WWE NEWS – Bray Wyatt For Universal Title(Spoiler)/Why Becky Lynch And Seth Rollins Missed RAW &More

WWE NEWS – Bray Wyatt For Universal Title(Spoiler)/Why Becky Lynch And Seth Rollins Missed RAW &More

Here’s your news for
August 28 2019
WWE NEWS – Bray Wyatt For Uninversal Title(Spoiler)
Why Becky Lynch And Seth Rollins Missed RAW We’re starting off with some huge
news about the King of the Ring
today, as the tournament’s quarter final matches have
been determined. On last night’s SmackDown Live,
Ali was able to qualify for the
next round by defeating former Cruiserweight Champion Buddy
Murphy, whilst Chad Gable was
able to topple his former tag team partner
Shelton Benjamin in their first
round match. That means that next week’s
SmackDown Live will see Ali
take on Elias whilst Chad Gable will face
Andrade for a spot in the
semi finals. On the RAW side of things, next
week’s edition of the Red brand
will see Samoa Joe face his old Joe Ricochet, whilst Cedric
Alexander will face Baron Corbin
to qualify to the next round. After next week’s quarter finals
matches, the semi finals will take
place on the September 9 episode of RAW and September
10th edition of SmackDown Live, both of which will take place at
the World’s most famous arena:
Madison Square Garden. The King of the Ring tournament
will culminate in the finals at Clash
of Champions, as the WWE Universe can prepare for a new
monarch on September 15th, over four years after the last King
Wade Barrett captured the crown. Over to SmackDown Live now, and
this week’s show must have been
a hit for fans of NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries, as Roman Reigns
continued to hunt for answers
regarding his attacks. Last week, Daniel Bryan aimed to
prove that his tag team partner
Rowan wasn’t involved, even bringing out a lookalike of the
former Tag Team Champion,
and even demanded an apology from the Big Dog
on this week’s show. That didn’t go according to plan
for the former YES! Man, as
Reigns revealed footage of Rowan being the man who
attacked him during the first
incident something that didn’t sit well
with Bryan. In a rage, Bryan slapped his own
tag team partner, and though he
claimed he hates liars, we still have our doubts about Bryan
being completely innocent. This week’s show marked Roman’s
first big break in the case, as the
former Universal Champion may be adding the title of private
investigator to his list of
accolades. One person who Roman didn’t
have time to interrogate was
Vince McMahon who wasn’t at SmackDown Live this week,
though that didn’t stop the Boss
from making his presence known. Able to call in and check on the
script, McMahon apparently
wasn’t happy with what the writers came up with, which has become
a trend of both RAW and
SmackDown Live over the past few months. According to Dave Meltzer,
McMahon was reportedly
furious about the script before SmackDown and made
a lot of changes, making this
week’s edition of the blue brand a very
Vince heavy show. Though it’s unclear what exact
changes the chairman of the
board made, it’s been reported that the King of the Ring first
round match between Chad Gable and Shelton
Benjamin was originally slated
to go much longer. There was plenty of interesting
segments at this week’s show,
including a backstage brawl between Kofi Kingston and Randy
Orton, and a new 24/7 Champion
being crowned so it’ll be interesting to see if
these were decided by the
Boss himself. One thing we do know for
certain is that it’s clear
McMahon can still have a lot of input on the shows,
even if he’s not in the building. Time for some Bray Wyatt news
now, as the Fiend continues to
go from strength to strength since returning to WWE TV
earlier this year. After his incredible entrance at
SummerSlam, his decisive win
over Finn Balor and the fact that his merch has
been selling like hotcakes, it’s
clear that Wyatt is very popular with both the fans and those
backstage, and it seems his time
has come for a major push. This week, a tweet from the Golden
1 Center in Sacramento California
confirmed that the Fiend will be challenging either Seth Rollins
or Braun Strowman to a Hell in a
Cell match, presumably for the Universal Championship. The Architect and the Monster
Among Men will face off for the
title at this month’s Clash of Champions, but it seems that
whoever wins will have a huge
match ahead of them against the demonic fiend
inside Hell In A Cell. Back to SmackDown Live now,
and Randy Orton’s mind
games with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston went to a whole
new level on this week’s show. During the programme, the Viper
read a letter allegedly written by
one of Kingston’s sons, and though this enraged the New Day
star, only a few fans were able to
realise this segment was a huge throwback to a
legendary promo from over
30 years ago. In 1984, ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper was
engaged in a feud with ‘Superfly’
Jimmy Snuka, and as part of the war between the two, the Hot Rod
read a letter later revealed to be
from Snuka’s own children. Not only that, but the letter Orton
read this week included some key
parts that also appeared in Piper’s letter all those years ago,
as it seems the Viper is resorting
to some old school villainy to get in Kofi’s head. Though Orton’s methods may not
be too honorable, it’s hard to
argue with their effectiveness, as the Viper will challenge for the
WWE Championship once again,
this time at Clash of Champions. With their last match at Summer
Slam ending in a draw, hopefully
the WWE Universe will get a decisive winner this time around,
as the feud between these two
phenomenal Superstars gets more personal
each and every week. Though Kofi and Orton aren’t
seeing eye to eye, two WWE
Superstars who are Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins,
who recently announced their
