WWE Raw Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman For Universal Champion, But Brock Lesnar atack both of them

WWE Raw Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman For Universal Champion, But Brock Lesnar atack both of them

I also said when I won this that I was going to defend it my god the Bell is not rung for the match between strowman and rains [Applause] Roman is nothing but a coward I have my dog so we feast on their bloody carcasses spirit I'm gonna phrase your body you and I and I'm gonna be the one who wins it I'm taking Romans universal Champions do you want me to go to hell and you're with me reigns and strowman locked in those two men have been in a steel cage man's been locked inside Hell in a Cell together in heaven hope all ye who enter here a score will finally be settled [Applause] [Applause] we said earlier tonight you get a chill looking at it again the structure and we invite you to join us later on tonight immediately 20 years premises about the vaccinated famous Helena cell box about the biggest lie he ever told and the fact that Undertaker no one knew this under me exclusively on the WWE Network talk about losing teeth try them hanging out of your nuggets I asked him for advice for bran and Roman reigns he said pay no concern morning Stroman becomes the third man in history it was John Cena in 2012 he was unsuccessful he stated plainly that he's going to come out here cashed in that money to bank contract the steel kind of Bluefield braun strowman bike the universal champion right now Roman reigns look this good and with Roman reigns and I will be here to university you've never seen a man like him inside Hell in a Cell [Applause] and here comes the big dog [Applause] Universal Championship Roman reigns has never lost the big dog certainly no stranger cashed in on it it happened in 2015 at Survivor Series by Sheamus and tonight really fall victim to yet another cashed in by braun strowman universal championship shaft over his shoulder as he marches towards the redhead a tweet that said I have taken the universal title around the world and ever hits and I'm coming along with it Hemans the big dog in the monster among men like crunched roaming this man is the monster among men does that information he familiar with one another they put each other through hell and back now strove in a war you can't escape this nightmare pounds bronze oh man [Applause] no strowman but just like that braun strowman show it is acceleration that kicked by rains stunning strobing momentarily a big ride into the post again this could be a shit out of the gate [Applause] telling the big dog into the speedily yeah but nothing like this strong it bouncing brains face first off the post that promise you this earlier tonight the fact that rains his boys quote-unquote that stroke his words again few weeks ago but the same thing we're talking drew they can't get down there to help brunch drama tonight it's an offense have been completely ineffective get his opponents out driving strobe it through the ropes go missing Stroman has had great success against rains over the years right into the cell Branagh would put Roman and I'll just torturing reigns 380 PI and again reigns bounced off the apron you mentioned Mick Foley as we take a no it rains again to this point brawn has proven to be a bit of a master at you know Romanow steel steps at hand strolling stunned er way or the other that's the referee Mick Foley exactly never won a Hell in a Cell match by Helena Sally now reigns caught by strowman no disqualifications inside Hell in a Cell and no count-out is legal apparently that's not what strowman wanted rain just shattered that bent it over his knee broke it in half now reigns back hands with a steel chair in hand to get creative uses no disqualification justify just garbage the post rains may have an opening here hover in time to topple the monster setting up Roman reigns plan a stronger the DDT right on the chair been attempted and it was not even closed it's going to take more than that she's gotta start somewhere here and that was a not successful that braun strowman with a wick Ruhlman looking for a Superman punch bottom on the jaw booming Roman reigns with another Superman punch instrument still on his feet third time not a charm broad stronger than Chuck Swindoll reigns cover to win strowman to lose us a decent food [Applause] it's been a referee in a Hell in a Cell match before but that was all the way back in 2003 here give it up for what this was a silly decision I disagree with it from the Roman reigns on his shoulders and I fought strong and runs into a boot by reigns Roman look back at Mick almost pleading for a three count now the Superman punch but strowman is still in this one believe the height that Roman Roman rolling out of the ring collapsing on the floor Roman reigns now trying to decide what to do mercy of the hands of braun strowman both of these men will wake up tomorrow you gotta commit tonight and that's what both of these athletes are doing much like we [Applause] and look at now real rank and romina again he glanced over and sought the monster buff that keeps strolling down you got to think twice if you're pulling out a table from underneath the ring just how that roaming pick it up speed steps by strowman and pack feel the impact [Applause] the basic can of rains gotta be was the cover is the first one about that's why is the universal champion today for now this is perfectly legal whatever is going through the DES pretty each other in the past and happens might end rains career tonight the champion sucking air ranks good reason gotta say it's cutting a little close at least twice at least twice I think rains no matter how you look at it Roman is still in this match it's done damage what steps is it about to do damage with a table or it's not anything goes here tonight never seen a man who enjoys in the eyes of the monster among men like braun strowman's in his wheelhouse right now Roman reigns away Roman though able to slip out of it Superman punch strowman stolen Ray's try to take again take a look at this the big dog but it would still not be enough to keep the monster down then our gonna have to dig deep search route back entire storm injure anybody in the fight now outside the ring dum Ziggler trying to escape duty you the WWE Universe those getting mugged [Applause] Dean Ambrose back in tyre now joining the fray possibly McIntyre and Ziggler now tearing apart these announce tables Cade Ziggler now try to the cell adults just trying to escape Rollins the architects giving change that top of the cell under his belt on top of telling his son Seth Rollins up top down [Applause] meanwhile McIntyre scaley the sellers roll up in here hormones with Dolph Ziggler in the middle of hell McIntire now at the tired Ziegler Iranian aquarium talked about the reinforced cell by four tires Rawlins it's too narrow stairway opposed to look at Ambrose go don't look at that pose this is crazy lay down on top of Hell in a Cell and another two inside Hell in a Cell carnage it's pandemonium there are bodies strewn everywhere [Applause] don't Sigler's got his wits to make his way back down zig set Rollins oh my god oh and Rowleys kept trying to drag him back up to the cell Dolph Ziggler Dolph Dolph Ziggler trying to somehow calm down to sell it out Rollins just oh my god [Applause] Dolph Ziggler trying to somehow get off the cell Rollins how ever can Dolph Ziggler both they're lasting clear-cut they're sick they're barely hanging on then allowance its fiddler don't crash it on the cell either man is moving that you hear the thud as both of those men [Applause] he scales the door climbs into the rang rot Lester wit stroke and now David is straight something the eyes of the referee mcfarley last we heard about Lester he was told he'd never get a rematch [Applause] good just down and out brought Lester kicked in the door any weird angle is talking about then an F just roaming from em in the form of the beast because Brock Lesnar Ron hell with it give the universal champion f5 to show up here tonight and nobody is safe [Applause] everywhere Ron's and Ziggler's still haven't moved and there's a new official in the ring Stroman and rains no condition to continue this Universal Championship either man can continue you


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