WWE NEWS – Vince To Leave WWE For XFL / CM Punk To Work For FOX /WWE To Start A Podcast Of Their Own

WWE NEWS – Vince To Leave WWE For XFL / CM Punk To Work For FOX /WWE To Start A Podcast Of Their Own

Here’s your news for
August 23rd 2019
WWE NEWS – Vince To Leave WWE For XFL
CM Punk To Work For FOX
WWE To Start A Podcast We’re not kicking off with WWE
for a change, but instead looking
at the XFL, as Vince McMahon promised that the new football
league woudn’t use resources
from the wrestling promotion. This is a stark contrast to the old
XFL, which relied heavily on using
WWE to gain an audience, including having wrestling
commentators Jim Ross and
Jesse Ventura calling the matches, and the first game
being opened with a promo by
The Rock. According to Brad Shephard, the
new league will try and distance
themselves from WWE, though it seems the new team names have
some heavy WWE influence ahead
of the XFL’s launch next year. Whether the new league will be a
success or not remains to be seen,
though it’s obvious that between Football, the war with
AEW and SmackDown’s move
to FOX, Vince McMahon is going to be
very busy over the next few
months. One Superstar who is also keeping
himself busy is R-Truth, as though
he isn’t 24/7 Champion anymore, he is now focussing
on his music career. This week, a fan told Truth he was
loving one of his tracks ‘That’s
Endurance’, and got a very positive response when he asked if there
were more tracks coming by the
wrestler. According to Truth, a new track
featuring both himself and Carmella
will be released in September, as next month is shaping to be
one of the busiest months of
the company’s calendar. Over to Smackdown Live now, and
though fans finally got an answer
as to who has been attacking Roman Reigns, the Big Dog wasn’t
exactly buying what he’d been told. After Buddy Murphy pointed the
finger at Erick Rowan on the
go-home show for SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan revealed a man who
looked identical to his tag team
partner as the culprit, though Reigns clearly isn’t happy with
the investigation. On Twitter, Roman wrote: “Y’all
call that an answer? This whole
situation is getting out of control and I don’t know what to think….
but I know what I need to do.” We’re not quite sure what the
former Universal Champion has
in mind, but it seems that the investigation between him,
Bryan, Rowan and Murphy is
far from over. Whilst Roman is hoping to discover
who is trying to take him out of WWE,
one star who has no interest is returning to the ring
is CM Punk. Punk, who walked out of WWE in
January 2014, has shown no
interest in returning to the company as a wrestler, but could end up
back soon, as an announcer. According to the Wrestling Observer
Newsletter, Punk’s agent reached
out to FOX this week about the former World Champion hosting
a talk show on FS1, though
details are sketchy. If a deal could be struck, then Punk
would be working for FOX and not
WWE, and one source said the 40-year old star could land himself
a very fine deal, though it’s hard to
imagine Vince McMahon would get on board with the idea. The Observer also reported that
there have been no negotiations
at all regarding to Punk hosting the show, and that it was something
simply suggested by the Best
in the World’s agent. FS1’s upcoming talk show is expec
ted to be on Tuesdays, and Renee
Young has been rumoured to host. Though this is big news for Young,
things aren’t going so well for her
husband Jon Moxley, who is reportedly working through
an injury. According to the Observer, the
AEW star is dealing with quote
“some kind of elbow injury” the severity of his condition
isn’t known. Despite the former Dean Ambrose
reportedly picking an infection in
Japan, Moxley insisted on working his match against
Pentagon Jr last week, though
the Observer noted that Moxley was very careful
not to bump on his elbow. This injury couldn’t come at a
worse time for the Lunatic Fringe,
as not only does he have a huge match against Kenny Omega next
Saturday at All Out, but he is
being promoted as one of the top stars of the company when AEW
launches it’s own show on TNT
this October. As if the possibility of Moxley
missing the show’s launch isn’t
bad enough, AEW will also now be competing against NXT,
as WWE has confirmed that
the developmental brand will be moving to the USA
Network next month. At the August 15th NXT Tapings
at Full Sail, Triple H dropped
major hints to the roster about a television announcement, which
he said would happen on RAW. Though it didn’t happen on RAW,
the company did confirm the move
online, and also announced that the show would be extended
to two hours long. What is interesting is that despite
rumors of the show moving to FS1,
it will instead be on the USA Network, and this move will put
NXT in direction competition
with AEW for viewers. It seems the Wednesday Night Wars
are official, as we can’t do anything
but wait and see what the next shot will be in the battle
for brand supremacy. More WWE news now and we all
know the company likes to make
their big plans in advance, and it doesn’t get bigger than the
grandest stage of them all:
WrestleMania. Though we know that next year’s
show will take place at the
Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, Brad Shephard has
said that there is no clear
