WWE NEWS – (HUGE) WWE King Of The Ring Botch 2019/What Happened When Smackdown Went Off Air

WWE NEWS – (HUGE) WWE King Of The Ring Botch 2019/What Happened When Smackdown Went Off Air

Here’s your news for
August 22 2019
WWE NEWS – What Happened When Smackdown Went Off Air
(HUGE)WWE King Of The Ring Botch 2019
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We’re starting with some news
from the King of the Ring
tournament, as though Samoa Joe qualified for the next round on
this week’s RAW, the win did not
come easy. Tackling a very game Cesaro, Joe
was barely able to qualify for the
second round, but a botch from the company’s graphics team said
Joe had just qualified for the
Semi-Finals. Obviously, this was wrong, but has
made fans speculate that Joe will
be winning his next match, which will be against either Drew
McIntyre or Ricochet. In WWE’s defence, this isn’t the
worst graphics error made this
year, as during the recent NXT TakeOver: Toronto event, several
botches occurred with the names
of Superstars appearing. At one point, even Dean Ambrose’s
name appeared on the show,
despite the Lunatic Fringe being gone from the company for months,
now working in AEW as Jon Moxley. According to Dave Melter, these
production mistakes stem from a
very tired crew, so hopefully the team will be able to get some
sleep before the next edition
of Monday Night RAW. Over to SmackDown Live now,
and though there were no
graphic errors to speak of, the show ended
in a very awkward way. In the climax of the night, Daniel
Bryan revealed Roman Reigns’
attacker to be a total stranger who just happened to look like
Erick Rowan, and though the
show faded to black, it kept going for the live crowd. After 205 Live finished taping, fans
in Sioux Falls got a dark match
main event, with the New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Big E teaming
with Roman Reigns to take on
The Revival and Randy Orton. As the former RAW Tag Team
Champions were making their way
to the ring, one fan showed he didn’t approve of the pair injuring
Xavier Woods on RAW, spitting
at the duo during their entrance. Though heels are meant to be
booed, spitting is frankly
disgusting and the fan was kicked out of
the arena for their actions. Speaking of Xavier Woods, the
WWE has given an update on his
condition following the attack on RAW, and it certainly doesn’t
bode well for the New Day. In a statement that practically
confirmed the injury wasn’t real,
the company said that Woods wouldn’t be able to compete, but
could still fulfill media obligations,
and continue to host his UpUpDownDown gaming channel. This is certainly bad news for Kofi,
who may have to pull double duty
at Clash of Champions, defending both the WWE Title and
the SmackDown Tag titles with
Big E, if Woods can’t compete. With the possibility of two matches
to deal with on September 15th,
it’s possible that Kofi could lose one, if not both of his belts on
September 15th in Charlotte,
North Carolina. Sticking with SmackDown and
this week’s show average 2.14
million viewers, down slightly from last week’s
2.16 million. That’s partly because last week’s
show was coming of the heels of
an explosive SummerSlam Pay Per View, so it’s only natural
that the rating would fall the
next week. For comparrison, the same show
last year did 2.35 million, though
this week’s edition of the Blue brand finished fifth for the night
on cable, higher than it usually
finishes. Once again, SmackDown topped
the 18-49 demographic with a
0.68 rating, over 40 percent over the Real Housewives of
the OC, which finished second. The only things that were able to
topple SmackDown in this demo
came from network TV, as only the Bacholerette and American’s
got Talent were able to get more
viewers for this age range. This week’s show was also able to
retain 84.5% of the fans from RAW,
the highest retention level since the July 16th edition of
SmackDown Live. Miz and Mrs, which immediately
followed SmackDown on the USA
Network dipped below a milion viewers this week, being
watched in 997,000 homes, though that’s still the third-highest
total for this latest season. We’re looking at football now, as
WWE’s owner Vince McMahon is set to launch his new league
the XFL in 2020. A relaunch of the failed season from
2001, McMahon is no doubt hoping
that this new XFL will be a A relaunch of the failed season from
2001, McMahon is no doubt hoping
that this new XFL will be a success, and the league
announced it’s eight teams
earlier this week. Fans can prepare to see the
Seattle Dragons, the Houston
Roughnecks, the St. Louis Battlehawks, the Dallas
Renegades, the LA Wildcats,
the DC Defenders, the New York Guardians and
the Tampa Bay Vipers face off, though we don’t think that last
team will be hitting RKO’s out
of nowhere As well as team names, official
logos have been revealed for
the eight teams, as the new league is set to
kick off next year, though there’s plenty to get
excited for between now
and then. In October, the new league will
host its official draft, whilst training
camps will begin in November. Time will tell whether the new
league is a success, though one
thing we know for sure is that Vince McMahon isn’t playing around. According to a report this week,
McMahon wasn’t present at RAW
because of meetings, which according to a new piece by
Brad Shephard, had to do with
the new league. He said: “I reported on Monday that Vince
McMahon wasn’t at Raw because
he was in an all-day meeting on Monday and had one Tuesday as
well. According to a source in WWE
I am told Vince McMahon told his XFL circle that he’ll step away
from WWE for a very short period
of time depending on how the Fox and NXT moves go.” Shephard has also said that the
XFL has plans to invite ‘Stone Cold’
Steve Austin to the first Dallas Renegades game, which could
bring a lot of buzz to the
Texas team. With that said, McMahon should
be careful, as one of the major
issues fans had with the previous XFL, is that it seemed too much
like pro-wrestling, so maybe
having the former WWE Champion present,
isn’t the best idea.

