in WWE it's all about the money it's all about the money meanwhile WWE could make its money if they actually put on better program because with better programming more fans will watch more friends will come more fans will subscribe more friends will be opted to buy a fucking t-shirt you know they don't think instead they want to shit on their fans and make people tired of watching the fucking shows weekly because they're too long and there's no effort that goes into these shows and people are not gonna watch there's no reason for us to watch I have to watch because I have to sit here talk to you MLB Major League Baseball has been looking for a way to speed up the game for years because sitting around for three hours doing something is too long no matter what it is we don't do anything for three hours straight except sleep without getting tired of it you're sitting at your desk right now you may be at home in your office you make me at the kitchen table having a fucking cup of coffee reading the newspaper with me yelling in the background you could be at work in the office doing some paperwork pushing some fucking pencils or pens what the fuck you guys do he's looking at the fucking the hot blonde sitting across with me and her fucking cubicle bending over I don't know what the fuck he doing all I know is during the day you're not gonna be sitting straight for three hours you're gonna get up you're gonna get up whether it's your home you're gonna get up to walk around make breakfast make break make back and even fucking speak make breakfast make a cup of coffee make the bed get up take a shit take a smoke break or if you're at work take lunch it's human nature to want to get up and move nobody wants to be confined for that long especially when it's three hours of something that ultimately mocks you and provides zero effort like Monday Night Raw I could sit here all day talking about how raw needs to be shortened to two hours but it's not realistic because WWE's greed to them is more important there are rumors of Smackdown live moving to three hours in the fall if WWE wants to kill their weekly programming for good by all means do that Smackdown is suffering now and if they go to three hours it will never recover more content is not the answer WWE is so obsessed with giving more more more more MORE leaving the fans tired and feeling of oh I'll get back to it when I can I got it on DVR or I'll just ask a friend or I'll just go to youtube and catch a button on the clips on the channel you don't want that you want people engaged in the fucking weekly television shows you don't want them to seek the show by other means give me a break and another reason why these shows are fucking miserable and insufferable every fucking week how many goddamn fucking commercials are there during a three-hour Monday Night Raw not even that in the major match that you're promoting on the show you could have a main event match and there's four fucking commercials in a 20-minute match why you can't spread your fucking commercials out throughout the three hours show you gotta put them all in the one match that you're advertising all fuckin night I don't know what the fuck these people are watching but I know when I'm watching a baseball playoff or a baseball game and it's a tight game for example two-to-one brays could be playing the fucking Mets it's 2 to 1 they bring in a a relief pitcher it's the bottom of the ninth inning right how would you like if the count is two balls and two strikes and there's two out the Mets got guys on second and third base they got their biggest hitter up in the fucking box oh don't worry we'll get right to this pitch after the commercial break are you fucking kidding me on no fucking sport are you gonna see a commercial break in the middle four fucking times in the middle of the action do you know what that does to people who are watching your show where's the fucking remote bitch where's the remote put on Food Network I'd rather watch Guy Fieri fuck these guys that's how I feel I reached for the fucking remote control when wws commercials I go to watch something else Family Guy's on four four-hour block on TBS I'll put that on Big Bang Theory's on I'll watch that fuck WWE I don't want to be interrupted by watching a main event match with fucking fourth fucking commercials yes I know cigarettes are bad for you fucking idiots every fucking week it's the same shit even the commercial the commercial on Smackdown doesn't help or the in commercial programming that they got they show you a little box of what's going on and then 75% of the screen is all commercial that doesn't help I want to physically hear the commentators tell me the story of what's going on in the ring you don't know what that does to lose people's interest in the overall match that you're trying to tell oh the story you're trying to tell in the match enough enough Tom Brady Hail Mary pass we'll go to a commercial break and see if the receiver catches the ball unreal the commentary on these shows is fucking insufferable from the silly nicknames Michael Cole and Corey graves give the performers to the overall just hideous fucking cocksucking of their favorites it's nauseating it is absolutely nauseating the constant bickering of Renee young oh oh oh my god how was this gonna get me interested in the story that's being told in the ring oh jesus fucking christ is she home with Dean Ambrose embedder she fucking call a wrestling match she's terrible absolutely no intelligent replied to what is going on in the ring to the instances in which the commentary team buries said performer it could be anybody he's a chronic to be Claire Hawkins if you could be sasha banks who has been on fucking TV for a month now no matter what the reason whether it be rumors floating around on the internet or something that is publicly known no one on commentary should be out there burying the talents do you hear baseball commentary Barry The Closer whose blown four straight saves in his last four opportunities they're gonna do something to offer constructive criticism to the management well maybe you should try this guy out maybe you should rest the clothes or maybe he's got something wrong with his fucking wind-up maybe he needs to go back and work with the pitching coach now just bury him bury him now we got to get rid of him we got to release him and find somebody else to do the job better than him you fucking out of your mind the shaming someone because you are in the position to do so with a microphone in front of you every single week is shameful especially for a company that promotes an anti-bullying campaign you know Anthony gang gone our house of glory world champion you know he is a very talented individual and he tells me that our commentary team for house of glory with me and Matthew Ryan Shapiro and benvenuto we are one of the best on the Indies because he mentioned something that really stuck out to me he's like you guys call the action and tell a great story in the ring and on top of that you don't bury any of the talent that's in the ring never there's you know playful bickering back and forth between the heel commentator in Shapiro and the baby-faced commentator in me yes I know me a babyface I know uh uh if you watch me here and then you heard me on on House of glory commentary a completely different individual you think I was Michael Cole anyway but better but uh he says you guys don't bury people on commentary and I love that aspect it's a rarity to see nowadays and I love that while you why do you have these guys versus Corey graves when he wants to be all fucking emo burying Sasha banks on commentary yeah Sasha banks fumbled the ball and went home or whatever the fuck he said a couple weeks ago hey asshole mind your fucking business it doesn't concern you leave Sasha to tend to her own personal issues or better yet vince mcmahon's a fucking asshole and he probably fed that line to Corey graves but you know nobody's gonna rip on Vince McMahon how many people know Finn's new parents in quarter grades headset feeding him that line so Corey graves is the line or saying the line and he's in the line of fire to take the fuckin brunt of the social media backlash when they hear that type of shit there's no reason to get excited about the shows at the start remember raw when raw was war stone-cold Bret Hart psycho SID all all in a warehouse fighting with flaming barrels in the fucking night sky didn't you get excited when you watch that I know I did I mean how the fuck can't you're not get excited with all of those guys flaming barrels fucking warehouse and they got anthrax playing the fucking theme music to Monday Night Raw how about the pyro that went off during the shows to welcome you to the program what was that replaced with welcome to Monday Night Raw and here comes the big dog where's the remote honey hey honey get the fucking remote what saw on HDTV I want to sell what I want to see what house they're flipping it's fucking kidding me yeah make me not want to watch the fucking show I say the clock er it's 801 Oh it's 8 o'clock in 30 seconds you make me want to fucking change the channel already you fucking goon the more you insult your fans how many of them do you expect to stand there taking direct insults that you throw at them Sami Zayn has done it for three weeks now with this past week being the most obvious of what Vince McMahon thinks of all of us Sami Zayn might as well worn a $5,000 suit and shroud outdoing Vince McMahon's walk to the sound of no chance on the P on the PA system Charlotte Flair coming out saying she's o title matches simply because she's Charlotte Flair in what instance is that right now if you're fuckin plebeian on social media who are you don't have a fucking brain logically to think for yourself you know you might think that's right but for us normal fucking people who actually think and could walk and talk at the same time that doesn't make it right it's not an instance in which is it is right you're telling your audience that you don't give a shit about effort and we are giving you Charlotte and yet another title match because of who she is not because of how hard she worked or because she beat wrestler a or she beat this wrestler to get a title shot she's just handed title shots hand his fucking title shots she came out of WrestleMania fought Bailey once and gets a title shot at the pay-per-view what is Bailey done to even been put in that position to get a title match how did Charlotte just materialize this into a title match Lacey Evans she beat natty who did she beat before 90 why was Maddie even the number one contender or in a number two and a match for Lacey Evans to go over to get a title match I'm losing my fucking mind just even thinking about it it's every single week it's not sometimes it's every single week Becky Lynch coming out on Twitter in promos saying Lacey Evans Curry's favors backstage to get what she wants what are you implying there you're indirectly using Becky Lynch to tell us what is really going on thinking the fares are too stupid to figure out in turn telling them that they are fucking oblivious idiots most importantly why are the women like Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair getting title matches people aren't watching