WWE Raw 8th April 2019 Full SHow HD – WWE Monday Night Raw 4/08/19 This Week

WWE Raw 8th April 2019 Full SHow HD - WWE Monday Night Raw 4/08/19 This Week

the main event plastic was historical and Becky Lynch outlasted Charlotte and Rhonda in the first-ever women's main event at WrestleMania snowman he can now be officially called Soompi Slayer we have a brand new universal champion after Philippe Rock Lester step vollis's here while it's kicks off all live in minutes at the top of the hour welcome everybody to the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania we are live tonight in Brooklyn [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] ladies is over please welcome [Applause] and standing ovations with a brand new universal champion best round perform what many thought was the impossible past last night at WrestleMania and slay the Beast ending the air now we've got a university right gentlemen I want to take you back to last night thousand people at that Life Stadium Rollins versus Lesnar the following contest is scheduled together the match is now official through the Universal Championship [Applause] [Applause] because good [Applause] [Applause] we're olives visibly enjoying the moment enjoying the adulation of the WWE Universe for their new Universal champion [Applause] [Applause] no no no no we deserve it [Applause] I've waited a long long long long time to stand in this train and hold this title up on my head and all it took was climbing Mount Everest and beating the most dominant champion in the history of WWE [Applause] thank you guys for just a minute I feel terrible today I feel like I got run over by a Mack truck and I guess I mean if there were a human version of a Mack truck you'd be Brock Lesnar and I took German suplexes I took an f5 on the floor I got rag-dolled around this ring before the match even started but I got back up I got back up I took everything Brock Lesnar had to dish out and I got back up and they have taken what some might call some questionable tactics to gain an advantage [Applause] the truth be told I didn't do anything to Brock that he wouldn't have done to me [Applause] got a little bit of news for you guys last night after the match I heard Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were taking a flight to Vegas [Applause] for some meetings as far as I'm concerned I don't know if you guys agree with me or not but they can stay in Las Vegas because Brock Lesnar is no longer the reigning defending undisputed Universal heavyweight champion I am and I will do you one better I am the reigning defending and fighting undisputed Universal heavyweight champion and I am going to be a champion that everyone in this arena and everyone around the world can be proud of Oh [Applause] it's a new day Smackdown live with the new gay or in the house by Kofi Kingston Beaufort w champion [Applause] well guys it is the after WrestleMania surprises are supposed to happen tonight anything can and probably will happen tonight in Barclays Center as a new day just [Applause] [Applause] incredible moment last night at WrestleMania watching Kofi Kingston become champion [Applause] now Seth I can see the look on your face right now you seem real confused it's Monday yes it's not Tuesday you're right you're right but rest assured your eyes do not deceive you for tis your boys go and this this thing decide the super star shake up neither okay that's happening next week yeah yeah it's coming you see we're here on Raw because last night was cause for celebration and we just could not wait to Smackdown live oh no last night you became WWE Universal Champion when you defeated the Beast incarnate himself they don't like him you mean they don't like the last nerve and our brother Kofi Kingston DDR thinkable his dream would not be deferred when he won his first WWE Championship match in 11 years and became your German w/e were heavy way chef [Applause] he's going full speed impressive somewhat unsettling about that [Applause] okay okay so after my match I was in the locker room hanging out with my two sons watching the main event of Wrestlemania you know the one that was winner-take-all I thought that was a great idea for Becky Lynch wasn't it so what I'm saying is how about the new universal champion and the new WWE Champion have a winner-take-all match here tonight [Applause] now I know it seems like you and your boys the sealed anything anymore so so so no shield no new day just you and me one-on-one titled third title [Applause] [Applause] challenge accepted [Applause] are you kidding me Wow idea versus champion one night after both men won their respective championships its [Applause] welcome to Monday night speaking of winner-take-all the main event last night was historic the manfretti which in Ronda in the first-ever women's main event at WrestleMania the man is here live tonight and after emerging victorious in Kurt Angle's final we'll be here live on Monday Night Raw to celebrate his momentous three and ten Ryder and Hodgins pull off a miracle too the new raw tag-team Chibs take on the revival in a Wrestlemania rematch I cannot believe that Wallace has accepted the challenge of Kofi Kingston to go title for title here that I live on Monday Night Raw continue for the two men natives of Long Island New York winning the Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania last night then in her expression survival wrestlemania rematch coming up live next Hawkins and riders shock the tag-team division on Monday Night Raw winning the tag team titles over the revival and Renee Dawson and Wilder of the revival extremely upset about that you may want to bring prominence to the tag division for so long and they feel like losing to Ryder and Hawkins is a huge burn on their career actually there was a quote from the revival earlier today where Dawson said quote months of hard work rebuilding the raw tag team division flushed down the toilet by Ryder and Hawkins at WrestleMania what it was was a momentary lapse in judgment by the tag team champions at the time Dawson and Wilder the revival there was trickery involved Curt Hawkins played possum he pretended to be down and out and stole a pin that's what happened it was a fluke nothing more Ryder and Hawkins did everything that they had to lose in ten years since they've held the tag tails WrestleMania the grandest stage you think they're not going to pull out all stop this is not a side headlock on a rider to start the match maybe Wilder and Dawson underestimated Hawkins and Ryder a little bit I'm sure they would admit that they were as guilty of that much at WrestleMania that said they have the opportunity to recapture the raw tag team title right now again Cory you can sort of see why the revival would underestimate Hawkins and Ryder Curt Hawkins had a 269 match losing streak going into last night's matchup and there's Ryder with a close longer way to break that Street tag made here comes Curt Hawkins tandem offense covering up on Hawkins v Hawkins and a kick-out as talkin Zowie celebrating Cydia to watch baby shark with his daughter a little different from when they won 10 years ago while Wilder with that a forearm right to the jaw of Curt Hawkins we think about it though Hawkins and Ryder and what they pulled off last night at MetLife Stadium just across the river from Long Island where they were full of both brought up but both got into the wrestling business Rene together I mean what a great moment absolutely it's true met back in 2003 when they started training to be WWE Superstars 2015 into the tag team they've been working so hard for this moment and Austin up now Mamaki Curt Hawkins and the WWE Universe here tonight sold-out at Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York 15,000 741 WWE fans on hand for the law after WrestleMania got Dotson laying it in what an exciting night last night at WrestleMania at just an incredible moment a record seven Championships changed hands last night over 82,000 members of the WWE Universe on hand to witness all these title changes the entire landscape of WWE looks different this morning Curt Hawkins is feeling himself he needed that one where this might be the entire change for him oh well we