WWE Raw Highlights 27th May 2019 HD – WWE Raw Highlight 06/03/19 HD

WWE Raw Highlights 27th May 2019 HD - WWE Raw Highlight 06/03/19 HD

this is Monday Night Raw [Applause] in the bank so many different things happen so many things that changed the course the opportunity of a lifetime somebody beat him up in the back [Applause] the most dangerous man in all of WWE ladies and gentlemen and the advocate for the [Applause] the pollen oil should be permeating through the room somebody had from the old days a back route into the Sami Zayn was lured listener through be the eighth contestant Blaine Brock Lesnar for the John F Kennedy assassination by now they are vulnerable to the greatest assassin [Applause] he has to be paranoid the bad news [Applause] and he's standing up to his work tonight huh I should be in a great mood I should be ecstatic last night and I've got to see this I beat you at WrestleMania you catch that thing in tonight [Applause] tora-chan please this is Brock Lesnar's game of anticipation in the money in the prize for your girlfriend the main event the show [Applause] how do you know dancing against you I'm trying to establish my legacy as WWE champion so Brock congratulations on becoming mr. money in the bank I'm gonna need you to cash it in on me both auditioning to have a main event match against the ring Brock lesner will most likely be out here later tonight the Beast is yet to come [Applause] you know you've got a matchup branch over there couple of weeks I'm helping you help me help you by helping me out tonight no I'm not gonna help you while there is the monster along man with a rib injury this is disgusting Percy Sammy has been preaching about [Applause] before strowman was kicked out of the building I'll deal with you later pursuit of Stronach this is talking Zayn they say the so-called critic of the critics in trouble Ozzie cuttlefish toilets imagine targeting the injured ribs of Sammy Sammy knows no idea where he's at and bronze shoulders rocky road it takes terra's a Friday from Becky for the first time since losing one of our Championships at money in the please welcome my guest Lars Sullivan one of the most destructive forces de meses the free Lawrence destroyed everything you event destroying those three man incapacitated the lucha house party let's take a look at the damage you've inflicted [Applause] what are your goals here in WWE [Applause] the Lu Chows party believes that rounding the Freak in the rain still on his feet now three man drunk I wouldn't get ahead of myself should have stopped fight but I'll solve it out of that one over three hundred lucha house party cars Sullivan just plain tirado isn't that time a medal of coupons to try to save their teammates party showing some fight here tonight this guy is a legitimate threat to anyone and everyone and after coming up just short in that classic match last night next on Monday Night Raw it's incredible is after the carnage last night it's ricochet versus Azhar Oh don't miss the secret life of pets to center high trashing it's not hurting too much to compete tonight really smarten up Cade ricochet is gonna rue the day he accepted this challenge this is our we copied you for Cesaro but look at somebody like ricochet himself here on Raw it's gonna pray on that decision by Cesaro ricochet people to come – screeching ricocheting launch so you gotta be man still ready to put up a fight and ricochet know Kings way it is patrol we're back live on Monday Night Raw suit ladder turn is best to keep ricochet gravity knows oh but Cesaro just too powerful to overcome as [Applause] ricochet WWE I'm gonna put the game ricochet away hit just press the green to see back now looking for Elijah's appears that [Applause] talked Ricochet into this match despite the fact that ricochet so sorrow celebrates after Louisiana classic match where does that leave you on Monday Night Raw a lot working hard for something that's what I do last night you lost AJ you failed I pinned Seth Rollins on Raw something you didn't do but what is a slap in the face is this you'll pay for that one in the bank the big dog in the yard right and just for everyone's edification I am now officially done with them is my focus Roman is you what type of man hits another man's father like that and cowardly fashion perfect I'm done with the lies so that means my schedule is wide open if you have beef with me I say we squash it right here in this ring tonight but you know what Roman let's not leave it up to us let's leave it up to them go shades ready to go well that's not happening allow me to demonstrate exactly what that control is it's still not happening here tonight and that is gonna happen at super showdown spoiled little rich kid nobody else says around here I just got my ass kicked by Roman reigns Becky Lynch will be a very special guest on a moment of bliss with the goddess he's sticking around but the jokes and tonight next chan is that you're not coming alone to the WWE super show down to fight Roman reigns did you down with me he's done it if you've got a problem with Shane McMahon you've got a problem with drew McIntyre from done with you I'm coming after you again see the ring [Applause] skid mark on the underpants Society they can go right ahead right now the revival to jack it off yet where's the current champions rider on Hawkins and I but now the sins are being paid for by Jimmy and Jey the tides are changing here on Monday Night Raw Boston and Wilder situation Jimmy and Jack instead we're getting icy hot speed now that I mean things were going good for a revival but losses are moving that's great and then you turn sick it has been all revival bounce TV so looking to make the tags one of the all-time greats already this young in their career that's busi fired up the victory kick out at two a near fall new is talk about the chemistry of the revival hard to battle against another big right hand Goss is legal I'm not sure J realize go