WWE Draft 2019 NEWS – Predictions & Rumors! Draft Pools For RAW & Smackdown Revealed! Wrestling News

WWE Draft 2019 NEWS – Predictions & Rumors! Draft Pools For RAW & Smackdown Revealed! Wrestling News

Here’s your news for
October 11 2019. We’re starting off with some
news from tonight’s Smack
Down, as the WWE have ironed out some of the
details of tonight’s draft. According to the company, the
roster has been split into two
separate draft pools, which means that the first ten picks on
Friday Night SmackDown won’t
be filled with top stars. For example, several top
champions such as Universal
Champion Seth Rollins WWE Champion Brock Lesnar
and SmackDown Women’s
Champion Charlotte Flair cannot be drafted until next
week’s RAW, whilst smaller stars
like Roman Reigns, The Fiend Bray Wyatt and even RAW
Women’s Champion Becky Lynch
will be eligible on tonight’s show. Here is the list of all the potential
draftees and what days they
can be drafted but since it’s a long list, we’d
suggest giving the video a
pause so you can see when your favorite stars
will be moving. Like many drafts in the past, it’ll
be interesting to see where
several couples in the company end up, as relationships such as
Corey Graves and Carmella,
Andrade and Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins
and Aleister Black and Zelina
Vega could all be put on different shows thanks to
the draft. More news from tonight’s Smack
Down, as the WWE has
revealed the rules as well as the celebrity
involvement for tonight’s show. Several FOX presenters will
appear tonight, including former
24/7 Champion Rob Stone as well as SNL’s Colin Jost and
Michael Che, who fans may
remember taking part in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal
earlier this year. Longtime wrestling fans James
Roday and Dule Hill will also be
appearing, and older fans may remember the duo from the
popular comedy show Psych
hosting RAW back in 2010. Pro Wrestling’s Jon Pollock
spoke about the celebrity
involvement, saying: “The celebrities will be doing
spots but not actually making
the picks, they are said to be spots discussing strategy
/analysis. Stephanie McMahon
will be in the role of announcing all the picks like a
league commissioner would.” WWE is hyping that “For the first
time, executives from FOX and
USA Network have direct influence over the
WWE Draft as it will determine
the Superstars competing for either Raw or SmackDown,” and
the company have also laid out
the rules for the draft. The company has stated that
over 70 Superstars, including
tag-teams are eligible to be drafted, and whilst SmackDown
will receive 30, RAW will
receive 41. That is because RAW is a three-
hour show to SmackDown’s two,
and the red brand will get three picks for every
two picks from the blue brand. Tag Teams will count as one pick
unless FOX or the USA Network
specifically want one star which could lead to some very
interesting breakups indeed. After the draft, any undrafted
stars will be declared free
agents, and will have the chance to sign with the brand
of their choosing. WWE is certainly making it seem
like a rivalry between USA and
FOX, as there has been talk of how much influence the two
Network’s will have on tonight’s
show and RAW. Of course, the real question is
how will SmackDown be able to
go through 30 draft picks in two hours and still have an
entertaining show, which will
be a test of time management. Though we don’t know who the
first draft pick will be, we do
know that the first pick will be decided in a special
inter-promotional match,
pitting RAW’s Seth Rollins against Smack
Down’s Roman Reigns The match, that was confirmed
yesterday, has high stakes,
as WWE reported: “Seth Rollins (representing Raw)
faces Roman Reigns (representing
SmackDown) in the opening match of this week’s WWE Draft
episode of Friday Night Smack
Down on FOX and the victorious Superstar will
earn the first overall pick for the
corresponding brand. The stakes are high for this show
down between former Shield
members as the Universal Champion
squares off with The Big Dog
to decide which brand gets the all-
important first selection.” Does this match confirm that the
Big Dog and the Beast Slayer
will be on different shows? Or will the winning brand choose
the loser as their first draft pick?