or caring because it doesn't make any fucking sense why they are there in the first place and it goes back to what I've been saying they are there because they are blondes they ha they are look at it's fucking eye candy big tits big ass obviously not in the case of Charlotte longlegs that are there because of what they look like point-blank period you don't agree with that I don't give a shit I really don't if it doesn't get me invited down to fucking Orlando to do dub ww2 k20 I don't give a shit it's the fucking truth I can't help that you're a fucking oblivious clown open your eyes it's right in front of you nothing nothing it's walking the fucking tightline oh I can't say that fuck you I just broke down the wall and have been doing so for the last five years moving on sticking with the women merge the fucking divisions enough for this split roster bullshit for these weak divisions raw has a god-awful women's division most of which is carried by Becky Lynch and nobody else one of the reasons why these shows are suffering is because you have the same people on every single week where they lack a focus on others not only will they I don't believe I'm explaining this again for the fucking idiots out there that uh or you should merge these divisions more off not only will this benefit WWE in the end when they move to Fox where it could be a shared roster that reaches everyone on Friday night which is a smart move in in the sense of business anyway but it also gives TV time to others where you don't need to rely on a Becky Lynch or Ronda Rousey or a Charlotte Flair every single week with a more hands on deck all hands on deck mentality not only will it open up that creativity it will offer fresh matchups a competitive nature a revolving door of talent that has not been given the opportunity yet and it will keep your major players off TV which in turn will save them for big moments when they're actually needed which in turn will make people tuned in to see them on TV and see them in those big moments or subscribe to the network to see Becky Lynch wrestle when she hasn't wrestled or been on TV in three weeks while WWE was busy building up her opponent simple what am I saying that is so outlandish nothing so we got Becky as your champion she doesn't need to be on TV every single week Charlotte's a major player she doesn't need to be on TV every single week it's WWE's job to build the next Charlotte and the next Becky with an ember moon Ruby riot and Oscar a Bailey a Kyrie Santa Sasha banks why are we stuck on using the same talent to a point where we don't care to see them anymore the more you showcase the appeal of said superstar goes out the window very simple mentality same thing with the tag team division I'm not talking about the women's tag team division that's dead that would come in time with merging the divisions Terra team division I'm talking about is the men everything I said with the women's division apply it here and it's the same thing you got five hours of TV to fill between Monday and Tuesday night soon to be Friday why are the war Raiders used every single week in a complete throwaway segment with a group of guys that means nothing to anybody why are the Usos and the revival feuding in an embarrassing way with backstage segments with the revival shaving each other's back when they are two of the best teams in the world and should be wrestling over the fact that they are two teams at the top of their division in the fucking world wide of the revival in your tag team champions getting three minutes on Raw and then come Tuesday night no one from your tag-team division is featured you ever get a den protecting division that honestly should be headlining shows and the only reason why you'll start to see tag-team matches and Tag Team Championship matches headline shows because some t-shirt company says the goon down in Jacksonville Florida is gonna be showcasing tag-team wrestling in the main event it's already happening across the globe WWE is just of course late to the fucking party no one from their tag-team division on Smackdown alive is getting featured give a damn good tag team division that should be headlining shows if the proper care for it was their tag team matches should be between legit tag teams legit tear teams I'm not talking about rusev and Nakamura I'm not talking about Andrade and Randy Orton because their fucking heels WWE relies too much on random tag team matches taking the focus away from the singles aspect of many of these guys just to simply fill TV time and give the show that big match feel with an empty feeling and it's more damaging to the overall quality of the show and the roster simple it's not that difficult to grasp championships they mean nothing absolutely nothing Brock closed it was the Universal champion for how long in the last two years how many times did we see the Intercontinental Championship in the main event on Raw when it was on Raw positioned as the title on Monday night while Brock resident was gallivanting around with the universal championship zero zero times Seth Rollins is now you're a full time champion on Raw again he doesn't need to be there every single week your tag team titles need to be positioned in a way in which makes them big enough to headline shows on Monday night instead of giving us main events featuring fucking Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley every single week he doesn't need to be there I don't understand why it's so difficult to figure this shit out your tag team titles and us title an Intercontinental title should be titles that are built up where you could put them in the most important part of the show where your third hour is fucking bleeding out you need to make it important their their titles and superstars big enough to headline why not use that aspect your us title needs to be positioned in a way where on a random week it closes the show and right on down line Becky Lynch has two belts Seth Rollins has the universal title there is nothing stopping WWE to feature the mid car titles in a way where they seem important it's a simple fact of them not wanting to do it meanwhile in NXT the North American and Terra team titles have main evented regular weekly TV a few times this year alone why did this concept go out the window why did NXT last summer promote a title match between Tommaso Champa and Alistair black three weeks in advance it's because they wanted to get you excited for something and have you looked forward to what they were giving you why can't WWE do that with their world titles on Raw why is there no excitement for a universal title match on Raw give us two to three weeks notice of Rollins defending the universal title on Monday Night Raw in the main event is it that difficult instead we get Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley and drew McIntyre rinse and repeat in the main event and there's a ratings drop that ends up being the lowest in the history of the show the tag team titles and the US title should be regularly featured on both shows with Becky and Rollins being a rarity but when it does happen make it a big deal and promote the show accordingly in advance to gauge people's interests champions do not need to wrestle every week this is why you have divisions you build talent up find the next contender through a variety of means when champions are on WWE TV WWE books them to lose in turn making the champion and championship look terrible turn on ESPN or any child left features weekly UFC TV do you see Daniel Cormier and Conor McGregor fighting on weekly tea the every single fucking week losing in a non-title match no you pay big money to see them fight on pay-per-view do you see Brock Lesnar Russell every single week on TV for WWE no they use him in a pay-per-view setting because he is a big deal why is this mentality applied to some and to everyone else it's an afterthought Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch don't need to be showcased every week Kofi Kingston doesn't need to be showcased every single week Kofi Kingston versus buddy Murphy WWE title match main event Smackdown build it up over to three weeks they fuck shit up in the main event they give you a four star classic and then Kofi gets attacked by his next pay-per-view opponent not that big of a deal yet we don't get any of that and it's just random tag-team matches and fucking ko shows and Miz TVs there's no creativity in any of this cancel to all five live it's a complete waste of a show with all that talent now moving on to the main shows anyway via the shake-up there really is no need for it nobody is seeing that talent anyway so you might as well use them on Monday and Tuesday night to set the table for the rest of the program get new eyes on them have people get excited about what these guys are offering and most importantly it gives you that new feeling it gives you that fresh matchup feeling that we certainly are not getting right now with Raw and SmackDown – all five live would not be brand specific and it would travel across both Raw and SmackDown the only thing that would be brand specific is the universal title WWE title main event and the u.s. title Intercontinental title midcard everything else would be floating across bulk shows 205 Live Crew's awaits you got the women's tag team and the women's division and the men's tag team division that is it that is it more time to fill with the rest of the roster you don't have to overexpose all these people the same every single week and it gives the audience a new take on new talent and different matchups more people get the opportunity to be featured it's not that big of a deal it's not that serious I don't understand why people are making this out to be so much more than it really is finally in closing finally everyone on the roster is in a specific feud with one person everybody that conflict is ongoing and there isn't any conflict between anyone else they are finished with said conflict move on to someone else and it's something new to basically a WWE through the next month with rarely a mention or a visit to what they did previously the last month with their previous opponent why can't said performer have multiple conflicts why can't Samoa Joe fee with rey mysterio while at the same time feuding with braun strowman why can't Finn Balor filled with Andrade si anonymous and at the same time feud with buddy Murphy why can't Randy Orton feud with Kofi Kingston over the WWE title was Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan to look out for in his rear view mirror but at the same time still be embroiled in a feud with Mustafa Ali that would make wins and losses matter without actually putting a precedent on wins and losses knowing I am watching a Finn Balor match with Andrade over the Intercontinental title with the thought of Buddy Murphy possibly coming out and messing all of that up is a great unpredictable feeling it's the Money in the Bank mentality every time we have a title match with a world title on the line knowing the briefcase is still floating around and it could happen at any time keeps the viewer guessing ultimately keeping them coming back to see if it happens next week what did I say here that was completely out of the realm of possibility nothing WWE is