WWE Raw Highlights 1 July 2019 – WWE Monday Night Raw Full Highlights Today 7/1/2019

WWE Raw Highlights 1 July 2019 - WWE Monday Night Raw Full Highlights Today 7/1/2019

throw buddy [Applause] Count Anywhere this is gonna be a wild way to kick things off is always prepared we saw last week when on the break smacks lip with the almighty bobby lash on strowman [Applause] you got that vicious side of the almighty this could be it for braun strowman there's the athleticism official is out there only to count the he tap out by Lashley now shoulders down and a kick-out who believes he has something to prove tonight says he's sick and tired of playing sex talk he's storming through the [Applause] [Applause] Texas [Applause] cover by blog this matchup in Lashley kicks out to the Bradley agonize that's just someone the size of bobby lashley roaming on his heels this [Applause] [Applause] we are back live on Monday Night Raw ladies and gentlemen this is the situation tremely serious incident took place moments ago during the Falls Kennedy where national medical facility for observation treatment alike and sir this is a braun strowman now who is uh wheeled out of the arena here and neither Bobby Norlin nor Braun barely moving braun strowman's legs weren't moving at all lastly a to deal the LED boards to the floor below the yes I can tell you that WWE does everything it can to the magnitude of what we just saw where WWE isn't equipped to handle this situation when driving lastly through the the LED boards once again and god only knows what injuries Lashley and strowman suffer if you wait and we hope to get some sort of update as Monday Night Raw continues tonight [Applause] [Applause] coming up next it again we hope to have an update on the strowman Lashley situation they're back live on Monday Night Raw the Viking raiders set for action with the wild card rules now live who takes to the first the WWE Champion also part of due date not out here to bully matches against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn's he went back to the champion again and went lock in with a fiendish WWE Championship a week from Sunday at Extreme Rules he live with the face Xavier woods Team Korea all the experts you talk to believe the fight eat Raider and a win over an established dominant tag team like a new day lifestyle the Viking raiders I mean would the double team of the Viking raiders big a tight quarters like the background the warrior mentality top baby almost just as powerful culated sneak attack by Samoa Joe I don't forget you expected [Applause] officials trying to separate these vans separate and we are back live on Monday Night Raw I'll be a six-man tag team match Samoa Joe okay Colby's going to start things off against Aybar the lucky right mojo might be the last person you'd want to be across caught the top of Ron tonight the serious situation between braun strowman and pop and there's a threat because of their speed their quickness you see the quick strikes got a veteran movies Samoa Joe remove Joe Macey Kingston prior to Extreme Rules and look at this by tag in Philadelphia and Extreme Rules at the hands of Samoa Jews and this is Eric now of the Viking raiders with the armbar applied to Xavier cut the ring in half obviously Eric and I've are used to functioning as a tag-team Samoa Joe and Kofi Kingston supreme rule is that lettuce is above all enjoy using a cold stare in the eyes of Samoa Joe we'll get a witness WWE can you the punishment on was eager continue sending his message than assassin then fired up the champion up top at perfect fit direction by bark on Ivar the Viking raiders still standing down to one date won't be somehow tryna fly back in and both Rockford cakes talked oficial better tasted going up top from behind [Applause] and the WWE Champion Kingston once again [Applause] Kofi Kingston versus Samoa Jonah at Extreme Rules Becky Lynch will team their boyfriend the universe with Champion Seth Rollins also tonight in a two out of three Falls match up me now honey don't worry soon we're gonna be on a sandy beach celebrating our honey you brought me to rob our honeymoon nice to meet you you have a choice is either me the 24/7 championship I love you okay look um circle romance I'm over the truth for a drape maverick here tonight we'll find out live on Monday Night Raw [Applause] have you been in a ring with these freaking guys yet Oh what does he make it right I didn't want to re injure myself guys come on Oh which means you're next in line for United States tough hot Karl see and I have a little sign that you guys are trying to do I get it I get I get listen I remember the whole hot asian wife mmm well that's a bet celebrate maverick and now Dan Spiller twice she's been trying to leave town with our truth [Applause] cyborgs the Jose no way Jose here he's welcome my guest at this time the MS so what happened to Bobby and bran earlier tonight you don't wish that on anybody yeah this is not last week or zania freefall win this fall because of the disqualification thrown in Elias would take down the Miz is a bit later in there it's not about how I feel it's about what I need to do that's tonight Shane's gonna need to find a replacement for Elias I heard the Undertaker might be here tonight [Applause] this is yet another reason why shamed a hellacious Hell in a Cell match we focus on extreme rulers in two weeks is going out this bringing the first time those two superstars have ever been a team the big dog in the dead man are gonna have their work cut out for prepared this week Undertaker's tulip out of nowhere last time ladies and gentlemen drew McIntyre I do have other responsibilities you know other than just being out here let's talk about Roman reigns and can you imagine being Roman must've been shaking in his boots I wanted to just put that footage back up on the truss so please role and shame they didn't have the tag in it one man can beat – especially Oh the footage speaks for itself what we're gonna do to him in Extreme Rules let's focus on the the Undertaker now that wasn't a face you and I have gone to battle and we're gonna do it again here soon so we're gonna put the big dog and the Phenom in the ground but I no ordinary man I am Not Afraid of the Undertaker I don't give a damn about the Undertaker and I came dressed to fight and here in the building dead we want you we exterminate the legacy [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that brother doing the tire's eyes absolutely no fear legendary superstar in WWE history Roman reigns never asked me for my help let me explain to you who I am the Reaper of wayward souls for a long time to collect your soul a shame you gave me everything you had a telling a sell at WrestleMania and you actually live to tell about it you fell victim to your own greed you may be the best in this world but where I'm sending you to you'll be nothing you two will never rest [Applause] [Applause] take off for the we hope to find out an exclusive interview with me an Extreme Rules match really you know that benefits us right ungodly amount of punishment he was stood against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania to win the universal so why risk it all for your latest fling Becky has fought her entire life to make her dreams become a reality and now she's put all her faith in seth himself in the regulations took a go one-on-one with Natalia winners they call it extreme Bulls benefit each upon the line great show of solidarity by Baron Corvinus Becky Lynch or gets her is the universal champion built some of her own momentum heading into extreme okay that's fair in Corbin lacy Evans have a leg up can get in the way this isn't about romance Lacey Lacey neckbreaker by Lacey look at that former Marine I mean these two women have one take very very it sense but oh it gets this clothesline and Lacey [Applause] distracted there's the way why Tracy Evans me to imagine what a scene that would be just like it very well come be a lifter fly hold on edging Ricochet said next time he faces you he's gonna beat you he was gonna defend the United States Championship against you for all your talk about us losing our edge what's happened to you would walk up to every cliche accept the challenge and slap them across the face please tell me you weren't running your mouth is that what you think that's not no no here's your chance because I'm taking that title I don't know why you're all fired up but I accept good ladies and gentlemen alliance [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and the third fall is now underway Miz and Elias tied in a fall apiece certainly looking to bring