kicked off Monday Night Raw tonight with a new Universal Champion Seth Rollins the new jaldi jaldi we Champion Kofi Kingston who need labour tied in a winner-take-all match in the new team champions Ryder and Hawkins involved in this match defending their titles against the revival oh and knee right to the spine fantastic teamwork and Down Goes Hawkins big uppercut by Dawson tag made here comes Wilder and here comes the classic tag-team style from the revival barn attack delivered perfectly here's the cover hook of the leg on Hawkins rider Hawkins defending their tag titles and later on tied still to come winner take all Rollins it tasted live and we are back live on Monday Night Raw the news raw tag team champions Curt Hawkins in the titles against the team they beat last night on WrestleMania over five it and here's Hawkins trying to make a tag rather makes the tag Grider firing all cylinders right now double knees to the chest of – Wilder there's a missile dropkick by zack ryder and ryder now face first go Scott Dawson and while the dose for the ride on the big back bodydrop right now new protecting chantry's think cage broski boot and there's the tag and another one to the other side by Ryder Hawkins now the legal man for the new tag team champion flopping the elbow to the chest here's the cuff to retain the gold count by Wilder a two near fall so if I were Jack Ryder I would have stayed in there I don't trust Curt Hawkins last night you got lucky but I can't be told me to like yeah I take Harkins play to tweak this hamstring when he came off the top rope that time and now trying to fire back up that's a high-risk maneuver doesn't always pay off the way you want it that's louder maybe it going on again Hawkins begging off big Hawkins was playing possum again and it nearly worked again he's been moving pretty solidly now pocket stack here comes that Ryder and now the tag team champions looking to double-team and beautiful got Dawson gets involved roll up roll up to the wall by Ryder a – I want a big clothesline now outside the ring Scott Dawson brainbuster to Hawkins spot that's it we're about to have new raw tag-team champions once again doesn't matter the model of top guys anywhere doing the tag team titles yet again hooks the inside [Applause] Dawson beside himself he was sure that the revival and recaptured the tag team title this is its Martha yet keep your emotions in check stay the course continue the beatdown on Zack Ryder and Ryder Hawkins still the raw tag team champions Dawson's honing in now revival extremely frustrated especially after what happened last night where we go doubled up Ryder Austin held on nothing with a rollup is this enough now to win the gold almost had him kick-out by Ryder go behind by Scott Dawson tag is made I don't think Dawson realized that Hawkins is legal realizes it now perhaps as he blasts him off the apron double tan shadow machine gives us the legal man okay [Applause] Kofi Kingston came to the Smackdown with his newly won WWE title any challenge set bronze the universal champion title for title winner take all five tonight nerve of Kofi Kingston in bay draw like this and last night it was winner-take-all at WrestleMania and the man emerged victorious Becky Lynch fit double chances live tonight in last night Kurt Angle as much ever you defeated by Barrett Worman Worman tears celebrate his victory ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce to you a former acting general manager of Monday Night Raw they golden gloves boxing champion a former United States Champion money in the bank winner the man who defeated Kurt Angle at his farewell match and favorite son baron [Applause] [Applause] gets longer and better Dave oh yeah very impressive resume boy that I went on the record last night insane what this man did WrestleMania was not to that matchup very Danny was going to do and be okay a champion and Olympic gold medalist one of the greatest destroy who you celebrate in a banquet hall you could celebrate in the hotel bar my gogo it was the ring of it handle his business besides you're talking about Brooklyn's favorite buns yeah they clearly love them thinking about renaming Junior's cheesecake to Barron's [Applause] I know I mean for a week [Applause] rade mark raucous crowd here the night after WrestleMania certainly opinionated always loud thank you I take that as a compliment I mean for weeks I've listened to all of you whine and cry that Kurt Angle deserves someone much better for his final opponent at WrestleMania and even though you guys didn't think that guy was me Kurt Angle did he chose me and I showed all of you that Kurt Angle doesn't deserve to be in the same ring is made [Applause] I think there's a smile the Baron Corbin space like an angry mob of the WWE Universe real classy New York real classy [Applause] from a bunch of dirty New Yorkers I thought he was Brooklyn's favorite son he is doesn't mean even with my long list of accomplishments I'm used to people doubting me and as usual I proved them wrong last night I proved that I am better than an Olympic gold medalist [Applause] and after that dominating victory you know what I feel like I deserve a gold medal of my own [Applause] [Applause] Uwe hall-of-famer all time greats to ever do it perfection they could change them here [Applause] you agree with Baron Corbin like a championship you beat the champion taking their time [Applause] no thank you this is very last night you were the better man and my career is officially over and yours yours is just getting started so I wish you all the luck in the world a classy gesture with a left-handed handshake by angle bad luck I take back everything I said about Kurt Angle's class and dignity Robbins you left a dance turn off those turn yet here's Gekko [Applause] it's baracy this is not fair to do two Brooklyn's favorite son [Applause] that encore send off last night at WrestleMania [Applause] god ladies and gentlemen we've been hearing about this bathroom to miss the most sought-after free agent in WWE history is marching to the way Donavan is a an unbelievable athlete hurt was he doing he 330 pounds with terrifying agility fists like cinder blocks [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] in the past they preferred to large Solomon as the freak freak of nature freak athlete by John Solomon on the top rope [Applause] thunderous headbutt to the heart of Kurt Angle [Applause] what pills the attacking Kurt Angle [Applause] they got hell of a man to stop Lord Sullivan that's just a list of what this man is capable of course all of us not a man large Sullivans a freak could take another look at this 300-pounder division the size of a skull of this man her beats up creepy they a two-night event between football expect a lot it's time to shake the the entire landscape of WWE changes it's the WWE superstar sheikha wall moments ago this man shook things up on Monday Night Raw the Marcel freak was unleashed upon WWE do you realize what this means with the looming superstar shake-up someone is going to land this look at the height look at the distance nearly 300 pounds launched Sullivan delivering a head but right to the heart of a falling Kurt Angle we once referred to him as the most sought-after free agent I don't think anything's changed I think it stopped just rose we're gonna find out next week whether Sullivan lands on a wall or Smackdown in these superstars shake up get it out of your system grave Alexa bliss was the most of Wrestlemania last night making history however she took to social media to issue a challenge mr. Ohio Thomas about let's go into social media today alleged social media after seeing all the action at WrestleMania says she want to issue her own challenge you know to shame Sasha banks and Bailey that he slaughtered and lost their titles but then again pretty sure I could beat Josh and Bailey Bailey it seems like a perfect opportunity absolutely nothing Alexa bliss can't expel at she was amazing as the haulage incident you see what she did with a snap of her fingers yeah was impressive it was magnificent right at the Hulkster which one's gonna answer the calls it gonna be Sasha banks is it gonna be Bailey [Applause] still excited about the greatest