WWE 2K20 News: REVERSAL CONTROL CHANGES! GM Mode Latest, Are RAW & SmackDown UPDATED? & More!

WWE 2K20 News: REVERSAL CONTROL CHANGES! GM Mode Latest, Are RAW & SmackDown UPDATED? & More!

what is up you savages welcome back to
the channel and two more WWE 2K20 coverage and it has been a busy couple
of days but the news continue this time around we’re talking about a lot of
interesting changes and information regarding the development of the game
how come we haven’t gone in GN mode is Raw and Smackdown arena going to be
updated with the new set surprising changes to the controller later part two
of the roster reveal and more of the latest but before we get into whether
you guys already know Mitchell to elbow drop it and hit those notifications to
be fully up today on all of the upcoming coverage anyways let’s get into it and
getting to the good part all of the upcoming information is coming from Dan
Cobbs recent interview with WWE 2k developers Lionel jinx and Mark littell
go head over to his channel the link is gonna be down in the description I would
avoid Chris ended up asking some of the good questions that the community been
wondering about and some of those answer is given we’re gonna be discussing right
here as there are some good confirmation one of the surprising ones that they
reveal is that we’re gonna be getting some control changes this year not
everything was specified but one of those changes is that the reversal
button instead of being in the trigger is being switched to a beam on the Y
vine on Xbox or their triangle on PlayStation this is definitely gonna
take some relearning I already suck out reversing moves
anyways so maybe changing it to Y it’s gonna make me better the reason for the
change is because as you guys know there is a delay when it comes to the trigger
you pulling it down and reversals are of course a very time base you gotta be
precise so putting it on an actual face button that is faster and easier to
click it’s gonna be a better response all around without change itself that
means that some other buttons are gonna have to be remapped so I can’t wait to
see the full laid out some other changes discusses of whether or not the new
stages for Raw and SmackDown are actually gonna be making it into the
game based on the response given to us both mark Leno and Lionel jinx Express
how frustrating it is when WWE changes things last-minute but that is the
nature of just oho vwe they’re constantly changing and a
lot of time them as developers don’t really get the heads up on such things
and this was one of them so based on the overall response those new stages are
not gonna be able to make it into this year’s game but they did put over big
time the creation suite which as you guys know it’s freaking amazing and
honestly on the first day by the end of the day we’re probably gonna be getting
an amazing customer Reena for both the updated raw and updated
Smackdown live so as I told you guys before that’s gonna be the first thing I
download another great question that was asked what’s in regards to GN mode and
why the hell don’t they bring it back if the community is asking for it for
multiple years now the answer itself seems to be a bit more complicated but
they did indicated that the feature is not overlooked they’re just putting a
lot of energy and focus on improving other game modes specifically something
like my career which continued to be elevated to the next level and they’ve
been listening to the high feedbacks when it comes to the woman’s evolution
which is why they even getting their own showcase and are being put in the
spotlight when asked if we will ever see that game mode to come back or at least
some of its features come back an upcoming installment they did indicated
that that is on the list but that everything that they want to bring back
they wanna make sure that it’s fully improved and that it’s not the same from
before instead it is their own version of that particular game mode this adds
to a lot of the other topics that they ended up discussing and that I’m
honestly looking forward to now that they’re not with us one of the big
emphasis was the fact that they got full control of the game they are able to
update it and come up with their own type of ideas in their own studio which
they just expanded and open a new one so when it comes to the development
everything is getting bigger and they have more control of what exactly to add
and not add when it comes to the game again one of the things that they
pointed out was that any new idea that they want to try and implement and any
new update that they want to make they could do it themselves in the actual
studio and keep everything more current so who knows maybe the wrong Smackdown
updated stages is something comes in a knob day before ending it off
and other things that they ended up touching on was that they understand the
importance of online and they’re making the necessary changes to make us
continue playing with our friends and finding more matches online such as with
the reintroduction of online lobbies this was specified as being one of the
changes that they’ve been able to accomplish easier now that they have
full control of the game and throughout the interview that continued to be
brought up as one of the big plus of everything being done in their own
studio and to end it off I got a quick recap of all of the superstars confirm
on part two of the roster reveal starting off with sac rider Tyler breeze
Tyler Bates Trish Stratus Tony nice titus O’Neil Tamina Stephanie McMahon
Sin Cara Shayna Baszler Shane thorn Shane McMahon Scott Hall Scott Dawson
Sarah Logan Ruby riots Roderick Strong Robert Roode Ricky the dragon steamboat
racer of the opie Razor Ramon our true Pete Dunn O’Neil oricon know and our no
way Jose mr. McMahon mojo Rowley my Canales Maurice Miriam and Matt riddle
that is a total of 32 superstars that we can add to 45 that will reveal on part
one of the official roster reveal anyways guys that is what I got for you
in this video let me know your thoughts down in the comments below if you enjoy
don’t forget to elbow drop it and as I mentioned go check out the full video
link will be in the description hit those notification if you haven’t just
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  1. 2:37 i already made them on 2k19 so the thing I'm gonna do is put them in community creations (PS4)

  2. 6 years over looked lol.

