WWE Monday Night Raw Full Show Highlights HD 1st July 2019 – Raw Highlights Today 07/01/2019

WWE Monday Night Raw Full Show Highlights HD 1st July 2019 - Raw Highlights Today 07/01/2019

[Applause] Dallas Texas up Rawlins what we defending their championships and it extreme balls the new day taking advantage of the world the dead man is here in Dallas the city where he is Dave McMahon braun strowman [Applause] on their feet in Dallas [Applause] so close collage on the screen Eddie and heat better be because the almighty is always prepared rame actually appeared to be toying with the almighty bobby lashley and last lastly would now use the woke from the tug of war and bobby lashley was able to take advantage driving strowman into the barricade and this sadly all night this could be it for braun strowman's robberies scrubbing and lastly for these two men can do anything they want to one another including that the census Shora strowman the monster driven into the ring post here comes lastly lastly driving stolen who believes he has something to prove tonight since he's sick and tired of playing second through the WWE Universe here in Dallas there's Lashley continues live-action gun food today about to get worse completely legally a big yard especially has been a wild one since the get-go learn about hardness to maneuver out of the way and they continue these monster among men for Monday Night Raw right-hander before head tables the truth game-changing power did strowman possesses got his feet bobby lashley right into the that scared me first probably agonize stalking lassie and Bobby fighting back as well going to the frustration of Bobby Lashley [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] they're back live on Monday Night Raw ladies and gentlemen this is the situation ambulance who taken me pursuant to a local medical facility for again this was what happened moments ago is a braun strowman now who is uh who's been placed on to the wheeled out of the arena here there were power lines and absolute chaos I've never seen anything like that [Applause] take another look [Applause] and I could hear somebody yelling cut the power these guys went weg does everything it can to ensure the safety of it this in real-time here this is where the Shelley's explosions the power outages and got only Monday Night Raw continues tonight on the situation in the mail it's nothing enough with the wild card rule in the new day luli matches against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn he went back to the champion again and went locked in the dreaded submission Sunday at Extreme Rules on the WWE Network streaming live two powerhouses of standing face to face Savior one swift already and here comes I bar that got this teamwork oh my keep multiple time Tag Team Champions at this level – the green hood Oh same of the Viking raiders big a tight quarters [Applause] Viking raiders lathe a Derrick create some [Applause] backed by Samoa Joe I don't think he expected Kofi and our officials trying to separate these men the commercial break it will now be a six-man tag-team match the Viking Whoopi's gonna start things off against Ivar the light key traders mojo might be the last person you'd want to be across tonight the serious situation between braun strowman and bobby lashley test there's elbow very effective against someone the size of I look at Joe weeks so about what Joe and the W told you eat shit baby woods fire it up he Kingston Pryor extremal and look at this just brutal rippin Althea and Extreme Rules at the hands of Samoa Joe I cannot Monday Night Raw live tonight in Dallas Texas will be very impressed with that for I got sources on look at this now right across limo a Joe will get a witness when it comes to mind games [Applause] for the corner nobody home Kobe was able to stop and fall that rate there's classes Eric won't be somehow trying to climb back a champion and a both drop-top Eric from behind puts a stop to Kofi's plan in our set to the second row [Applause] trying to catch any sooner for these out in the cold peanut clutch of Samoa jump wasn't long enough the Blitz bootcut blanket constrictor Kofi Kingston versus Samoa Joe live from felzer at Extreme Rules Becky Lynch will team with her boyfriend the universal champion and a two out of three Falls match up will tell you that you brought me to rob our honeymoon Oh so how's the married life married wife is great we need to keep going I'm sorry is either me or the 24/7 championship of course I choose you you're my wife I love you Oh chucka for romance here is the feed out here to address the situation I gotta admit last week boys one fireman just freakin guys yet repaired legit they just beat the new day you know what I got some is it your first match back last week you almost lost even ricochet still almost got you don't be critiquing us he doesn't seem to think you can beat Rick and Sharon and become useless Joe I don't get a no to ricochet it's probably one of the best athletes I have ever been in the remember the whole hot asian wife to fight true vital for his wife Renee Michelle we're all locker right now in pursuit of the 24/7 champion all truth as he for the Swiss sideboard Cesaro but to get worse the Jose on the floor gasps who are making their Monday Night Raw