post ever Italy I don't think she really cares it was vicious wants to excel tonight but it back to the winning track tonight after her soccerway the economics comes back this is a long-standing rivalry a cup belly for the women's championship and Bailey's Holmes out of San Jose Calif very kind of link in those rooms earlier down at WrestleMania but this completely Monday night's the woman can win title she just can't keep up so here we go bailey and bliss one on one live on Monday Night Raw and bliss mocking Bailey obviously over the loss last night at WrestleMania family does not want to hear it right hand the bless them Bailey goes right out door Alexa blessed really understand as wheelset releasing her frustration on the goddess but home place face first off the top turnbuckle that often we see Bailey in a bad mood election [Applause] big right hand beautiful thought failing right in the face for that one right and was absolutely majestic in watching again right for the jaw of Bailey flexible s was so proud of the walk is the this is a goddess she prepared the greatest Pope ever in WrestleMania just like right now she's dominating Bailon is that Parisian that outlaw after mania is trending number one of the world's most most likely yes yeah look at blush go let my could be because Kofi Kingston in the nude a unceremoniously invaded Monday Night Raw could be because could be because there's a winner-take-all championship match later tonight I think it's probably cuz of the goddess and Bailey Alexa bliss slapping her right across the face life did it yesterday Alexa bliss did it tonight Alice has got such a mean spirit is a thing of beauty player says she has no sympathy but she doesn't have that either when you're a DD you don't require simple beauty he's just called her she's cheating that was that was tacky she wants to be a hero in the role model to the young women around the world she must have learned that from Sasha banks while doing anything she can to pick up the victory to the turnbuckle cover by Bailey think of his victory here in this matchup and Bliss grabs the bottom rope and the frustration continue it was magnificently ring awareness and a veteran maneuver growing to the outside but this is very impressive Bailey with a sunset flip into a powerbomb in the corners that I think it was an exercise in futility as Bailey just found out get toe of bliss is blue rate the mouth of Bailey plan a Bailey couple five less look of the way and with the wind Oh I asked you again is there anything in the world that this woman cannot do yet deny she's a very versatile player here he's more than a versatile player demons tonight from Alexa let's look at this right hand is that God has fun corked and drop Balian Bailey fought hard released her frustrations and this is a killer maneuver but it would not be enough to keep Alexa bliss down Spike's Bailey with a DDT three seconds later that goddess is celebrating at the raw after mania still to come tonight the double champ the woman who won winner-take-all in the main event Becky Lynch is here on Raw and I [Applause] tomorrow night EE championship celebration hosted by the new day smackdown live tomorrow night 8 7 central only MetLife Stadium record of 80 2,265 fans hands on the grandest stage of them all there was no shortage of memorable moments throughout the non-successful the doctor of fuckin knowledge returned court world the media love New York City is still buzzing about the man it's tough carrying around to champion car [Applause] take you back to MetLife Stadium great Navy night and WrestleMania Lynch Rousey one inch on stars in all of dummies of the law and SmackDown with its child bitches do it whatever get it off so that table [Applause] [Applause] innovation for feculent [Applause] it is absolutely amazing every person in this building is on their feet for the man unbelievable respect being shown tonight from the WWE Universe to the new double champion well you know nine years ago I worked in a bar not too far from here [Applause] wasn't 30w universe referring to the first-ever main event in WWE WrestleMania history for the women to you guys we did man [Applause] first ever WWE WrestleMania women's main event Benji to bounce Becky to bounce sounds like a t-shirt [Applause] started it's got an ice rink there you gotta admit so for months now for months that Ronnie and Rick's daughter went works talking about how their resumes were too strong for me it was all Olympics this and a time that you have C days and longer training that but a Wrestlemania when all was said and done this woman who walked in with nothing left with everything [Applause] so look look look I know I know I'm not the strongest fastest most the most athletic person in this company but I do as you are seeing [Applause] and I will tell you one thing leaving home at 15 years old looking to fight around the world taught me to be a master of one thing and that survivor so I will always persist I will always overcome and I will always find a way to win in the end [Applause] around the night you hear that Ronnie your little weirdo so whenever you're doing soakin and you wanna come back for more the model be here waiting to slop the empty head off your shoulders once again and as I asked for Charlotte I'm sure the McMahon family are probably just gonna hand her the Thai team titles or something to help her get over losing to me again but as for right here right now I know that women in both divisions have seen what's possible and they want after themselves by respecta I know I'm a marked woman or chose to remember I'm the redhead in leather with two shiny titles ready to slap the heads off y'all [Applause] in Hispanic statement by the law and Smackdown Women's Champion the fan history they perpetuate bang southern belle ourselves thank you fuckin up the broad street go back please how dare you use bark and Lacey in the same spot rain that's disgraceful she's a sassy southern belle she's a classy woman right top Becky Lynch [Applause] and back here's dr. pike here comes the man Becky Lynch going to let a girl AC Evanson look at Becky go Emma brawl is underway here on you get this pretty brazen act by lacing took a long hard look at Becky Lynch is championships and then solve the man in the mouth look at this those were thrown fights lacy Evans has taken down the champ and I'll Becky fighting back [Applause] you take note that Lacey's doing all this to the heels trying to drive her into the the screen now Becky Hawks go dilation Vicki let's looking for the disorder fire of a stage you see others doing all she can to swerve away [Applause] not sure this was the night to mess with the man lacy one of the champs attention she's certainly got it lacy Evans to mark down the rapid punch Becky and the face [Applause] while his nights of a year and tonight it's Dean Ambrose at fringe fest certifiable fat ass is former Intercontinental Champion Bobby last week it's winner-take-all with the universal champs despero's and WWE champ both be Kingston excuse me sir people are surprised even shocked that tonight's main event is winner-take-all why would you accept such a high-stakes challenge Charlie I accepted the challenge cos this is what I love this is what I live for I lived for the next challenge and look while I admire the fact the new day and Kofi showed up here got right up in my face and gave me the challenge man-to-man I'm also a little insulted because this is raw this isn't Smackdown this is my show and if you want to get up in my face you better be prepared to accept the consequences for your actions my look last night a Wrestlemania Kofi and I we had the biggest wins of our careers and now I know what Kofi Kingston is capable of he is capable of an A level performance but if he wants to step to me on my show and try to take what I have earned then he better be prepared to bring his a-game because B+ isn't gonna get the job done [Applause] for the one and only very first arrest hours ago if you truly believe this past Friday night at a cheap last moment they're tanning along with Alistair black entrance music along with fricassee they then certainly got a target on their back guys afraid but they show up week in and