    They aren't being honest at all and basically blaming yukes for all their problems.

    They just threw yukes under the bus with no proof at all.

    I think that the originals will end up a great big disappointment and 2k still don't understand what players really want.

    We want more match types more match options, we want more fun things to do more gimmicky things.
    We want an up to date roster and dlc that will add to that over the months to come, the creation engine needs more creativity added to it with things like create your own comeback or other things related to your superstar.

    All these things and more yet every year it's just slight updates and we all say ok may e next year they will do it yet they never do.

    Now I like the looks of my career this year but, everyone is touting it as a female my career and it's really not at all, it's a my career that is shared and with all the females in the game this year why did they do this, Still I do like this idea since it was this or nothing.

  3. I have never ever asked for GM mode to return I don't want it back I just need to fix things that need fixing like cutscenes because certain cutscenes I can't use because I can't change the championship shown in cutscene which is annoying and also I can't change the referee in the cutscenes as well so I rather have them just fix the game before they go ahead and add more stuff because adding new modes is just going to be excuse for the reason why they didn't fix things

  4. Changing the buttons is a lazy why to change things up. When people stop buying this crap then they will have no choice but to put actual effort into it.

  5. What’s so hard about them sending out a game update to add things into the game when WWE changes something. NBA 2K does it so why doesn’t WWE 2K do that as well? It’s such an easy fix.

  6. I'm changed the controls back I like using R2 on my PS4 controller better because it's going to be more easier. What's the finisher button R2. Only thing they have to do is put GM mode features in universe mode

  7. And I'm gonna change the reversal button right back to the right trigger… Hopefully, they allow alternatives for those who want that and those who don't want that; like they have the quick-time vs button-mashing… I'm more of a quick-time guy, but I'm glad those who prefer to button-mash have that option… If they just scrap the right trigger for reversals, and force us to relearn the controller confirmation, it might cost them and turn some people away; because people hate relearning shit, especially those of us who saw no problem there.

  8. No Gm mode no buried alive match no inferno match no slobber knocker probably no new weapons no updated Smackdown or raw no jukebox no 10 man tag probably no weapons still in hell in the cell no Woman vs man no 3 stages of hell no I quit match probably no Red hell in the cell no Season Mode etc Etc

  9. I hate controller changes. Of course the new raw and sd aren't in it, they debuted last week, 2k cut off is summerslam

  10. So screw making universe mode better or adding create a story/story design back in the game what’s everyone’s asking for even if you add it into universe mode screw bring in GM load back because they put all their focus on career mode to me that BS you cater to career mode and say screw the rest of the mulch why can’t they have a group of people working on career mode and a group of people working on to upgrade and make universe mode better Fck #2K it’s been 6 years now no WarGames no Create a story mode or let us add our own cutscenes

  11. I’m still gonna play plus I already paid my money at game stop I’m just waiting on it to drop I’m ready to play it’s like we want more in the game but at least they trying there best

  12. Everytime Macho says GM Mode it sounds like he says GN Mode lol but I really hope we can change the controls back to the 2k19 controls and we wont see the new Raw and Smackdown stages until 2k21.

  13. I don’t want the reversal button change. Dedicating my thumb away from strike and grapple seems counter productive.

  14. so another one button reversal video game? lol why cant they just bring back the old school r2/rt to reverse grapples and l2/lt to reverse strikes, and r2/rt and l2/lt to reverse finshers? It was more of you had to think what move was coming at you. Now days it is too easy to reverse and finishers should be a little harder to reverse, it was more fun that way.

  15. Crazy how they say they wanna improve game modes but they actually rather add in more instead of improving the modes they have so I'm not buying their crap tbh

  16. Yo MATCHO T can you find out as soon as you can if the ROYAL RUMBLE is more realistic like when you can actually see the superstars coming out

  17. Really sad they made Peyton‘s hair black, the Evolution attire and the models. I don‘t like them. Now if we don‘t get the IIconic taunt and the IIconic entrance… I‘m leaving.😔

    Edit : I‘ll have to make our gear.

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