WWE Fox New Year’s Years Special! Ex ECW Champion To Be New Commissioner on AEW! Wrestling News!

WWE Fox New Year’s Years Special! Ex ECW Champion To Be New Commissioner on AEW! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
December 28, 2019 We’re kicking off this week’s video
with news from SmackDown, as
Daniel Bryan will get one more shot at the
Universal Championship. After coming up short against The
Fiend at Survivor Series, Bryan
met King Corbin and The Miz to determine the next
number one contender for
Wyatt, though this match quickly changed. Mere minutes into the opener,
Roman Reigns appeared and
chased off the 2019 King of the Ring winner, and the
decision was made to have
Bryan and Miz face off in singles action. The Lone Wolf only agreed to
return to the match when Reigns
was ejected from the arena, but after the Big Dog
returned and once again scared
off Corbin and his pal Dolph Ziggler, Bryan got the
submission victory over the Miz,
to earn a title match at the 2020 Royal Rumble. This result shouldn’t be too
surprising, as it was expected
that Bryan and Wyatt would face at the Rumble, which rumors
speculating that the Wyatt-Miz
non-title match at TLC earlier this month was only
done to extend the Fiend’s feud
with Daniel Bryan. This is so far the only match
confirmed for the show, asides
from the two traditional Royal Rumble matches, and
though it hasn’t been confirmed,
there is speculation that both the men’s and women’s
matches will feature 10
Superstars from RAW, 10 from SmackDown and 10 from NXT. Two Superstars who may be in
the Royal Rumble match
despite being missing for months is The Usos, as the
former Tag Team Champions
have been absent since before Summerslam this year. This absence is mostly down to
Jimmy Uso, had been dealing
with a DUI arrest, and when you remember that this is
Jimmy’s second arrest this year,
it’s not hard to see why the WWE would be hesitant
to bring back the team. With that said though, it looks
like the Samoan brothers may
be ready to return, as according to WrestleVotes, the
company’s creative teams have
been instructed to come up with a return angle
for the duo. The same report that says whilst
the pair are slated to remain on
RAW, that could easily change, and time will tell
just what the future holds for
Jimmy and Jey, and if they’ll still be treated the same
by WWE after a highly
controversial year. Though 2019 may have not
been the year for the Usos,
their cousin Roman Reigns has had a huge 12 months, including
returning from his battle with
leukemia in February this year. Now, the Big Dog is closing out
2019 in a huge way, as he will
represent the WWE on FOX’s New Years Eve show that
will air on December 31st. After this week’s SmackDown,
Reigns defeated Dolph Ziggler
in the match that will be aired next week, and the WWE
even brought in their celebrity
friend Maria Menounos to serve as the special guest
ring announcer. A huge-wrestling fan who has
wrestled a handful of times for
WWE, Menounos will also serve as the co-host for the
FOX New Years’ Eve special,
alongside fellow WWE fan and celebrity, Rob Gronkowski. WWE has also announced that
more Superstars will be
appearing on the New Year’s Eve special, but so far, none
have been confirmed. This match against Ziggler isn’t
the only huge contest for the
Big Dog, as the WWE has also announced a match months
in advance between Reigns and
Baron Corbin. On February 7th, the SAP Center
in San Jose, California will play
host to WWE SmackDown, and in an
advertisement for the show, it was
announced that Reigns and Corbin will face off, in a loser
eats dog food match. This stipulation comes off the
back of the Big Dog being
covered in dog food several weeks back by Corbin and
Ziggler, and with the match
being scheduled for February, this should give fans some idea
of just how long this feud will last. Also on the February 7th show,
Daniel Bryan is set to face The
Fiend Bray Wyatt, as it seems these two will still be
battling after the Royal Rumble
Pay Per View. Over to AEW now, and despite a
monumental first year for the
company, this week saw a setback for Cody Rhodes. Recently, the AEW Vice President
tried to file a trademark for the
name of his late father Dusty Rhodes, but this
filing has been rejected for a
