WWE RAW 10 June 2019 Highlights HD – WWE Monday Night RAW 6/10/19 Highlights HD

WWE RAW 10 June 2019 Highlights HD - WWE Monday Night RAW 6/10/19 Highlights HD

tonight a global stage take center stage is about epic battles unfinished business the power to be positive empires are like I'm gonna beat some respect into you and making history most dominant forces for the first time ever it's just the tip of the iceberg [Applause] super super showdown could be put to the test tonight we know that set this Bank up to be the fighting champion that he promised to be buddy in the bank Lester that was earlier this week Monday night this percent as he possibly can be but we're about to find out if that's even close to possibly Baron Corbin christened himself a dream crusher intend on stopping Seth Rollins three Arabic announce page can't have a potential Brock party without some special guests as a special request allow me to introduce it is a point [Applause] back in 2015 in a match at Brock Lesnar in roman region tonight they meet for the universal title career and life for the past several weeks and I'll be interested to see a pope just like that if if he goes to make the fight to Corbin Seth Rollins with a knee to the midsection before his ribs also a banged-up risk Lester look to cash in on Corbin he was your first Jordan and fighting and defending his championship but it's right to the ribs of Rollins he feels like he's got this thing won no doesn't want to let himself that offense is based around that take away the ability to who face from the Baron Corbin cares about nobody but himself he's going to show no mercy here tonight be by bare injured Rollins was sitting here trying to intimidate the offense for air and look at Baron Corbin just using his chin ISM every we also have brought gloves to make it abundant Lesnar is lurking somewhere is Corbin delivers career Tapani did win a fatal four-way eliminate of this matchup oh wow Rollins able to let the step-up enziguri truck to try to keep Corbin down Ron does have this stuff in his arsenal will Rollins have enough to execute that name the very spirited champions and dollars the swing blade and dad goes corded enough to finish the job side call it shut him up once and for all here tonight Rome and there's Collins almost Hanafy WWE fans here at supers Joe down W in universe up moved our way a carbon caught it with an elbow the banged up problems Baron Corbin obviously thought the officials count was slow but I have certainly got up but quickly back to his feet the leg of the universal Championship at a near fall again [Applause] frustrations caused him to squander days over by the beasts lair set wallets super showdown let's get to it [Applause] to the first [Applause] down here look go time now jimmy and jey know what stands in front of them and their politics we're gonna tag two sets of tag team specialists the revival as well Cory over the past couple of weeks you try to get a championship matchup and the raw tag team champions how they're looking on one of these teams could be next in line you come between both teams through their cousin Roman right yeah and they have not freaked out [Applause] today certainly with the upper hand to the early capacity crowd here tonight now the legal man the revival doing wouldn't ring to the revival and again Tag Team Champions the Usos of course they want to be in that same conversation they want to be the first pallet Dawson and Wilder so technically supreme pression lake in the risk tape across the eyes at Jimmy O so WWE Universe looking on we're eight minutes away from losing a broadcast colleague Pat map Deepika knew so definitely trying to make a tag Jimmy space except opening here the WWE Universe food with the momentary hesitation by Jo soak up a Wilder knocked off the top and now the use shows that's Wilder on the outside trying to reach strategize over well once again backing it up nobody homes got dog they use they've got a legitimate gripe but five foster very cagey work by – Wilder on the outside herself in position to the face Dawson though caught this one pink Wilder [Applause] tonight jimmy and jey who so pleased to be the better team alright but this other big match coming up we got Triple H taking on Randy Orton but there is another matchup on the card that I think will be equally as nostalgic the Undertaker going up against Goldberg it is going down for the first time ever take the ring together but now that it's all happening tonight at the super showdown everybody enjoy the show it is now time for our second championship matchup of the evening then this stage Super Show damages by defeating the Intercontinental Champion see that side of his personality it mentioned the level of respect it takes for Findus summoned the demon and this is for the Intercontinental Championship he pins our one-on-one a couple of