front-runner for which city will host the
show of shows in 2021. According to Wrestle Votes, Los
Angeles is the current favourite,
thanks in part to the city’s new stadium at Hollywood Park, but
this isn’t the only option for
the company. Wrestle Votes also reported that
Las Vegan is also a strong
contender, and that the WWE are currently considering up to four
locations as finalists. Having Las Vegas host Wrestle
Mania 37 would certainly be
interesting, as the city recently hosted AEW’s Double or Nothing
event in May this year. With several cities putting bids in
to host the showcase of the immo
rtals, expect WWE to weight up all their options, before making an
announcement presumably shortly
before WrestleMania 36. On to something different now, as
a quick scroll through iTunes will
tell you there are no shortage of wrestling podcasts around, and
it seems WWE are now getting
in the game. The Hollywood Reporter revealed
this week that the promotion will
be teaming up with Endeavor to create their own podcasting network,
and this idea has been floating
around for a while now. In a statement, WWE’s Advanced
Media Executive VP Jayar Donlan
praised the idea, saying: “Partnering with Endeavor Audio,
an expert in podcasting, will enable
us to provide our fans with unique content and reach new
audiences across the platform.” WWE already has a set of podcasts
at their disposal for the new network,
as Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard, the Bella Twins and
Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins all host podcasts whilst under
WWE’s contract. So far the company have
seemingly been fine with their
employees hosting their own podcasts, though that may change
once WWE launches their own
podcasting network. The news of the new podcasting
network has already reached far,
as when Starrcast held a media conference earlier this week to
promote their Starrcast 3 event next weekend, the new
podcast came up. In a conference call, Conrad
Thompson was asked in WWE
was trying to put him out of business with the new venture,
though Thompson kept his cool
and said how WWE should’ve been in the podcast
game years ago, and
implied that his success has shown them
what they could have done. Back to RAW now and there is
some congratulations in store
for Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, as the couple
got engaged earlier this week. The pair of champions have been
dating for a while now, with the
story of their real-life romance bleeding onto the characters
they portray on screen. In a Twitter post, the RAW Women’s
Champion was shown sporting a
ring on her finger on a rocky beach, alongside her husband to
be, the Universal Champion
Seth Rollins. This is obviously huge news for the
happy couple, and in an ironic
twist of fate, the night of the engagement reveal was also the
night Cathy Kelly told fans she is
quote “Very single.” The WWE’s resident interviewer
and digital media host had
previously been in a relationship with Velveteen Dream, though it
seems that is no more, as Kelly
deleted a few pictures of her and the North American
Champion off of her Instagram
profile. Though she said she’s very single,
it doesn’t look like Kelly will have
to look far for new partner, as in her post, she received countless
replies from interested suitors. Whilst this is expected from a post
like this, we shudder to think what
her DMs look like right about now. More news from the world of Pod
casts now, as this week, Corey
Graves appeared on the Prime Time with Sean Mooney show,
and had plenty to say. Graves who is on WWE TV on
both RAW and SmackDown, is
one of the company’s biggest voices, and revealed he knows
what it feels like to cross the
boss Vince McMahon. During the show, Graves revealed
that the first time he was
reprimanded, it was whilst he was presenting to the camera,
explaining: “When you’re staring at the lights,
and all of a sudden Vince is yelling
at you in your ear, it’s like really hard to keep your composure
and keep your train of thought,
and I’m pretty sure when it happened, I just locked up in the
middle of a sentence, because
it was like ‘oh no, I’m dead! What’s happening?’ Though Graves clearly didn’t want
this to happen, the former NXT
Superstar said his relationship with the Boss has improved, and
that McMahon gives him a lot of
free room to work with. With Graves being the lead voice
on both RAW and SmackDown
Live, it’s clear that McMahon has a lot of trust in the tattooed talker, so
expect Graves to be on commentary
for many years to come. And finally today we’re ending with
some news from John Cena, as
though he may be a part-time Superstar, the 16 time World
Champion is still a major draw. Recently, Cena landed the cover
of the latest Muscle and Fitness
Magazine, which will also feature an article on the two time Royal
Rumble winner’s impressive
workout regimen. According to the cover, Cena’s
article will detail the Champ’s
recent transformation, as the former World Champion is
now 20 lbs leaner and stronger than ever,
according to Muscle and
Fitness. This isn’t the first time that Cena
has graced the magazine’s cover,
as though he may not have wrestled in WWE in months, the
leader of the Chain gang remains
in incredible shape. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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