[Applause] Biggi take either in Dallas the city where he had statement man he'll match at WrestleMania Dallas [Applause] so take place anywhere in this arena out of the park people out of town anywhere this it's gonna be a wild Riddick roaming Oh lastly would now use the local Metro fight factory was able to take advantage match sort of chaos we got that vicious side of the almighty this could be it for braun strowman's lettuce ism a boat scrubbing and lastly outside the race falls count anywhere two three or here the lastly lastly driving stuff up i'll Ashley now whose shoulders doubted who believes he has something to prove tonight says he's sick and tired of playing second watching a live-action Godzilla movie as fighting throughout the installment without there the aisles shoulders are down wild one since the get-go was new learning that's the maneuver out of the way and they continue [Applause] soft right hand to the fork she said the best braun strowman they're gonna turn ya like a boom cover my god with this matchup and lastly kick ass strowman now with a lastly back on his feet now brought up to the stage still can't stalk he'll Ashley and Bobby [Applause] during the Falls Kennedy where maps that is a bobby lashley for observation treatment and the like and again this was what happened moments ago you gonna bobby lashley has already been placed into an ambulance of course the neck race is in place as well you can smell something was burning back there I don't know if barely moving I was standing on the stage looking down braun strowman's legs tired moments ago fool Ashley that's who they are but once again this in real-time here and then as Lauren mentioned this is where the Shelly [Applause] missions of both Bobby Lashley and Bronco [Applause] we like to get back to tag-team action there you see our matchup for bout with the wild-card rule in the new day have an issue with Eric and I bar won't be Kings gonna versatility W lead champion raw coffee after brouilly matches against Oh Joe Bates championship then back to the champion again they went lock in the tread exhibition and we now know that a COPI will defend is doubly live Samoa Joe here face to face Oh payment row in this past week Savior once with big a hook of the leg and a kick-out they got this teamwork Oh sanity you know Korea all they could believe the favorite time the Viking raiders up the ranks of the tag – tag team oh look at this the power of Big E in Raiders Big E and a quarter by Aaron look of the way gonna kick out warrior mentality [Applause] then cochlea Jonah he'll be an hour hi there little party leaders it US army to keep these two teams separate and we are back live on Monday Night Raw and this occurs teaming up at Samoa Joe against the new day so against Aybar the lucky traders lead might be the last person you'd want to be across here's the cover by Kofi kick-out for tonight the serious citroen taken to the hospital because of their speed their quickness you baguettes on the size of I your way in two weeks so about what you believe Joe Mason prior to extreme pros do it in [Applause] between Samoa Joe and Kofi table Uwe oh [Applause] they're gonna continue the punishment both physically mentally he [Applause] thank Center in the corner on the stop install perfect fit direction haha o5 r co p lands on his feet and Ivar the Viking raiders still standing won't be somehow trying fine and the both Rocklin paradise for half a COPI little paper puts a stop to tow fees big [Applause] [Applause] I walked in south coming oh he's out they're refusing to relinquish look at the size of the lower each other's rises back Samoa Joe will be your bridge my Samoa Joe to the WWE Champion Joe as long as he physically could but it just wasn't along in two weeks Missoula twe Network take all but we have to find out what's going on two out of three Falls match up we'll tie to that into a fire story of idiocy galas and AJ Styles meanwhile no way Jose about celebrating his honeymoon is right for named Dallas still have not consummated their marriage they're really gonna help you know the 24/7 stamping get crazy our mother with his hot asian wife on to fight you why he's obsessed with the 24/7 championship [Applause] by the way my god sound get worse the Jose it was scheduled between Cesaro no way is that Street profits are on Monday Night Raw the rumors are swirling and that be under fly next Froman and lastly when this happened and again another look at this is broad Stroman drove bobby lashley through the LED board here on the top of this instrument and bobby lashley it was a horrific lastly onto a stretcher into a stretcher in a place to the fact of a pun Stroman and bobby lashley are currently being evaluated their speculation on what strowman and Lashley have suffered but we'll keep you up-to-date with all the information as we get it but please welcome my guest at this time the Miz I heard the Undertaker might be here tonight [Applause] that's my role cold shake there's nothing to fear Hell in a Cell match a number of years ago opticell we focus on Extreme Rules if she's in the Undertaker the first time those two superstars go fast through McIntyre there's a pretty good spirit let's kick this thing off direct it please with a proper introduction [Applause] [Applause] other than just being out here and gracing you with my presence and let's talk about Roman reigns this was Monday Night Raw last week your tire and Shane McMahon they didn't Terrace and humiliate Roman race no one man can beat two especially a second [Applause] Roman reigns knows exactly what we're gonna do to him in Extreme Rules begged to come help him out of this situation and that of course is the Undertaker I got to give you I got to give you a little bit of credit last Monday you surprised because we're gonna put the big dog and the Phenom in the ground you know the Undertaker is the greatest legend in the history of every generation and I am Not Afraid of the Undertaker I don't give a damn about the Undertaker we exterminate the legacy of the Undertaker [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] our the legacy of the Undertaker standing fifty feet away Roman reigns never asked me for my help that's not who he is let me explain to you who I am I am and have been the Reaper of wayward souls and I'm here to collect your souls you gave me