series of reasons. Speaking to Pro Wrestling Sheet,
Cody’s legal team explained that
the United States Patent Office issued a refusal,
as the Dusty Rhodes name is
too similar to Dustin Rhodes, the trademarked name
owned by Cody’s brother and
current AEW wrestler. Despite the setback, Cody’s legal
team said that they expect the
matter to be resolved quickly, and expect Cody to have
full control of his father’s name
in the not so distant future. Though Cody doesn’t outright
own his father’s name, he has
revealed that he gave the WWE permission to use Dusty’s
name for their upcoming 2020
Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, and details of the
tournament will be announced
on next week’s edition of NXT. More AEW news now as after the
company opted not to host a
show this past Wednesday on Christmas Day,
the company has had to change
a title match for the New Years Day show. Originally, Kris Stadtlander was
slated to compete for the AEW
Women’s Championship against the
Champion Riho, but the company
revealed on Twitter that Stadtlander won’t be able to
appear due to prior commitments. This doesn’t mean that Riho will
have the night off though, as
instead she will defend her title against Britt Baker, Hikaru
Shida and Nyla Rose: the latter of
whom she defeated to become the first AEW
Women’s Champion on the pilot
episode of Dynamite.
In a follow up Tweet, the company
confirmed that Stadtlander will
get the title opportunity she earned, though
this match will take place on the
January 8th edition of Dynamite in Sothaven Missouri,
against whoever is the AEW
Women’s Champion at the time. From one Women’s Championship
to another now, as the WWE
SmackDown Women’s Championship has had
plenty of historic moments since
being launched just over three years ago. Yesterday though, reigning Smack
Down Women’s Champion Bayley
made history as she became the longest reigning
SmackDown Women’s Champion
ever, having a combined 217 days with the title
across two reigns. Bayley’s first reign started this
year at Money in the Bank
when she cashed in the coveted briefcase she had won
earlier that night, to win the
gold from new-Champion Charlotte Flair. After losing the gold back to the
Queen at the Hell in a Cell Pay
Per View, Bayley won the title back just five days later,
and has now replaced Becky
Lynch’s three reigns with the gold to become the longest
reigning champion. Being SmackDown Women’s
Champion has also caused
huge changes in Bayley, who won the title as a face but is not
one of WWE’s most loathed
heels, and with no end to her title reign in sight, expect the
longest reigning SmackDown
Women’s Champion to keep adding days to her record. We’re heading back over to RAW
now, as after what happened on
the latest episode of the red brand, it looks like
Samoa Joe’s time at the commentary
desk has come to an end. This week, the Samoan Submission
Machne was attacked by the AOP
and Seth Rollins after Joe refused to move from the
commentary desk, as he has been
calling the action with Jerry Lawler and Vic
Joseph due to being unable to
compete with a broken thumb. In this week’s Wrestling Observer
Newsletter, Dave Meltzer said
that the WWE will have a new announcer to take
over from Joe as soon as this
Monday, but fans shouldn’t expect Dio Maddin to
fill the chair. Before Joe took his talents to the
commentary desk, Maddin
worked on the RAW commentary team with the King
and Joseph, but was reportedly
pulled due to Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn not
being fans of his commentary. This all worked out in the end,
as Maddin still had aspirations
to continue his wrestling career, and was assaulted by
Brock Lesnar on the November
4th edition of RAW to give an on-screen reason for
Maddin to return to the ring. Whoever replaces Joe will have
a tall task ahead of them, as
Joe’s commentary has received high praise from fans,
and for now, fans will just have
to wait to see, or should that be hear, who
replaces the former US Champion. Back to AEW now, and whilst the
company has done a lot of things
similar to WWE in the year that they have existed,
that doesn’t mean the company
will be a carbon copy of the Vince McMahon led
promotion. Earlier this week, Wrestle Votes
claimed that the new promotion
is looking to add an authority figure to their weekly
