WWE 2K20 News: NEW DLC Details! WASTELAND WANDERERS Originals, LEAK, Seth Rollins Showcase, & More!

WWE 2K20 News: NEW DLC Details! WASTELAND WANDERERS Originals, LEAK, Seth Rollins Showcase, & More!

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel in to more WWE 2K20 news as today we’re gonna be discussing all of
the latest and newest information that we got for the next DLC the wasteland
Wanderers DLC aboriginals pack before we get into this quick update though you
guys already know make sure to well butch rappin and have those
notifications turn on to be fully up today so this is going to be the second
DLC the second originals pack for WWE 2k 20 and much like the bump in the night
with ten that are featuring new and alternate versions of superstars like
fed up Sheamus the demon king and so on this second DLC said to do the same
thing but with different superstars that were not part of that first originals
pack heading into the WWE 2k menu the first T’s that we got which we already
discussed it’s a bit of a description indicating that we’re going to be
stepping into a grim post-apocalyptic future when new versions of superstars
new part 4 creator superstar new arena and so on well now we got in an even
more updated message giving us a bit more specifics and what exactly we are
going to be getting and who’s gonna be headlining the main showcase feature in
this DLC pack the first bump in the night
the main showcase that ended are featuring a story with different
cutscenes unique commentary and so on was with Finn Balor while the other
towers had a story but it was tax base and it was very simple now for the
waistline DLC the new message revealed that this a brand new showcase is gonna
be based around a post-apocalyptic Seth Rollins the new T’s indicate the
following grab your spare water and whatever you can find
wasteland Wanderers is here challenge yourself and post-apocalyptic hours
dress you create a superstar in wasteland fashion and challenge your
opponents in new arenas and when you are ready help Seth Rollins take on a
despotic overlord in his twisted arena in our original showcase not to be
surprised but just like we’re getting more than one character
it looks like we are also gonna be getting more than just one arena as it
does indicate new arenas in the first arena that do come to mind is the tees
that we ended up getting featuring this way / / junkyard having a full arena and
a Hell in a Cell just like the whole arena made up of junk so that is
basically everything that has been confirmed so far for this upcoming DLC
but there is a bit more that I want to point out because upon reading this I
remember of a leaked file that I ended up seeing someone probably tagged me on
Twitter or maybe I saw on Reddit if I find it I would try to edit it in not
only did it confirm a Seth Rollins character for this DLC but I remember
seeing other versions of superstars like for heavy machinery a new version of
Roman reigns but most importantly this overlord that this message is teasing
and it was labeled an overlord some more Jill there were a lot of other names
that I ended up seeing but it looks like this leak ultimately ended up being
correct I will of course keep you guys up to date on any other information that
we ended up getting so if you haven’t turned on those notifications just yet
make sure to do so and if for any chance you enjoy I found this informative make
sure to hit that elbow drop check out any other previous video if you haven’t
just yet we did drop a new WWE 2k 20 hidden features episode for this week
and of course all the latest and pro-wrestling
join up as we underwater two hundred thousand subscribers I will see you on
the next one so stay Savage


  1. I think it's time I quit wwe games as there have been nothing but minor updates and now they are selling community creations my tower with some custcenes and call it new content while I can make my own in 5 mins.

  2. Do you know how to use demon attire as alternative attire in universe mode? Cuz if i put both in show they are different characters

  3. How the hell can 2k mess up the one thing they could of saved people buy the dlc for new things but biggest thing new superstars not other versions of current wrestlers all ways I feel as if 2k are just misleading and robbing u blindly I feel rip off at this point getting the deluxe version of this game and if this is the route there going with in future really will be something people will debate is the dlc really worth it if u dont get new superstars from raw or smackdown or nxt.

  4. Quick UPDATE: The ‘New’ message has now been deleted & replaced with the older one. ODD 🧐 & still not release date…
    Stay Savage & ELBOW DROP IT 👍

  5. You still not answer my question I ask you your just like the WWE there keeping that quiet there pushing the andrade but I had see there was a new man in her life that she been not saying much about him I was asking you your contact information if heard anything yet I been going Managerment Company and Wwe nothing they will be Announce later

  6. Can we just get a dlc with Lio Rush, Walter, and other legends and more classic arenas that’s all I want is that asking too much probably 😒

  7. So for these future coming packs all they are going to do is place “different versions” of the people already in the game with some extra towers and a fictional area? I could have saved my money. 🙄

  8. 2k originals are literally crap honestly who wanted that? I think most of the people prefer new superstars but well that's what we got… I doubt that the dlc of this year will be sold like other years