everything you had at Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania you may be the best in this world YouTube will never rest [Applause] [Applause] McIntyre and Shane McMahon in two weeks and Extreme Rules the question for Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch is will their personal relationship [Applause] championship wrong with us hit a chip on the line company lace them Kevin's pins Becky Lynch or gets her is Wow comes Universal champion and lacy for my lace beam or the leg an Italian Smits chain rule and remember how this relationship between in there you see Becky and okay that's right there in Corbin lacy Evans nothing can get in the way of that this isn't open and lacy here's the cover hook of the leg an Italian lacy Evans who is very favorable for Barry championships essentially late all sassy southern belle cover on the Italian a kids beat the man on the other one occasion are the woman's right I'll place the others do you think they're gonna go for baron and lousy now look at that right into the athletic lacy Evans certainly very very tough competitor the distraction it's out shoulders down in a slap from that and lacy [Applause] Zen extreme rolls that lacy Ruby's imagines want to see that would be after coming up short on Smackdown live Liz look to Avenger [Applause] good [Applause] those frustrates we've become downright ups in this match supremely confident in his friend alliance that I can follow is underway Miz up 1-nothing Elias home sweep and Elias and Elijah shoulders are down the stated here at Toms drift away mins away it is we're tied under way miss and Elias box quickly a lion personal break to work on the knee of Elias but Elias now with miss up on it you know there is that enough to put Miz away Elias how he tends his epen look at him but the lice realize he careers he looks to knock off the bear alone hit up fun and games Elias no absolutely does the aggression lies cover here on Miz and Nero and minutes all the costs to get back to that vertical face to try to create something on damn this one here time to follow up a staggered back to the corner connects with a desperate help so to cover for the victory things look bleak for the knees [Applause] just listen to them so all women Falls Count Anywhere match between [Applause] essentially the electrical epicenter of our entire stage introns set them to begin to work on both braun strowman and Bobby [Applause] we'll be official will get the seat Becky Lynch is Seth Rollins in action speculate and set [Applause] the bell valued possession the championship whether the universal adage in effect the shallow [Applause] has nothing to do with it that's just another reason that they won't survive so you may have seen like cows of course–i they stay here in WWE this would be absolutely massive the great example I can Maria no exactly match up just like in Extreme Rules beat turnbuckle no they have not and now we are Mike Canales Rollins with a buck is it trouble Raj kick and now set 14 you could mop the floor with Seth but I should have known better because you can't even mop the floor at home [Applause] be pregnant I don't know because I don't think you're man enough get me pregnant [Applause] [Applause] you'd be amazed lack of power through what is it congratulations I cannot believe you are the father of my children for you to be a man where you grow up for you to take some responsibility you're just a disappointment was the man Becky so maybe the next time I'll ask Becky to impregnate me [Applause] maybe Brock Lesnar's here tonight [Applause] going this way I'm a busy man Jay Stiles printer say a match is official these two men are posting a very special Wow trying to break us up pathetic I'm gonna show you a side kick your head please her friend Nikki down to the ring with him that could be a locker room area for the last couple lies get it carmella takes down [Applause] Alexa on behalf of here you are spewing this nonsensical rhetoric just get the career longevity they're having to compete for it I mean you should have took the former champion there's an opportunity for countless opportunities like it's pure altruism sweet I don't worth a doxology top rope marmella get it Nikki able to counter you can't enjoy the moment get lost in the spotlight think he's earned analysts an opportunity to win the United States Championship but now it's 2 o'clock late we get to do it 24/7 let's go and for ricochet a tough jump one here to the competitive match folks both superstars without a doubt [Applause] the chip here tonight he was AJ Styles has spent the last several weeks the reverse roles include spell [Applause] [Applause] they want to know it can stays rise to the United States title has been meteoric we need to step in the ring with somebody he looked up to grow ricochet smile on his basics breach ricca-san defense against a j-style and we are set inside the American age a Stiles former two-time more time here tonight match underway oh look at these chatter shoulders down now by the champ and a kick-out by Stiles a jaehoon's Yui the United States places UWE titles to a night of days I had to learn oh look those doubters that up there with the title enacted mission and force do United go to the air their early age [Applause] ricochet champion and challenge it in this case the high-risk came with a high room disaster there dumped out to the apron and a big right hand is how Tampa Styles looking for the phenomenal [Applause] question is well the referee's decision the victory for style stand up we are back lies the error of his ways ricochets what was up in exactly the please yeah what was interesting to observe take another look back superhuman twisting ricochet looking for the able to adapt in mid-air stuck comes the champion watch it himself his eyes rolled back in his head and a camp up and driven those of you who followed his career know that well we could be looking for the round they go the sudden stop at these oh my god pray sequence outrageous shoulders down [Applause] AJ Styles with feeling sleep was prepared that's all [Applause] the champion oh my god this is gonna be able to this to me like that [Applause] J [Applause] come on [Applause] strength is the impact to the current United States man this week reminded these guys [Applause] you

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