WWE NEWS – WWE Confirms Rock’s Return for Smackdown On FOX / Ric Flair Trademarks the Term “The Man”

WWE NEWS – WWE Confirms Rock’s Return for Smackdown On FOX / Ric Flair Trademarks the Term “The Man”

Here’s your news for
August 31 2019
WWE NEWS – WWE Confirms Rock’s Return for Smackdown On FOX
Ric Flair Trademarks the Term “The Man” We’re starting off with some big
news from SmackDown Live today,
as the blue brand continues to prepare for it’s big move to
FS1 this October. FOX have spent a lot of money
to secure the right to SmackDown
and it seems are doing everything in their power to make Smack
Down a success, including
promoting their show during their other
properties. With a new season on the NFL
kicking off next week, it seems
like FOX will start promoting SmackDown then, though a trailer
for the blue brand did find it’s way
online yesterday. Featuring stars like ‘Stone Cold’
Steve Austin, The Rock, John
Cena and The Undertaker, the commercial is clearly trying to
appeal to people who aren’t
wrestling fans but still have heard of these
huge stars. That’s not to say the advert is
all nostalgia though, as it also
feature current stars like Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston,
Charlotte Flair, Roman Reigns
and Becky Lynch. The promo, which features the
tagline “We’re all Superstars”
will hopefully be effective in getting a new audience
in, after months of slumping
ratings for SmackDown. In a press release WWE said
of the advertisement: WWE’s FRIDAY NIGHT
SMACKDOWN debuts on
FOX Friday, October 4, and FOX Sports is setting the
stage with the “We’re All
Superstars” campaign launch The first spot “Superstars”
premieres tonight, Friday, August
30, during FOX Sports’ new college football pregame
at 6:30 PM ET on FS1. In the spot, a wide range of
everyday and celebrity WWE
fans embrace their inner “Superstar” – a grocery store clerk,
a spelling bee winner, kids at the
swimming pool and more These fanatics imitate their favorite
WWE Superstars’ signature moves, celebrating the WWE’s outsized
influence on pop culture. WWE Superstars “Stone Cold®”
Steve Austin, John Cena®, Kofi
Kingston, Becky Lynch, Ric Flair, Charlotte Flair, The Undertaker™
and The Rock® together with
celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Gordon Ramsay and athletes
from across the sports world are
featured in the campaign. In addition, beginning with its 20th
anniversary celebration on Friday,
October 4, SmackDown Live will become FRIDAY NIGHT
SMACKDOWN and air on the
FOX broadcast network 52 weeks a year. The campaign
will consist of four total spots, with three fan-focused videos
debuting in the coming weeks. The “We’re All Superstars”
campaign was created by
Wieden+Kennedy New York and FOX sports Time will only tell whether the
move to SmackDown Live is a
success for WWE, but for now, the company certainly has the
money and the star power to
make it happen. Though Becky Lynch may be one
of the key parts of SmackDown’s
new campaign video, the reigning RAW Women’s Champion has a
lot on her mind, as she may not
be The Man for much longer. The Irish Superstar started calling
herself The Man in mid 2018 and
though the nickname has been popular, the term has been
attempted to be trademarked by
none other than Ric Flair. In his promos, Flair would tell
opponents “to be the man,
you’ve gotta beat the man” and it seems the 16-time World
Champion is trying to lock the
phrase down. On Twitter, Flair sent a tweet to
both Becky Lynch and Taylor
Swift, who recently released a song called The Man, telling both that
there can only be one man in
entertainment. If successful, Flair’s trademark
would apply to any use of The
Man in all of wrestling, including on TV, Live Events
and Pay Per View. Flair’s The Man trademark also
covers clothing, footwear and
headgear, meaning that the RAW Women’s Champion may take
a major hit in her merchandise
sales if she can no longer call
herself the Man. Over to Monday Night RAW, and
next week’s show is shaping up
to be a huge three hours of television, with the company
promoting the return of Rey
Mysterio. Two weeks ago, Mysterio nearly
called it quits on his career until
he was stopped by his son Dominick, though his career
may still continue outside of
WWE. In a interview, Cody Rhodes said
he would love to have the master
of the 619 compete for AEW, though with Rey starting a new
storyline and rumors of his son
becoming a member of WWE’s roster next year, we
can’t see the move happening. Though Rey presumably won’t be
working with AEW anytime soon,
one man who is is Jim Ross, as the legendary announcer spoke
about his transition to the new
promotion during this week’s Starrcast event. Speaking on a special panel, JR
said how WWE were willing to
pay him a lot of money just to sit at home, but Ross
wanted to be more active
than that. Telling the fans how he wanted
to perform, the Oklahoma
native said: ““It came to a deal when my contract
expired. I fulfilled all my commitments.