the fight to Elias tonight oh shit oh yeah sure helps them haven't Shane o Mac out here at ringside tonight but the lies realizing import matchup and up fun and games Elias big high elbow takes biz down and is with more and more experienced allies covering her here on Miz had to get back to the vertical place to try to create something [Applause] the Alliance is continuing the sissies picked up wins he's more aggressive goes to the job I biz and another one desperate elbow Ananias answer Glenn knife edge chop and rally mentions Joe so cheesy can't get frustrated has to just keep his focus for the men [Applause] those toys [Applause] it is we hope to get the answer back strong ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest Becky Lynch Seth Rollins let me congratulate you on your respective victories at stomping grounds welcome you're putting both of your titles on the line in a winner-take-all scenario at Extreme Rules but at Extreme Rules okay the stakes are raised a little bit because well if you get pin I lose my title and okay well but it's an Extreme Rules match now which means anything can happen except that maybe this was my plan all along you see if you would just listen to me you too calling yourselves the first couple of WWE and Seth you don't impress me either your match isn't an extreme concept me and my bitch take on you and yours you want to fight you want a little bit of mixed tag action yeah we'll slap the heads off both you dopes right here y'all done messed up [Applause] and place the image at Baron Corbin at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view Universal Champion winners take all even if they want playful at the moment that's going to survive together in a relationship I do think that that's about they stay here in WWE for a number of years marry a unique relationship or go out any kinks basically the long and short of it I think the fact is Maria and now all of a sudden begins the man it could tap it Lillian Mike to the top of the charts here how much they fight what to think like a Mike and Maria know exactly like trying to uh when he's trying to flex passionate is in trouble Raj kicked up set forcing things are just going [Applause] I don't know because I don't think you're man enough get me pregnant [Applause] could you just go back to calling a match what you just witnessed I cannot believe you're the father of my children you're just a disappointment so maybe the next time I'll ask Becky to impregnate me I don't know really what ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Payne now it's been a weird night for Seth Rollins may be Brock westeners here tonight I'm a busy man thanks for stopping by oh this goddess is there Alexa bliss over to Flint live next [Applause] Extreme Rules Alexa play tonight I have a very special guest please welcome niki crow niki Kraus very excited earlier today on social media excited to be on informative West Pole Thank You Alexa you were the first person to take me seriously so for that I will always be grateful Thank You Nicki is Alexa getting the title match so desperate for attention you had to come out here and ruin Nicky's moment to get it Niki gave you a title match so what have you given her I realized all you are is true sidekick how about we take a little walk down to the ring show you a sidekick oh I brought two matches yeah thanks to Mela to matter it's a match underway carmella takes down all the first out here [Applause] we're back on Raw this match was unofficial during the commercial break Alexa made this challenge on behalf of thinking cross to Philly by this this whole friendship between terrible feeling with the entire world thinks they know something about you that's not true for Nicki's the reason that Alexa has a championship it's smart and leaves the career longevity I mean if you can fighting back former champion right it's pure altruism by the goddess corner you know I don't Worthen ox always counter is the swinging neckbreaker to Carmel friends like Nicky cross feel what it's like to be a megastar non-steam Alexa has an opportunity to win the United States Championship AJ beat ricochet left tonight you pin Carmela you're on a tear for the SmackDown Women's Championship at Extreme Rules instead of Alexa no I'm gonna make sure that this honeymoon is great I'm done with this enjoying they have a good time let's go come on coming up in a matter of moments our main event tonight for the United States title what you think you can beat me so easily huh just been made official than the United States Champion ricochet this is gonna be incredible yeah for ricochet a tough the competitive both superstars without a doubt [Applause] States Championship here tonight as a style to spent the last seven weeks trying to remind Gallo's of Anderson highest-level he's absolutely uncomfortable the united states sale has been meteoric but tonight the results would be markedly different the holder of the United States Championship and we are set inside the American Airlines Center ricochet he's the champion for a third time here tonight match underway ricochet just sort of up look at the counter shoulders down now by ampionship win since arrived with Uwe titles to a tie today titles had to learn oh I don't want to kick out that tail to the air there early AJ Styles able to counter the determination on the face of the Challenger AJ Styles they be outside here comes ricochet AJ Styles inside the rain watch again off the top run what's a phenomenal for honest house [Applause] I can't be capricious right leg one this is a bit rate for style stand or not [Applause] and yes this matches being restarted didn't exactly look pleased yeah what was interesting as a last week music oh and ricochet akin with the right pay styles as well to that point when a ricochet looking for them is able to adapt in mid-air style sent to the of the champion watch himself back into the ring cuz a count-out does not help him that's the operative word there Corey wasn't able to put ricochet away his career know that well ricochet lands on his feet great Pat and ricochet is in all kinds of jeopardy right now press on ricochet look at this [Applause] AJ sighs with feeling confident tough was prepared better than last week [Applause] banister mocking this [Applause] oh my god this is gonna be everybody [Applause] my god [Applause] this is disgusting when you talk about a j-style the list of accomplishments is seemingly up done I don't think we're going to wait for the max to start yeah they couldn't wait to get a hold of each other oh my Oh not the broth the shoulders and there's the Bell and here we go this is the type of battle that you can show someone who's new to a random entertainment say this is what WWE's all about and this is one of those matches where it's hard to believe we get paid for this well actually hard to believe Saxton gets paid for anything the best laid plans often go awry but the architect has always been able to rebuild and redesign yeah but if that reclaiming part at the end of his saying that Seth Rollins often gets tripped up Seth Rollins getting ready this just ain't going to do it a bit of a Houdini job right there oh and sent flowers with a quick kick out too soon he's gotta worry watch it running in the slam Oh way to the suplex great height German suplex after 18 years people told AJ Styles didn't never survive in the WWE after 18 years people said you'll never win the WWE Championship AJ Styles has proven those people wrong Wow AJ Styles is being controlled down AJ Styles looks like he's a step behind there guys hey he's really hurting I'm – no you're showing from AJ steep the hardest part of the Ring Seth Rollins is looking for something big here McKenney hit it guys [Applause] the house looks like he wants to do it all by himself vertical duplex nice the mr. booth coming up [Applause] the damage has been done set balls he's in trouble he fights his way free but how much energy to be exhaust fighting his way out it really looks like Seth Rollins is buckling under the pressure Rollins has taken so much punishment this is not where he wants to be at this point in this match he has got to do something quick yeah all the architects design seem to be going astray got to figure out a new plan quick come on not like this this is not how I wanted to see this end and here's a look back with some of the action from the previous match check them out here one thing I can say about that match is that it had a few interesting moments that's what happens when you can't answer the 10-count and it doesn't sound like the fans that you thrilled with the decision here


