WWE Loves WASTING Time! Top Star SCREWED, DISGUSTING Match Planned & Royal Rumble NEWS – Round Up

WWE Loves WASTING Time! Top Star SCREWED, DISGUSTING Match Planned & Royal Rumble NEWS – Round Up

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel and to another pro wrestling coverage as always keeping you up today
it is the Saturday roundup so we’re gonna be talking everything that went
down on Smackdown live including the fact that WWE just loved to waste our
time and clearly creative is struggling to even fulfill one hour of television
to try to make things more entertaining we got all the latest news as we head
into the Royal Rumble pay-per-view multiple confirmations but also all of
the rumor matches that we are set to be getting at the event the WWE creative
instructed to start coming up with ideas for a return that could do some good or
for a certain division the lettuce regarding in your superstar and I
disgusting match being advertised and the following month indicating to us
that WWE’s know we’re done a certain field that has been pissing us off
before we get into that and more though don’t forget to output drop and have
those notifications turn on anyway so let’s dive into it starting off with
some of the latest news and Guinea’s pertaining to the taxing division of WWE
new reports indicate that the Usos are expected to return to WWE TV very soon
according to Reza votes the WWE creative team was recently instructed to start
coming up with ideas for the returns of the Usos they are slated to remain on
the Monday Night Raw brand but any of that could obviously change the Usos
were taken off the row following Jimmy’s most recent arrest for DUI back in July
but it is worth mentioning that Jimmy was found not guilty on the related
charges the Usos were at one point scheduled to return to TV at the
SmackDown Fox premiere on October 4th but plans were canceled for more or less
obvious reason of all of the recent arrests and personal problems it was
noted that there was no creative plans for their return so that also added to
things being canceled and no return date being said with the draft
it was also undecided which brand that we’re gonna end up on but when I owe me
being on Raw in WWE like you to keep real-life couples together there are
expected to remain on the red right looking at the tag-team division
especially on Monday Night Raw the Usos could definitely benefit being there
they’re a great acting wrestling the problem here is that WWE is probably
gonna end up fueling them once again with the OSI odds getting us the same
type of thing probably leading them into another championship run point is that
getting excited for attacked him to return in the WWE is a big difficult
when we know that most of the time WWE don’t really like to focus on the tag
team for whatever reason it’s rare when they do and when they do it well just
think of it acting but taking it over to Smackdown live and an update to
something that we reported on the previous round up that was that – water
of the revival was taking out of action of live events over the last couple of
days due to an unknown injury but now he is officially back as he competed in a
dark match on Smackdown life as we got the revival defeating kalisto and
grandma – League of the lucha house-party
forget to hear that – water has been medically clear and they’re already back
in action I kind of wish we got this match on Smackdown television though
because content was needed for their show and WWE just literally decided to
give us a bunch of fillers which we’re gonna talk about switching it over to
what’s at hand we got the Royal Rumble so let’s go ahead and discuss a several
of the matches that are expected to take place at the event and also what’s
already confirmed so of course we are gonna be getting the men’s and the
women’s Royal Rumble match both expected to take a full hour each so the majority
of the event after this week Smackdown we also got the confirmation that Daniel
Bryan would take on the fiend Bray Wyatt for the universal championship and a
rematch from Survivor Series and it’s also more or less confirmed that a scout
versus Becky Lynch for the wrong woman championship will be taking place at the
event the challenge has already been accepted WWE just hasn’t indicated that
it will happen at the Rumble but of course is the obvious location for it to
happen to other rumour matches that are said to happen at the event our schinsky
Nakamura versus braun strowman for the Intercontinental Championship and Lacey
Evans versus Bayley for the SmackDown championship both matches were
originally scheduled to happen at TLC but due to injuries and not enough
build-up WWE decided to hold off on it and last but not least is of course the
Brock Lesnar match which as of right now it is not known if it will be happening
the only reports that we got is that Brock lesner next match it’s supposed to
happen at the Royal Rumble but there is no definite opponent at this time and to
add to that do you server indicate that the match might just be a special
attraction with the WWE Championship now being on the line possible we could also
have the title on the line on the Royal Rumble but that is unusual and defeats
the purpose of what exactly the Royal Rumble is supposed to be for for a
championship opportunity our mania if Brock is to have a match then it will
more than likely be against either Tyson Fury it reminds between Kane or somebody
who would just have no idea that’s of right now I will of course keep you guys
up today around the Royal Rumble WWE is also advertising something very
interesting and that is in Roman reigns versus Baron Corvin one-on-one match
with a special stipulation and a rare wanted to say the least and a loser eats
a dog full match which certainly sounds extremely unhealthy but I would not be
surprised if this is something that WWE does on television as we head into the
Royal Rumble event we never got to see the dark a collar match between these
two guys that WWE tested for multiple weeks so maybe this is one that they
actually go through with main takeaway though is that clearly WWE is not done
we’re Roman and Baron Corbin since they are still advertising it past the Royal
Rumble and now let’s go ahead and discuss a Friday night smackdown
everything that went down at the event on December 27 2019 the last blue bran
show of the decade highlighted by Daniel Bryan
earning a second chance at the fields of Bray Wyatt and universal title at the
upcoming pay-per-view the Royal Rumble and even that highlight in itself is a