over exposing talent WWE is wearing out their audience with too much content without an effort on fucking quality WWE has put themselves in a position that is going to be absolutely miserable for them to get out of they gotta appease the stockholders they gotta appeal appease Wall Street they got to appease the WWE Network subscribers when all we want is basically everything that I just outlined here we want quality fuckin television we don't want our intelligence insulted if there's anybody that knows the fucking product it's us yeah WWE insults our intelligence and tells us how stupid we are and that we should just enjoy the show for what it is I'm not going to enjoy a show that is giving me zero effort and zero quality just for the sake of saying well this was a good show no I don't do that I'm going to point out you're illogical fucking theories I'm going to point out why this doesn't make sense and why does that doesn't make sense I'm gonna point out why something happened two weeks ago and it wasn't never brought up again moving forward I'm gonna point out why the same people men and women get pushed to the top of the fucking food chain every single week with talents like Ruby Riot Nikki cross amber moon so on and so forth buddy fucking Murphy has been announced for the shake-up on Smackdown we haven't seen him in three fucking weeks why why I don't understand it this is so simple to fix and WWE refuses to fix it now I know what I'm saying is going to go unheard it's gonna fall on deaf ears but this is what WWE needs to do whatever is going on right now I hope it continues to happen because that's the only way WWE is gonna learn their lesson from the 1.8 I seen on Smackdown live I hope it goes down to a one point five for the one point nine in the third hour that we seen on Monday Night Raw this week I hope it goes down even lower than that because they will not learn if no one if no one could get through to them the syncing ratings at the end of the day with this big billion dollar deal coming with Fox in October that's the only thing that's gonna wake them up they better get their fucking act together because taking a 1.8 or one point nine into Fox is it gonna do you any favors which at that point I hope Fox fucking lays the hammer down and starts ordering shit to get better well if I have people come on in to fucking make the show better forcefully I'd like to see that too fucking blind leading the blind these stockholders and shareholders they don't know what the fuck is going on why are WWE losing all this types of money look at the weekly television show it's not that difficult to figure out yeah you're standing there sitting there with Vince McMahon in your ear I was Talent absences I can't even remember who the fuck was out when he said that but John Cena who's barely been there all year not that Brock Lesnar who is not the biggest straw in the company anymore like you think Roman reigns ratings were down when he was there ratings were down when he was out ratings are even worse now that he's back it's not any of the talents fault it's the way you are booking the shows it's the way you are featuring the talent it's the way you show us that there's no effort when it comes to talent championships logic every single aspect of the show does not make sense and it's just hours of television to fill a fucking block a TV fix the fucking shows how many times do I gotta fucking tell you you watch Monday Night Raw for three hours and you sit there and wonder can it be this difficult to make sense of a three-hour show with the talent that they have you either want to or you don't that is it in this case WWE doesn't give a shit this is off the script episode 272 we got a lot more to go over news on goldberg dean ambrose and i got much more to come right here on part one four off the script don't go anywhere we'll hit the intro and i'll be right back what is going on guys thank you so much for joining me here on the podcast it is Friday May 3rd 2019 this is off the script episode 272 part number one right before we hit the intro we talked about Bill Goldberg the real reasons why Bill Goldberg is back with the WWE the real reasons why Bill Goldberg will be competing in Saudi Arabia why is that you ask and he w is the reason you want to know why we'll go over why hopefully jon moxley ends up over there too but apparently as you guys have already seen I'm sure unless you're living in a fucking cave Jon Moxley reborn Dean Ambrose dead Tom Oxley could be in a ring as soon as June I got news on that as well Daniel Bryan everybody was wondering what was going on with Daniel Bryan well he is coming back he is cleared and the real reason why he received time off from WWE today right here on off the script WWE meant to humiliate humiliate the revival that's exactly what they did why because they rejected five-year contract offers from the company so WWE will be on a mission to humiliate the revival also why why and I don't know why WWE canceled I know why but I just don't know why you wouldn't do it why WWE cancelled a feud between Samoa Joe and braun strowman for the United States Championship we're gonna go over that as well right here on the podcast man so thank you guys so very much for joining me if you enjoyed that open I assume you hit the thumbs up already and if you didn't hit the thumbs up the fuck you waiting for I mean 45 minutes of sheer brilliance deserves a thumbs up don't it this motherfucker better be at 2,000 thumbs up by the end of the day thank you I appreciate you all I love you all follow me on social media man best way to reach out to me and file and what's happening on the channel a JD from NY 206 that's on both the Twitter and the Instagram hit that subscribe button down below if you're new here I don't know what you waiting for man I'm still waiting on the thumbs up you're gonna hit the subscribe button yeah hopes up anyway please and thank you subscribe turn on that Bell if it wants to work sometimes it don't sometimes it does hit that Bell turn it on make sure you guys are notified if you guys want to support the 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show this June very interesting for a guy who claimed that he was retired and only wanted to come back for one more run so that his son could see him wrestle I guess now that sweet Saudi money was too good to turn down mr. Bill Goldberg I guess working on fucking hot rods and cars isn't paying the bills at home considering gold but I got retired from entering competition and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame he wouldn't be crazy for thinking he actually wouldn't wrestle again but it seems like retirements nowadays are just said and never really acted upon and the former Universal Champion is set to return at the Saudi show now I won't you squash a rumor right I heard something when I read something on Facebook I don't know if this was a troll account if you guys see and I don't believe this is XIII I wouldn't be even be surprised if WWE did this I really I really would not if you see something floating around on the internet that states that Bill Goldberg is coming to Smackdown live and he's going to win the WWE Championship for a rematch against Brock Lesnar on the debut episode of Fox at Fox's request I want you guys to immediately block that account and never look at anything that those people ever do or report on ever again I don't know where I seen it but apparently it was from Slice entertainment please those people I swear to god man I guarantee they're a bunch of fucking 12 year old children somewhere in some fucking muddy pool in India who are big Roman rain supporters trying to get their names out there as far as wrestling journalism or content on the Internet absolutely fucking ridiculous again I have to order if I don't know why I gave him a shot on the shower you guys know that they're bullshit any if you guys watch their their Twitter account which I'm blocked from by the way every first letter of every word in their tweets is capitalized so if you type like that you have something wrong up here moving on from that I just want them to throw that out there if you see that type of information floating out there on social media please disregard it as bullshit the announcement certainly raised eyebrows and now the reason for this sudden return has been revealed they've melt sort of the rustling Observer Newsletter reported in the latest edition that it was actually due to the WWE looking back at AAW and instead of bringing in Goldberg for reasons to hype the show WWE brought in Bill Goldberg not only to hide the show but take him off the market Bill Goldberg was being looked at by aew to be on weekly television in October for Tuesday nights on TNT because he was the only one out there with major TV presence Jim Ross actually actually had Tony Shivani on they both Ross and Shivani discussed that ATW has something in the pipeline of a major name being discussed for national television on their debut night and this man had major TV presence I don't know who you could be talking about it can't be any of the Hall of Famers that WWE has I'm sure locked into deals legend deals it's not gonna be CM Punk CM Punk a coming back to pro wrestling you'll know when Punk comes back when he comes back it's not Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose will be on aew television before October so who could it be who could it be the only logical name was a man that met with Tony Khan when aew was first announced that is Bill Goldberg those in WWE says Melton approached Goldberg Goldberg featuring him on the saudi show figuring he was the only guy that could go to atw and perhaps bring back old fans similar to our Vince McMahon without the benefit of hindsight left the door open for Hulk Hogan to WCW Roddy Piper and Randy Savage in the 90s so WWE not being afraid or thinking of aew for all these fucking idiots out there well a BMW with nothing but it's t-shirt company right there's some t-shirt company if they have the effect over WWE in which they have right now for WWE to go out there and get goldberg who retired twice to come back God knows how much money they're fucking paying this guy to Russell and Saudi Arabia and who knows maybe be featured on television because nothing spells ratings then a 51 year old Bill Goldberg Goldberg had been rumored to be a name linked with aew ever since Tony Kahn the president of all elite Wrestling claimed he wanted him on board it seems this move was made to ensure Goldberg didn't jump ship to the rival promotion and quell the rumors of his departure this comes after WWE denied the releases of several of their big stars including the revival Luke Harper and Sasha banks for the fear of all of them joining a e.w butts I kick it right back to WWE if the revival mean nothing to you it's Luke Harper which we will talk about this weekend Vince McMahon had no plans on using Luke Harper none none whatsoever if you don't find value in the revival and the biggest value you get out of the revival is Scott Dawson shaving or – wild a rather shaving Scott Dawson's back if you don't have any value in Luke Harper that you want to keep him off TV the caliber of athlete that Luke Harper could be how you could push him on television and