WWE Raw Stars Getting HUGE Pushes! SHOCK WWE Title Change At MSG! | WrestleTalk News Dec 2019

WWE Raw Stars Getting HUGE Pushes! SHOCK WWE Title Change At MSG! | WrestleTalk News Dec 2019

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk REGULAR
News! Because it’s Christmas and there probably isn’t that much news. I am Chopper Pete
Quinnell, and I hope everyone had some nice time off, a jolly Christmas and some time
with family and friends. But enough of the pleasantries, let’s get into some news shall
we? And as I mentioned before, there almost certainly can’t have been anything major
that happened and -wait what’s that? Andrade just won his first singles titles on the main
roster? Alright. Cool. Considering WWE bloody love to make MSG feel
like their spiritual home, despite only doing house shows there for years now, the easiest
way for them to do so is to have a title change hands at these “special” house shows.
Predominantly the US title it seems, considering AJ Styles also won the title at an MSG house
show too. This time, Rey Mysterio has dropped the US title, but to who? Well, considering he main evented Raw defending
the title against Seth Rollins, which ended when AOP got involved in the match, with the
show ending with Rollins delivering a Stomp to Rey, it was probably him, right? No, it
was…it was Andrade. His first main roster title win, and it’s on a house show. Good
job WWE. The match itself was probably fantastic, as
we’ve seen Andrade and Rey tear the house down, but this time they probably tore the
house show down. Where this positions Andrade and Rey going forwards remains to be seen,
however this does link in to a previous report from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer
stating that WWE would be looking into making the top of main roster cards feel more three
dimensional by having their top stars feud with multiple people at the same time. So for example, Rey Mysterio is now feuding
with both Andrade and Seth Rollins at the same time, while Rollins retains his heat
with Mysterio, but is also focusing on Kevin Owens, and now Samoa Joe from the events on
Raw. If this is another step in fleshing out characters and their feuds with multiple people
at once, I’m all for it. Andrade will likely continue to feud with Mysterio and also Humberto
Carrillo going forward as well. Speaking of people getting pushes, sort of,
a new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has stated that three Raw stars will be receiving
big pushes moving forwards into 2020, with Vince McMahon “heavily behind” one of
them, and I don’t think it’s who you’d expect. Did I just buzzfeed that? Number 3
will shock you! Both Aleister Black and Drew McIntyre were
mentioned in the report of being on the verge of big pushes, with Buddy Murphy being elevated
in his feud with Black. McIntyre cut a promo on Raw stating that 2020 was his, while Black
has been on a rampage in his feud with Murphy, in which he beat the Aussie at TLC. There’s no doubt some Paul Heyman influence
here as McIntyre and Black, as well as Murphy, are all projects of his, but there’s also
a Vince McMahon project taking place too, with the Wrestling Observer report also namedropping
Rowan as someone in line for a big push, with Vince heavily pushing for him backstage. This is somewhat surprising, considering that
earlier this year, Rowan was a top heel on SmackDown coming out of the “who attacked
Roman Reigns” story, going solo, splitting from Daniel Bryan and terrorising both of
them, while also temporarily reuniting with Luke Harper. But then when Rowan was drafted
to Raw in October, his entire character was changed, and he now carries around an animal
cage with unknown contents. Actually, thinking about, it’s absolutely
not shocking at all that Vince is behind the guy going from a top dominant heel to carrying
a pet around for a mystery that will either never pay off or be revealed to an incredibly
mild and anticlimactic response. Incredibly mild and anticlimactic response, title of
your sex tape. Speaking of mild responses, the rumors that
had been flying around regarding WrestleMania 36 had stated that Brock Lesnar would either
face Cain Velasquez or Tyson Fury for the WWE Championship, you know, for the mainstream
appeal of Brock facing a boxer who struggled to bounce against the ropes at Crown Jewel,
or a former UFC fighter who Lesnar beat in like 2 minutes..at the same show. However, according to another report from
the Wrestling Observer, neither of those are currently the plan for Lesnar, however Lesnar
himself is pencilled in for the show. Which is good considering he’s the WWE Champion.
What a shocker that one of the top titles in the company is being defended at their
biggest show. With the common fan theory being that Roman
Reigns will be winning the Royal Rumble in January and going on to face The Fiend at
WrestleMania 36, this opens things up on the Raw side if this does come true. Could we
be seeing one of the aforementioned pushed talents go for a Lesnar match at WrestleMania?
Lord knows everyone would love to see a Lesnar vs McIntyre match or a Lesnar vs Aleister
Black match. I’m not so sure about a Lesnar vs Rowan match though, but hey, I’ve been
wrong before. Something that we missed over the Christmas
period is this week’s episode of NXT, which aired on Christmas Day. Keith Lee tagged with
Lio Rush to take on Damian Priest and Tony Nese, which just sounds like an incredibly
fun match, while Roderick Strong defended his North American Title against a debuting
Austin Theory. Theory came up short, however he wasn’t the only debut that night, with
Shotzi Blackheart also joining the already stacked NXT Women’s Division to face Bianca
Belair in a losing effort. It seems that last week’s episode of NXT
was sort of a Takeover-level show, with both men’s and women’s NXT Championships being
defended, and now the roster is somewhat being reset with a couple of new debuts and division
shakeups. This should hopefully spruce up the already amazing NXT roster leading into
an exciting 2020. Speaking of rosters being shaken up, there’s
a free agent lurking around the wrestling industry that may be on their way to WWE very,
very shortly. And interestingly, they wouldn’t be making a stop in NXT, as they would be
heading straight to the main roster. Killer Kross recently left Impact Wrestling,
and according to WrestlingNews Co, WWE are extremely interested in signing him, with
the report stating that “he should get a better offer than most have been offered and
they are willing to have him start on Raw or SmackDown and fast track him to the upper
card.” There’s no doubt Killer Kross is a bit of
a killer act, pun intended, so it’s not surprising WWE are interested in the former
Impact star. Considering Kross had many issues with Impact regarding his creative direction,
it must be reassuring for him that WWE would jump him straight to the main roster, and
straight to the top of the card upon his debut as well. How this would affect other plans is uncertain
right now, with the top heels on the Raw side seemingly being Lesnar, Rollins and McIntyre,
while SmackDown has The Fiend, King Corbin, and whichever lackeys Corbin decides to partner
with that particular week. There could be a slot for Killer Kross on SmackDown, which
might also prevent every single bloody SmackDown starting and bloody ending with King bloody
Corbin. Bloody. Oli Davis interviewed John Cena about his
new movie Playing With Fire for Cineworld, and they played a game where John had to identify
all the fire hazards from Oli’s prompts. Trust me, it gets stupid. Also press the video
below that to find out more about Vince McMahon burying talent in one very special way moving
forwards! A special thank you to our pledgehammers on Patreon, some of whom you can see scrolling
below me right now! I’ve been Chopper Pete Quinnell, and that, was wrestling.