week out [Applause] turn your lights out in it this Wednesday how many of you guys have been affected by bullying before that's a lot of people a lot of us the WWE Boys and Girls Clubs of America are connected at the hip I went to a couple different boys in my childhood you know what I mean I have so many fond memories it's a family it's a place that I always felt safe back and being part of something so positive I'd say the main thing that I've learnt off it's great to me that we're doing be a star program in the first place in times when people are bullying others up change Assad's future go to bgca or and donate today after WrestleMania you know join our partnership for the National Boys and Girls Club we help us support lately tonight they look – right – shit roll earlier of jumping so now [Applause] on top by any means necessary things have been working out for them the right way champions this is the perfect way just so sure back on the winning track tonight against black and ricochet Alistair black and ricochet been on quite the role here in WWE as of late and Dutch destroyer will start things off against Chad gable it's a routine Gables point this would be a great way to sort of reset their status their career path at the moment by picking up a big victory being the ones to stop the momentum of ricochet and black and gable with the waistlock Kanawa working on the arm of Alistair Black is a prime example of what British and black have been able to do here making tag teams have to switch up their tactic and again with Hawkinson rider winning the tag team titles last night at WrestleMania set the reset Rickman and a kick-out interesting o contrast the style to cover here by on again and gable try to roll black over perhaps into a Boston Crab shoulders down kick-out by black oh look at that this is wildly up over the top and there's the trademark by Alistair black can the point I was making earlier is a rider and Hawkins beat the revival last night knocked off the revival again here tonight so all these tag teams jockeying for position of possible future tag team title opportunity nice takedown if I use his amateur wrestling background just riding Alistair black right now and wicked cross faces to the Dutchman yeah Chad gable one of those tag made to a Bobby Roode gabled very vocal about a Kurt Angle and what angles illustrious career meant to chad gable got imagine how fired up gable that's what large sullivan the freak did hear earlier – Kurt Angle now Bobby Roode the glorious one wanna champion around the world and with Mike to return to that level here on Monday Night Raw again you also got a wonderer with the superstar shake-up looming next week on both Raw and SmackDown will any of these tag teams be here on Raw next week could they be in the Smackdown mix of course the Usos retaining the tag team titles last night at WrestleMania will they even be tag teams could we have tag teams split up and have individual sense of the opposite tag ricochet now legal and there's the leap to Shea and Alistair black caught him in the midsection truck kick black cata gable with a kick I cannot wait for next week the superstars shake-up is one of my favorite meteora by black off the apron and now switch everything up ricochets welcome sir any of the tag teams are their division beyond tag teams even on an individual basis both ricochet announce two flags a couple pyrex a is a top pick out by Bobby Roode incredibly talented and capable performance in singles action performers in singles competition ricochet now this is smart just trying to wear down Bobby Roode and we talked so much about the high-flying ability of ricochet before you can get it done so many different ways in the ring we say a very talented grappler very Ava strike talented grappler right Renee but you can say never afraid to stand and throw hands with anybody as you can see right here ricochet with a back elbow the face of Chad Gable it was launched to the outside I think ricochets about to take flight gets involved with a cover and a kick-out by gable ricochet and Alistair black against Chad gable and Bobby Roode tag teams jockey for position here tonight remember Ryder and Hawkins brand-new tag team champions on Monday Night Raw on tag team division wide open right now both these teams vying for great flow by Chad gable they will just launch ricochet into orbit tossed Alistair out of the way to tables Rouge done a great job with cutting the ring in half ricochet night been unable to make a tag Alistair black and the one and only could really use it at the moment but here comes Bobby Roode had a double-team now by the glorious tag team of brood and gable and there's Bobby Roode with a high near I ended up with a wicked clothesline garter cover by Bobby Roode hook of the leg and a kick-out again you heard what they said before this matchup who are much more focused Gable and rude here tonight Ted Gable and Bobby Roode have reached the top of the mountain here on Monday night Rob they were the raw tag team champions they know what comes with that championship with that title they want it back they want it again tag made to gaben and routing table now doing a nice job keeping ricochet isolated and away from his tag team partner Alistair black there are a lot of perks that come with being a champion more so than just wearing a fancy title immediate better travel accommodation you make more money and being a champion is everything in your respective division why do you think the revival or so that they lost the tag team gold last night ricochet explosive offense but does they have enough to make a tag to his partner how's your lives ready to go gable looking for the tag darude Bobby Roode is ready here comes Alistair and here comes Bobby Roode's time to throw him Alistair black knocking room down and Blacula hands feet elbows knees Alistair black can strike it with just about anything and here's an example right now will is another chip up and now Alistair black off the lumps boat takes him out into the cover on moon hooks the leg kick-out by bobby ring and black is so much fun to watch daddy's about to get the job done their time to revamp every part of Alistair Black's body is a weapon Bobby Roode able to spy some respite momentarily but black to the middle rope now we clog up over-the-top Lanza off only God takes advantage shoulders down got it no how is black even Stein can't believe Alistair didn't just break his ankle that was nasty looking but adrenaline can make you do crazy things is the Bobby Roode check out a tune alistair black obviously a lot of flexibility in his lower legs all the years training as a kickboxer but yeah I'm surprised that uh he's still standing after that she had a strumpet Bobby ruble to escape but the tag is made ricochet legal and ret to say about to pick up the pace double team black chick right to the Year and like a shame twisting suplex into the cover by the one and only win this matchup is he hooks the leg and Chad cable breaks things up for his team Alistair spins gable to the outside able dragging him with a polite kid hard and now gable unloading with the right hands outside the ring meanwhile ricochet gonna perhaps climb up top no one does it better yet Bobby Roode though gonna meet ricochet there right hand right between the eyes of gable it was getting too close referee Connor didn't elbow ricochet ricochet still alive right now really can't believe it frustration perhaps setting in understandable gable and rude reverted to a shortcut did not pay dividend you heard what they said her right here whatever they need to do to win this could join ricochet is the nut by cable off the moonsault and black will save a man show ricochet Alistair black dangerously close to tasting defeats and I hear the raw after WrestleMania both man ducked out through the middle rope black hit hard on the back of his neck Gable now all along with ricochet on the inside both superstars legal roll through by cable and his feet however oh right to the jaw ricochets not human [Applause] and Bobby Roode from behind just drop ricochet [Applause] all very upset at the loss here tonight you heard what Reid and gable said earlier on they needed to hit the reset button