find some something for him to do sasha banks if you don't want to push these individuals the way that they should be pushed and find no value in them fear that they will join aew then let them go let them go let them go be free somewhere else WWE will not do that Jim Ross also stated recently that an undercard talent that is barely featured on TV was offered a new contract of $500,000 per year which they accepted I don't know who this is but apparently they accepted it just so WWE could stop them from joining a w man that t-shirt company is really fuckin influential down there in jacksonville florida holy shit so t-shirt company got down there boys unreal conversely that same contract was offered to the revival however they actually turned down the offer and are instead waiting for their contracts to expire aew really does seem to have WWE worried the aew affect folks is in full full effect and this is just the latest story to indicate this the wrestling landscape is sure to change it's about to change it will surely change and with a ews first show in double or nothing taking place in just a couple of weeks we are very well on the verge of another wrestling war whether they want to admit it whether WWE wants to admit it the fans are gonna make it out to be some type of war but the best thing for aew to do is to continue doing everything that they're doing now make no mention of WWE outside that beautiful promo by Cody Rhodes which gotta give him a standing ovation ah man that one he caught on Dustin calling Triple H a pissant bodybuilder and how he wants to kill the Attitude Era man holy shit man you look into the man's eyes and you believe every fucking word that he said in that matter that might have been one of the best promos of the entire year Cody listen bro gotta give it gotta give it to you man you did a great job with that WWE nae W is not going to be competition per se but we the community are going to make it competition it is in their best interest ae W to not compete with WWE but WWE is the one who's making aew seem like the bigger deal to everybody else because every single move that they make has direct implications stemming from aew this is just one of them this is the the cherry on top of the cake Bill Goldberg really who the fuck is excited about Bill Goldberg wrestling in Saudi Arabia I'm not look at what WWE's done in the last two weeks alone Luke Harper denied release added months on top of his contract the revival turned down five years at five hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year on the basis of well we'll think about it we want to see how good the year goes and how you treat us before we sign the dotted line which is a move that a fucking moron would be able to make WWE had their contracts turned down by the revival and then they proceeded to bury them on Monday Night Raw so that's just a couple Sasha banks walking out Sasha banks could walk into a EE W and B Ronda Rousey in aew that's how important she would be to aew hadeya Tommy ty Dillon sure they got their releases they didn't really feel the effect or the demonic presence of WWE WWE is even looking uh Joey Ryan they want to take him off the Indies because of fear he's gonna go to aew Joey fucking Ryan with the magic penis they want in WWE I don't get it every single thing that they do is because of aew why you think you're getting AJ Styles and Seth Rollins a week before double or nothing you think that's just out of fucking thin air of course not WWE's putting that match on to directly compete or not directly but indirectly show up double or nothing oh you want a book Omega and Jericho oh you want to give the Bucks and the lucha Bros we're gonna give you Rollins and AJ Styles that money in the bank to the universal championship and then AJ's teasing the fucking Reformation of the bullet club with and Anderson now now after three fucking years now when the contracts are set to expire and they don't want nothing to do with WWE at all because you know they're going right down to Jacksonville to be with the Bucs again everything that they do is a e-w meanwhile aew is going about their business they're walking gingerly in the park hand-in-hand with their girlfriend hi honey you want to sit down in Central Park and a nice picnic yeah I brought some wine spritzers I brought some fucking cheese I brought this this nice little made sandwich that I made at home there they're going about their business yet WWE is like this fucking jaded lover sitting in the fucking corner with the binoculars looking at every fucking thing you're doing they're in the tree like a fucking owl looking no no look at this they can't be doing that don't we gonna do something about this oh my god and like a sniper on a rooftop meanwhile aew is doing that thing WWE's the sniper on the rooftop and they can't do anything right the rains all fucked up they're aiming at the target meanwhile their targets over there they got a bunch of different things they're looking at meanwhile aew is just going about their way don't about that way it's ridiculous yet I get criticized for saying I II w hype a ew2 I'm not doing anything ww is the one hyping aew by every fucking move they make they're playing a game of chess and losing every move they make is a fucking failure every move they make exposes themselves in the aew effect this is just the cherry on top of the cake Goldberg who's Goldberg gonna wrestle at Saudi Arabia who could be Roman reigns we mentioned this yesterday when we did the Dean Ambrose video off the script extra talking about Jon Moxley Goldberg was announced on Wednesday morning for being in Jeddah who's he gonna wrestle his WWE gonna put Goldberg versus Roman reigns spear versus spear who's got the best spear give me a fucking break I'm not buying into that I could see that I mentioned with Brock Lesnar losing the universal championship there's no rematch clauses in WWE anymore is Brock Lazar gonna fight for the universal championship again or is WWE going to book Goldberg and Brock Lesnar again in a match that barely will last three minutes what more can these two do outside of the last time they met in a ring at WrestleMania for the universal championship bullshit absolutely bullshit I could see Goldberg versus drew McIntyre I could see Goldberg versus Laura Sullivan I could see Goldberg versus the Undertaker mean meaning that they have a dream match there that people would be interested in which would probably suck suck suck suck suck on top of suck but Goldberg and the others like it did have a nice little run in a couple years back at the Royal Rumble when Lesnar and Goldberg were feuding over the universal championship but out of all that I am NOT interested in any of that in fact out of all those people I would put Goldberg against drew McIntyre what better way to build up Drew McIntyre than having him claim or Bill Goldberg I mean I'm not interested in this at all I don't know what this show is going to materialize into but all I know is that we got another pay-per-view coming in two weeks two weeks after Jedda and that's WWE stomping ground really sells me on that just by the name alone said nobody ever you could do it a multitude of things with Bill Goldberg you could put them in those matches that I mentioned you know I don't really know you know you could take out the Undertaker and the Roman reigns equation you could put the Undertaker and Roman reigns in a tag team match against Shane McMahon and Elias you could do Roman reigns and the Miz versus Shane McMahon and Elias and do the Undertaker versus Goldberg I don't know what they're doing I don't know what they're doing at the end of the day I don't care what they do ratings are down and Goldberg at 51 years old 52 years old however old he is it's not the answer it's not the answer and how much of a threat was Goldberg gonna be the WWE if he went to aew who cares he's not gonna he doesn't even fit into the model of wrestling that to build he'd be there for a short stint two or three months tops he's not gonna be a major program and they're not gonna headline Bill Goldberg versus fucking Kenny Omega for the aew world title come on that company is going in a completely different direction they would have used him for name value alone oh look who we got he probably would have confronted Chris Jericho after all these fucking years give me a break WWE has exposed themselves in the worst fucking way possible and I'm glad I'm glad a aew seems completely unfazed double or nothing is gonna be a fucking resounding success and WWE will continue to be petty little bitches WWE's attitude is actually it's becoming a cancer to the WWE locker room because now their frustrations with aew they're taking out on their talent by adding dates and and and months to these performers contracts because they can and they want to keep them under lock and key so they don't go to aew when they intend they gotta wait until WWE says they're ready it's ridiculous dude absolutely ridiculous speaking of shouty WWE is not in control of anything over at Saudi Arabia or in planning these shows dave meltzer spoke on this only Wrestling Observer live about how much control WWE has over their current deal with Saudi Arabia the answer in short is they have very little say in what happens or when it takes place they're not in control says Dave Meltzer Saudi shows are in complete control by them people think that WWE is making all these decisions they're not making any of these decisions Saudi Arabia goes we want you on this date and then have the option to do whatever they want after that oh no we changed our mind now you got to reschedule everything completely to accommodate Saudi Arabia this is not WWE going oh we can't come on May 3rd let's move it to June 7th it's like no we X from May 3rd we've changed our mind we want you on June 7th then they have to rearrange everything because that's when Saudi asks for them to come and quote so what Meltzer is pretty much saying without actually saying is that WWE is bitch this is what WWE gets they're jeopardizing they're jeopardizing literally everything for nothing but chaos their entire WWE schedule for the next 10 years is going to be fucked up by people who don't give a shit about anything that WWE had planned or has planned moving forward with their content for the rest of the year they want you you drop your pants and that is it you are at the will of the Saudi government and that's fucked up it really is that right there exposes WWE in every which way that I've complained about for the fucking longest time they don't give a shit about quality they don't give a shit about their content they don't give a shit about their fans they don't give a shit about what goes on TV the fact that they took all this money for ten years and are allowing themselves to be pushed around by the Saudi government by people who don't give a shit about anything that's going on right now people who don't give a shit about anything remember when crown jewel was happening or oh the greatest roll roll they want the fucking Yokozuna for the greatest Royal Rumble yokels who has been dead dead this is the mentality of the people that WWE is listening to it's unreal it was also noted that Saudi Arabia could change their minds about when they