  1. PETE: Who would you like the new champion to defend their title against next?

    0:23 – SHOCK WWE Title Change At MSG! / 2:05 – WWE Raw Stars Getting HUGE Pushes! / 3:38 – Rumor Killer For Brock Lesnar's WrestleMania Plans / 4:41 – Two Debuts On NXT! / 5:26 – Free Agent Heading To WWE?

  2. it's about time Andrade won the title, he has alot of potential and his matches are always fun to watch. I just wish it wasn't done at a house show.

  3. Stop only calling Raw and Smackdown as the main roster , whether you like it or not NXT is now main roster

  4. There is no such thing as a huge push in WWE. Vince is stalwart in keeping the brand bigger than the talent.
    So that's a foolish title

  5. Drew was meant for a "monster push" this past year and it never happened and now we get the same thing said again for next year fact is Drew is staying in the mid-card no push is happening with him and Black honestly should've had a push by now and with Vince being Vince i don't believe any of these guys are getting pushed so until i see otherwise Meltzer and his gang of misfits need to stop reporting stuff like this and stick to injury reports because that's the only thing they ever get accurate

  6. I was at MSG. Rey hit a 619 but Andrade got his knees up on the slash and Andrade hit his finisher. (Also Samoa Joe returned to help Kevin Owens with Seth and the AOP).

