1. I think this is one of those themes he can use his entire career. I don’t foresee him ever leaving WWE…they have treated him EXTREMELY well. In less than 4 years he is a Universal Champion, 3X Intercontinental and 2X United States Championship.

    Oh ya and he won the NXT title in less than 3 months with WWE. Also got his first feud against John Cena and BEAT him at Summerslam in an amazing match. Was aligned with Triple H (always a good sign) for a bit. Has been involved with all the McMahons in storyline (another made-man sign). Consistently featured on television regardless of title or not. Ya I’d say he is doing okay kinda like some other people that debuted roughly around the same time…ya know Rollins and Reigns.

    He is up there with being one of the biggest stars the company has. The fact he wasn’t on the Wrestlemania card this year is nothing short of a joke. He should have just come back after if that was going to be the case.

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