onto the cover for the win let it kick out sauce is just with Ju stuff they're talking trap makers boss mother for a backslide Jimmy you saw bag team match showing this wilder into the ring a little government orphan roll the shoulders down Dawson I think he's got the tie feed diner tonight bubble needed this win that's gotta feel good one little problem you know you didn't win just think about it people are actually trying to get cross dumping your ten earlier today welcome to a moment of lid before we get started and I requested coffee oh oh thank you please welcome I guess Becky Lynch [Applause] stop with the propaganda just to get the truth Becky welcome [Applause] Becky welcome [Applause] Becky welcome to a moment of bliss how does it feel to no longer be Becky to belt shoot your face is the two of you [Applause] the reason you're no longer Becky to belt is because of me the lady came around and got top dough I can slap you around full time on Raw if I think it's not the head off all three of you right now I'll be your partner you're still one to short sweetheart let's go don't worry general it's pretty awful all the work while the McMahon family made this six woman tag team match up inside the wrong on the other side Thank You Lindsay get the job the two women now Becky to bounce championship matching punch on Facebook nonetheless the Savoy on Becky Lynch you but I don't know why we'd expect the goddess to pick up on the winners money the Bessie Evans yourself cheering I don't get what your problem isn't that you want to stink here's paint now they control a biggie cross to the Australian into this and Bank championships at WrestleMania to judge by thousands of victories and champions it could be so I mean troll of Nicky cross I like response [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what didn't she do she's a goddess like we call her for the first time ever house later on tonight championship at Tony's Halloween you want to see what's in store here here back live on Monday night Rob Oh cut the music if you could [Applause] there's been something missing from Monday Night Raw let's make Monday Night Raw again it's not something you just defend championship titles something you breathe it's something you it is an obsession that consumes you throughout the day seven days a week the 24/7 title now if you think what you have in mind tape taping mind so what I'm gonna do a lay this title on the line because starting tonight we're gonna have ourselves what I like to call a scramble it's open to every superstar on the raw roster so you guys out there lineup is with that bell rings what an incredible announcement by Mick Foley sit out core you can't be involved in this this is good – worldwide once again [Applause] dresser getting it with look at this [Applause] [Applause] where's the TARDIS we started the night off with the new mr. money the bank or beast in the bank mr. money the bank you can cash in on sever Kofi he's new here with the Scottish psychopath rude is a walking target right now try to win the new 24 set for a new BER right now get Nick Robert through trying to through McIntyre McIntire is higher done for Shane McMahon Shaima vana it picked the right person to a these back up somehow taking down Shane and she's moved on and again not just a worry about the MS but Oh reigns has moved on to other things remind Roman bring to victory one you know what the record books are not gonna say there was some sort of malfunction get money in the bank 2019 oh I feel bad into the mix he's really fallen on hard times he's falling once upon a time out Miz was bald us same isn't it even the odds here tonight for them is what LO own control Miz here Shane enough all the years has been around this business these about Shane McMahon doesn't want to look at the power and the Scot is psycho it was a big big bang look at standing by the side of the best in the world here look at this the counter that could have been just the MacIntyre now looking for the slock din and this takes it out of the leg once again please please trying to get back there it has been an IKEA catalog of some rocking orders directly from last night yeah I agree with you I'm not entirely super showdown is looking lizard Ken got a cycle last in the world but Shane McMahon is launching himself top ropes do it just one of those words that you kind of stand out man surveying the scenery college jobs if need be legs Oh get tires it's four leglock McIntyre though to the official men's goes off against the odds of course mrs. defenseless sees his legs may do it forum cuz there comes the bad guy [Applause] the task I hated the big dog brother drains two weeks from Friday James till they come tonight Bobby lonely it's got to be defended 24 hours a day seven days a week 24 7 champion troops truth give a ride this on pay-per-view would defend the championship your money in the bank Rock Lester's here Rollins babies man somehow get involved list I will point fingers just beautiful it's just the running [Applause] of the beasts to the bank for miss to you right now each other way make his way back toward the line look at the pendant gets involved me lastly driving me into the barricade res the purveyor of paranoia there's no way they're focused on golden bless here comes Kingston Kofi launch them here in the building drop by Kingston I'll not get any more threatening than that coffee tongue play against Baron Corbin with his quickness right here icon to his feet outside the ring yet he's is the TT me told me grab all it's gonna rock is still here Baron Corbin and Bobby very little to do jump from before the match up he's gonna get warm Gordon I think he does his supreme can't do it for sure completely legal big right hand from Corbin built some mobile markets always fight let's make a big move [Applause] coffee [Applause] we're circling his prey [Applause] of the whole universe


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