WWE NEWS – Brock Lesnar Gets 2 Challenges From UFC Fighters/Bray Wyatt Next Opponent Revealed!

WWE NEWS – Brock Lesnar Gets 2 Challenges From UFC Fighters/Bray Wyatt Next Opponent Revealed!

Here’s your news for
August 26th 2019
WWE NEWS – Brock Lesnar Gets 2 Challenges From UFC Fighters
A Hall Of Famer Returning As Bray Wyatt’s Next Opponent
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We’re starting today with some
news from the Octagon, as UFC
Welterweight sensation Jorge Masvidal recently took to Twitter
to call out Brock Lesnar. Masvidal, who made his UFC
debut in 2013, recently made
headlines following his UFC 239, where he defeated Ben Askren
within 5 seconds with a
devastating flying knee. This success got the attention of
Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman,
leading to an interaction between the two, where Masvidal told the
Advocate to let the Beast know
he was coming for him. between him and the former three-
time Universal Champion, he did
hype up a fight between Masvidal and Nate Diaz, who has
challenged the Welterweight to
a fight in the near future. Though it seemed possible earlier
this year, the chances of Lesnar
returning to the Octagon now is very unlikely, as UFC owner Dana
White himself has said the Beast is
retired from Mixed Martial Arts. However, given Lesnar’s relaxed
WWE contract as well as his
recent Universal title loss to Seth Rollins, the former champ has
plenty of time to pursue other
ventures, including a UFC Return. Though Lesnar’s return to the
Octagon is unlikely, Kurt Angle
recently stated that the only person the Beast would return
for is Jon Jones, though Jones
himself said that he would embarrass
the Beast Incarnate. A match between the two would be
great to see, as Jones’ Striking
and Submission ability would matched by Brock’s grappling
and power fighting style. Whether this match will happen
is unclear, but expect the Beast to be paid the big bucks, if he
chose to return to UFC. From Lesnar to the man who
defeated Lesnar at Summerslam,
as WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins is doing pretty well for
himself since the Pay Per View. Not only the Universal champ,
Rollins recently captured the
RAW Tag Team Titles with Braun Strowman, though the Monster
Among Men has made it clear
he wants the Architect’s other piece
of gold. Though Vince McMahon and WWE
have a reputation of changing
shows on the same day they’re meant to air, Brad Shepard
recently said that the plan
is for Rollins, Strowman and the OC to kick off
tonight’s edition of Monday Night
RAW. It’s unclear whether this will be a
match or a segment, though expect
big things as WWE continues on the road to Clash of Champions
on September 15th. If he is still a double title holder by
then, Rollins may be forced into
two matches that night, as the possibility of losing both belts in
one night is a serious possibility. We don’t know for certain who will
challenge Rollins for the Universal
title at Clash of Champions, and though most fans expect it
to be the Monster Among Men many fans are hoping it’s
Bray Wyatt. This week, the WWE asked it’s
fans who could the fiend target
next, and though many suggested
Wyatt going after the Beast
slayer, the Eater of Worlds gave a
different response Replying with ‘Sting’, Wyatt didn’t
mince his words, and it could very
well happen, as the Stinger will be at the SmackDown 20th
Anniversary show on October
4th, when the Blue brand moves to FOX. Though it’s highly possible that
Wyatt could target someone else
with his mandible claw before then, we feel the former WCW
World Heavyweight Champion
should be very careful when he arrives at the Staples center
for SmackDown on October 4th. More Wyatt news now, as the man
who helped design the Fiend’s
incredible mask has spoken to Gamestop about his creation. In an interview, Jason Baker said
it was a dream come true to work
on the Wyatt character and Firefly fun house, and implied
that the creepy show is far
from over saying: ““They need to keep watching
because they haven’t seen
anything yet. If they think this is the greatest thing to
ever happen, they just need
to keep watching It’s going to blow them away.” Describing the mask as Bray’s
brainchoild, Baker’s mask has
clearly added a much-needed mystique to the former WWE
Champion, who is now one of the hottest acts in the
company today. Since returning at SummerSlam,
Wyatt has yet to enter a major
feud and was last seen attacking Jerry
‘the King’ Lawler on an episode
of RAW. It seems that fans will just have
to wait patiently, as nobody
really knows when this new demented
Wyatt will strike next. Though we don’t know whether
Wyatt will appear on RAW tonight,
this week’s three hour show has plenty of matches and segments
already announced. Tonight, SmackDown Women’s
Champion Bayley will appear
thanks to the Wild Card rule and will hope to score a huge
win when she takes on one half of the Women’s Tag Team
Champions Nikki Cross. This all stems from last week’s
edition of the blue show, when
Cross and Alexa Bliss welcomed Charlotte Flair to their talk show,
before Bayley slapped the
Queen to the ground. Though the Hugger will have her
hands full with the Scottish
Superstar tonight, she’ll also have to keep an eye out for the
Queen, who has made it clear she hopes to take Bayley’s title
in a few weeks at Clash of
Champions. As well as that, tonight’s show will
also see the 2019 King of the
Ring tournament continue, as four Superstars from Monday Night
RAW will hope to qualify for
the next round. Tonight, The Miz will battle Baron
Corbin in the Constable’s first
singles match back, whilst it’ll be a mixture of styles when Ricochet’s
high flying offence goes up against
the sadistic Drew McIntyre. In addition to that, the new RAW
Tag Team Champions Seth
Rollins and Braun Strowman are scheduled to appear, as it looks
like the WWE will start building
towards a Universal title match between the two at next month’s
Pay Per View. Though there has been plenty
announced for tonight’s show,
there could still be some surprises along the way, thanks
mainly to the 24/7 Championship. Since debuting earlier this year,
plenty of Superstars have been
able to briefly hold the gold, though it was Fox Sports
Commentator Rob Stone who