debut Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford this street profits Charlie Charlie with such a great introduction finally door in XT tag-team champions on Monday we will address the dead man live this happened Leedy board here on the top of the stage both men falling off the stage into it was a horrific scene down there it was terrifying a medical personnel and then a braun strowman a neck brace as well strapped onto a stretcher right now they're still at the medical facility being evaluated and we'll provide any information please welcome my guest at this time the Miz let's take a look at what happened to you last week on Smackdown live opening the door destruction this attack are you a hundred percent going into this two out of three Falls rematch tonight might mistake created this best in the world monster now he's got his own call best in the world well I heard the Undertaker might be here tonight freezin why Shane need not fear anything when you roll with the same McMahon hellacious day McMahon Andrew McIntyre team together against Roman reigns and the Undertaker [Applause] let's kick this thing off corrected please with a proper introduction drew McIntyre [Applause] I do have other responsibilities you know and let's talk about Roman reigns absolutely had no chance of beating us and was scared to death this was a man can beat too especially when you're dealing with MacIntyre and second boom explanitory when reigns knows exactly what we're gonna do to him in Extreme Rules that Roman reigns begged to come help him out of this situation Undertaker you and I have gone to battle and we're gonna do it again because we're gonna put the big dog and the Phenom in the ground it's the greatest legend in the history of the WWE he is struck fear into the hearts of every man he's ever faced I am Not Afraid of the Undertaker I don't give a damn about the Undertaker he want you to March yourself down this aisle we exterminates the legacy of the Undertaker [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the price he's not back looking back attires eyes absolutely no fear Roman reigns never asked me for my help I'm here to collect your soul you had my respect a little you fell victim to your own greed and ego but where I'm sending you to afraid the torment and torture for all of eternity [Applause] [Applause] you know resultantly wall women's championship but the question for Seth Rollins it Extreme Rules Baron Corbin is also out here and bring championship wrong with his hittin chip on the line Seth and Becky against pins Becky Lynch or gets her is being at Baron Corbin oh and read the universal champion poem and remember how this relationship between and there you see Becky and set Rollins up lechaim pins here on Monday Night Raw nothing can get in the way of that this isn't a Burberry Corbett in that match are defending each other's championships essentially lacy delivers they almost beat the man on the other one occasion for Becky and said then there is for Baron and OH lacy it takes very very boy it's a but oh and lacy plan [Applause] who is distracted there's the win that glass here on Women's Champion and a Ladykiller like as we take another look [Applause] this winter's bake-off at Extreme Rules you mind if I grab a word with ricochet facing AJ Styles in the main event overall that's one of the biggest honors of my career or the next time I wouldn't make I could probably beat him excuse us Charlie AJ Styles didn't put you down in three minutes oh he could've I got a hit in the next time I could beat him oh you're not in trouble with us but you might be with someone else Liz whoops to avenge the loss to Alliance and A two out of three Falls match oh he said what whoa hold on aging this guy had the gall to say he could beat you in his sleep but the 371 days in a row wants to go have a talk with some kid what's happened to you where's the AJ Styles that I know would walk up to her to Shea accept the challenge and slap them across the face what you think you can beat me so easily huh is that what you think because I'm taking that title tonight ladies and gentlemen alliance this is disrespectful the highest-level [Applause] class and let go of those frustrates we've become downright obsessed separate the two competitors who can actually start this matchup and we can tell you this now the second fall is underway Ms [Applause] stain it beer tubs drift away to put men's away and the third fall is now underway Miz and Elias tied at a fall a paste but Elias now would miss up on it is how he tends to seep in look at it at the lice we're live at door right now enough fun and games Elias had to get back to that vertical face to try to create sunshine for me I'm on both shows to the job I biz and another one something of a rally face first bleak for the Me's and Miz going to take advantage looking for the figure-4 leglock great strategy but he's got a snap on his got no choice career and The Miz wasting no time our ladies the gentlemen coming up next door Cynthia Becky Lynch the universe at champions typical Baron Corbin and the opportunity to pick the official this is Disqualification match where anything goes [Applause] Seth Rollins after Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans challenge you to a mixed tag