WWE NEWS – WWE Raw What Happened / Bray Wyatt’s Character Being Toned Down / WWE Fan Kicked Out

WWE NEWS – WWE Raw What Happened / Bray Wyatt’s Character Being Toned Down / WWE Fan Kicked Out

Here’s your news for
August 20th 2019
WWE NEWS – WWE Raw What Happened
Bray Wyatt’s Character Being Toned
Down WWE Fan Kicked Out
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We’re kicking off with some news
from Monday Night RAW today,
and though the red brand was in St. Paul, Minnesota last night, it
wasn’t a packed house by a
long shot. In what has become a worrying
trend for the WWE, there Xcel
Energy Center had several empty seats during the show,
though the company tarped
these off to give the illusion of a stacked arena to the fans
watching at home. The company certainly had got
quite good at hiding empty seats,
as the crowd was positioned on the hard camera, making it
look like the show was sold out. This isn’t the first time, and
probably won’t be the last time
WWE have used tarps to hide empty sears, but hopefully this
will change in the near future. WWE clearly couldn’t have been
happy with the low attendance
of RAW, and one Superstar who was also
frustrated was Sami Zayn. In the first round of the 2019 King
of the Ring tournament, Zayn came
up short against Cedric Alexander, who had to be restrained
by security after being taunted by
the crowd. Whilst leaving after losing to the
former Cruiserweight Champion,
the fans were really letting Zayn have it, and
though security stopped him from
leaping the barricade, the former NXT Champion let his
words do the talking. Targeting one fan in St. Paul, it
sounded like Zayn said “I’m gonna
slap the f*ck out of you” and though it was definitely a hard loss
to take, the fans didn’t exactly help
matters for Zayn. Though this isn’t the best look for
Zayn or the company, this rant
against a fan was entertaining, and the WWE even uploaded their
footage to their official social
media for everyone to see. Speaking of fans, one member of
the WWE Universe this week
didn’t get cussed out by Sami Zayn, but did end
up fainting during the show. Fortunately for the fan, EMTs
were quick to rush to their aid, and provided the medical
attention they clearly needed. Footage posted online shows the
fan being led out of the building
for their own safety, and though the company clearly wanted to
make sure things were okay with
them, the show had to go on. Even more news about fans from
RAW as though the WWE was
able to deliver an exciting night of Television, one fan tried to
make things all about them. Even though the crowd was smaller
than planned, those who did attend
were loud, but one fans had to go and ruin things by trying to
jump the barricade during the
show. Fortunately, this fan didn’t make it
very far, as Security quickly
restrained him tearing his shirt in the process. There were a lot of “asshole”
chants and rightly so, as jumping the barricade is something a
fan should never do. Not only will jumping the barricade
get you kicked out of the building,
but this fan could also be charged for criminal trespassing
for his actions, and when you
factor in his ripped T-Shirt we have to wonder whether all
of this was worth it, just to be a few feet closer to the
ring for just a few seconds. Well I think we’ve looked at the
fans for enough now, so we’re
look going back to commenting on Superstars, and there are
few stars bigger than the
Viper Randy Orton. On this week’s RAW, the 13-time
World Champion delivered a
brutal assault on the New Day with the help of the Revival, and
according to reports, things
went out of hand. According to WWE, Xavier Woods
was rushed to a local medical
facility following the attack, as it seems the war between Orton
and reigning WWE Champion
Kofi Kingston is far from over. This attack could also lead to a
match between The Revival and
Woods and Big E, who as the SmackDown Tag Team Champions,
are expected to defend their titles
next month at Clash of Champions. Between Orton’s assault, a fan
jumping the barricade and Sami
Zayn using some not so PG language, this week’s
Monday Night RAW was
hectic to say the least, and has left fans wondering
just who was running the
show behind the curtain. According to Ryan Satin, the
person running things backstage
WASN’T Vince McMahon, as the Chairman of the Board wasn’t at
tonight’s RAW at all though
Satin didn’t give a reason why. Instead, it was the team of Triple
H, Paul Heyman and Kevin Dunn
running the red brand, and it’s good to see that the company
have a plan in case the boss
can’t make a show. With the XFL gaining momentum
ahead of its launch next year, it’s
likely that there will be other shows that McMahon won’t be
able to make, as it’s possible