months ago we saw the damage he was able to do defend but then the battle where you see one that would be intimidated by the light to stand in the ring across from the demon look at the super stoked I tried to make him submit yeah I think the demons in the head of every superstar back there in the locker room – I completely agree yeah and here's Finn Balor now off the edge by ondraw Styles and it's on display here tonight lows on the top rope and riding a third-generation a great deal of success in Japan Iceland suit Balor Oh for the Intercontinental title and a kick-out a tremendous rivalry with Suns Riley got in mind here Oh Balor hit hard a draughty cover in a kick-out Andrade Oh kicked by Balor right on the chin to his feet but he was stunned by that dropkick by power pallor since Andrade over the top rope and the demon flies and Down Goes Andrade demon flying to the outside nasty crash landing on top of Andrade the title and a kick-out by a Drogheda slayblade this time Balor looking to rally back to his feet Andrade now across the ring right across the back of the neck the demon seal championship right here tonight at super showdown I'd riding to the top rope looking to put him away moonsault landed on his feet over now pallor hood pulled himself back the demon back of the neck of Andrade we're now to close the deal and retain it and dropped Andrade's turn double deeper here hammerlock DDT championship to come out of Pato as the demon is able to stay alive in this match who has the tricks left up their sleeve trotting got him weary watch it drives him into the court [Applause] [Applause] look at the confidence on the face of the best in the world about the family that pays your bills grenade they need to give some of that money Shane McMahon beat the entire field as a replacement ladies gentlemen introducing booting this man Shane McMahon calls his friend McIntire came to WWE to eliminate the places he's having Shane McMahon by your side can only help your call games not gonna bode well for the big dog here comes up Big Dawg Roman reigns is all business and the situation is what type of shape is Roman reigns in can he be a hundred percent tonight his friend making his way to the word famous shane mcmahon will do anything any the Scottish psychopath lurking at ringside this could get out of hand in a hurry one-on-one heretofore showdown right out of a gated mcintyre running it downs you were talking about earlier knowing that Shane is Charles Robinson Spock it has nothing in a quote unquote illegal holder situation a man who once eliminated 12 men shane mcmahon now exploiting the damage already caused can't post it on the other side of the ring it dropped out shane grew up in this business he knows a lot of dirty tricks and this goes back to the steel cage matching a lot in that match up in there be that he slipped away from the men's but nonetheless that tonight it's about Roman reigns and showing a cell and go through the announce table he's jumped off a titantron before Oh father in the there's a back elbow Shane McMahon now with the the blows the cross faces to reigns and I'm not saying it wasn't disrespectful I'm not saying the man should have struck the chairman of the company Betty Betty's that he believes he truly is the best in the world extremely impressive the universal champion travels with his title he has Roman reigns grounded the chin lock has Roman reigns in trouble Branagh where Roman reigns down Roman takes everything very personally I do understand that I respect fine fight both physically she's taking down this out great wherewithal by the best in the world just to put this pass in front of his foot Romans fading he's got to try to power straight to Roman reigns what if anything does Roman reigns have left to tire so dangerous and again Oh the psychopath look out guys veteran maneuver despite the fact that she has been you know manipulating some of the walls with that he was going to take out loans I'm going to stay there long that was a great effort by Shane to the match but come on he had no business beating Roman reigns the issue for Roman reigns two weeks from Sunday and McEntire is still feeling thanks to Roman reigns McMahon on top of Roman reigns and they decisive victory hop down tonight disturbing enough to get a glimpse into the mind of the Freak is downright terrified from this man a one-man wrecking crew said the magic work as a freak and that has boiled over a place to a former United States with the likes of a misdeed possessed by lower self is powerful he's quick he's agile very intimidating presence and look at this to Callisto hosed off the top which I would not assume Sullivan would make easier for them I don't know what match you're watching about the stack the power again so quickly large Sullivan just changes a day knows exactly what he's gonna do next yeah something