team match yet maybe call it impulsive impulsive him impulsive never I lose my title and if I get penned and you lose your title Extreme Rules match now which means anything can happen except that I listen to me from time to time things would be I did I did Becky you beat the baddest woman on the planet Ronda Rousey and Seth you don't impress me either because my husband hasn't had the opportunity to take it from you me and my bitch take on you and yours y'all done messed up the center of our entire stage and Tron set up here on Monday Night Raw bobby lashley first bobby lashley was a stretcher too to an ambulance and braun strowman who was put into the ambulance and taken to a local hospital I'm hearing if he may have suffered a ruptured spleen from what we just saw [Applause] champion any higher the championship whether it be universal or wrong this is what the long and short of it i think the fax is Maria and Mike have been Becky hab going to extreme girls it could tap it Julianne Mike to the top of the WWE this is a great example know exactly what they could if he matchup just like at Extreme Rules beat mixed tag team Rosa where the leg when he's trying to flex passion gets an opportunity to shut up very action Alice mother you said you could mop the floor with Seth [Applause] I don't know because I don't think you're man enough get me pregnant [Applause] let me tell you I cannot believe you're the father of my children the only man here tonight buzzy man Becky I'll ask Becky to impregnate me I don't know really what my name is maybe Brock lesner here tonight holla we have extended our welcome we are going this way Birds battle later on for the United States moment of bliss lies next good rains return entering action after battling leukemia Sparta peach sheephead 2gq calm thoughts to braun strowman and bobby lashley i'm thinking of you guys winning me a rematch for the smackdown Women's Championship Nikki cry girl let's take a look at your accomplishment bra certainly took the smackdown Women's Champion to the limit and then solid day wow what an achievement Nikki you were the first person to welcome me with open arms when no one else thuds this is all about giving credit to you this is your moment of bliss maybe I'll make an exception today why why what you're so desperate for attention you had to come out here and ruin Nikki's moment to get it Nikki gave you a title match so what have you given her but now I realized all you are is true sidekick a little walk down to the ring I'm gonna show you a sidekick those those earrings come out game on now lets us set a fight and her own benefit just a matter of time match underway carmella takes down Alexa wall on shoulders down here she can't believe it [Applause] there we are back on the wall this match was unofficial during the commercial break friendship between the Alexis oh of course not you are spewing this nonsensical rhetoric about Alexa lose the career longevity I mean if you can earn a championship right I mean it's pure altruism by the goddess carve out one in the corner and Nikki said to the outside for the SmackDown women's title and he do it tonight for the United States title I just want you to know that I'm gonna make sure that this line moves right I just want to go on my honeymoon let's go both superstars without a doubt but phenomenal AJ Styles an opportunity to win the United States Championship tonight the reversed role and it could spell the end totally totally way kisses rise the united states pal has been meeting at me a chair Center for Monday Night Raw and the United States Championship he's the champion AJ Styles former two-time hompless throughout his tenure here in WWE ricochet just sort of up bra AJ Styles has already won two WWE titles two United States titles and the submission and force the United States Champion to submit and you saw our Allinger AJ Styles maybe should get the boot up even on the outside here comes ricochet down case the high-risk came with a high room you say nailing them goes down Vale's what the phenomenal for our Anna's house [Applause] be completely signs it but watch ricochets right leg one two [Applause] yes this matches being restarted during the car sir right the official recognize beeping exactly please yeah what was interesting is that last week when they walk down here AJ – a glance at his feet great city it's a hurry come on about the year mind-blowing athleticism we take another look back at this superhuman system big splash on the way the ricochet able to adapt in mid-air style Sippy bike with a brain up and driven down with a brain buster Oh AJ could be looking for the RAC bomb hear that folks as we take another look at this display of power styles oh my god outrageous shoulders down [Applause] breakfast feeling confident coming into this matchup tonight maybe a little too confident [Applause] now Anderson mocking this [Applause] oh my god this is gotta be everybody old habits done an incredibly competitive matchup and ouch doing this [Applause] absolutely not [Applause] watch the impact to the current United States the club rides once again [Applause]


  1. damn Last moment raw was good… Remind me of the way how feud between styles vs cena began back in 2016.

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