WWE 2K20 My Career Mode Gameplay Part 19 Finding The Undertaker

WWE 2K20 My Career Mode Gameplay Part 19 Finding The Undertaker

and that’s how I won my first Smackdown
live women’s championship that totally sucked the air out of the room that’s
why I wanted to skip over that part of the story I’ll distract him with the
visual aid with everything we had accomplished we were really starting to
cement our legacies especially in our hometown where we’d always been
overshadowed by a certain individual until this happened that is a beautiful sign don’t you think
I agree I would never throw rocks at a sign like that even though we were
gaining respect and recognition I still felt like I had a lot more to prove than
read she had won championships everywhere we went and I only had my
Universal title win over Samoa Joe that was mostly considered a fluke sure I
started a movie but that sort of thing didn’t hold the same weight so I sought
out the advice from someone who was a visionary in this business a man who had
been the guiding force behind the careers of countless legendary
superstars by the way I saw your movie and some of
the choices you’ve made were intriguing that really means a lot coming from you
mr. Heyman just call me Paul thank you so other than this fantastic I have no
choice but to eat it lunch why am I here I asked you to meet with me because I
need help from the guy who managed some of the biggest names in sports
entertainment history Kurt Angle the big show Steve Austin
don’t forget but before you go any further let’s just get one thing
straight I’m not gonna advocate for you I’m enjoying my retirement way too much
I don’t want an advocate I just want your advice I’ve made progress with how
people perceive me but there’s still some holdouts so how do I earn the
respect of everyone in the locker room how do I reach the heights the legends
you guided reached and build a career that’s Hall of Fame worthy I really hate
suggesting this but in this business there’s only one surefire way to cement
your legacy and become immortal and that’s by defeating the greatest force
this universe has ever known and yes I’m talking about the Undertaker come on
Paul I’m serious and so am i dead serious just look at
what a victory over the Undertaker did for my client Brock lesner if you want
that type of prestige there is only one way to get it but no one’s seen the
Undertaker in years oh I’m sure the Undertaker is still out there somewhere
and if you want to you can still find him but I personally don’t recommend it
come on you’ve had your success the WWE Universe admires you although
there’s no accounting for taste is there the men and the women in that locker
room really worth risking everything you have your well-being your soul just
think about it carefully because if I were you and thank God I’m not
I forget the whole thing and just walk away before it’s too late
I don’t want to do it I want to submit my legacy by defeating the Undertaker
hey it’s your funeral and if that’s what you really want I’ll arrange a meeting
with someone who might be able to help you find the Undertaker read it’s been a
pleasure and Trey well despite my better judgment I wish you luck it’s kind of
creepy here late at night you know some arena’s are supposedly haunted really
yeah this one time after your match all I heard was boo assuming you didn’t get
that from a popsicle stick I’m mildly impressed Thanks so where’s Haman’s
friend who’s going to help you find the Undertaker he’s supposed to meet us here
right Paul didn’t give me any info other than a time in a place so maybe his guys
running late did you hear that it’s kind of hard not to no one else is in the
building right now so maybe a Taemin’s guy should go check it out
I don’t know seriously you want to take on the Undertaker but you’re afraid of
an arena boiler room let’s go I can’t really see much can you know so
we should probably try again some other time I mean technically the Undertaker’s
dead so it’s not like he’s going anywhere wait I think I just saw
something move hello are you sure about this
come on it’ll be fine it’s not too late to turn back
are you here to meet with us about finding the Undertaker I swear I saw
someone down there did you see a light switch anywhere no I should have never
gotten myself into this it was your idea I can’t believe mankind used to hang out
down here I’m gonna head back up and try to call
Haman nowrap Papa Shango well this is unexpected but I guess you’d need some
of the supernatural powers to track down the dead man ask him to help mr. Xiang
go apparently we have a mutual friend in Paul Heyman who said you could help me
find the Undertaker I don’t think he’s going to talk clearly so uh how do we go
about finding taker you want us to get inside the furnace no furnaces are hot
so maybe he’s saying we’re warm like we’re close to finding the Undertaker
this is exciting yeah I’m out of here wait I think he’s
trying to tell us something what was that it’s in my eyes I don’t know but it
kind of has a lemony flavor but you’re eating it cool what the hell
is that I think it’s some kind of portal there’s no way I’m going in a portal if
you want to become immortal you have to go through the portal see it even rhymes
and besides you’re always telling me I need to loosen up and be more
open-minded so maybe you need to take your own advice for once the last time I
said that I was trying to get you to try pineapple on your pizza not cross over
into the nether world it looks like it’s starting to close make a decision fine hey wait papa shango No
well that’s just great now we don’t even have our voodoo mime guide are you
smiling I told you not to eat that dust hey snap out of it what was that for
wow that was way harder than my slap I was just trying to wake you up I don’t
think we’re asleep then what is this place did you hear that from now on
let’s just assume I hear everything you hear okay look it’s hey this is awesome
maybe you can help my friend go find your brother and we lost our guy
not cool oh man how if I can’t oh boy damn there you go so she trapped in the fire to do this oh man what the fuck no aah nah take these oh man you still alive oh crap oh they
do this boom and you find something no aha