Hannibal Lecter dreamed up in a lab – stop oh we just Frankenstein's monster with dr. Frankenstein's it it's a less mouth the taste is all bloody and grab that – little gonna change your complexion a little bit try to use me this quickest possibility of a Callisto I believe blue – house party you're gonna pay whatever is left inside but good uncomfortably watches the destruction jewelers Sullivan is gonna head up to the top row 30 down and his legs are tied up and obvious to Solomon and Sullivan's in trouble the lucha house party better yeah grandma Nellie oh my god and now kalisto in its destructions over yet we could be here all night Sullivan just and it's obvious party Lynch a Dorado was caught in midair and now Platt and smelling the lucious here tonight to shore Fyre Hall of Famers for their individual accomplishments [Applause] he would go on to form his own group and become one of the greatest of all time runner stays ready 24 7 365 but he had read about Hunters third generation superstar his dad from the ground up it would look exactly like Randy Orton [Applause] the game is is what three stages of Hell in a major treatment rep max at the date of champion and tonight marks the first time triple H is in action made it what it is today but tonight it is not about that it is about doing battle on a grand stage then he told Randy lock up matchup underway here tailing the Viper right now that could be what is obsessing over to make no mistake about be a huge victory for Randy not in the ring full-time be careful because just like Orton's waiting 404 H able to counter as well sim that when they talk about the great champion E there's always the mention of 13 World titles when I think that sit around and tell everybody I'm boast about how awesome he's been it's about as Triple H is Center cluster ring shoulder tackle takes down over Randy Orton Oh Telegraph that looks for the pedigree then almost a decade and both looking to out think one another and hush Oh Triple H in the face what about the momentum that Triple H must be riding achieve the amazing physical condition that the game keeps him in as in his mind as he now begins to widen out again the shoulder off the poor the bell even rang I assure you the game was thinking weakest Tony on the Viper serious serious pain outside and Triple H's now in deep trouble if that went hard and now Randy Orton watch Randy tried to reverse apps at WWE showing you I to punch complete submission hold the gun his opponent small digits Randy Orton thing maximum damage all Viper for the past you may be a much better ring to dish Triple H is fading fast years and years ago and Randy Orton's become his own suitor a decade apart I mean that could very easily come into play here oh there you go bending the rules a little bit slow methodical strategic okay you're not gonna see Randy Orton you're a Triple H it's almost executing a game plan by the ABC at any moment you think of a deep arsenal bove RKO and it's Jay Randy your dhothi connects weren't able to reverse at the last moment Oh any sense Triple H into the corner jeopardy pedigree well scouted there Randy Orton trying to counter any watch triple yeah Triple H being able to fight out of it or payment even a drop at Triple H the WWE Universe and Randy Orton what imposing sight when you see Randy Orton let's say what about imagine with mine counter moment – Oh Randy went for the RKO and replaying his game [Applause] nearly cost the game the match up the Viper once again the game in no man's land this there may be nothing Triple H can do now vet ginger with a DDT stalking his opponent Randy Orton in position try the game almost had him Triple H now looking for a crossface we got a wonder it's very very hot here he's gentlemen her sweaty pretty to try to somehow get back to a vertical base or make it to the rope for a break caliber of Randy Orton is capable of horse the hole to be broken and dragging Triple H's body around the ring over these superstars have and the ones that have been committing in a wrestling background oh that went for the RKO [Applause] Orton and Triple H the battles these two have had over the years could just be a matter of time on them well Triple H be next [Applause] peirong Jetta is laundering that same thing what to be two men Randy Orton just crawling Triple H still stalking Orton Randy our Triple H Triple H get it for us remember Triple H got to get his vulnerable Orton in the middle of the Ring [Applause] but tonight the pendulum swings in the favor of the apex predator go five bucks brand new york what can you say through a special feeling anytime here tonight well switching gears I want to talk about the new champion she's super stars got on a 747 are you guys ready for this battle two mammoths look at the physique on this man the almighty Bobby Lashley in former United States Champion once healthy