captured the title this week, pinning R-Truth. Like most reigns though, Stone’s
tenure did not last long, as he
was quickly rolled up by Elias, who is now in his fourth
reign with the gold. According to PW Insider, these
segments featuring the green title
were put together with Bruce Prichard and Adam Pearce,
though nobody knows what
to expect if Elias appears on Monday
Night RAW tonight. From WWE to AEW now, as the
new promotion’s very own Chris
Jericho had plenty to say this week when
he appeared on Busted Open
Radio. In the interview, Jericho mentioned
his incredible success in the
company, being the very first Undisputed Champion, but
said how such success can only happen as long as
Vince McMahon is on your side. To evidence this, Jericho mentioned
Shawn Spears, who has become a
hot commodity in AEW, after his release from WWE, where
he competed as Tye Dillinger. As the Perfect 10, Spears would
become a popular act in NXT,
though quickly lost traction on the main roster
and never recovered, as
Jericho made clear: “You know how it works up North,
brother. If you fall out of grace,
you’re finished being played with as Vince’s toy, you get put in the
corner. Thankfully, Shawn got
his release.” After being granted his release,
Spears has become a big name in AEW, which has made Y2J think
that Superstars won’t be granted
releases anytime soon. “He’s the last one that will. Nobody
will ever get their release from
WWE again. Nobody.” This certainly seems likely with
AEW around, as releasing someone,
whether they want to go or not gives the new promotion yet
another established name to
add to their roster. It’s clear that WWE is taking their
battle with the new promotion
seriously, as this week, the company filed trademarks for
several big names on their roster. Of those names, the majority of the
stars are from NXT, as it seems the
company doesn’t want to see these Superstars go
elsewhere anytime soon. The trademarks are for Aliyah,
Bianca Belair, Matt Riddle, NXT
UK Champion Walter, 205 Live’s Humberto Carillo, The IIconics,
and current Cruiserweight
Champion Drew Gulak. Though WWE is locking down the
next generation of WWE Superstars,
last week also saw a huge birthday for a bonafide legend of
the business, as Vince McMahon
himself turned 74. Though in his 70s, the Boss is still
going strong, and if anything, is
running things harder than ever, balancing his duties as WWE’s
Chairman with his work with the
new XFL. Whilst it seems there’s not enough
hours in the day for the boss, his
daughter Stephanie took some time out of her day to send a
very special birthday message
to her dad, including a rare photo of herself as a little girl,
playing catch with a younger
Vince. Back to RAW now, and even
though Ricochet has made a
huge splash since joining Monday Night RAW, the high flyer
is making it clear that the Cruiser
weights are the ones to watch. Taking to Twitter this week, the
WWE’s self-proclaimed resident
Superhero mentioned that though he is smaller than many other stars
on the main roster, he does hold a
pinfall victory over current United States Champion AJ Styles. Not only that, the high flyer also
gave praise to his fellow Cruiser
weights, mentioning that Ali has a win over Intercontinental Champion
Shinsuke Nakamura, Cedric
Alexander has a pinfall win over Drew McIntyre and that Buddy
Murphy has a pinfall victory over former WWE Champion
Daniel Bryan. Promising to make sure to change
the minds of people who don’t
take them seriously, a team of Ricochet, Murphy, Alexander
and Ali could make for a
great stable, if they weren’t on separate
brands. Whether a partnership like this
would work out is unclear, though
Ricochet has clearly had huge success following his call up
from NXT to RAW, being a
former US Champion and will hope to have the same
success when he takes on Drew
McIntyre tonight on RAW. Though Ricochet has had success
after being called up from NXT,
he may be the last Superstar to do so, as the
developmental brand is set to
undergo some major changes when it moves to the USA
Network. Not only will the show be two
hours longer from next month,
but Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that
WWE are ready to treat NXT
as a third equal brand, to avoid giving new viewers the
impression that NXT Superstars aren’t good enough for
RAW or SmackDown. This would cancel the rumoured
call up of Shayna Baszler who has been a dominant force
in NXT as the brand women’s
Champion. Meltzer also noted that many
Superstars on the main roster
would be happy to be back in NXT, though this would mean a
drastically smaller salary. We’ll have to wait and see what
WWE decides to do, because
things could be changing in more ways than one because
of the Wednesday Night Wars. And finally today we’re ending
with some news from Hall of
Famer Edge, who fans last got to see deliver his first spear
in years to Elias on the Summer
Slam kickoff show. This appearance by the former
World Champion quickly got fans talking about a potential return
for the Rated-R Superstar, and Edge himself has said he
feels ring ready, in a manner
of speaking. In a post online, Edge decided to
open up about how rough things
have been for him, speaking candidly about losing both his
mom, and his father in law
last faw Saying how he went into mourning,
Edge would go on to get back in
shape for his own sake, and the sake of his daughters, who
wanted the Canadian to get
off his quote “rapidly expanding butt.” Doing just that, Edge was able
to get back into shape thanks
to a new diet and exercise programme, and has said he is
now a better father, partner
and person. Whether this means that Edge
has one more match in him
isn’t clear as the Rated-R Superstar clearly
takes his family seriously, and
wouldn’t want to risk a life-changing injury
just for one more match. With that said, WWE is scheduled
to have another Saudi Arabia
show later this year, which have seen huge Superstars just like
Edge come out of retirement
for a huge payday. Whatever happens, Edge will
always remain one of the most beloved Superstars in recent
history, who was able to go
out on top, retiring as the World Heavy
weight Champion in 2011. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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