We’re looking at NXT now, and this
week’s show saw an all-out war
between Matt Riddle and Killian Dain. In the main event of the show, the
two heavy hitters fought each
other with hard hitting strikes, though continued to brawl
after the show ended. It would take a ladder, a senton
and some medical attention to
finally pull these Superstars apart, but it’s clear things between the
Belfast star and the King of Bros
are far from over. Speaking of NXT, one alumni from
the developmental brand who has
done well is Elias, who has now been 24/7 Champion for a total
9 days, one of the longest
reigns ever. Defeating R-Truth for the gold over
a week ago, Elias hasn’t exactly
hidden from the spotlight, instead taking to social media
to brag about the gold. This week, the singer songwriter
took to Instagram, with an image
of the title at a casino, proving he’s certainly pleased to be
champion. Since coming up to the main roster,
the man formerly known as the
Drifter has impressed many with his work, and though we don’t
know when this reign will end, it’s clear that Elias is having
fun along the way. One Superstar who could take the
gold from the Living Truth is the
Miz, but that’s only if the A-Lister can pull himself away from
his incredible new house. With his work as a WWE Superstar,
as well as his time on Miz and Mrs,
the Miz clearly has some serious cash, and this week
bought a home in California
for $6.4 million. The Thousand Oaks house is
described as a “plus-sized manor
house” according to variety, and includes over 10 thousand
square feet of living space. Built in 2001, the house sits on
1.27 acres of land and is in a gated
community, which should stop anyone from bothering the Miz,
Maryse of their family. With NBA All-Star Anthony Davis
soon to become the Miz’s neighbour,
it’s clear the former WWE Champion is doing well for himself,
and has come a long way from
Tough Enough. We’re looking at some Rusev
news now, as the Bulgarian
Brute continues to be talked about despite his
absence from WWE. This week, Rusev showed he was
still having fun away from the ring,
as though we previously showed Rusev rocking a moustache,
the former champion has changed
his look once again. On Instagram, Rusev showed off a
clean shaven face, asking fans not
to tell Sheamus he was naked in his gym, and though his body
was clothed, his face was
completely bare. By the time Rusev gets a call to
come back, you never know how much his facial hair will
have changed at that point. Back to SmackDown Live now,
and this week saw Sami Zayn
align himself with Shinsuke Nakamura, an act that has gotten
many fans thinking of the pair’s
history. After all, it was Zayn who the King
of Strong Style faced first in his
WWE career when the Japanese star joined the company at NXT
TakeOver: Dallas, though it’s
unclear what exactly the company has planned for
the two Superstars. With Clash of Champions less than
a month away, the company will
need to find an opponent for the Intercontinental Champion soon,
though any potential challenger
would probably have to deal with Zayn’s interference
out of the ring. We don’t know what WWE has
planned for the pair, but for now,
we’re just grateful that both men are being given something, as
Zayn has done very little this year,
and despite being Intercontinental Champion, the same could be
said for Shinsuke Nakamura. And finally today we’re ending with
an update on Ronda Rousey, after
the former RAW Women’s Champion suffered a gruesome
injury out of the ring. Rousey, who hasn’t been seen since
WrestleMania, suffered a hand injury
while filming FOX’s 911 show, and the Hot Rod has given
an update on her condition. Rousey told her fans that at first
she thought she’d lost her finger,
and though the injury wasn’t that severe, she did have broken
bones, detached tendons and
a crushed nerve. After extensive surgery where
bolts and screws were used to
hold her damaged digit together, Rousey showed how tough she is,
returning to the set the next day
to finish filming though a lot of her stunts
were cut. The former UFC star has said that
she already has 50% motion back
in her hand, though has been ordered to not do any more
stunts for fear of damaging
the tendon. With her hand now in a cast, the
Hot Rod will have to wait until
September to get back to shooting, where she can be back to her
badass self. In her update, Rousey also
revealed that she doesn’t like
pain medication because it makes her sick, so she was
actually awake during the
surgery on minimal medication proving just how tough the
Baddest woman on the
planet really is. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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