that the Chairman skipped this week’s event in Minnesota
because of the new Football
league. Though Paul Heyman has clearly
settled in well in his new role as
Executive Director of Monday Night RAW, the same can’t be
said for Eric Bischoff, who has
the same role but on SmackDown Live. According to Bryan Alverez who
spoke on Wrestling Observer Live,
Bischoff hasn’t done anything creative since becoming the
Executive Director of Smack
Down Live over a month ago. Many are now speculating that
Bischoff was brought on board
as a liaison between WWE and FOX, ahead of Smack
Down’s move to the new
Network this October. Given his past, it’s clear that the
former WCW magnate is good
at dealing with Networks, but it seems Bischoff’s creative mind is
going to waste, and we can’t help
but wonder just how long Eric will remain with WWE, after Smack
Down gets comfortable in its new
home on FOX Sports 1. Speaking of people who may not
be around for much longer, this
week former United States Champion Kalisto put out a
bizarre tweet, where the masked
Superstar hinted at leaving the company as soon as he’s able to. In the tweet, Kalisto said “10
months” and used the hashtag
‘Free Agent’ as the tweet came as a shock to
many, but not his Lucha House
Party partner Gran Mettalik, who replied saying “Me
too carnal.” Replying to both men, Braun Strow
man, who recently signed a lengthy
contract to remain as part of WWE said #Adios, though Kalisto
quickly deleted his tweet. It’s not quite clear whether the
masked Superstar was told to
delete his tweet by someone in the company, or did it of his own
free will as it looks like the former
Cruiserweight Champion doesn’t want to remain in the
company for much longer. With that said, this could all be
a clever way to get some leverage
on some upcoming contract negotiations, though if this is the
case, Kalisto is playing a very
risky game against his employers. Some good news now, as Congra
tulations are in order for Dwayne
The Rock Johnson, who this week married his long time girlfriend
Lauren Hashian in Hawaii. The pair have been together for
some time now, and have two
daughters Jasmine, who’s three, and Tiana,
who was born last year. As a former WWE Champion, a
leading man in Hollywood and
one of the most recognisable faces in the world, there’s no
shortage of people who
would’ve wanted to put the ring on the People’s
finger, but now the Most
Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment is
officially off the Market. Back to RAW now, and one week
after her shocking return to the
red brand, Sasha Banks sat down with Michael Cole to explain her
actions seven days ago. On the August 12th edition of
Monday Night RAW, Banks
returned during a promo by the injured Natalya, and
though she hugged the
Canadian at first, revealed her true colours by
attacking the third-generation
Superstar, as well as RAW Women’s
Champion Becky Lynch. Though Cole tried to press the
Boss for answers, Banks wasn’t
going to give him or the fans the satisfaction, instead talking about
her new hair, which is now blue
instead of purple. Later during RAW, Natalya tried
to express her disappointment in
Sasha’s actions, but quickly found herself the victim of another
beatdown by the boss, who told
Natalya to “go to hell and tell your daddy I said hi”
referring to Natalya’s father
Jim Neidhart, who died last year. This isn’t the first time the
company have used the Anvil’s
death as part of a storyline, though it isn’t any better than
when Ruby Riott brought up
the deceased Hall of Famer last year. In her eleven years on the main
roster, Natalya has shown
herself to be the ultimate company woman, often helping
train Superstars that would go
on to do better than her as well as be involved in some
not so entertaining stories. With that in mind, we can see why
Natalya would agree to let her
father’s death be exploited like this, but hopefully Sasha won’t
bring up Jim Neidhart on next
week’s show. Whilst Natalya clearly had a rough
night, she wasn’t the only one,
as Rey Mysterio was seemingly close to retiring during this
week’s edition of the red brand. During a backstage interview on
RAW, Mysterio spoke about his
recent losses to Andrade, and also mentioned how his
injuries have caught up with
him over the years. The former World Champion
followed this up by attempting
to remove his mask on TV, something Mysterio last did
decades ago in WCW, but was stopped at the last minute
by his son Dominick. The 21 year old urged his dad
to stay in WWE, and this may
be the start of something much bigger
according to rumours. Last week, it was reported that
Dominick had begun training
fora career in the ring and that WWE doesn’t feel he’s