yes damn it oh crap boom come on damn you get me ready yet there we go boom users come on Kane get up so fight him so now you got King come on come on King yes Trey try it’s the right tree yeah
you did good you did good you got your breath are those fireworks yeah weird that’s
what you think is weird about all this maybe we’re supposed to use these to
signal for help who’s gonna help us here no idea but either way we’ll get to see
some cool fireworks okay oh it’s like the fourth of July
yeah except I just barbecued Cain I think it worked
something’s coming how do I know it’s a good something wait is that yeah man yeah I was sailing around the
ocean of reincarnation when I was summoned by the works of fire in the sky
can you help us I set out to find the Undertaker but I’d be happy now to just
make it home alive step aboard scars God and I will do my best to guide you on
your one novel journey but for it to be truly over you must delete the demon of
Death Valley that you speak of come on this is our best and only option you
don’t have any more of that Shango death do you wish so are you taking us to the Undertaker
before you do battle with the man who is dead you must first encounter the lady
of the magis if you look pasta she will make you up so late and you will never
return to your home to mean June is there anything else you can tell us
about her that would help she is a creature of darkness despair and decay
we have already entered her plane of existence
some time ago how can you tell it’s so dark out here that’s how I can tell this
is as far as skarsgård can take you so I must bid you farewell that’s it
kind of boat ride doesn’t have snacks do you at least have anything that could
help us see where we’re going only the lady of the marshes luminous
will piss the dogness there in the distance a flickering light our passage
of time on the ocean of reincarnation was another I hope your vessels survived
the treacherous conditions you now must face good evening calm Hills I should have listened to Paul Heyman
left us alone I’d be at home on the couch right now watching true crime
murder mysteries instead of becoming one don’t say that we can do this whatever
this is that must be the marsh ladies cabin not great curb appeal should we
call her out for a fight or we could quietly steal a lantern run for our
lives and try to find a way out of here I like that plan better what move it’s
like some invisible force is holding it there I think she’s calling us to go in
the cabin you speak Mars lady all of a sudden see
I was right Holmes Hertz you wanna play they went
Nicky let’s play let’s play Nicky cross where you are yeah I know it
is this about me messing with the lantern I just wanted to get a closer
look it’s a it’s antique right fun she’s just getting started he’s got the whole world in his hands
he’s got the whole world in his old boy but I fight Bray Wyatt that close one
okay I need something ah there is awesome nope they do die cut my brain now you got now come on down it is come on great just great dammit there we go he
got the whole world in his hand he got the whole world in his head
you got the whole well in his hair
you gotta obey this damn man he got a little a baby in his sand he
got a little baby in here sir he got a little baby in it you got the whole
world in his head oh crap or Padme so No oh that goes one figures by oh there we go come here that’s also
stuck my head take a lot brain why he got the whole world in his head he got
the whole world in his hand he got the world in his sand he got the whole world
in this and synced he got the whole world in this sand he got the whole
world in his sand he got the whole world in his hair he got the whole world oh my gosh that’s so creepy
oh my god oh my god it’s so creepy yeah you you wanna play oh my gosh play with
Nikki hey Sophie very creepy okay I need something to help me Oh No yes take that
I use this all right cool aha today’s alright so boom okay so her body on yellow her
health is all yellow boom that sounds – suck my hair he got the whole world in
his head he got the whole world in his hair he got the whole world in his head
he got a whole world in his hand oh I got hurt damn yes they zapped let’s see damnit ah man and this a right No you guys hear that because I try to get yes come on now they’re right oh come on man
I could be bullshit guys skip this see okay I cannot skip it I try skip it guys
I try so darn creepy you wanna flee all right come on now damnit come on man they’re real did that yeah take that now you got Nicki all right so I get her health on yellow boom cool so her health is all yellow all right Ariel oh no she kind of I got
her boom okay her bye y’all yellow they did boom yeah I take that hey Siri right now man now come on man hey now and the objet all right that’s right yeah now come on it is turns out come on they’re good boom oh good you’re okay yeah thanks for the
help wait you get the lantern off the hook
yeah it just lifted right off I think you were doing something wrong or maybe
we had to defeat it source of power to gain access to it I still think you were
doing it wrong well the lantern doesn’t seem to be
helping very much it’s still pretty dark out here wait over there through the
trees the lights reflecting off something in the distance let’s go check
it out sure why not because we haven’t done
enough terrifying things yet it’s Undertaker’s symbol we must be close and
look there’s a hook on it just like the one at the cabin maybe we’re supposed to
hang the lantern there I really have no idea at this point but it’s worth a shot whoa what are all those lights are they eyes
dip their eyes evil eyes I think you summoned him no you did this
is your thing remember I helped you get this far but you have to do this on your
own now the reaper is waiting to drag you
through the fires of hell all crap shit I’m gonna face him down oh my gosh No yeah say that damn it
oh no please boom tiny a weapon right there no weapon I get a weapon what the heck is that nope there’s a new weapon well use this one to my aunt acre I like that on Jaykar yes Oh all right guys so I’m gonna stop right
here so thank you for watching
the e2k 28 Mike remote I really appreciate don’t forget to click the
like sky commissary think of or check out my channel just to come off life
alright guys see ya


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