they were going to do things to change things to try to get back in the hunt for the tag team titles but not what they were expecting here tonight Hooten get up wins you capitalize on opportunities I'm sure that was the intention tonight hasn't wanted only ricochet and again you have to have the question with a superstar shake-up coming next week on Monday Night Raw in down live well these teams even be together well thanks for joining us here tonight on the raw after WrestleMania Michael Cole Cory gray and Cory brigs sorry I have all confused Appel by WrestleMania which is an unbelievable surprise last night we've do the honors oh I was so excited news performance they got ruin out of eighty two thousand two hundred sixty plus fans you were the only one who see this manzanar day there knocked him to his word luckily I wasn't the only one unexcited for Elias neither was the Babe Ruth of WWE John Cena with a little throwback channeling the doctor of burns I'll give him that john cena with another memorable [Applause] last night I had the greatest performance planned for all of you and it was ruined by John Cena on his rap music if you even want to want to call that what he does music we actually do that in my sleep it's okay because tonight the McMahons have decided to give me plenty of time to perform my Rocco and I will show no mercy to anyone to any poor soul who decides to interrupt me I don't care if it's a legend a hall-of-famer someone from NXT or mr. McMahon himself if anyone interrupts me tonight there will be hell to pay [Applause] about to take one final trip to the asylum I do not believe that this is gonna be Dean Ambrose's laughs not charity well you're gonna have to believe it and I hope Dean is ready because there's a certifiable badass in bobby lashley waiting on the other side next [Applause] [Applause] you know what this is in WWE [Applause] and his opponent isn't a nasty mood continental championship last night at WrestleMania I weigh 260 pounds to ask you this has got to be a really odd situation for you your husband Dean Ambrose final match in WWE we've talked about this over the past couple weeks for the styling sinks in there really a emotional couple weeks we're a rush obviously somewhat distraught after the almighty losing his Intercontinental Championship after his encounter with the demon at WrestleMania [Applause] no single loss for words they were rare occurrence right man I'm able to muster up his thoughts at this moment [Applause] damn roses ready to fight not getting paid by the hour don't worry D when you're gone I'll make sure to take you your wife for you and Ambrose's are heard enough of that as he goes right after popping lastly we could blame this man it's bobby lashley trying to play mind games this Dean Ambrose now flows right out for Bobby Lashley and Dean Ambrose the lunatic fringe in his final match here ww-where he is taking it right to the Almighty Bobby Lashley Oh think as much of a match right now this is an all-out brawl this is what favors Dean Ambrose this is what the loonatics does best as Bobby Lashley is finding out firsthand ah now the high to get involved that he pays for it AB first into the barricade and Ally Ambrose taking this fight Lashley may read the fact that he incited an those eyes this match even started the belly don't believe so and I don't think Dean Ambrose is particularly concerned about it hey Bobby Lashley you keep my name out of his mouth Bobby Lashley nonetheless is trying to take out your husband and lastly driven into the LED board oh right and pose Bobby Lashley understandably crossed the line Ambrose took it personal but this is the last time we see Dean on Monday Night Raw this is a guy Dean Ambrose certainly gonna be memorable he's got a lot of things in mind here and one can only imagine and out Leo rush getting in fall right here at the announce table that's not gonna work out well Leo taking off [Applause] – wait [Applause] a thunderous spear by lastly on the stage lastly now furious [Applause] look at this gain on the face for me Bobby Lashley ribbond Dean Ambrose to our announce table [Applause] Yeah right [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] now ladies and gentlemen as they attend to Dean Ambrose we turn our attention tonight to the winner-take-all match we're at WWE Champion Kofi Kingston who invaded Raw will take on Universal Champion Seth Rollins its title for title tonight sugar surgery let's heard come Monday Night Raw live [Applause] storing alive time to shake things up where will the superstars of law and Smackdown live [Applause] landscape of WWE changes its the WWE superstar she kept me study much money on law and continues next Tuesday on Smackdown live only on you WrestleMania was great last night huh well where were you what have you been [Applause] stick [Applause] Mojo's got a bit of an image problem obviously Bob himself welcome back Sami Zayn [Applause] torn rotator cuff [Applause] today grinning from ear to ear Stanley is excited to be back [Applause] [Applause] I was going singing along come on call [Applause] thank you [Applause] Sammy's name is backpack quite sure we'll be seeing a young what happened to her husband Dean Ambrose moments ago Dean has been taken to the back for medical attention [Applause] hehe humming around a little while so just in case you forgot my name is Sami Zayn and you know what they say if you're gonna miss WrestleMania young may as well come back the night after WrestleMania so this is gonna be hard to believe but my schedule is wide open and I could really go for a match right now what do you say boys any superstars in the back little natural Sami Zayn come on now don't be shy now that one's down guys [Applause] little champion once you're gonna get the night equip bobby lashley at moments ago feeling quite the opposite [Applause] he can chew on his first night back in the ring [Applause] ladies and gentlemen I've just been informed that this mattress now for the Intercontinental Championship and we're back on Monday Night Raw listen to that dump you in a continental championship match Finn Balor defending against Sami Zayn returning to the ring for the first time in ten months after double shoulder surgery also returning to our announced desk Renee young Renee the question is how is your husband Dean Ambrose I don't think I should talk about it all right on to the match oh okay so nonetheless Intercontinental Championship the title that finn bálor won last night as the demon at WrestleMania against Bobby Lashley and this takes some guts quarry to put your title on the line 24 hours after wedding it certainly does but the demon was nothing short of dominant against Bobby Lashley the almighty had no idea on a song the enigmatic demon Sami Zayn familiar with Finn Balor these two have a long history of traveled the world together competed against once and up once competed against each other I'm in day 3 here this is a dream matchup for Sami Zayn though I mean returning back from 10 much from the ring the night after WrestleMania this is huge we can walk away the new Intercontinental Champion came out here just asking for a match and received an Intercontinental Championship opportunity I mean this is a best-case scenario for a returning superstar see how it feels to be in the ring I mean you got to imagine what cut what state he's gonna be in another question in wonder if there's gonna be any ring rust on Sami Zayn obviously no ring rust on Finn Balor after his performance last night Finn Balor is absolutely at the top of his game right now hey Cory you know we talked about this a little bit last night at WrestleMania when Roman reigns was in his first one-on-one match and over six months in his victory over drew McIntyre but for Sami Zayn ten months on the shelf you come back to this big match tonight how do you know if you're ready for I think in a way Sami Zayn wanted to test himself he didn't ask for an Intercontinental Championship opportunity he didn't challenge a heavyweight champion Sami Zayn's just kind of wanted to get his legs back underneath I'm sure he's been training home if I spent some time at the W Performance Centre getting his ring shape back getting his wind-up