Only time will tell. Whilst there’s been a lot of talk
about RAW and SmackDown,
WWE’s third brand NXT won’t be involved at all in
tonight’s festivities, according
to Dave Meltzer. Speaking on his Wrestling
Observer Radio show, Meltzer
spoke about the yellow brand and tonight’s
draft, saying: “It was never going to be NXT.
There was never even any
consideration of it It’s going to be people actually
picking like a football draft. It’s
going to be a rep or reps from USA and a rep or reps from
Fox that will be doing the picking
as opposed to authority figures from WWE. They don’t
want authority figures right now.” While Meltzer admitted that this
could change, he said that it’s
unlikely, and that the draft picks are being kept a
secret, even from the
Superstars. He said: This could change but the whole
draft is already done. They got
their battle plan I have no idea what it is and
nobody is going to know
until the day of they’re not going to tell the
talent.” With NXT entrenched as the
third brand of WWE, it was
always an interesting theory to see if the draft would allow
the main roster to dip into the
Wednesday night pool and after the draft, could
wrestlers at the bottom of
RAW and SmackDown still move over to NXT?
Tune in to find out. The last rule that was included
in WWE’s rules is certainly
interesting, as anyone
that goes undrafted can sign
to whichever brand they want,
and whilst many will choose RAW or SmackDown, this
ruling does leave the option
open to join NXT. It’s also a great sign that the
WWE is doing away with
Authority figures, at least for the time being, as on RAW, the
announcers heavily pushed the
idea of USA and FOX competing for talent, and after tonight’s
show, it’ll be interesting to
see how WWE treats the the rivalry between the two
networks. Even though the draft has yet to
get started that hasn’t stopped
both RAW and SmackDown laying out their strategies,
with the red brand having the tactical genius of
Paul Heyman on their side. According to a report by Wrestle
Votes, Heyman has been
fighting to keep Bray Wyatt on the red brand, and move
Aleister Black to the show
as well. On the SmackDown side of
things, the folks at FOX are
reportedly big fans of Roman Reigns and Charlotte
Flair, so if they get their way,
expect both the Big Dog and the Queen
to stay on team blue. As noted earlier, Reigns will face
Seth Rollins in a special Smack
Down Vs. RAW match with the winning show
getting the first pick overall. Apparently, both FOX and USA
have an actual say on who will
be drafted to their shows which explains why WWE has
been hyping the budding feud
between the two Networks. Whatever happens, expect big
changes in the WWE over the
next coming weeks, thanks to the WWE draft. We’re shifting our focus away
from the draft now, as the
Wednesday Night Wars continued this week, with
another win for AEW. According to Showbuss Daily,
Dynamite on TNT drew in
1.01 MILLION viewers, netting a healthy 0.46 share of
the crucial 18-49 demographic. Whilst impressive, this is a
considerable drop from last
week’s premiere, which saw Dynamite get a 0.68 ratings
share, while pulling in 1.4
million viewers. As for NXT, the (NXT) yellow
brand had it’s fourth consecutive
fall in viewers, with the show being viewed by 790,000 fans
this week, getting a 0.22 share
of the 18-49-year-olds. This is a drop from 891,000 from
last week’s show, which got a
0.32 share of the 18-49 demo. Breaking the numbers down, the
October 9 AEW got a total 1.14
million views, 1.018 from the show on TNT,
as well as 122000 from the Tru
TV simulcast. That means that the only NXT
show that has beaten AEW
so far was the September 18th show, which
featured one hour on the
Network, that got 1.179 million, and it’s certainly not a good
sign for WWE when their
highest viewed NXT episode only barely beat the lowest
viewed episode of Dynamite. The final numbers for this week’s
show saw AEW fall from 2nd
place to 8th place for the night, whilst NXT dropped
from 10th place down to 27th. Three of the top four spots on
Wednesday Night were
occupied by MLB playoff games and the TBS Baseball post-show,
so fans will just have to wait to see how both AEW and NXT
do next week. Back to the main roster now, and
though fans are still mad at the
finish of Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt’s Hell in a Cell
match, one man who knew it was coming a mile off was