ECW title in fact twice good God introducing first people that could match the bronze Roman strength restraint bobby lashley could do it the guy's like a superhero walking around the streets of Jena only a slight one-inch difference in bicep size look at the bench presses gonna try to drag draw into the deep water see if strowman can swim 100 degrees braun strowman caused an opportunity to rest for the nurse'll championship when he look at the version of braun strowman we got when he returned healthy that's gonna adversely affect these two behemoths as I said I think Giacomin telling lastly you got to do better than that here we go when that height of braun strowman's maximized his grip strowman could be in trouble Lashley still a little too quick battle royal still to come here tonight but you're right Rene he's got to do what he can to keep the monster among man off his feet proving everybody just why he's so good he's so great at this ever since he returns prior to stepping into a WWE ring oh I love Lashley's delivered a squad of his own and he's got strowman down in the middle of the ramp superstar that can match physical power with braun strowman it's wearing him down and this actually allows Bobby a second Bobby looks like he's enjoying himself right now we're on trying to fight back up the pace but a spinebuster flee and this is what lastly had to avoid Braun make a freight train strowman is calling for it Bobby Lashley right over a pile of monster here comes strowman again ashle and stroller with a clubbing blow across the chest Oh lastly hoisted on by strowman shoulder to the post and outs and strategize and here comes lastly with a new idea how it's Bobby London does Lashley have the power left suplex on us Dale Bobby Lashley seems to be unfamiliar territory for Lashley but Stroman good runs that finish would end at the highest level and that's what we just got braun strowman the launch of our men celebrates ladies and gentlemen still to come tonight who's gonna have bragging rights did he bring it tonight we're about to find out guys I'm gonna add emotional launch of that look a massive opportunity at hand what some would call an unlikely WWE champion and eventually it catches up to everybody it's the Hokies time now right now the Saudis feel about pancakes they're gonna feel good about it inspiration introduces a challenger job [Applause] Kingston's number throughout the duration of both of their and talking about this rivalry this map Dolph Ziggler made of he inserted himself into this bone showing a lot of aggression here tonight as he looking really good Dolph Ziggler feels like he needs to get the loan Dolph lips boat legs and it now than there ever has been before on building it does a real testament kick-out by Kingston but that's exactly listen I would chalk that up to mind game chip for this business doll now he's come back to try to get it all qualify because remember hope he's got champions Kofi Kingston hasn't really had much of an answer Ziggler measuring his man Oh an elbow right there's been a great deal of near-falls to the very effective strategy to this point by Dolph Ziggler any movement Kofi makes he has to make with Dolph on his back longer this goes into the mat and Kobe with a right hand went into the corner with authority to hit hard point this has been a very one side of the fair Kingston with a boom drop smart move by Dolph there with an elbow Ziggler plants text Ziggler a little slower to recover the visual machine sure that his body was in experience with Dolph Ziggler has a plethora of inside the ring looking for a superplex besides getting in the head of John face Oh Toby Ziegler caught him for the glory stand atop the most immediately incredible cardio say good night once Dolph now all he needs to do is get come nobody thought a heart won't be able to kick OH Xavier woods Oh be there from around for his brother a new day in here you can still feel that energy congratulations to Kofi captain do you feel the break was too long no I thought you did it the right way I thought he earned his shots he's a fighting champion I was the better man no allies no one comes in and no one goes 50 [Applause] larger opportunities within WWE Championship match of some sort 50 men stepping into this battle royal making its way the word [Applause] the United States Championship to Samoa Joe last research which away hello I am alive who wants to walk with the lion this one happens to go out to the 49 losers in the ring actually guys back ride a ricochet and Irene no matter how hard you're in you'll never be Elias the rest of you will get out now good night and I love them bitches hurtin I've never seen anything like this please get body circle pop they love verse young oh my god Alberto Carrillo keep in that ring right now look at Otis and Cesaro going back and forth Tucker a heavy machinery