  9. Okay. Yes, there are a lot f broken things in the game. Yes, people like having new characters like in past years. (But please remember that WWE has to confirm who’s in the game. The missing characters and no DLC characters is likely because of WWE.). But the fact that we get new weapons, new attire parts, new moves, new arenas, new variants of characters, new showcases, and new towers displays much more DLC than ever before (at least, in the 2K Series). Also, people complained about it being paid DLC, but DLC has always been paid. The amount of content given in each pack even outdoes some other games that have Season Passes (that is, in comparison to content vs. price)

    Oh, and wait. The game crashes a lot. I can’t do a custom superstars royal rumble without the game crashing. You still can’t move logos like you want to. There’s literally prints of clothing textures on the base body of CAWS. Clipping is WORSE this year. And don’t mention hair physics. Glitches that were previously fixed have returned. A.I. is still trash, even more so this year. Gameplay is still too slow and animation based, and lacks freedom. Online lags. Stomp spam continues to happen online. Universe Mode is horrible. MyCareer is still short and lacks replay-ability….

    Okay, that should be enough to get people to understand that I’m not just a fan boy… 👍 I just like looking at the good AND the bad.

  10. I’d like to know when they’re gonna release some locker codes and how many because like I stated before it would be stupid to add the locker code feature and there only be one code like 2k19 did

  11. Straight trash. We still haven't gotten Create a Championship back. Instead it's pointless DLC. Why not just create a WWE game for stuff like bump in the and Wasteland Wanderers? I would have preferred a new arena pack with the NXT UK arena, Smackdown Fox, the new RAW arena, Wargames, NXT Takeover Toronto 2019. A DLC pack with missing superstars. Lastly, a patch that fixes everything and makes the game playable. These DLC packs reminds me of WM Arcade. Just recreate that and these garbage DLC packs into that game.

  12. It's good that Macho T still has heart to make videos for a game that's a total mess.. you've earned my sub bud😉

  13. Looool… I thought next DLCs will give us normal characters like WALTER, DIjakovic, Lio Rush, or anybody WHO IS REAL. Not another zombies or different shit. I'm really dissapointed.

  14. I'm hoping for the 3rd and 4th DLC pack, coming in 2020, mostly the Empire of Tomorrow AND Southpaw Regional Wrestling packs.

  15. What is up with 2K always featuring Samoa Joe as some overlord main villains of their game?🤦‍♂️ Joe is such a nice dude!

  16. I Hope 2K Patches in the Entrance of Woken Matt Hardy & The Entrance of the Deleters of Worlds,2K Should also put in Evolution Theme song

  17. These DLCs are actually awesome this year, I appreciate DLC packs of other wrestlers, but it's also cool to see wrestlers in these fictional arenas like this… I really liked the swamp arena, hell coliseum, haunted house, crypt environments, etc; you must be trippin' if you're not feeling that… Bump in the Night was cool, Nikki Cross story sucked, but it's cool fighting with just a spotlight on… Now, we're getting DLC based on the wasteland; which, by the looks of it, makes me think of Mad Max and/or Borderlands – I mean, who doesn't think that would be cool??? I'm actually excited to see this, what the story's about, other alternative versions of superstars, and what the other 2 DLC packs will be… Can't wait!!!!😁👍

  18. How Hogan having a showcase mode from his 80's WWf run, to his Wcw/NWO run, then back to WWF isnt a thing and this scifi crap is I'll never know. The matches and wrestlers from a Hogan showcase would be amazing.

  19. I really don't care about all of these dlcs we are getting for wwe 2k20 it really doesn't matter about the dlcs unless wwe and 2k fully fix wwe 2k20

  20. When I heard about the first pack
    "Who asked for this??"
    Plays pack
    "Not bad"
    Sees this pack
    "Who asked for this??'
    And I'm still gonna keep this same opinion bump in the night wasn't back but come on nobody wants different versions of the same people

  21. Safe to say 2k has no idea what they are doing this is a wrestling game, not fallout where are the new wrestlers or match types that could be added in the game.

  22. We play dlc Bump of night only for the fiend. Others character we don't care.. Now 2k give us new dlc with waste character.. We just want the real character like Lio rush, damien, and others.. We want the update character.. Damn it

  23. Well lets hope at least they put a better curb stomp in since it has to be lame ass Rollins. They added new finishers for the different attires last time.. so im guessing itll be the same. Was hoping they would at least add in a new superstar for each DLC like they did with the Fiend but it doesnt look like thats happening unfortunately which is a strange choice but it doesnt surprise me this year

  24. Hopefully they add new superstars for one of the DLC packs. This is was a cool idea at first, but its really dumb when you think about it because we're just playing for alternate attires that someone in the community could probably create. It's cool, but not as interesting as the new superstar packs

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