Vince McMahon. This week, the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter noted
that McMahon knew the entire time he wasn’t putting
the Universal title on Wyatt, but
he also knew he wasn’t letting him be beaten
either. The original plan McMahon
reportedly had for the show
had nothing to do with the sledgehammer, as
Vince’s plan was for the match
to be ended with Wyatt being thrown from the top of the
cell, as the Observer reported: “The original idea for the finish
was that Wyatt would take a
gimmicked bump off the top of the cage and be
unable to continue and the
match would be stopped. Then, after it was stopped, he
would pop up like Undertaker and take Rollins out with the
mandible claw.” This would’ve made more sense,
and would’ve been a nice call
back to the match between Undertaker and Mankind,
but obviously, it didn’t happen. Once the match was stopped,
fans in Sacramento bombarded
the show with boos and negative chants, but the
Boss reportedly wasn’t faced,
as the Observer noted: “Vince McMahon was reportedly,
and this was confirmed by
multiple people that he was laughing about the
crowd reaction and hardly
taking it as a negative.” It will take some doing for the
company to get fans behind
Rollins once again but after what happened at Hell
in a Cell, the damage may have
been done. From one cell veteran to another
now, as fans may remember
The Undertaker pulling out of Starrcast due to his
new deal with WWE, but that
hasn’t stopped the Deadman from going to other
places not affiliated with AEW. This weekend, the Phenom will
appear at the Hyderabad
Comic Con in India on October 12th and 13th,
though he is interestingly
scheduled to appear in Scotland on the 13th,
at the same time Even though he’s no stranger
to hectic travel schedules,
appearing in two places at once may be too much for
the Deadman, though if
anyone can handle this level of Magic, it’s the lord
of Darkness himself. Back to NXT now, and whilst the
Superstars may be delivering
some top quality action on the USA Network, not
all of them are being left
unharmed. According to WWE NOW,
KUSHIDA re-aggravated a wrist
injury when he faced United Kingdom champion Walter
this week, and his status is listed
as day-to-day. In addition, Boa also suffered
a quote “possible rib injury”
during his match with Killian Dain, as the Chinese star
reportedly having trouble breathing post-match, and is
also listed as day-to-day. Both Matt Martel and Chase
Parker have been listed as
day-to-day after the beating they took at the hands of the
Forgotten Sons, with Martel
suffering a separated shoulder that will require physical therapy,
and Parker reportedly suffering
a possible jaw fracture. On the main roster, Dave Meltzer
reports that Ember Moon is out
with a leg injury that she suffered in her ankle or
Achilles tendon, and Meltzer
added that whilst the timetable of her hiatus would change
depending on the type of injury she’ll be out for a “decent
length of time.” Moon last competed on the
September 23rd edition of
RAW,losing to Lacey Evans and we’d like to send our very
best to all the injured Super
stars at this time. One man who is no stranger to
sitting at home is Luke Harper,
who fans will remember tried to quit the company
earlier this year. Not only was Harper release
request denied though, but he
reportedly had 6 more months added to his contract, and it
seems there is still friction
between the two parties. Earlier this week, Harper blasted
the company in his twitter bio,
claiming that WWE had threatened to fine him, and
whilst the biography has since
been removed, it looks like there’s plenty of bad blood
between WWE and the former
Intercontinental Champion. And finally today we’re ending
with news from Sasha Banks,
who is paying the price for her Hell in a Cell war with
Becky Lynch. According to reports, the Boss
is expecting back issues and
is currently not cleared for action, and yesterday, Brad
Shepard reported that Banks
was pulled from this weekend’s live events
in Odessa and Amarillo, Texas. An injury like this couldn’t come
at a worst time for Banks, who
only returned to WWE recently and given her star power, is
expected to be a top-tier draft
pick on tonight’s SmackDown. WWE has kept tightlipped on
Banks’ injury status, and
although they won’t confirm the severity, they had said
she is continuing to undergo tests for the issue,
which is a very worrying sign.


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