engagement on social media. After announcing their plans to
marry over the weekend, neither
the Universal Champion or the RAW Women’s Champion were
at RAW this week, though WWE
did make it seem like they were. The Beastslayer did appear in a
backstage segment where he
accepted a Universal title match against his own tag team partner
Braun Strowman, though this
was filmed ahead of time. Instead, the couple were given
some much-needed vacation
time by the company to celebrate their engagement,
according to the PW Insider. This break didn’t stop the Man
from mocking Sasha Banks on
social media though, as it seems no matter where
she is in the world, Lynch is
still ready to fight. Though neither Rollins or Lynch
was around this week for RAW,
the red brand did do decent in the ratings according to
Showbuzzdaily.com, averaging
2.53 million viewers. Though this is the same number
as last week, it’s an impressive
result considering two of their most popular stars were absent,
and great when you consider this week’s RAW had some
stiff competition. Going up against the MTV Video
Music Awards, RAW was able to
hold it’s own, even beating the VMAs for the first two hours,
which averaged 1.93 million
views. Unfortunately, the third hour is
went things went downhill for RAW,
as the second to third hour drop was the seventh worst ever
since the show moved to three
hours in July 2012. This 16 per cent drop in overall
views include a 12 percent drop
in women 18-49, a 15 percent drop in men of the
same age range, an 18 per cent
drop in viewers over 50 and a staggering 21
percent drop in hour three
among teenage boys. Breaking those numbers down,
RAW’s first hour averaged
2.64 million viewers which rose to 2.69 in hour two,
before falling to 2.26 in hour
three. Truly a mixed bag of an episode
this week, as the company will
no doubt be hoping to bring all these
numbers up in the very near
future. Back to SmackDown Live now,
and it was a big night for
Drake Maverick who once again captured
the 24/7 title. During the show, the then-
Champion Elias appeared to
brag about defeating Kevin Owens in the King of the
Ring tournament last week though his words didn’t go
unpunished. Elias’ scathing comments quickly
drew the ire of Owens himself,
who laid the singer out with a stunner, but didn’t go for the pin. Though Owens didn’t attempt to
win the 24/7 title, this did give
plenty of opportunity for others, as though R-Truth attempted to
win the title back, it was Maverick who escaped SmackDown as
the new 24/7 Champion. Though this was a big night for
the British Superstar, he may
have an even bigger night ahead, as being champion
means Maverick finally has
a chance to consummate his marriage
to his wife Renee. Though there’s plenty of Superstars
who would love to take the title off
of Maverick, one unlikely name could be Rob Gronkowski,
who recently retired from the
New England Patriots. This retirement has brought on a
lot of rumors about a WWE run
for Gronk, who is a known wrestling fan and a friend to
WWE’s Mojo Rawley Speaking to CBS Boston this
week, Gronk said he wasn’t
looking for a full-time WWE career, but didn’t rule out
appearing, saying: “With wrestling, I don’t feel like I
would be a full-time wrestler, but
there is one thing I’m down for; and that’s to do like one
crazy match.” Some fans will remember Gronk’s
appearance at the WrestleMania
33 Andre Memorial Battle Royal, as it seems the former NFL star
could be back in the ring
very soon. Though Gronk could be on RAW
in the near future, one team that
was conspicuous by their absence this week was the Street Profits,
who didn’t participate in this
week’s tag team turmoil match. Though the pair have yet to have
a match on RAW, that’s probably
for the best, as RAW’s Executive Director Paul Heyman wasn’t to
keep the team of Ford and
Dawkins strong, which would have been difficult
on this week’s show. On Wrestling Observer Radio,
Dave Meltzer said that WWE
wants the former NXT Tag Team
Champions to be over with the
crowd, so having them lose in the tag
team turmoil match this week
simply didn’t make sense. Though it’s cleat the WWE have
big plans for Angelo Dawkins and
Montez Ford, those plans could always change, though for now,
things are looking good for the
Street Profits. And finally today we’re looking at
Total Divas, as former RAW
Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey has been added to the next
season. As one of the biggest signings in
WWE history, a UFC Hall of Famer,
and a star in both films and TV, Rousey will almost certainly be
bringing a lot of viewers to the
reality show which is the idea according
to Mike Johnson. Speaking on PW Insider Elite Audio,
Johnson made it clear that Rousey
will be good for getting the Total Divas brand out in the
main stream, saying: ““So why is Ronda Rousey around?
Well, Ronda Rousey is a name
they can utilize to gain attention. Ronda Rousey will get far more
mainstream media attention than
Natalya or Carmella or Nia Jax no matter how much we might enjoy
them as personalities or as
wrestlers.” This latest season, which will
focus on the road to Wrestle
Mania 35, will feature plenty of the Hot Rod, though will also
feature plenty of the other members
of the cast, including Nia Jax. On her Twitter, the former RAW
Women’s Champion mentioned
how her injury will be covered on the show, as the Australian
Superstar continues to be on the
shelf after tearing both of her ACLs. Though Jax hasn’t given a time
frame on her return, the standard
return date for this injury is 6 to 9 months, though fans can see
plenty of her, Rousey and
more Superstars on the ninth season of
Total Divas. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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  1. I love The Fiend, but I think they should wait till Wrestlemania season to give him that top main event Championship.