a little bit but there's really no way of knowing for sure until you're competing at the highest let's not forget that Sami Zayn has been being a doing this for the better part of his whole adult life with his instincts just have to kick in right tell you firsthand you never lose your instinct but you lose your wind you lose your breath it's amazing how quickly you can fall out of ring shape and any superstar on the roster sometimes if three weeks off can be your worst enemy somebody like finn bálor he's doing such incredible shape he's always at the top of his game Sammy Zana with you follow him on social media did a lot of touring of the wheels while he was out recuperating from his injuries I went hiking in Switzerland traveled all over Europe Shane's been traveling all over for over a decade now but to keep arms rag doll or not picking up the pace with Sami Zayn can hang with Finn and Sammy sent outside the ring and out Finn Balor whoa the outside as well through the second rope in agility could have been a lot worse for the Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn's gonna go big upon his return you show us how Sammy's feeling look down he's feeling it reveal himself a new dance moves dance similar to that Finn doesn't look impressed he's having a little fun in this match for the Intercontinental Championship here live on Monday Night Raw the raw after wrestlemania sold out tonight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn fifteen thousand seven hundred forty-one WWE fans on hand then hanging on tight to this side headlock then same reaction force ambivalence in his music yeah look at this capacity crowd here tonight in Brooklyn the New York City area been a tremendous host all of Wrestlemania week and look at kick right on the button I was nasty into the cover cover by the champion kick-out by Zayn at – sucks to get booted in the face when you have him for ten months take another look at this watch the impact great height and boom right on the side of Sammy jaw and fin very wisely now working on the shoulder of Sami Zayn fins really gonna test to see how filled Sami Zayn is surgically repaired both left and right shoulders where Sammy but been doing a very very smart veteran thing right now and look at Balan Allen control the arm of a Santa Jane and again the both rotator cuff underwent surgery ten months ago and it's been a long road back for Sami Zayn into your point Cory tremendous strategy here by the champion Sami Zayn after being surgically repaired could be stronger could be better than ever that says the opposite could also hold true Finn is trying to figure out which way stand he's feeling tonight ten months on the shelf that song he was just at home treatment we've already said he's been traveling the world he been all over the place don't think he's out that much rest and same back to his feet backs the champion into the ropes which will force the break here sometimes it Oh shot by Sammy and how Sammy Hogan this aggression from Sami Zayn realizes the opportunity he has against the air content champion they you're absolutely right cold said he would hate to squander after tea on it's unexpected as it may have been standing would love to leave Barclays Center tonight is the new Intercontinental Champion on his first night back while WrestleMania last night we had a record seven Championships changed hands hoping to capture a little bit of that residual WrestleMania magic tonight definitely in the air here tonight there's the base that dropkick Cox and he's saying right on the top of the forehead and Balor uses his time perhaps to recuperate a little bit double leg takedown out of the chest same feelings and pains McDouble stuff and a knife edge chop from the intercontinental champ you see the expression on Sammy's face that's a welcome back for you yeah Finn with another one Danny whipped into the corner this time the top blocked kick right to the hand and Sandy gonna climb the ropes maybe Sammy is a step or two often his last Oh the last time we saw valor was able to get out of the way Oh Oh check by Fowler [Applause] tomorrow night Kofi Kingston returns to smack mad l9 tomorrow night 8 7 central only on us a low-key celebration on Smackdown of course contingent that he win the winner-take-all match against Seth Rollins tomorrow night that could be Seth Rollins celebration the way things are going fine here's Upton powered Intercontinental Championship on the line against us Sami Zayn here in this impromptu matchup the match between oh my Santa win the title or an incredible return it could be for Sami Zayn to leave Brooklyn's the new Intercontinental Champion and I do want to point out that the match between Coby and Seth WWE Championship vs. Universal Championship winner take-all is tonight in our main event on Monday Night Raw live from Barclays Center in Brooklyn to imagine what a homecoming it would be super stupid superstars shake up next week is in Montreal Sami Zayn's hometown beer here will bring an Intercontinental Championship home by ballot not if this keeps up into hiding Sami Zayn into the corner and Sandy's in the drop zone sandy they look a little more tentative than we remember him but that could cost them right now [Applause] in Balor nearly lost his Intercontinental Championship exploder into the turnbuckle yeah that rate their classic Sami Zayn finn bálor could be the owner very soon of a 24-hour Intercontinental title rain and glory that that exploder suplex into the corner sets up the Illuma kick out of the way just in time Sami goes down hard Balor up top to take cover here by Balor to retain the Intercontinental title and he does it [Applause] certainly not the Ritz hit the first night back on the job Sami Zayn at hope for finn balor knows he was in a vice a big win for Finn and the balance world in Brooklyn is the closing moments to live a check nest infinite across right to the midst the sternum of Sami Zayn and Bala retains incredible 24 hours a disappointment on his return though without a doubt for Sami Zayn [Applause] yeah you know I I i really thought coming out of here tonight would cure what ails me all it did was reinforcing what I've realized over the past nine months it genuinely seems like you miss me [Applause] I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart I honestly did not miss any of this [Applause] of you [Applause] yeah so it turns out WWE is a super like toxic environment ha ha yeah it's not because of the McMahons and it ain't because of the other WWE superstars it's because of this audience as your ugliness [Applause] lady let me be honest I live a very meaningful and fulfilled life I'm quite happy but your lives see so auntie and so devoid of any kind of meaning that the only joy you get it's not even from coming out and enjoying the shows as fans you only get joy and satisfaction out of being critics you want to know why that is born you wanted to lie it's cuz it's the only thing that gives you any sort of sense of self-importance you judge everyone and you judge everything except yourselves you want to know why that is it's cuz none of you have the balls to look inside yourself because you know the ugliness and the cynicism that exists since idea just so bloody delusional it's hilarious you really think you guys are like the voice of reason you really think you guys are like the voices that shit be heard no seemingly overnight you have become the evil overlords of WWE Sami Zayn has been about one thing his entire career and his entire life and that is doing what is right and now the right thing to do isn't to come back and save WWE and it's not to come over thank you and take over the job udemy the right thing to do is to come out here every single week and hold each and every single one of you accountable because nobody else will see you in hell [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] for WWE now live but we're sold-out at Barclays Center with Monday Night Raw fifteen thousand seven hundred forty one government only me fans in the house to celebrate Becky Lynch women's championships last night before she was interrupted by the sassy southern belle lacy evidence lacy Evans would make her way to ringside and confront