WWE NEWS – WWE Trying To Stop Leaks Within The Company / Ex WWE Wrestler’s Son To Debut In Wrestling

WWE NEWS – WWE Trying To Stop Leaks Within The Company / Ex WWE Wrestler’s Son To Debut In Wrestling

Here’s your news for
August 19th, 2019.
WWE NEWS – WWE Trying To Stop Leaks Within The Company
Ex WWE Wrestler’s Son To Debut In Wrestling We’re kicking off with a dream
match that sadly won’t be
happening anytime soon, as United States Champion AJ
Styles has said a rumoured
match between himself and Shawn Michaels was turned
down by the Showstopper. Speaking to Cathy Kelly on WWE
Now, the Phenomenal One
revealed he wanted the match just as
much as the fans, saying: ““I asked Shawn [about a match]
and he said ‘No.’ Well, That’s
on Shawn, guys I can’t do anything about that. I
would love to opportunity to
do that match.” Back in October 2016, Styles,
the then-WWE Champion
did tease a match between the two for the Royal
Rumble, though the
Phenomenal One instead lost his title to John
Cena at the Pay Per View. It’s a real shame that Styles and
HBK will never face off in the ring,
though the reigning US Champ did say he understands Shawn’s
mindset, as despite one return to
the ring at Crown Jewel, Michaels has remained retired in the years
since his Wrestle Mania 26 loss
to The Undertaker. Whilst Styles is obviously
disappointed that the match
won’t happen, one Superstar who’s career is
flourishing Is Buddy Murphy,
who has become a major player on SmackDown Live as part of
the Roman Reigns attacker story. Murphy’s push on the blue
brand all started when he
was spotted backstage when the Big Dog was crushed
under some scaffolding, as fans
speculated whether the Australian
Superstar was responsible. Instead, it turns out Murphy was
just there by accident, according
to Brad Shephard, though the company has been
giving the former Cruiserweight
Champion a push thanks to this. This push may come to an end
this Tuesday though, as
according to Shephard, the company has no plans
creatively for Murphy past this
Tuesday, when he takes on Daniel Bryan. The former 205 Live star
impressed plenty of people with
his match last week against Roman Reigns, and
plenty of fans saw it as a
breakout performance. According to Shephard, Murphy
is viewed backstage as the new
Kofi Kingston in the context that his entire
involvement in the position
he’s in is accidental, so hopefully the company will
have something planned soon for one of the most interesting
Superstars on SmackDown
today. From one established star to
another just entering wrestling, as Bronson Steiner is reportedly
preparing to train to be a pro
wrestler. If that last name sounds familiar,
Bronson is the son of Rick Steiner, the legendary tag team wrestler
who captured gold in various
promotions with his brother Scott. According to trainer Johnny
Swinger, Bronson has all the
makings of being a future star in the industry,
as he said: “He’s been wanting to do it for a
few years now. He’s finishing
up college He’s going to be the next big
thing. He really is. He’s about 6’1
He was a state champion He’s playing football for KSU
right now. He’s going to be a
stud, man.” Time will tell whether Bronson
does make a name for himself
in wrestling, though with his incredible
physique, champion past and
connections to wrestling thanks to his family, the future
looks bright for the second-
generation star. Speaking of beasts in the ring,
RAW’s resident Monster Among
Men Braun Strowman has once again been making
waves in the WWE, after appearing in the main
event of last week’s RAW. As Seth Rollins was being
ambushed by the OC, Ricochet
tried to make the save but it was Strowman who was the
difference maker, clearing the ring, but making it clear that he has his
eyes on the Beast Slayer’s
Universal title. This was a much different Strowman
than the one seen in recent weeks, as a lack of storyline and direction
for the Greatest Royal Rumble
winner meant Strowman wasn’t a part of Summer
slam, the same show he main
evented just two years prior. When asked about not appearing,
the Monster Among Men admitted it was a tough pill to swallow, but
he understood the reasoning,
saying that he didn’t want to be used if the company were
shoehorning him into the story
for no real reason. Strowman will appear on tonight’s
edition of Monday Night RAW,
where he will hope to win the United States Championship from
AJ Styles, in what is sure to be a
huge, entertaining title match. We’re carrying on without beasts’
theme now, as though Kane may
have hung up his boots and mask in favour of a job as Knox
County Mayor, that doesn’t mean
the big red machine has left wrestling behind all together. This week, NXT Superstar Tegan
Nox cemented her return from injury
by heating things up at house shows for the developmental
brand and busted out many
chokeslams similar to the former World Heavyweight
Champion. These chokeslams got the seal
of approval from the big red
machine, who described her move as “Awesome”, high praise
from such a legendary Superstar. In response, Nox joked about being
called Lady Kane in the future and
included fire and mind blown emojis, as it seems the new move
is here to stay for the Welsh
Superstar. More NXT news now as though the
show is rumoured to be moving live
to the USA Network, the developmental brand recently had
some tapings which saw a huge
title change take place. At the tapings, the Undisputed Era’s
Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly
captured the NXT Tag Team titles from the Street Profits, in an
entertaining match. This marks the third tag title reign
for the group, though Montez Ford
and Angelo Dawkins will continue to hold the gold until
that episode of NXT airs on
the WWE Network. According to Dave Meltzer, the
decision for the title change had
nothing to do with the Street Profits appearing on RAW, as
the two Superstars are still
expected to appear on NXT, despite being
regular features backstage on
the red brand. Only time will tell when the team
of Ford and Dawkins do join the
main roster fill time, but with NXT being rumoured to being moved
to the USA Network in the near
future, the pair may just stay yellow brand, as one of NXT’s
most popular draws. Speaking of the move, this
reported change isn’t just
happening without a reason, as it seems that moving NXT to
the USA Network will be a
reaction to AEW. The new promotion has had plenty
of success this year and is set
to launch their own show on October 2 on TNT and moving
NXT to USA would put the two
shows in direct competition. With so much information going
around, WWE can’t stand to lose any footing in the new pro
wrestling war and Since
information is power WWE is looking to stop up as
much leaks as they can according
to Brad Shepard. According to Shephard, the
company are reportedly
considering adding Non-Disclosure Agreements to
contracts, as well as limiting
non-essential personnel backstage to limit
info being leaked WWE probably isn’t happy that
these plans to avoid leaks were,
well, leaked though Triple H reportedly telling
several NXT Superstars that the
show is moving, probably isn’t the best way to
stop people talking. There’s nothing we can do but
wait to see what happens, though
we may not have to wait long, as NXT’s move to the USA Network
could come as soon as
November 2nd. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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  1. "AJ Styles vs Shawn Michaels"

    Sorry but that probably would be have been a dream match 10-15 years ago but not now. Shawn Michaels is too old and that last performance with him, Triple H, the Undertaker and Kane said it all

  2. Good move I think one of the reason why attitude era was good there wasn’t any leaks news inside the company and that’s why wwe having problem surprising with story line even though wwe has many problem but this I know wwe is best company in world it’s like an empire of wrestling

  3. I'm not surprised wwe is trying to stop the leaks. Its YouTube channels like urs in the YWC that take out all the fun out of wwe and the surprises

  4. Yes stop alls leaks and rumours, that's the problem with the internet these days, it's so easy to be spoilt and its even harder to avoid

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