bit disappointing because of how WWE got there this Friday Night Smackdown made
me feel like WWE just won at a waste time for an hour and a
75% of the show just to get to the main event match there were so many back and
forth so many rumbling throughout the show and everything ended up being for
nothing because at the end we still got the triple threat main event as it was
advertised they made that show feel like they only had ten superstars on the
roster so they couldn’t use anybody else which is a shame because there is so
many great talent in the backstage that they couldn’t literally use to fill out
instead of giving us Baron Corbin Daniel Bryan and The Miz go back and forth
between each other cancelling matches just to go as plan anyways in general in
case you guys haven’t gotten the gist yet I was not a big fan of what WWE was
doing throughout the night with your top guys even though Daniel Bryan is one of
my favorites I still feel like WWE try to do too much when they kid I kept it
simple and let’s talk about all of this so the night started off with the triple
threat match or at least it was going to get on the way so we had Daniel Bryan
making his entrance up next comes Baron Corvin King Cobra started ranting on
Daniel Bryan and the mists then we hear the Roman reigns music and so he
interrupts King Corbin entrance itself and ends up attacking him before the
match even started so here we three putting the triple threat match on hold
because he refused to compete after getting attacked
so that basically took 10 to 15 minutes of the show that didn’t mean anything
and all the commentary team was doing was wondering if the match was canceled
if we are still gonna be getting the number one contendership match up next
we get the new day and brunch Truman the finish is gonna come or as Cesaro and
Sami Zayn big highlight here is the fact that Sami Zayn is back to in-ring
competition so that is a big plus hey we also got braun strowman yes the monster
mom man who is the most dominant force on 2017 to 2018 he dropped down and gave
us some new day moves at the end of the match too many this is a negative and a
positive yes we get to see braun strowman in a less a serious way but at
the same time we’re probably never going to unsee this maybe WWE is going the
route that they did where Kane where he got a comedy side to it but he’s
still the monster that he is we could only hope for but there’s no denying the
fact that as of the last couple of months WWE had dropped a ball big time
were braun strowman he hasn’t done anything significant on smackdown life
and even when he was on Monday nitro early on this year he was just running
through people but in an insignificant way where we just continue to miss the
brunch from and that was destroying cars dropping ambulance and all of that good
stuff I guess the reason why it doesn’t trigger me as much is because we’re
talking about the new day here their goal is ultimately to make
everybody dance and feel the power of positivity up next we got Carmela
defeating Mandi Rose and of course before that we got Mandy Rose having a
good segment with Otis go figure which is probably one of the most entertaining
thing of the whole night especially on Smackdown life over the last three weeks
just because we know all this been obsessed with Mandy Rosen’s nxc so this
is a long-term storyline chat but all jokes aside at least orders got a comedy
side to it and him trying to get somebody like Mandy Rose has actually
been working out on television and then up next we’re finally gonna get that
number one contendership match where are we we got the Mays vs. Daniel Bryan
because King Corrin refused to compete after being attacked the match get
started but in typical WWE fashion out comes King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler they
attack the miss and Daniel Bryan so all of the sudden quote-unquote Roman reigns
have left the building and now Corbin wants to be in that
triple threat match once again it’s a night where Baron Corbin at the end of
the night it’s once again the inter general manager without us actually
knowing it up next we got Sasha banks and Bayley defeating lacy events and
Dana Brooke following a quote-unquote Unreal moment of bliss which I mean of
course that moment of bliss was gonna lead into something what else who is it
going to do and then for the main event we got Daniel Bryan and defeating King
Corrin and the miss to earn the right to challenge the fiend Bray Wyatt for the
universal title at the Royal Rumble 2020 of course in this match there were more
interruption Roman reigns came back helped out a
little bit and in the end what we knew was going to happen happen Daniel Bryan
is gonna take on the fiend and get his rematch for the title so that is what
went down on Smackdown live but let me know your thoughts down in the comments
below what you guys thought of this show this week as always if you enjoy this
pro wrestling coverage don’t forget to wear oh boy drop it and join up a swing
over to 200,000 subscribers I’ll see you on the next one so stay Savage you


  1. We always talk about certain stars getting buried, but the bigger picture is that the creative team buries the entire product as a whole.

  2. when is Brock going to disappear for good? Is the big question over hyped and never defends the belt. What happened to defending the belt every 30 days or you get stripped of the Title

  3. i dont know why wwe is still doing the wrestlers wrong plus the storylines are really stupid. and its not the creative team its vince. vince blames everyone but himself just like satan

  4. Don’t we eat dog food everyday uh oh it’s time to go vegan Daniel Bryan was right meat is evil I ate the impossible whopper and I was impossibly sick 🤢🤮

  5. 2:34 do a test run with The Usos have The Usos taken on The Street Profits if it’s good then have them feud with them if it’s bad then cancel that feud

  6. Umm Roman Reigns vs Baron Corbin in a loser eats dog food match i don’t think so I kinda wanna see Roman Reigns vs Baron Corbin in a Kennel from Hell match just like Al Snow vs Big Bossman had at Unforgiven 1999


  8. I would prefer a dog collar match between Roman and Corbin as opposed to a loser eats dog food match. Like the one Roddy Piper and Greg Valentine had.

  9. i don't want to see roman and corbin again the matches are not that entertaining i could fall asleep because the matches are just boring.

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