want WWE to bring this show to the controversial country again so it could be June and then it could be again in August you know quick turnaround WWE has the smarts barely to space these things out one in the beginning of the year and one at the end of the year one of the first quarter one in the last quarter of the year Saudi can ask for them whenever they want whenever they are needed whenever they gotta push whatever political agenda over there oh look WWE meanwhile everything on that show is gonna be a complete waste of fucking time meanwhile WWE has a actual pay-per-view that correlates to what is being told on storylines on weekly TV that will get ignored and will seem like a fucking main event show on the WWE Network this is how WWE's operating but if they're happy with operating in media by all means take that 500 million and run to the fucking Bank we're the ones suffering not you dean ambrose set to return to the indies as jon moxley in june dean ambrose released a video onto his twitter account yesterday that confirmed the return of jon moxley and his character that I used on the independent scene before his WWE debut however some people are still adamant that this is a work and Dean Ambrose will be returning to the WWE after a short hiatus as the reformed Jon Moxley I can't even begin to tell you how many people I mentioned this on my off the script extra video people are still fantasizing about Dean Ambrose in the WWE still the man's contract ended on midnight midnight Wednesday morning and this video was released at 12 a.m. prompt on Wednesday morning the video right now I just look today right by right right before it record 2.6 million views mother fucking went viral on social media 2.6 million that was larger than both Raw and Smackdown live in their weekly viewership for both shows on Monday and Tuesday Jon Moxley Jonathan good has not sweeted in five years all of a sudden he tweets once once with this video with this teaser shit went viral unreal he presented himself in a way that made everything that WWE did with him garbage yet people want to fantasize that he's going back to the WWE I don't I don't know who said these people are so fucking stupid I mentioned this on my off the script extra on Wednesday there's a jail cell there is barbed wire there are guns there are police sirens there's blood yet this is a WWE production unless WWE's going back to fucking tv-14 I don't see how this is a WWE production WWE didn't produce this WWE had nothing to do with it this is John moxa this is Jonathan good getting himself ready for life after ww8 why would he Jonathan good why would Jonathan good go back to WWE in the first place why would WWE have Jonathan good in the WWE portraying anything but Dean Ambrose I don't understand how these people are even breathing they sound so fucking stupid it's not happening it's not happening there was a lot of symbolism in the trailer there was a lot of indirect jabs at WWE but Ambrose is going to be back in a wrestling ring for someone now dave meltzer in the newsletter said that former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose John Oxley is indeed returning to the Indies in June it's being reported that the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose has started accepting independent bookings some of which will be announced in the very near future it should be said that is that it is expected Moxley will only work with a promotion if he feels 100% control over his characters direction many people speculated that Dean will end up in a e W or New Japan Pro Wrestling but it's not being reported that he is talking to either promotion WWE still hoping that he will return in the future get it out of your heads he's not going back to WWE I am all aew I am telling you right now this does not mean he's going to aew either there are definite clues and symbolism with the chalk outlines of the numbers on the wall in the very beginning seconds of the video from the dice of the viper room with the dice reading 2 and 5 for 25 may 25th is double or nothing there is symbolism there there is speculation there whatever Dean Ambrose did or whoever produce this which was beautifully done by the way whoever was in charge of this clearly wanted to make an impression and Dean Ambrose Jonathan good jon moxley wanted to get people talking he got everybody fucking talking mission accomplished so we'll see what happens we'll see what happens I can't wait to see all the people that put down aw as a TV or a t-shirt company without a TV deal when Dean Ambrose ends up over there or Jonathon Moxley ends up over there I want to see all those people who make fun all aw is a garbage promotion nothing but a t-shirt promotion go over there and watch your beloved Shield member kick ass and be promoted in such a way that puts all of his five years in WWE to shame if you're if you're a fan of jon moxley then you need to understand why this is a good business move why this is a good career move for him you want your guy to be looked at as a third wheel I don't I don't there was no way that man was going to be anywhere near Seth Rollins or Roman reigns in the eyes of WWE this is the only way he could do that his stock has instantly rised arisen rised his stock instantly rose and he hasn't even had a match yet outside WWE got people talk that's all that mattered can't wait to see what he does and I hope come Eddie we will be seeing him in double or nothing at a EWS first event Daniel Bryan tearing a Brian received time off from WWE and now we have the reason as to why Daniel Bryan is no longer the WWE Champion clearly I'm assuming that he will be vying for that title sooner than later then Daniel Bryan lost the title to Kofi Kingston Russell Manny and went away without a fucking word on his whereabouts the Wrestling Observer Newsletter had some good news to report in the Daniel Bryan situation although it is still unknown what type of injury he was dealing with Bryan is cleared to return and he was backstage at Smackdown in Columbus but he wasn't used therefore it could be a big surprise to see him written back into the storyline as early as next week Brad Shepard went on to explain while Daniel Bryan was given time off and when we should expect him to make a return he says this and I quote in an update on Daniel Bryan a source in the WWE told me that he was cleared this morning after neck and back problems which is why he had time off and he should be back in a week or two now it was also noted in a very interesting tidbit that had Brian been cleared a week sooner Kevin Owens would not have turned heel this means that Brian's injury forced WWE to turn Owens heel which would indicate that once Brian is back then there will be only room for one top heel on the blue brand WWE's ratings are slumping in a big way they could use Daniel Bryan back as soon as possible so you never know when they could call upon him to come back after all WWE had Tommaso Champa on the main roster wrestling knowing that he needed neck surgery after NXT takeover in New York I don't know how I feel about this man because a lot of what we feared you know a lot of what we feared was felt all through the community and Daniel Bryan you know when he gets injured we always 100% of the time always go oh it's a concussion up this guy's this guy's doomed the guy's never gonna wrestle again I don't understand why when it comes to Daniel Bryan how WWE is so secretive of everything why are they so secretive with Daniel Bryan it's not the case like that with anybody else you know Triple H as soon as he got hurt a crown jewel Torres Peck we knew what was wrong why he was gonna be out what happened during the match it was instantly reported on and WWE even notified us on on live TV he Torres Peck tomaso champion the biggest heel in the fucking company before he went out guy was a stone cold fucking not breaking the character by any means WWE have cameras follow him around at the fucking Performance Center all the way to fucking the Medical Center down in Alabama with his surgeons being interviewed having him open up his character kissing his kid kissing his wife we knew why he was there and we an in-depth close look at what was going on with Tommaso Champa and his neck but Daniel Bryan everybody that gets hurt seems to have something thrown out there in the public oh he's hurt oh she's hurt oh he's gonna be out for this long oh she's gonna be out for that long this is the nature of the injury so on and so forth but with Daniel Bryan who WWE you know had sit out for four years whatever the reason was he was out for four years I got my own conspiracy on that I stick to that to this very day I do not do not still to this day think Daniel Bryan was as injured as WWE let on I honestly believe that man was held out on purpose and he was not injured like they said he was then WWE has him come back first of all when he went away tears were shed he comes back and one of the most heartfelt moments that you could possibly ever find on WWE television the man's fucking gleaming with happiness tears of fucking being shared throughout the fucking wrestling world with this guy he's praising and telling us how much he loves his wife without his wife he wouldn't even be here you know doing this and he was gonna give up his wife kept telling him you got to believe in your dreams and all this other pokie pokie bullshit and we shared a moment with this man and if it was up to Bryan Bryan would have walked out of WWE and went to go wrestle somewhere else just because he wanted to fucking wrestle the man wanted to Russell he didn't give a fuck who he wrestled for he just wanted to wrestle and WWE was not going to allow that to happen because they AE W be Bryan is a game changer see Bryan going somewhere else was gonna be away from WWE's watch and they would not be able to monitor what he does with his concussions with his neck with his history of injuries they wanted him under their watch under their doctors so if something goes wrong they know but WWE when something like this happens with someone that we genuinely care about we need to be filled in on what the fuck is going on everybody else has a diagnosis and it's out there on wwe.com what's out there on the Internet's out there and the dirt sheets but with Daniel Bryan everything is so close to the fucking vest why I don't understand it we welcome these people into our home I genuinely care about this individual I want to know what the fuck is going on everybody else gets a diagnosis and a fucking reason why they're out Bryan the way that they're covering up makes it seem like something else is going on and something else is fishy like it wasn't really his neck or his back what was it if it's not that serious why didn't you fucking tell us then we gotta hear the rumors of oh there was another party that didn't want it to be revealed why was it something that you didn't want out there in the general public because you know people would have a fucking shitstorm over it or it would cause WWE to have the stocks plummet it's fucked up it's like Daniel Bryan's being hidden because of whatever reason ww releases it then it could have a huge effect on everything else but this is someone that were fucking that word that were investing our time and