  7. My opinion is I don’t think they should let Roman win the rumble I would rather have someone but to win against bray is just a slap in the face, why would they decide to put down their best star and who probably brings in more merch at house shows and Televised event, if I was bray and lose the titled I would straight to aew where he would finally be free and allowed to do more with his character

  8. Seriously?!? Roman facing The Fiend at Mania? Yep there goes Roman's cheers. I rather prefer The Demon King vs The Fiend but Finn is on NXT

  9. Actually doesn't seem like that bad of a thing. This also frees the title up from the Rey/Kevin/Joe vs AoP/Seth feud to do other things.

  10. Had a feeling would win a title one day
    Sad part is I’m sure got help from that chihuahua Vega as can’t stand her so annoying


  12. Never understood why people complain about title changes at house shows, then again, that's probably an old-school vs nu-skool thing. As long as you get to see the highlight on the next episode of whatever, it doesn't really matter all that much. It's an incentive to go to a house show as well (if the title changes weren't just at the MSG house shows).

  13. I hate the idea of Roman winning the rumble, especially when it is to face the fiend for a title on a show he is already on. A rumble win does nothing for him.

    It should be Owens because it immediately builds credibility as a title contender, he can challenge Lesnar and it can tie into his feud with Rollins as its a threat to Rollins identity as the leader. Because if Owens beats Lesnar Rollins will feel he is losing his spot.

  14. If they want to push both Drew and Aleister for 2020, then I would book it like this; Have McIntyre win the Royal Rumble match with him and Roman as last two. Have Drew defeat Brock at Mania. And of course have Elimination Chamber match feature Smackdown superstars as such AS Roman Reigns and even the Universal Champion himself, The Fiend Bray Wyatt. Have Roman and Bray be the final two. Back and forth match and people start to side with Roman but have Bray retain. And people will want another match with Roman and Bray so book that title match for Mania. For Aleister, I would save this match for Wrestlemania and have US Champion Andrade verse Aleister for the title. Andrade gets frustrated with Zelina and she has enough of him so backstabs him and sides with Aleister and Black connects with a Black Mass kick for the 1 2 3.

  15. Ummmmm? Killer on wwe? I know his wife is on the NXT and rather not. They are going to screw his character, think AEW save him.

  16. I'd really like to see Rowan get a good main event push and get a long run with the title. The guy is really good for such a big man, and honestly, I think he'd make a great face.

  17. Killer Kross heads straight to main roster and gets given main event status and the E knows about his creative mis-direction in TNA/Impact… hmmm.. sounds like its going to be no different in the WWE then… good luck!

  18. Seeing miz vs bryan (especially with bryan's return to his old look), gets me thinking that bray will lose the title somehow, someway at the royal rumble ppv, in order to make way for a full circle story line between miz and bryan at mania. Remember 2010 when NXT was starting out as a "competition/reality show" in which miz was bryan's "mentor" and more than a decade later here we are, after all the accolades and titles won between them it has come full circle.

    But of course that's just a possibility, as much as i want miz to win the universal title, it just sets up that angle as well..

  19. I don't believe those "push" reports even for a second. Rowan perhaps, but definitely not Black or McIntyre considering the fact that they haven't done squat ever since being called up, especially McIntyre, who should've held the WWE title at least 3 times by now, and that in itself is shameful.

  20. Yeah cuz instead of having other wrestlers feud with each other let's just have Seth Rollins feud with with like eight wrestlers sounds like a great idea

  21. Man McIntyre better get a big push. Hes got everything to become a huge monster heel champion: The look, the mic skills, the charisma, hes a beast in the ring etc. I hope lesnar drops the belt to lesnar and drew becomes the next big heel

  22. Andrade is boring. Don't see what is the energy behind him. Love the idea to see McIntyre push. He looks and wrestles like someone who is a legit champion. McIntyre vs Lesnar would be a good match with it being believable McIntyre winning.

  23. i cannot understand why a Bobby Lashley/Brock Lesnar Title match isn't being booked. I have said this from the moment both Lashley's return and Samoa Joe came into the WWE, since both Lashley and Joe seemingly have MMA style fighting skills, and that having a MMA fighter face Lesnar would be the 'only' person capable of standing toe-to-toe with the Beast. Instead, Lashley is in terrible matches and segments with Lana, instead of fighting for championship gold. This needs to change in 2020.

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