  2. So, they will have to have a absent champion again, or over expose The Fiend loose the "magic" follows him. Also it should mean a Strowman loss at the Clash .

  3. I love this new character. But a title run is to soon. Wwe needs to build up that fear and that undefeated run and have him be pretty much the next undertaker but in his own way. Wwe is rushing it

  4. one match and the a title run, wwe fucks up everything. fiend doesn't need the title. his character shouldn't care about belts, his only focus should be hurting people.

  5. l love The Fiend, but l think they
    should wait till Wrestlemania season
    to give him that top main event
    lt' s also a throwback to the letter
    Samoa Joe read to AJ Styles last

  6. Yes, you may see this on more than 1 channel bc I really want to share this.
    So I live in the NY area & they're really promoting their return to MSG.
    In the local commercials, they say Rollins is going to defend his Universal title bs Baron Corbin that night.
    Now I know "card is subject to change" but didn't Corbin lose the ability to challenge Rollins for his title when they lost at Extreme Rules or Stomping Grounds, or whenever?!
    Thought everyone would love that.
    Although I'm sure it won't happen, but why promote that? I was like "oh maybe I won't go" but now I'm just hoping its BS. Besides, Stone Cold will be there.
    If I see Corbin/Rollins, then you'll see me ringside eating security fists after I hit a stunner on Corbin 😅

  7. WWE tanking so bad right now.They use to say you want to make friends or you want to make money..Today's wrestlers all friends

  8. Im prob in the minority but I really really hope wwe doesn't give bray a universal title match at hell in a cell that's a bad move. The fiend should be in matches sporadically amd his matches for now should be under 5 mins. I don't wanna see the universal chamo in under 5 min matches. It makes so much more sense to keep the title on seth for survivor Series (why would the field care about raw vs sd) and have seth lose the title to drew or someone else just anyone but bray or braun.

  9. If Vince actually pushed the wrestlers fans like they people might not be changing the channel 😒. But this isn’t new and has been going on since at least 2006 you would think by now Vince would understand that… I’m sure he does he just doesn’t care about WWE’s own fans or this wouldn’t be an issue. We would have a much much better product if he was out of the way. Even the Fiend character has been handcuffed and don’t be surprised if Wyatt hits another wall…

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    New Tv Series to PREMIERE on Fox to make up the 3rd Hr of SMACKDWN called
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