we care about I don't like that they keep everything a secret with him what happens he's going to get hurt he's a pro wrestler I honestly I honestly don't think that Bryan with the way that they're caring about his neck now if WWE didn't want him to wrestle they won't put him in the ring this is why I said all those years ago fucking bullshit as to why this guy sat out WWE took him off the television because they knew with Bryan on television Roman would never stand the fucking chance has to be the number one guy so they took a chance and taking him off television and what happened nothing in WWE's favor worked out the way they wanted but when something like this happens we need to be filled in on what is going on enough of this secretive bullshit if it's something gotta be known you can't do it with everybody else and then keep this guy away from everybody oh well it's serious and then one week it's not serious and then this week all of a sudden I East clear he'll be back something something ain't right about that either way either way I'm glad WWE has Bryan coming back the guy has been fucking gold and that title is coming off this is just another instance in which that title is coming off Kofi sooner rather than later same with the scene back on television I'm glad he's okay but Jesus Christ a little bit more clarity on what the fuck is going on with these guys Vince McMahon is offering undercard talents a huge amount of money to stay with the WWE you don't say I wonder why hey e W is opening their doors very soon come on in come on in if anything WWE certainly seeing signs in their own locker room some talent have already told WWE they wanted to quit like the revival sasha banks and Luke Harper WWE told them they weren't allowed out of the independent contractor deals so they are staying other superstars were offered huge money in order to stay as well Jim Ross recently appeared on busted open radio where he revealed a staggering amount of money that Vince McMahon is offering undercard guys to stay with the WWE he says and I quote I asked about an undercard guy in WWE that helps the other guys learn and they said he was not available because he just signed a new deal for $500,000 not because he would be used but just to keep him off the streets end quote man that's a that's a lot of fucking money for a napkin folder and fucking tightest catering he didn't specify who he was talking about but we obviously could come up with a few logical guesses another card guy isn't even high enough on the card with Vince McMahon should carry but he still doesn't want people leaving this is a very interesting situation and could get even more cutthroat as we get closer to double or nothing or aew announcing the TV deal which could be this month man WWE is getting desperate and hey I would love to know who this guy is he took the money and he doesn't give a shit about being used man That's not me and that's not a lot of people in WWE couldn't help with Dean Ambrose who couldn't help with the revival it's not gonna help with Sasha banks it's not gonna help with everybody else that has contracts coming up it's not gonna help with the club if I could help people know that there is another option out there that is going to equal or better WWE's contracts money is not the issue I wish you would have gotten this through your fucking heads with Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose was given every fucking thing possible to stay he walked out he walked out why is that she didn't want to give him the the creativity to blossom as a performer now one of the main priorities for Dean Ambrose or Jon Moxley is he wants 100% of character control over what he's doing and where he's working and who he's working with and you know what people are actually going to give him that because of the reasons that WWE does not they want to be in control meanwhile these other companies are just happy to have this fucking top-tier talent working for them and they got they're gonna work with the creativity aspect of these guys that is where they want to thrive I don't know who who in any field in any type of line of work wants to sit around making all this money and be unhappy especially if you're a pro wrestler you seeing everybody else main event this and win championships here and have these great matches there meanwhile you're okay with sitting in the back stuffing your face with fucking pie in catering getting paid $500,000 a year you're okay with being embarrassed on weekly television just because it's entertainment yet I'm making $500,000 a year my family is well well-endowed my family's better off for it in the end and I'm not really breaking my body so who gives a shit then you shouldn't be in the business to begin with you're a fucking you're fake you're a fake you ought to want nothing to do with you if you're not willing to work for me if that's the type of mentality you have I don't want you in my company now that's a shame I don't know who is complacent in that way it's a damn shame to know that there are talent out there that exists like this like you don't have enough you don't have enough confidence in yourself to want to be more you don't want to go somewhere else and prove these fucking people who don't find any value in you wrong you don't want to go out there and be a part of history in the making you rather just sit behind the scenes and make all this money for WWE to control you to keep you off the streets so you don't go to aew and possibly give them a boost where they might need a boost that's a damn that's a damn shame man that's that's a shitty mentality to have I would never want anyone I would never want anyone on my payroll that thinks that way and that's and I don't know what's worse the fact that that guy is okay taking it or WWE thinking that they could control everybody with fucking money with fucking money money is not the answer it's what's it's what's here money is going to come to you no matter what it's all about creativity nobody in WWE is allowed to be creative creative itself the shit that they're given is not making anyone happy this is why people want to leave five hundred thousand dollars to stay in the WWE and do nothing just to be kept up kept off the streets not only I what I want I don't want that at all on my roster I would love to know who that guy is but everybody thought it was the revival everybody thought it was the revival then news leaked that WWE did offer the revival all this types of money and five years to stay and they rejected it so I would be interested to know who this guy is for some reason Tyler breeze is coming to my head I don't know if that's correct or not but five hundred thousand dollars there's a lot of money to do absolutely nothing and again I would not want to be that individual at all or employ that type of individual go check out all the other videos that you might have missed man Smackdown live Monday Night Raw off the script extra where we break down the trailer of Jon Moxley escaping from the WWE also NXT why Kushida will not be successful in the WWE fight a successful NXT debut against Cassius Ono Monday Night Raw AJ Styles implies he has a certain Club that has his back at money in the bank and Smackdown live smackdown live obviously the ratings sank on both Raw and SmackDown Roman reigns and the B team are just one of the many reasons why so make sure you guys go and check all that stuff that link will be in the annotation that you see in the top right corner of the screen drop it down everything you need will be right there and thank you guys so very much for all your support right here on off the script what the WWE did to the revival on Monday night was downright embarrassing it was embarrassing and when you hear stories of both Scott Dawson and dash Wilder wanting to leave the WWE it's not difficult to figure out why now the original story that was reported last week had the revival being offered five-year contracts both of them at five hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year to stay calm and logic would apply here and both Scott Dawson and dash Wilder have common logic they know for a fact that ever since they got called up from NXT that their main roster run has been absolutely pathetic WWE didn't do anything with them they complained that they wanted to be treated like a legit fucking tag team they wanted the tag team division to be better and WWE did not listen to them at all so they threatened to quit they threatened to quit in turn they threatened to quit and WWE out of pity gave them the Monday Night Raw tag team titles even then it felt like everything that the revival were going through was getting worse even with the tag team titles so I look at it this way WWE didn't want the revival to leave they gave them the tag team titles how much do you think the WWE looks at those tag team titles on Monday Night Raw and finds any value whatsoever if you could lobby to keep the revival happy on month in that role by giving them the tag-team titles one the first thing be to treat them and the titles like a big fucking deal because they are a legit legit tag team that's the way I see it it's that WWE finds no value in the revival they simply want to keep them off the streets they gave them the titles WWE still embarrassed both Scott Dawson and dash Wilder with the tag team championships so in turn what does WWE think of the revival and the tag team titles nothing more than a fucking joke so WWE had the revival lose the tag team titles in one of the worst fucking ways possible in a match that was conceived six days before WrestleMania against two guys who are Titus's favorite players in catering Scott Dawson and des Wilder lost to someone who lost 260 matches in a row and Zack Ryder this is making the division better I don't understand that logic so they're on Monday Night Raw they were given the titles out of pity because they ex to quit then they were given the titles drop the titles at WrestleMania and then WWE wants to proceed to give them five-year deals at five hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year and rightfully so both the revival said no it's common logic you told us that the division was going to be better here we are Titleist and still embarrassed now you want us to sign on the dotted line no no no you got to show us that the divisions gonna get better we're gonna treat get treated better and the titles are gonna mean something on this fucking show give us the ball and have us run with it they said no so now WWE got the answer of no now they're gonna proceed to bury them humiliate them and embarrass them like they did on Monday night with the shaving incident again I asked you if the WWE was so keen on keeping the revival in WWE on raw in the tag team division to make your division better better than what it is now and use them correctly wasn't the first thing you do after being told no is to go out there and maybe give them a reason to fucking stay give them 20 minutes with the Usos and have them go out there and steal Monday Night Raw have everybody appreciate what the tag-team division could be treat these guys like legit fucking performers that you value how is this gonna get them to stay with WWE and on top of that that's not even the worst part