ready now, they are hoping he will become a full-time
Superstar at some point
next year. Last year, Rey trademarked the name
Prince Mysterio, so this could be his
son’s name when he makes it in WWE. With several World Championships,
a Royal Rumble win, and the Grand
Slam under his belt, it’s clear that the master of the 619 has had
a legendary career, and now it
seems Rey wants to finish his tenure off by giving Andrade and
his son a huge push. Speaking of legendary careers,
there are few more epic than The
Undertaker, who will appear on the September 10th episode of Smack
Down Live according to WWE. That show will air from the
legendary Madison Square Garden,
and will mark the first edition of SmackDown from the World’s
most famous arena in nearly
a decade. The last time WWE had a televised
event inside MSG was Survivor
Series 2011 which saw the in-ring return of The Rock, meaning the
arena is steeped with WWE history. The last time the Phenom competed
there was at a live event in 2018,
where the Deadman worked with the dream team of Roan
Reigns and Braun Strowman to defeat Baron Corbin, Elias
and Kevin Owens. As well as the Deadman, who last
appeared on the Blue Brand this
past June, the show will also see the semi-finals of the King of the
Ring tournament, meaning that
this episode of the show will be must-see. Whilst The Undertaker is gearing
up for a huge return, one similar
Superstar who may be getting toned down is Bray Wyatt, who
returned at SummerSlam to a
huge ovation. Returning as The Fiend, Wyatt has
become one of WWE’s most popular
acts, though advertisers may have an issue with some aspects
of the demonic persona. Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda reports
that some people within WWE feel
the character needs to be toned down, as they worry about
any possible backlash either the
USA Network or FOX, as Colohue explained: “They want a happy medium. This
is something special but it needs
to be special without scaring half the
audience away.” Though Wyatt’s return at the
biggest party of the Summer was
epic to say the least, it’s clear why some advertisers may have an
issue with the character, who
carried a lantern of his own severed head to the ring, and
finished off Finn Balor with a
neck snap. If this report is true, fans should
still be excited to see Wyatt, though
he may not have the same mystique that he had when he
returned at SummerSlam. Though last night’s edition of RAW
was explosive to say the least, the
climax of the show saw Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins be
crowned the new RAW Tag
Team Champions. This was actually Strowman’s
second match of the night, as he
had earlier tried to take the US Title from AJ Styles, but was instead
given a beatdown by the OC. When The Beastslayer made the
save, paying Strowman back for
heping him last week, the Universal Champion pulled some strings to
get the Tag Title match made. An exciting main event of the show,
Rollins and Strowman were able
to overcome the outside presence of AJ Styles, and it was
the Monster Among Men who
got the win with a running power slam
on Anderson. Though the pair may now be tag
team champions, fans can’t help
but wonder how long the team will last, as the Architect and The
Monster Among Men are
expected to face off at Clash of Champions for Seth’s
Universal title. And finally today we’re looking at
the King of the Ring tournament,
as the road to the throne has officially started. On this week’s show, Cedric
Alexander was able to handily
defeat Sami Zayn in less than three minutes, as it seems
the former 24/7 Champion may be a dark horse in this
year’s competition. Alexander will next face the winner
of The Miz and Baron Corbin, which
is set to take place next week. In another first round match,
Cesario took on Samoa Joe in
what was a hard-hitting match, which kicked off in a big way. Less than a second after the
opening bell, the Swiss Superman
levelled the Samoan with a running uppercut, though Joe was able
to keep pace with Cesaro’s speed. For every move Cesaro used, Joe
had a counter, and though Cesaro
was able to get the swing in, the former United States and NXT
Champion refused to quit. Instead, it was Joe who would get
the victory, looking in his Coquina
Clutch in the centre of the ring to get the Swiss Cyborg to tap in
what was a contender for Match
of the Night. Next, Joe will face the winner of
Ricochet and Drew McIntyre in
the quarter finals, in what will be a difficult contest for either the
high flyer or the Sinister
Scotsman. Will the WWE see the crowning of
King Joseph the first at Clash of
Champions? Only time will tell. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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