the new double champion thank take notice of Lacey taking a long hard look at both the Raw and Smackdown women's championships before delivering this OH hellacious right hand to the jaw of the man but Lacey would not escape unsafe thick unscathed and Lacey pongpat these women's who right that right hand but Becky Lynch and Lacey with alcohol on the stage on Tanya lacy episode some ducks here tonight that challenged the man Lacey Evans wanted to get the attention of the champion she did just that it nearly cost her her left arm as Becky Lynch was looking for the disarm her but either way the sassy southern belle just became very familiar with the man Wow Becky Lynch's title reign is off to a wild start and would see the entire women's division on both Raw and SmackDown are looking for Becky Lynch to Sarah no disrespect I just wanted to make a quick declarative statement congratulations to Becky Lynch the new Raw and SmackDown Tam the champs him and from what we saw earlier tonight with Lacey Evans there is a line forming of women looking to challenge Becky Lynch now I can't say I'm in the front of that line but I certainly am NOT in the back of the line anymore and if there's an opportunity for me in that title picture I am going to seize that moment and what that being said congratulations to Becky Lynch [Applause] Dayna book the ticker-tape parade or what ladies and gentlemen Elias [Applause] finally [Applause] hello I am Elias the last night John Cena ruined my WrestleMania for the second year in a row but I promise you one year from now it will be a different story so you are all supposed to get the performance of my life but instead you were subjected to the doctor of saga na mcc's and let me just say as a man who is infinitely talented and can play any instrument John Cena is no musician he's no artist though he is a selfish insecure fake humble piece of garbage who is riding the coattails of elias's popularity and you all saw it last night [Applause] but in the spirit of Brooklyn and the spirit of what happened I am going to show everyone right now just how pathetic just how easy it is to rap I mean I don't even need my guitar so let's see I'm sick of John Cena WWE I'm your biggest star but if you want the doctorís economics well then guess what Elias is gonna rap a few bars John brought out the golden shovel even though I can't be buried that's what you do I'm sitting here holding up three fingers John the middle one is for you every superstar wants to make their name on a lion I get it you're a fan but mark my words the next one to interrupt me is a dead man [Applause] Oh sir this can't be happening [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Brooklyn Devils door boy [Applause] can't seriously be considering this [Applause] rias's should've kept walking [Applause] straight the hell from the Phenom well they're gonna take those done yet and from the golden shovel to dig in a grave all I said anyone who ever locks today is gonna have hell to pay think that applies the devil himself and I'm pretty sure last then he would be a dead man and in fact he was right it's about that happen [Applause] piledriver [Applause] ceremonial burial and it was the closest thing to me under Tilikum yards winner-take-all with the universal champ Seth Rollins from Louisville si starting next Monday a two-night event between both expect our live it's time to shake and smack there live [Applause] the entire landscape of WWE changes its the WWE Superstar she comes tundish money in law continues next Tuesday on Smackdown live only on USA context is a winner-take-all WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Universal Champion Seth Rollins [Applause] the stakes could not be any higher Kofi Kingston speaking of 11 years to get to this moment puts everything on the line you think maybe cope you want to savor the big victory at WrestleMania last night rather than defend his newly won championship yeah you think Kofi might have just waited tell you what Smackdown where it belongs anyways understandable Kofi feeling the elation the excitement big WWE Champion for the first time in his career they have to question the challenge he issued Seth Rollins is riding the same wave of momentum Seth Rollins had to overcome the Beast incarnate yesterday at WrestleMania we have to realize that this matchup is shocking to all of us I don't think anybody expected to ever see a matchup this big let alone tonight on Monday Night Raw look we saw the women did last night at WrestleMania women tear winner-take-all with her on Smackdown attempted to do it back to back your Monday night isn't crazy this could have been a Wrestlemania Tampa Bay next year but instead it's the night after WrestleMania I see these opportunities both these men Kofi Kingston Seth Rollins or just so hard for this well guys you guys wanna talk about controversy and the shaking things up well starting in Montreal on Monday Night Raw and next week an entire night be spat down live we're gonna shake things up with this superstar shake up the entire landscape of WWE will change next week superstars lip smack now will come to raw superstars some law will go to SmackDown both of these championships will have new Senate challengers potentially these tag teams to be broken up it can change the landscape of everything introducing first representing the new day [Applause] and his opponent from Davenport Iowa weighing in at 217 pounds he is so you this verso Champion Seth room [Applause] so here we go high-stakes matchup WWE Champion Seth Rollins versus high stakes it can't get any higher than this goal Universal Championship on the line WWE Championship on the line in one match winner take off this is the scenario headlined WrestleMania that we would ever see that much less the day after WrestleMania are you gonna sit here we go now Kofi Kingston Seth Rollins winner take off Rollins Universal Champion Kofi Kingston WWE Champion one of these two men will carry both titles at the end of the night tonight now bold of Kofi Kingston to walk in your enemy territory and challenge a champion look at what's at stake I mean last night we finally got one woman that holds both the Smackdown and Raw Women's Championship tonight one man will be both Universal and WWE Champion and Kofi Kingston looking a where's Seth Rollins down early part of this matchup sold-out fifteen thousand seven hundred forty-one WWE fans at Barclays Center in Brooklyn looking to witness history is Rollins with a side headlock takedown of Kingston I'm curious to see what sort of physical condition Seth Rollins is in after the beating the mauling he took at the hands of the Beast yes night his strategy of Lesnar to attack rounds before the matchup even started neither one Daniel Bryan though these men can be anywhere near moving not only physically but emotionally there's the shoulder tackle by Rollins now they give it won't be nice leapfrog and then another one the great athleticism Kingston easy delivers the elbow to Rollins have a great deal of Kobe looking to end this one early with the SOS not so quick with Seth Rollins that went for the rip Courtney trouble in paradise missed by Kingston Kingston rolls out of the way oh she was ready for that stalemated his widow take all champion versus champion live on Monday Night Raw high stakes coffee gets to the WWE Champion from Smackdown live against the universal champion Seth Rollins from Monday Night Raw Kofi Kingston showed up here tonight had the audacity to challenge Rollins to a winner-take-all champion versus champion match the two most prestigious titles in WWE history being defended simultaneously winner take all the states cannot get any higher than they are right now in this matchup both these physical wrecks after last night's batch up the emotional rollercoaster that both of these men went through and out 24 hours later defending their titles here on Raw Kingston top rope beautiful drop kick right to the chest poke bend down critical moment of this match now with both championships on the line winner take all it's absolutely amazing astonishing that in two nights the entire landscape and title picture of WWE has changed last night we saw Becky Lynch capture