that's not even the worst part I'm assuming it's coming for Scott Dawson as well because he was out WWE took – wild his contract and added four months on top of his contract because he was out with a broken jaw again I asked do you value these guys are you gonna make the division better or are you acting out of anger to embarrass them because they said no to your precious money I don't believe the inner workings of this company I really don't now the revival no question are not signing your contracts they're gonna wait it out and at this point if I was with them face to face I'd be like boys sit it up there's nothing he can do WWE is not letting you out look at what they did to Luke Harper look at what they're doing to Sasha banks look at what they're doing to the sanity guys everybody that's going to ask for their release they made an example out of Luke Harper they're making an example stemming from three months ago with the revival by adding time on top of their contract sit it out wait it out there's nothing you can do WWE is making themselves look ridiculous you will have your time you will have your time where you leave the company and you're gone you don't have to look back you will have your time when you're in the ring with pentagons and Phoenix and LAX and all these other fucking teams that are out there wait they'll fucking get in the ring with you guys believe me believe me I see it now when the revival are gone and they sign with all elite wrestling they will be bigger than they ever have been in WWE they're going to be treated with fucking respect the appeal that they bring to tag-team wrestling they are tag team wrestling they're going to a company that is run by two guys who live and breathe tag-team wrestling they're going to a company that has this old-school mentality and tag team wrestling is a part of that old-school mentality going to a place where they can kick back put their feet up and say guys tag-team wrestling is back we are here to be a part of this glorious fucking adventure believe me WWE is embarrassing themselves every which way because the revival turned down five year deals and said no you're treating them like fucking garbage you've been treating them like garbage for the last two years why on earth would anyone sign a contract knowing how you treated them so WWE proceeded to do the shaving of the back gimmick on Scott Dawson with – wilder and then Scott Thorson comes out yeah well I'm a man men have hair I have more hair than most men or wherever the fuck he said that wasn't even that wasn't even the start of the humiliation the Usos came out jumping around like fucking circus acts singing their own theme music when was this an initiative why wasn't this done on Smackdown live but when they come to Monday Night Raw the old man wants to get funny so we got the Usos singing their own theme song we got the Usos spying on the revival in the shower while the revival are shaving each other's backs god knows what else is somewhere in the company going to stand up – fucking Vince McMahon and this damaging mentality and be like hey old man you fucking idiot he got the O show who didn't need any change whatsoever or tweaks to their act they're over already they're tough people know that they're all business go out there take care of it in the ring when they speak on the microphone people listen they're all about intimidating promos and carrying that over into the ring you got the revival who are at the best in their fucking craft and this is what we're getting as far as tag-team action goes two of the best teams on the fucking planet and they're building a program of childish high school antics shaving of the back in the shower and then the Usos come out sing along theme music I don't even want to continue this I just don't get it I don't understand it I really don't get it if anyone is in the revival shoes you would have made the same fucking decision WWE meant meant to humiliate the revival on Raw fifl reported back in January that Scott Dawson and dash Wilder expressed discontent about their position in WWE X for their releases they were told that the company asked them to ride out things and see where they stood in the weeks that followed same thing that they told Sasha banks what do you think W is gonna do there are reports we'll talk about tomorrow there are reports that WWE is planning on replacing Dana Brooke with Sasha banks so what if Sasha banks is in the money the bank you're gonna give her the money in the bank yeah honey sit at home rest it out a couple weeks come back refresh we'll figure things out then what does WWE gonna do they're gonna paint this illusion they're gonna paint this Mirage like a fucking Bob Ross painting right it's all beautiful but that's all it is it looks beautiful but in this case the painting may be beautiful with WWE's words may be beautiful but on the inside there's nothing but a heart of darkness Sasha banks will win money in the bank and then she'll fail a fucking cash in and be the first woman to fail a cash in solidifying her as a fucking loser as always because that's what she isn't up aw ease is a loser write it up see what things are in the weeks that follow tag team title rain followed a Wrestlemania appearance followed where are they now again he got the revival in fucking showers skits with the Usos and Scott Dawson is having his back shaved by his own tag team partner Luke Harper tied dillinger Maria and Mike Canelo Sasha banks Dean Ambrose Hideo Itami numerous others have expressed frustration and of xed for their releases some of them have been granted now WWE is getting pissed and they're not granting anybody release and if you've had a existing injury they're adding that time on top of your contract because now they're sweating day by day when the hours dwindled down to double or nothing WWE is getting worried right before those TV meetings where all the advertisers are going to want to put all their money on certain programming's in the fall Tuesday night dynamite he's worrying ww8 it's worth noting that the situation could always change but as of Monday afternoon it didn't look like the revival had any plans to accept this deal the team was set for a meeting with the company on Monday afternoon WWE has a lot more superstars who want out of the company than you would think – Wyler and Scott Dawson might be former raw tag-team champions as the revival but that won't stop them from getting back at them over recent reports that have come out about how unhappy they are with the company Bryan Alvarez remarked all of this on social media and on Wrestling Observer radio ha WWE's theme of Raw was to humiliate the revival after all they have yet to sign a new contract Dave Meltzer replied and agreed with Bryan Alvarez on this and he says and I quote humiliate them yeah I guess that was the theme of the show shaving of the back coming out doing that promo saying I'm a man I'm hairy and then losing to the tag team champions in three minutes WWE should be fucking ashamed of themselves I swear to God I swear to God WWE is run by the biggest bunch of fucking idiots I have ever seen and I want to see some fucking cretin who has a podcast talking about W we agree with what they seen on Monday night agree with how the revival are being treated I want to say oh they're boring oh they got no charisma oh they're fucking garbage oh they couldn't get a fucking peep out of a fucking funeral that does that's not the point it's not the point WWE has ruined these guys for the last two years now all of a sudden when you start seeing them regularly on TV you expect some sort of fucking reaction every action that WWE did in the past is coming back to fucking haunt them why aren't the revival over you say look at Monday night I don't even need to say anything every fucking stroke of that razor across Scott Dawson's back is every fucking hair of reason why this company is fucking down in the fucking toilet and why the revival should be finding a new home in Jacksonville Florida fuck that WWE added five years to Scott Dawson's dash while their soon-to-be Scott Dawson I'm sure because they were both out there swallow this contract added time because they turned down the five-year deal bodyslam dotnet reports that WWE added two months on to – while this contract this was due to the two months he had to be out sidelined while his face was in a fucking cage with a broken jaw he broke his jaw in 2017 in a magic and Shinsegae Nakamura and today with Tommy and an NXT House show Nakamura and the revival were on a farewell tour with NXT at the time because they had just been called up to the main roster with a ton of momentum man the glory days the glory fucking days the injury for Wilder caused him to be pulled from action while his jaw healed but now it is being added back onto a stretch of time with the WWE at this time Wilders bid at Vince McMahon's big house is up in 2020 both – and Dawson were previously set to have their contracts expire in 2020 there's no word on whether Scott Dawson will also have time tacked on to his contract due to WWE having him miss time with a said injury I believe it was his might have been his elbow or something along those lines so right now the Cointreau of both the members of the revival are different they're not at the same time so right now Scott Dawson will be gone before – Wilder but believe me in the weeks to come you'll see Scott Dawson with an added time to his contract as well which again I don't understand if these guys are so unhappy you know it's not it's not that difficult for WWE to send Tyler breeze back down – and it's the tide Dillinger X to be back down and XT they gave him a swift no it's reported that Tyler breeze is back down and XT is probably gonna be competing for the North American Championship against the velvetine dream at the next takeover show so why is it so difficult to put the revival back down in NXT and have them deliver classics like the undisputed era and the three profits I don't get it it would have been great to see the revival go back down to NXT and take the titles off the fucking war writers instead of making these guys look like a joke keep them fucking happy and give them what they want WWE is not doing that with them because of all the fucking frustration that the revival are giving WWE that would be what they want so WWE instead of making them happy for the duration of their fucking contract they're gonna make their life miserable let's do the reason why then he gets back sent back down to NXT Tyler breeze has been kept quiet he said nothing so when he lobbied to go back down to NXT somebody obviously listened Timmy's like enough in the company will grant you your NXT wish there you go if the revival kept their mouth shut maybe they could have been in line to go back down to NXT – this is a fucked up situation man a really really really really really fucked up situation WWE had plans for braun strowman and Samoa Joe what happened previously reported Samoa Joe was scheduled to make his Monday Night Raw debut with the United States Championship a week before that WWE had brought strowman interrupts Samoa Joe Samoa Joe did not make the debut episode of SmackDown of Monday Night Raw rather the shake-up night because he was out with the flu