WWE NXT Highlights 10 July 2019 – WWE NXT Highlights this week Wrestling Reality

WWE NXT Highlights 10 July 2019 - WWE NXT Highlights this week Wrestling Reality

why why did she attack her friend looking out to the ground and viciously vanity she was super – I will be able to explain I don't need any friends I don't any of you every one I like to thank you for coming here the dream has something that he would like to get off his chest and excuse me dream can I get that first question can you give us any thought as who you'd like to face it's an excellent question Queen Kathy and the dreams glad you asked it but thank you for your time that's enough with the questions 7 Greenwich Mean Time streaming live on w/e network go Loco on priests family a wild Samoans face of priests priests living that charismatic Jordan miles in the third first round matchup I can tell you stories I can tell you stories I can tell you a gang violence I could tell you why I can't hear that I don't wanna hear who's the car bomb that exploded in my street I haven't repressed these memories these stories I carry these stories with me I want you to know why I'm doing the things I do I know I'm gonna do anything and everything I was a jiu-jitsu champion in China I've been holding a stuff back my entire life and I feel like this opportunity this moment right now is a sign of respect miles is a lot of personality doesn't tell travel he enjoys the Lucha Libre style of Brazilian Jujitsu owns a cross pitch strikes become a factor in this match with the reversal side wrist lock double takedown them yes a nice exclamation point on that sequence with the drop kick she talked about the wristlet my board sent but there's no way that find yourself someone who loves you the way they don't get their Irish swim back body drop now the work I clinched the time looking out miles stations here Oh back elbow from miles and miles is hurt standing hey I'm trying be miles away is beau up Oh take over 25 to retain your title do you have any words for of course she did look she's got a great story pulled herself up from the streets came from nothing gonna take a little more than a great story to impress me the head patty in charge is someone you shouldn't take lightly just like the team of Gaddy Burch and only workin in events coming up next to come to the realization I've been here nearly years but I have always desert area not the way I wanted not to the level that I wanted isn't gonna cut it anymore I want to be at the time to prove that by becoming infinite mr. Eagle you asked to speak with us today about an announcement you have regarding next week because they want to face Kishida smackdown live Apollo crews will come here to NXT to face Kishida we will face his party's contest today it's undisputed that will go down next week but now it's time for another championship coach it and annex e taxing titles against the begotten son world the street profits they would have gone instability in the final – guys like a picture enough and it is for the NXT Tag Team Championship of Danny birch and Oni Lorcan team champions the streets a bit about the experience of one who first became a champion in all their way for everything if they've got combat sports covering boxing and MMA they say when you become a champion you wince can remember against the Forgotten sons it was really a non-title fair what's a man official Dawkins wiggle man absolutely expect to see quick tags here between bunching looking and here comes and that sense straight profit its gamesmanship from bunch spies he's gonna have to turn him to his corner poking realizing how aggressive level to a new height above darkens valiantly trying to fight out of enemy territory continues here the British progressive boots were strong class submissions right away games based on Danny Birds that's a 24/7 log dropping for our speed clotheslines he's totally recovered on the corner clothesline oh it's for pudding trouble Clarke an angle to avoid the attack and now the Brits bündchen looking have got to winning the Tag Titles over Chicago a couple your what a German soup doing this fall there for landing in his corner Kyle O'Reilly up you hello Boston swagger so become a YouTube channel meter sudirman path getting a cal coffee Kingston bachelor paying Extreme Rules me place butakov rather he avoid Hecky Kofi Kingston code entry okay help a match the belly Joe Garagiola he laughs and I guess they related a completely jump recog a key individual Giada cousin here or a will be able to improve my confidence to knows more joke on match on her mercy ampere into the question those exactly for fitness tune up 100% and not they by taking fear-based matching kgm so be excited her extreme it was meant to knock a bijection third match I'm a technical myself haha he's gonna rise of this marathon me I'm Lida calculus triplet at Lister black opponent will decide who to kaha or work on he has to sorrow her Toto no hook a beach or make a course and our match they can even be a scale of braun strowman or bobby lashley virtual match on evil acts to improve my both yourself to me meseta hoga amid a hike in Tonica tentative behemoth is Hiromi or a stream of just went clean to know combat Boko Varna copy atcha hereok Last Man Standing match one about a jockeys match both be massive DARPA nodded to her talk is an exciting hashed improves Kelly and each equipment Kirk a juice but a yoga video chilly go to video cool like Reverend Osaka start sheer color WWC duty or be news videos Kelly Marie channel subscribe canaan tamil generally video may we do technically observe iike


  1. Io reminds me of her character in lucha underground, all black, new theme music is decent, good episode of NXT as usual

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