Dynamite show, and according
to them, this future commissioner is expected to
be Tazz. The former ECW World Champion
is scheduled to be on next week’s
episode of Dynamite, and dad recently finish
his job with CBS Radio, but
according to Dave Meltzer, this doesn’t mean that
Tazz will be the new commissioner. In a tweet of his own, the Wrestling
Observer Analyst said that Tazz will
serve on Dynamite as an announcer, and
went on to say that the company
has no plans for a TV authority figure. Authority figures in wrestling such
as General Managers and
commissioners have been a staple of wrestling for decades,
but it does seem like WWE has
tried to retire the concept in recent months. With that in mind, there’s no
reason to believe that AEW
would bring in an authority figure of their own, and hopefully
fans will get a better understanding
of what’s going on next week, when the Human
Suplex Machine appears. As AEW opted not to do a
Christmas Day edition of
Dynamite, there was no competition in the Monday Night
Wars, but that didn’t stop the
pre-taped edition of NXT from doing well. This past Wednesday, the Gold
brand drew an average 831,000
viewers over their two hours, and given that they aired
this show during one of the
weakest nights for television, and the show was
taped, the WWE should be
very happy with that number. Next week’s New Year’s day
edition of NXT will be the Year
End awards episode of NXT, meaning that there will be
little to no wrestling on the
show, so fans will have to wait until both NXT and Dynamite
are back to normal on January
8th, to see which show dominates the
Wednesday Night Wars. And finally today we’re ending
with the results from Friday
Night SmackDown, as the show had plenty more on offer
than the triple threat number
one contenders match for the Universal title. After Roman Reigns sent King
Corbin running to kick off the
show, it was time for some six-man tag team action,
as the New Day and Braun
Strowman defeated Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro
and Sami Zayn. After the Monster Among Men
got the pin over the
Intercontinental Champion, Strowman’s night wasn’t over
just yet, as after some
encouragement by Kofi and Big E, the Monster showed off his best
dance moves, and whilst
Nakamura got those hands, the fans in Detroit got those hips! In Women’s Division action,
Carmella looked to continue her
hot streak after pinning Sonya Deville last week, as she
went one on one with Deville’s
tag team partner Mandy Rose. After the Golden Goddess chose
not to be in Deville’s corner last
week, Rose also went into this match on her own, and
after a stern slap and kick
straight to the dome, Carmella got her second straight
victory against Fire and Desire. After King Corbin returned to the
arena and agreed to the Triple
Threat match, it was time for SmackDown’s second
women’s segment, as Alexa
Bliss and Nikki Cross hosted their talk-show A Moment of Bliss
with special guest Lacey Evans. The Sassy Southern Belle didn’t
mince her words when she said
she would not stand for Sasha Banks recent taunting
of Evans’ daughter Summer, and
after recruiting Dana Brooke to her side, marched to the
ring for an impromptu Tag Team
match against Banks and Bayley. Despite an impressive showing
by Evans and Brooke, both of
whom have had their issues with the Boss and Hug
connection, it was Banks and
Bayley who reigned supreme, with the Boss locking in
the Banks Statement to get the
submission victory over the Sassy Southern Belle. As we discussed, the main event
saw Daniel Bryan defeat both
The Miz and King Corbin to earn one more shot at
the Fiend, but post-match, Bray
Wyatt decided to make his presence known. Appearing on the titan tron from
the Firefly Fun House, the
Universal Champion asked Bryan if he was willing to do
whatever it takes to capture the
Universal Title and “let him in.” Unsurprisingly, Bryan’s answer
was a resounding Yes! chant,
as the Eco Warrior has plenty of confidence going into
the Universal title match on
January 26th.


  1. I was there Dark match was the Revival versus Lucha house party Revival Won. The fiend came out and beat up Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns beat Dolph Ziggler in the New Years eve match. It was a pretty good show

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