so that was canceled easy three got buried by braun strowman instead if you guys remember that so we all thought and assumed that braun strowman and Samoa Joe wants Joe was healthy that we would resume whatever we seen happen on Smackdown live on Monday Night Raw for the United States Championship so Rosh Roman apparently has messed up another push for himself which I'll get to in a bit this is stemming from his WrestleMania performance I don't know what was wrong with his WrestleMania performance he was in the ring with fucking to d-list comedians on Saturday Night Live what else could braun strowman do to make those two guys look good so it was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE has moved on from joe and braun strowman already strowman versus Joe seems to already be forgotten and then going back to Joe versus Mysterio after Joe beat him in a minute at WrestleMania looks like strowman might have to wait a little bit longer to get a title match that's seemingly keeps evading him he's currently in the Money in the Bank ladder match on May 19th but apparently he lost a chance to battle Samoa Joe I would have loved to see somebody else in that spot to be honest with you I tried to make sense of it like I usually do you know it's like a returning champion you know Bruce Roman realistically shouldn't be there it should be someone like a fucking ec3 or or someone right someone Cedric Alexander Cesaro now we got braun strowman and the money in the bank meanwhile he's fucking shit up for himself more than likely is not gonna win two years in a row that would be terrible and braun strowman i tried to make sense of it on monday night it's like a returning champion coming back to fall in the next season the following season it's like he won last year so he's back to defend his Money in the Bank ladder match I guess I don't fucking know whatever the case is strowman should not be there i much rather would have seen him in a match with samoa jail because i think that their dynamic could be really fun so apparently braun strowman fucked shit up for himself and his WrestleMania performance was a reason for that now the roasting Observer Newsletter reported that Roman forgot some spots during his WrestleMania moments in the battle Royall the honor of the giant memorial battle royal which created another situation for him where he is being kept back once again apparently the end was a mess as braun strowman forgot its spots which is one of the reasons why strowman hasn't done much since winning the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal are you fucking kidding me now I'm not really sitting here lobbying to see braun strowman more than I have on WWE TV braun strowman is nothing more than a lumbering fumbling fucking fee fie foe comedy act on Monday Night Raw he's a fucking giant with no direction he's a novelty guy he's big he's tall he's strong he's fast and he can't wrestle fuck – I want to see him on Monday Night Raw soon as this decline of braun strowman happened i gonna build a fucking show around this guy this guy has zero ability to be a world champion zero not really what we want to see on Monday Night Raw Monday Night Raw being led by someone who's a fucking giant who can't wrestle there's a reason why every match he's in is a gimmick match there's a reason why every match is in it's a fucking tag-team match because he can't do anything it's not his fault WWE sees him as one thing and I guess this is for some of it at least you refused to get better you're fused to get better instead of being the fucking typical generic giant that we usually see why don't you break out of the giant fucking mold and be something more than a giant which he's not and he's not going to be but WWE is really really fucking ridiculous a battle royal which by now people have ultimately forgotten I don't even remember those other guys names I do but I won't be mentioning them here that they're fucking irrelevant they're irrelevant a battle royal that was on the pre-show that nobody remembered nobody cared about in the first place you're gonna nail the guy on forgotten spots with two d-list movie guys comedians on a fucking TV show are you out of your fucking mind I didn't really give a shit about what he did in there I knew he was going to anyway he built the whole fucking thing around him while burying most of your roster but if that is the reason why you keeping braun strowman away from samoa joe you're fuckin the fans over you're fuckin the fans over so what does braun strowman do after money in the bank what does he do after losing his shot at the briefcase where's he going where's he going he's gonna be destroying some more vehicles on Monday Night Raw is he is he gonna be picking a fight with the fucking women on the view what is he doing is he gonna pick a fight with fucking Michael Strahan or Michael and Kelly well what's the next TV talk show host baby's gonna intimidate and bring to Monday Night Raw and bully around who who's it gonna be brushed Roman it's Samoa Joe could have been something for both guys to do it would have been fun it would have been different I would have loved to see either one of those guys back in the day beat Brock Lesnar for the title great balls of fire and no mercy opportunities that WWE pissed off now it would have been fun to see them both battle each other it would have been a nice way for braun strowman to win his first universe or not Universal united states championship maybe Joe moves on up to the universal championship as he is a legit heel on Monday Night Raw something in which they don't have to battle Seth Rollins or AJ Styles whoever walks out the Universal Champion WWE fresh new exciting the new era is all on you guys you are the people we're gonna book the show you're in charge nobody's in charge WWE's clearly in charge of they're nailing fucking braun strowman on blown spots in a worthless battle world that will mean that meant nothing the day after a time soon as it was over forgotten completely ridiculous nothing I give a shit about braun strowman I was genuinely interested in seeing something different for Samoa Joe and braun strowman and it could have been a fun little car wreck to have that money in the back I'm getting out of here thank you guys so very much for all of your support we got more on part two I got news on Rey Mysterio and his son Dominic might be wrestling Rey Mysterio son might be wrestling in the WWE the superstar shake-up could have a different look next year and you're not gonna believe how Vince McMahon found out about changing up a shake-up for next year possibly also the club gallows in Anderson we talked about the revival today we're gonna talk about the club tomorrow WWE when they decided to send Anderson and gallows to wall in the superstar shake-up I also have news on why Brock Lesnar retired from the UFC Lesley reportedly gonna be back sooner rather than later Vince McMahon hated a new angle pitch for ec3 and Luke Harper what was the final straw that broke the proverbial camel's back for him asking for his release from WWE all this plus so much more right here on off the script on Saturday morning thank you guys so very much please hit that thumbs up hit that thumbs up and turn on that belt for all notifications hit that subscribe button follow me on social media i JD from NY 206 both on Twitter and Instagram hit that subscribe button like I said patreon.com slash JD from NY 206 you guys want to support me in the patreon page JD's elites bonfire comm is the home link is down in the description like it is every video go and get your t-shirts today the number one selling t-shirt not only for this podcast but in the y WC become one of my elite members link is down below Kailyn just in the description of this very video harrys.com slash scripts audible trial calm the spirit for your 30 days free of audible and one free audiobook and check out all the other videos that you might have missed this week raw Smackdown NXT and OTS extra talking about dean ambrose being killed off for jon moxley jon moxley making his return to the independent wrestling scene thank you guys so very much for all your support again hit that thumbs up and I will see you right back here for more off the script on Saturday afternoon until then guys have a great Friday and I will see you all right back here on Saturday I'll talk to you now


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  16. Yo we need more divas in WWE with big ass, big tits, we need more eye candy in WWE, bring back the attitude era, was way better than the garbage today! and I agree, I think they should just open up the divisions, enough of the split, the draft, sounded like fun but now they need to merge them all together, enough is enough.

  17. There are still people who think WWE won’t get better when Vince gone. With Triple H waiting in the wings, he’ll bring legit good television to combat AEW and then we’ll have TWO great wrestling promotions to watch

  18. Jd please reply to this. I want your opinion on this. I was thinking on smackdown this woudve been perfect. Instead of Lars attacking the hardys the b team or any other tag team should've attacked them so other teams on smackdown would seem legit and Shane should've called out Lars Sullivan to have a match with roman reigns and ellias could've came and distracted roman and he woudve gotten hit with the freak accident. Then Lara would rip or take of Roman's vest and hit him with two more freak accidents and get the win then Lars would seem legit. What do yo uh think about that?

  19. Makes me sad to know that tag team Main roster wrestling is dead with some damn good teams like Usos, Revival, Hardy's, ect. I Look at all the takeovers I have seen, and a high majority of them the best matches in my mind have consistently been the tag team division matches… And it's fucking sad seeing this not translate up the ladder to the garbage main roster! #JDIsRightAlways #MondayNightSnoozefest #TuesdayNightNausea #Roadto110KisDangerouslyClose

  20. I'm sorry but how is this "news". This is what wrestling companies(especially WWE) have been doing for time immortal. How the hell do you think WWE became as big as they did to begin with? By stealing away other companies big talent. Hulk Hogan(AWA), Jesse Ventura and Adrian Adonis(AWA),Ted DiBiase, Junkyard Dog and Hacksaw Duggan(Mid South) and on and on and on. This has NOTHING to do with AEW. It's the way they've ALWAYS done things. You can't accuse others of clickbait when "news stories" like this are nothing but click bait.

  21. Yep your best wrestler in the Company is 2ft tall that's the problem JD who in the company is bigger than life (no body) that why he brings back all the old guys rock,batista,goldberg,hhh,cena,taker, lesnar just name me one guy ????

  22. I think the person that signed for half a mill was Chris Hero. I don't see him going anywhere at this point in his career

  23. Stone Cold Steve Austin will be at AEW because Stone Cold Steve Austin is Jim Ross friend in real life

  24. Old-Berg needs one more run for his bank account. Thats whats up.
    WWE gots that cash to burn I guess. Dude was outed by Steven Regal. Made him look bad, neevr did fully recover.

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