there are bodies flying everywhere hold on for dear life right now you're limited in your ability to even execute offense you can't properly rear Baghdad for himself although both members of the B team are now out see car right there we haven't seen for a while very rocking for trying to hang on that was Ollie I believe the Supersport out of the ring but you're also a target when you're one of the bigger head of the ripa Samoa Joe just looking at a pickle part I believe Miz across his shoulder miss is in trouble and again you have to go over just think we're making history – calling the first ever time and look at the the battle continues a whoa whoa whoa on I'd say look at these three fandoms between tag teams it's blowing up be taking a trip courtesy of Ray's RNA Cup oh my god Lord no bearing a teaspoon there you go Ray's are still in this [Applause] maybe or woods and then let's time to celebrate with Kofi pretty sure after Titus woods sly the stock took a big hit he filed is gone done goodbye the field beginning to business someone I mean that's not saying much when you start with fifty superstars she's got a big opportunity here Cesaro a former memorial Andre the Giant memorial battle royal winner and rider up over the top he's eliminated superstars in a ranked how he's still hanging in there scam Nakamura from behind is the youngest 24/7 champion of all time and Shinsegae Nakamura Apollo now Samoa Joe the United States Champion in trouble in the corner make a big impact ricochet in trouble it's hard to use high-risk offense in this title winner by that Saudi Arabia riad I talked to monster earlier we go and here's Otis now time.they caterpillar what eliminates the iron claw there it is ammonia's leap dispatching of intact champ southern earlier right the kickoff show with a win over the revival as the batch Wilder now Scott Dawson Dawson is out of this party Cedric Alexander do the money veteran maneuver the battle royal I don't know if that's the greatest strategy even if you are Cesaro Cesaro hanging on in the car find his way back in roll it said flip peachy with a chop eliminates our vocal cords have failed me Morrow eliminated his all but for the skull-crushing finale [Applause] both feet hit the floor six are left five must go home the confines of the ring face first so just flattening Olli this match Samoa Joe with a big right hand I'll eat Lance on the no way no way Ali is well but look [Applause] Rainie up for everyone in Saudi Arabia they just did it night signed to WWE and to be able to do this congratulations [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you're looking at him the hall-of-famer the man known as Goldberg Goldberg said we will find out who the better man is an undertaker it's one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sports entertainment returning it's shocking the WWE Universe [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] has returned it will be the last time for bolder perspective shows of Monday nitro it's business this is why introducing first and his opponent which might be the first time I could say that about any and the Reaper beckons you answer his call in Muhammad Ali fight Mike Tyson gonna see with the right hand this is what Undertaker out for his long reach to try to get to the bottom row and right now Undertaker able to reach the bottom rope using the long arm well-placed knee bar Undertaker width apart here comes school and this will I believe with the best pure striker just able to tee off yeah best pure striker in the history of WWE oh and a shoulder go over trying to fight back to hell ASIS fear the reaper in Waiting Undertaker hoisted and Undertaker said Let Go burn now flip up and tonight a super showdown unfortunately for Undertaker Goldberg the WWE Universe showing their respect for the it comes the Undertaker into the cars back to Goldberg gold was running on only snake on exhaust jumper by Goldberg did he get it though amazingly surviving three Goldberg going food again over his left a lot of water tanker with exonic cover by the dead man Gobert brought the big fight that the Undertaker was prepared the Undertaker understanding what he went tonight still taking souls and digging holes after all these years or return [Applause] you


  1. Okay Paul,  Sorry for your los zgainst Randy.   But you guys will match off again.    I'm still challenging you toa Play Station game Match .   If I lose ,  'm not allowed in a WWE  Event .  Can't buy a ticket .    If I win,  I get ticket to WM .    Nobody will have to know .  My Character Riptide against 1998 version of yourself .     .   C'mon Paul.  I know you're a busy guy ,  but you got 5 minutes to take a fan on .   This is no career match ,   But this would up my Character on PlayStation.  Lol .    Help a dude out .    (  Kidding

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