WWE Edit Out Paige Sex Tape Joke From Smackdown! Booker T Unhappy! | WrestleTalk News July 2017

WWE Edit Out Paige Sex Tape Joke From Smackdown! Booker T Unhappy! | WrestleTalk News July 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis. Kevin Owens: The Face Of DVD Sales
Independence Day didn’t just see the return of John Cena to WWE, the Smackdown Live debut
of Rusev and Will Smith overcoming an alien invasion. July 4th also saw the official release of
Kevin Owens’ first WWE DVD, quite fitting for the current United States champion and
self-proclaimed Face of America. He won’t beat you though, Will! Kevin Owens allowed himself a moment of reflection
on Twitter: “In 1995, my dad rented a VHS of WrestleMania
11 at this video store in my hometown of Marieville. Today, my parents bought my DVD there.” PWInsider is reporting KO’s Digital Versatile
Disc is “already a massive hit,” selling out in several stores already and on Amazon
even for fans who’ve ordered in advance. The article notes this level of demand hasn’t
been seen since the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD. While this is great news for Owens’ position
in the company, as nothing speaks to Vince McMahon like ALL THE MONEY, this could be
a case of WWE and various stores underestimating demand and not ordering enough copies. Usos ‘Sex Tape’ Smackdown Joke Unscripted? July 4th had another reason to celebrate,
though: Smackdown’s New Day vs Usos Rap Battle was better than it had any right to
be – with some calling it one of the best segments of the year so far. Each team drew their lines from reality just
as much as kayfabe, like these two from Xavier Woods:
“You and your brother – you’re tag champs, you turned the Universe into believers,
But please always remember you were absolutely nothing until your wife put you on Total Divas”
“We don’t use our cell phones when we’re international, ‘cos that’s roaming. Y’all should get back to what you do best,
and that’s carrying bags for who? That’s carrying bags for Roman.” Which are references to Jimmy Uso being married
to Total Divas star (and current Smackdown Women’s Champion) Naomi, and the brothers
belonging to the same Anoa’i family as Roman Reigns in real life. But it was the Usos who won the rap battle
in the first round, with their line to Big E:
“Let’s just keep it PG, you know what’s good… don’t get all Rated R like ya boy
Xavier Woods.” A reference to Xavier’s alleged sex tape
cameo with fellow WWE wrestler Paige in a hack from several months ago. The New Day are said to have relatively free
reign when it comes to scripting their own promos, and considering how differently the
Usos sound compared to the rest of the roster, they might have the same – hinting the sex
tape joke was an unscripted line. The version of this segment uploaded to WWE’s
YouTube channel seems to support this, with the Usos’ ‘Rated R’ gag – which got
the biggest crowd reaction of the night – edited out of the Smackdown clip. I would argue the Usos joke is an example
of unscripted promos going very, very well, injecting a much-needed spark of spontaneity
and realism into WWE TV. Sadly, that doesn’t always go to plan. Booker T Unhappy With New Day Joke
The Miz TV segment on last Monday’s Raw was cut short after LaMelo Ball said the N-word
into a live mic, which reportedly sent the backstage area with Vince McMahon and Kevin
Dunn into “chaos”. On the following night’s Smackdown, The
New Day made fun of the segment, referencing Booker T’s infamous N-word promo, when Big
E told The Usos “We comin’ for you-” before being cut off. On his Heated Conversations podcast, Raw commentator
Booker T revealed he wasn’t pleased with the gag:
“I don’t appreciate it. I don’t know if [WWE] knew that the parody
was gonna go down, because I knew [The New Day] write and do a lot of their own stuff…I
think that parody should have never been shown on television, because it wasn’t a great
moment for us as black people. For us as black people, it was one of our
worst moments.”” John Cena and Rusev just returned to Smackdown! And how should Baron Corbin cash-in his Money
in the Bank briefcase? Click the videos to find out out, press subscribe
and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.


  1. Usos won that battle 2-1. And speaking for black people, Booker T saying "Hulk Hogan, we coming for you N….a" was NOT one of the worst moments for us. Lmao. We've had way worse moments. Just saying.

  2. People are too fucking sensitive about the "N" word.
    If it was to fucking serious black people wouldn't even say it….so fuck off

  3. That's one thing I've always liked about The New Day. They'll make fun of anyone in any situation, and not care who it is.

  4. Honestly, when Booker said I'm coming for you nigga, I got hyped, cuz back then I still believed wrestling was real, and I felt like Harlem Heat were about to really kick Hulk Hogan's ass.

  5. Leave it to a person who suffered from racism to devolve his own beliefs into racism at the end. The rap battle was the first actual rap battle I could stand. Well done on the part of the New Day and the Usos.

  6. Booker dropping the N bomb was one of black people's worst moments?

    Damn, I guess me dropping my ice cream cone the other day was one of white people's worst moments.