the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championship tonight either Seth Rollins or Kofi Kingston can achieve the same feat in the men's division Rollins lands on his feet Kofi misses wild there's a step up into Geary by Rollins and he's gonna roll Kofi up here shoulders down and a kick-out at two near fall for the Universal Champion what a night for Rollins last night to finally slay the beast Brock Lesnar and I'm going to burn it down again here tonight and I wonder Seth Rollins is not just putting on a little bit of a front here because he suffered collision caught him shoulders down to win the universal title and a kick-out by Rollins [Applause] Dan's allowance up cover again by Kingston to win both championships here tonight a kick-out at two graves you mentioned it before we both these men were just in battles 24 hours ago and their bodies got to be worse for wear I can't believe a lot of things that have happened tonight I can't believe we just saw the Undertaker I can't believe either Kofi Kingston or Seth Rollins is going to leave tonight as a double champion I can't believe Lacey Evans confronted the man Becky please Sami Zayn is back it has been a wild night as expected and delivered upon the raw after WrestleMania and Kofi Kingston looking to take it high-risk go be going up to the top rope rather gingerly after the match oh look at Rollins gonna meet him there though and Seth Rollins now we're gonna put Kofi Kingston away Kofi final the top rope to the floor the Wallaces hurt Seth Rollins crashed and burned from incredible Heights and Kofi what the hell are they doing here they're attacking the WWE that takes ten they're on Smackdown live with superstars Jacob thought till next week and I'll set Rollins into the Rena doing the right act or Sheamus and Cesaro chances are just robbed at WWE universe of an incredibly high stakes matchup the night after WrestleMania now they're beating the hell out of both champions the bar assaulting lies poppy busted back into the lane there's a long history between Kofi Kingston in the new day in the bar Seth Rollins oh my pals got caught up in all of it a little s the WWE Champion and a universal champion I mean one of the bar looking to accomplish aside from spoiling it for the WWE you never know and also spawned a perhaps for Kofi Kingston I know what's wrong with you you interrupt a match like that [Applause] hey we finished that some other time [Applause] but right now I had a bone to pick with the bar if you're down calm down you two first meet Kofi Kingston right there right now Challenge has been issued will Sheamus and Cesaro accept that you to back down from a fight it looks to be that way now split incredible well plot against a large in Kingston University an adult 'totally champion joining forces here tonight on Monday Night Raw tensions incredibly high Rollins and case then look at the work as a team the universal champion now obviously visibly upset that the bar ruined us such a high high stakes matchup Oh apron but incredible power of the Swiss sideboard but here comes the WWE champ and Kofi Kingston gonna pay for this team action live bourbon on USA we are back live on Monday Night Raw in part to tag-team matchup Kofi Kingston the WWE Champion from SmackDown against you in Universal Champion Seth Rollins from raw against the bar here tonight few moments ago it was winner-take-all Rollins and Kingston defending against one another it was that made their appearance and spoiled that matchup for the entire WWE Universe excluded here at Barclays Center who are incensed at the actions of Sheamus and Cesaro history between the balls they must be so mad at all this engine to coat the kids me gave me darling cover hook of the leg on Rollins catch out a two and a half understandably the bar upset they failed to capture the smackdown tag-team titles at WrestleMania yesterday long history with the new day and a cover yes lives to sorrow ha growl so gonna patent the Universal champion a huge change up here we thought we're gonna be seeing one man both championships not the case anyone the bar seemingly feeding off the disdains in the live crowd here at Barclays center every time the crowd chants listen a step up the inspection from Sheamus and the Celtic Warrior now just enjoying inflicting punishment on Seth Rollins who's still obviously feeling the effects from the brutality of the Beast incarnate Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania at a raucous crowd all night long the law after WrestleMania sold-out Barclays Center in Brooklyn Rollins trying to fight his way back into this thing needs to make a tag to Kofi Kingston rapid-fire knife edge stuff from the beasts lair Oh Seth said he wants to be that Fighting champion I'll take out a fight bring it Seth Rollins accepted any sort of challenge he accepted Kofi's challenge for the winner-take-all and in the middle of that matchup accepted a her a challenge the bar to a tag-team match it soared through the sky Kofi Kingston gotta be running on adrenaline after a grueling Battle of Daniel Bryan yeah the bar among the many teams to us stood at Kofi Kingston's way as he made his way to the TT totally championship opportunity at WrestleMania at WWE Fastlane that Sheamus and Cesaro quite simply mugged Kofi Kingston stood in the way of Kofi's road to Wrestlemania as a roadblock James – now maybe with a measure of revenge if he gay and Seth Rollins can topple Sheamus and Cesaro oh he's eaten up the crowd here tonight yeah Kofi all fired up measuring this ban looking for trouble in paradise Sheamus though oh here comes Kofi with cover can he do it Cesaro saving the matchup bulldogging his way into the pile stopping the pinfall attempt and there goes the beastslayer to the outside taste it now dumping the Swiss cyborgs to the outside what is Koki gonna do heading up to the top he's thinking big no sin by the bar who are the most powerful the roster Seth Rollins suicide died taking out Cesaro and Sheamus Kofi Kingston now willing his way back up to the top once again will this time be the charm for the new WWE Champion Sheamus gets the shoulder up it takes there was half a second away from picking up a victory and look at this once again Rhodes throwing caution to the wind coming to the aid of Kofi Kingston who lowitz earlier was Rollins opponent now tag team partners fighting the common enemy of the bar fresh anis to try to pin the WWE Champion and a kick-out by Kofi tag to Cesaro we have to derail the momentum Kofi Kingston has felt took they carried him through WrestleMania last night and the double pane and the bar looking to take out Chang stood here on Raw Seth Rollins tackling Sheamus into the pile and breaking up the cow great strategy by Sheamus the Celtic Warrior trying to play defense to allow Cesaro and execute the pinfall but yes this is a physical as any match can get look into the lane haha what a super tech not Chavous silly do it down goes the Celtic Warrior this swiss cyborg still in control could be there thinking about the neutralizer that's the Saros finishing maneuver shoulders down on Cokely gonna try to step Oh swing time Kofi holding on for dear life oh it's not cradle my takes them down kick-out by Cesaro WWE Champion just firing all cylinders right miss me the tag set braless is legal father Wow here comes the stop the bar set up the challenge is when central has burned it down let me tell you WH ship in Kofi Kingston amazing performance tonight by Seth Rollins considering the beating that Brock Lesnar impose last night at WrestleMania the same respect needs to be shown at Kofi Kingston after just capturing his WWE Championship who were these fighting champions standing alongside one another a tremendous show of respect by Rawlings and Kofi Kingston as we show you the closing sequence in this matchup Wow it's making the tag Kofi Kingston would deliver food trouble in paradise and Seth Rollins with a monstrous drop that down I cannot wait until Kofi Kingston celebration at his WWE Championship win alongside new day tomorrow night on Smackdown live but it is the dawn of a new era the new Universal champion the new WWE Champion standing side by side


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