I did everything they wanted me to do. They paid
me very, very well. In 2018 I
worked two times I was rusting away and I was
lonely. I was fighting depression.” Continuing, Ross explained that
he spoke to Vince McMahon
before leaving, and though it seems Vince didn’t think he could perform
at the level he once did, JR made
it clear he can still play, and said that the 74 year old Chairman
of the board should see that age
isn’t a factor. Even at 74, McMahon is certainly
keeping himself busy with the
SmackDown move and the upcoming relaunch of his XFL
football league. In AEW, JR’s iconic voice has
been great for fans to hear, as
we can’t help but wonder whether McMahon is regretting not
working something out with
good Ol’ JR. Whilst Ross left WWE because he
felt he wasn’t doing anything, one
legendary commentator and personality who may be
feeling the same way is Eric
Bischoff. Earlier this year, Bischoff was
announced as the Executive
Director of SmackDown Live but hasn’t had anything to
do with creative at all. According to Brad Shepard on
Twitter this week, Bischoff hasn’t
really done anything backstage and there has been growing
scepticism backstage of why
the company took him on board in the first place. With Paul Heyman doing big things
with the same role on RAW, it’ll be
interesting to see how long Bischoff lasts in the role, and
whether the dynamic will change
when the blue brand relaunches on FOX, later this year. Though she may call herself The
Lady of WWE and see herself as
a woman with manners, WWE RAW Superstar Lacey
Evans has a mean streak. Whilst speaking to Busted Open
Radio this week, the Sassy
Southern Belle explained that this toughness comes from her time
as a U.S. Marine, as does the
term nasties, saying: ““The term ‘nasty’ came from the
Marine Corp. when I was in boot
camp. It’s three months long, it’s hell, and you walk in there thinking
that you are…whatever you thought
you were when you walk into boot camp, you leave the
complete opposite.” Evans also went into detail about
her time in Boot Camp, saying: ““They completely rip you down
physically, mentally and emotionally,
and they build you up to be a confident United States Marine.
Now while you are in boot camp,
you are called a nasty. […] In the Marine Corps, you’re always
considered a “nasty” because
you can always give so much more of yourself.” Clearly her time as a Marine
toughened up the lady of WWE,
who isn’t going anywhere and will likely be a major part of
the company’s women’s division
for years to come. With a legitimate toughness and
unique character, Evans has all
the makings of a future champion champion in the company, as it
seems there will be plenty more
people for her to call nasties, and now
we know why. Though Evans hasn’t done too
much on the red brand in recent
weeks, two Superstars who made major splash together this week
were Dolph Ziggler and Robert
Roode. In their first outing as a team, the
pair won a tag team turmoil match
on RAW this week, and will face Braun Strowman and Seth
Rollins for the Raw tag team
titles at Clash of Champions. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
noted this week that Raw’s Executive
Director Paul Heyman has been behind Roode for a while,
and saw this week’s show as a
launching pad to push the Glorious One and
Dolph Ziggler. If WWE wanted to get these two
over as legitimate threats, well
they certainly succeded as the Glorious Show Offs defeated four
tag teams in a row to qualify for
next month’s title match. Time will only tell whether these
two do get a title run down the
line, but if Paul Heyman is pulling for you behind the scenes, there’s
a very good chance that Roode
and Ziggler may be holding Championship gold in the
very near future. And finally today we’re ending
with some news from Pro
Wrestling Illustrated as the publication has released
their annual top 500 ranking. This year, which always causes
some controversy, saw Universal
Champion Seth Rollins take the top spot this year, with Daniel
Bryan taking second and reigning United States
Champion AJ Styles taking
the bronze. Though the list is always
controversial, one Superstar
who clearly doesn’t have a high opinion of it is NXT’s Pete
Dunne, who took to Twitter to
express how he felt. In a tweet, the former WWE United
Kingdom champion said the list
was based off completely random criteria, and that fans
shouldn’t actually care which
Superstars fall wear. Instead, Dune asked fans to
just find what they like and
watch it often, which is some good advice
from the Bruiserweight. Dune clearly knows how talented
he is in the ring, and doesn’t need
a list to compare himself to his fellow Superstars, and also told
his followers not to get him started
on star ratings. Since coming to the WWE, Dunne
has done plenty on both NXT
and it’s UK brand and it seems is ready for his
actions to speak for themselves. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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