  7. Booker t upset about them referencing that infamous moment when wwe used that clip for his hall of fame induction video package

  8. i believe booker should keep his mouth shut it was entertainment and it was great booker needs to grow a spine or unwrap that wool he covers himself in these days, i guess booker only says that though because hes dabbing at vinces arshole alot

  9. JR hears sex tape joke


  10. This could have been a historic night only if a few things were done differently…like
    Rusev not following the boring foreign heel gimmick and attacking cena without even saying much after the commercial things being said…or may be a bit more ranting…
    then the rap battle which was really amazing could have been better if it ended in a brawl….this was a historic moment where the Wwe could have shred it's pg image a bit…
    Then Jinder coming down to the ring and just attacking Aiden English and leaving saying that we Indians deserved to do this…That would have created an outrage…and really established Jinder for a long while…reffering to Britain vs India
    Then instead of trolling us..WWE could have actually let the perfect ten win…giving him an immense push…but that seems to be happening sooner than later…but loosing this one would not hamper AJ's image even a bit…because these are three of the very best…
    And Kevin Owen's was awesome on the microphone…you can feel how disgusted he is with the crappy storylines…
    these are just my opinions whivh i think would have helped the storylines and the wrestlers very much….

  11. I think Paige should appear on great balls of fire and beat brock nd samoa for universal championship. 😝😝
    As she has experience about actual Great balls of fire. Lol

  12. this reminds me of that SNL skit with the rock playing a wrestler airing out his opponent's dirty laundry during a prom lol

  13. "Rated R"? Don't they mean Rated X dumbass? *Uso Crazy.

    *Crazy meaning stupid.

    That segment was as bad as the other weeks MizTV with those funny looking kids and their rediculous dad.

    But for real Uso's are stupid I still remember when they first showed up and had that collage smart guy gimmick and I shit you not one of them actually said "Last weekend on RAW". That was the end of that and facepaint became their gimmick.

    These guys are so lame now they act like that goof Kanye.

    What's worse then one kanye west? Two of them.

  14. Hopefully the Usos don't get in trouble for adding things out of script, because I want more non-script stuff like that

  15. I don't ever watch Raw or SmackDown live. I always watch it the next day whenever I have time on Hulu. The Paige sextape joke was not edited out for everyone crying about censorship.

  16. 4:03 Booker T… stfu…. you are the same black man that let your own boss said the N word to another white man in live national television. Don't even talk about "for us black people" bullshit. 🙄

  17. I know why the crowd was acting kinda of dead a bit cause the battle had a wild n out wild style freestyle atmosphere and 95 percent of the people out there in the crowd have never watched wild n out

  18. Werent even much of a rap battle. John Cena vs Kurt Angle had better rapping than that crap lol.
    I wondered if they let the sex tape joke in cuz Paige was seen ringside at the last TNA / GFW PPV

  19. I love how oli says xavier wood's cameo😂😂😂😂😂😂like he was starring in a movie😂😂😂

  20. shit, how many times this year has this chump said the words "the best segment of the year so far"

    seriously. it's lost all meaning at this point.

  21. Booker T is pissed off that he was the subject of a joke, and has nothing to do with it being one of the worst moments for black people (lets face it, I am sure black people have ha far worse happen through history). Man up, Booker.

  22. Did Booker T have this much upsetness when Vince McMahon said the N-Word? If he didn't, then he needs to stop criticising New Day!

  23. Spontaneity is something that makes things great… they keep removing good things from segments and keep pushing Roman Reings in the wrongway… WWE should learn of their mistakes, or what the crowd really wants…

  24. if a "Fuck You Roman!" chant filled the arena whenever Reigns is on camera, would all that be edited out? people that chant Roman Sucks, especially after Let's Go Roman, are playing into WWE's hands and should realize by now they're just going to get more of Reigns Samoan cock up their ass.

  25. the guy that does these vids is he on coke ir speed he talks so dam fast I can't understand him why would the uses have a sex tape the wrestlers need 2 stop recording themselves having sex that's private u font need 2 b recording that kind shit 2 bad taker is gone with the wrestlers court so he can stop all this stupid shit

  26. Don't let this distract you from the fact that "Roman" was the last word uttered in the Rap Battle!!

  27. WWE knew amount that bit. Just like when Paige said that line about Charlotte's brother. They just play ignorant to it all (cough cough JBL)

  28. I think it's funny how Book got all spun up over some shit HE SAID. The worst part is he said it out of habit. Now, how does one pick up that habit, huh? What a dope.

  29. But…but Booker,
    YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE for that worst moment for Black people's history lol

    Seriously, we get it, that was promo enthusiasm gone amok. And with the proper context of how/why it was said, it's funny. You should be a bit over it by now

  30. I wonder how Booker T felt when former President Obama used the N word. Or the fact that rappers uses the N word a ton.

  31. I'm black…and I think Booker T just was trying to defend himself from controversy…but nigga is vernacular slang today…everyone with a brain in the 21st century knows that each word can be redefined and used in reverse psychology. Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished –Tupac Shakur

  32. Well I got to agree with Booker T on this one. Should he not be looked at as a joke and looked at as a legend that Triple H is looked at as, but since we still haven't had a black heavyweight champion maybe this might be one of the reasons. Vince McMahon and Triple H is racist ass keep thinking that a black wrestler an order to do good has to be a joke

  33. Comin for you nigga promo was no a bad moment for black people.

    Every black person ive asked including myself find it hilarious and his a two time hall of famer……everybody wins booker t needs to chill

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