WWE Raw The Shield Destroys Braun Strowman, Dolph Zigler & Drew Mcintyre Highlights!

WWE Raw The Shield Destroys Braun Strowman, Dolph Zigler & Drew Mcintyre Highlights!

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the opposition permanently drew McIntyre [Applause] on Monday Night Raw all six men [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that's the Rose Dominic history a lot has been made over the past couple of weeks about [Applause] to Melbourne that you talk about the crack seal wedgie oh boy do you think there's really been attracted to shield where's that for so because of what McIntyre can't deny we've at least seen and felt some spots go through the head of Dean Ambrose it's a first time I'm not saying you can't be trusted but I'm just saying don't necessarily trust the push set alive with the shield Dean Ambrose is the most loyal the shield surround the ring [Applause] what an intimidating see it comes to shield anyway Ambrose sends McIntyre and now the hounds whoa look out Ambrose and look it again the three Ottawa gonna say Corey I think we know what the shield has in mind this could be one and done real quick Ambrose clear pop here come up monster [Applause] unloading on the shield outside the range between these six men now strolling since Rollins into the ring Ambrose Dolph Ziggler has something to prove and his mighty is something to prove remember what strowman said just underway officially now team champions going to work it out a new machi stop right on the job set would we have expected anything different and now strowman acceleration speed 385 pounds right intervenes strowman and rain in a triple threat for the universal title Seth Rollins just has a target on his back to vide both these teams had a similar strategy it's tag-team mentality and it's working out very well for the Tag Team Champions he believes he's got something to prove here tonight I mean Dolph Ziggler lives his life with a chip on his shoulder the strongest maybe he was something of a weak link in their team I understand look it's one thing for the WWE Universe with people online that want to talk trash about Dolph Ziggler that the Scottish psychopath he created a championship here created the Australian title look at this humiliating and in front of his shield brothers the WWE who fancies himself a hybrid athlete the perfect blend of size Dolph Ziggler a two-time world champion six-time all that a week live Rollins and Seth Rollins I think's heard enough delivered a couple of white hands now right in the middle of the Ring summer long over the Intercontinental Championship let me they've had some awesome battles remember the Iron Men is down to one knee and yet Ziggler here I'm saying yeah yes he believes that Rollins is about the officials right there checking on Rollins will Rollins pass out will Sigler tonight you already have the raw tag team titles this definitely and Rollins though able to create a little bit of separation but can he make a tag definitely make a stronger argument for Braun as we head toward crown jewels Oh able day oh what a play by Rollins can he get to an all set Rollins in the ring for the shield now Rollins trying to drag himself to the corner come on Fred and then delivers a shoulder tackle to Seth Rollins who may be out Rollins almost lifeless low water books are during McIntyre Drive systematic destructive attack by strowman and company [Applause] and Rollins is no you go man there's still not gotten over the how long's is doing something if tagged in Mack and Rollins though since back attire and now strobing tags a better all like you said there's no we're from to go that's fighting for himself and his brother right now [Applause] the 400-pound man going up to the top rock is insanity overconfident spending so much time around Sigler and McIntyre maybe the Monroes trying to drag himself back up to the apron Rollins trying to crawl toward the corner again Dean Ambrose Dean doesn't look like he's in a good way right now either my approach would love to settle a score [Applause] Ambrose trying to upload the zigzag paid for it for the superkick Ambrose blocks thanks fringe continuing to reach deeper into his bag of tricks deeper into the right here [Applause] Golf baby golf in strowman did top rope again for Ambrose now go Ziggler who rose to down center of the Ring ribs on ribs both superstars looking for the cracked abdomen against AB the nernst ranges back on the apron so smack Dean lands on his feet ducks underneath [Applause] now Roman just battering MacIntyre in the corner a big dog survey the damage momentarily figure out what is optional mcintyre ATT is it enough for range in the shield it's essentially broken down to a one-on-one contest at this very moment [Applause] – loaded here comes Ziggler [Applause] this the strength of the universe the tension it takes out Ziggler braun strowman back in the mix oh let's go kiss from mcintyre coast roads look at this this is Superman punch by reigns cover by the big toe everybody's down this looks like this scene of a car crash now that we have a little bit of a break here the fact that Roman reigns to live Frank well look at this strowman back on us to the coin surrounded outnumbered classified [Applause] Oh gross what dr. Stroman I thought for a split second that roses hounds of justice and the Packers to the bone she'll do what the shield does I think we're gonna finally see it summon the Cerberus everybody air shield plus drew McIntyre it's a difference of being a mom with the Hellas strowman taken here we were a half a second away from to save about to meet the same exact fate as his shield brothers saving Ambrose superkick from Ziggler takeout Ambrose rain strowman Rollins all down for the count [Applause] questions remain as to where Dean Ambrose stood you


  1. What a victory
    Love you 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️😘❤️❤️ shield great brave team love you so much from Pakistan

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