  1. We hope for intact recovery of the monster and Bobby Lashly. I know sometimes i don't like bobby attitude, but why the people still a little racist the people didn't clap for bobby only for the Monster? AJ Styles coward action. He did also against Cena. After that Cena big 16 times Champ.

  2. The undertaker needs to retire before he destroys his legacy he just sucks know at least Rick Flair still could wrestle at an old age

  3. AEW AEW AEW is so much better WWE is a sinking ship it's the same story over and over again with WWE

  4. I thought the wrestling was good.. which is why this reporter has added the fantasy game at the end. Takes the young dumb minds away from what's really going on and plugs them into their safe computer world. These reporters feast on negativity just to keep themselves afloat. Sad but true.

  5. Displaying the dumb game at the end proves why wrestling has declined over the years. New-age baby-boomers thinking they've actually been through this just because they've played the characters on TV (in a game.. cartoons and crap). Degeneration (not evolution) at its finest, folks.

  6. help me guys i need help for my chanel subscribe pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizz https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgYBQuURy17Tuoug6s3oIgQ?view_as=subscriber

  7. Roman is not required Dead guy support, he is able to beat any guys in wwe, he is real ethical super star 🌟⭐💫✨🌠

  8. Wow that was a nice display of pyro to end the Lashley strowman match. And they have people thinking that was electrical flashes. Lol

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