WWE 2K20 is INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty! (Worst Game of 2019?)

WWE 2K20 is INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty! (Worst Game of 2019?)

WWE 2K20 is allegedly the Superman 64 of wrestling
games, but in this video game court, it’s INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty! Court is now in session for the trial of WWE
2K20! WWE 2K20 was released just recently on October
22nd and it was immediately met with a ton of backlash. As someone who grew up watching wrestling,
but hasn’t followed the WWE itself or any of the other various leagues since the early
2000s, I had no idea what to expect from this. I had never played any of the previous entries
in the series and the last wrestling game that I played seriously was one of the WCW/NWO
titles for the N64, so what I saw in WWE 2K20 was a mix of things that impressed me & things
that annoyed me. While I’m putting out this IUPG very late
after suffering through some serious creative hurdles, I actually picked this up when it
was only about a week or two old, but even in that short time, there were already two
massive patches introduced in order to combat some of the systemic problems that got WWE
2K20 in such hot water right from the get go. This meant that I was unable to play the game
in its un-patched form when I began my capture session, but I did later on go back & check
out the launch form, so I now have a basis with which to fully judge the game. My initial impressions of WWE 2K20 were again
equally mixed. The company logo that brought me into the
world of the game had & still continues to have some weird audio distortion problems,
but I was able to forgive that when I got to the massive menu screens, which contain
a ton of gameplay modes. There’s the traditional one on one and tag
team matches, as well as the tournament and Royal Rumble that were all common in the titles
that I grew up with, but the 2K line expanded that even further by having an option that
puts eight wrestlers into the ring at one time and there are now mixed gender tag matches,
tables ladder & chairs, plus backstage brawls. As again someone who’s been out of wrestling
& wrestling games for longer than I’ve been into them, I was very impressed by all of
the content that WWE 2K20 had to offer. The possibilities pretty much seemed endless
and this was brought even more to the forefront by the huge roster that we can choose from. Wikipedia states that there are 217 characters
to choose from, and though I wasn’t able to get access to them all in the countless
hours I spent recording footage, I definitely believe that that figure is true, because
my jaw just about hit the floor when I saw all of the grapplers at my disposal. The core lineup on the selection screen is
focused on the current stars in the sport from the cover duo to Ronda Rousey, the New
Day, Ricochet and everyone in between, but the big draw for your’s truly was the available
cast of classic heavyweights, which are unlocked with in-game currency. As far as I can tell, there isn’t any kind
of microtransaction system in this game, because we’re always awarded points after finishing
matches, but I do know that I was able to acquire a good chunk of my childhood favorites
with the generous amount at launch, including Razor Ramon, Bret Hart, and the Ultimate mf’in
Warrior! If you’ve watched my previous wrestling
game reviews, then you’ll know that I’ve always had a fondness for the Ultimate Warrior. He may not have been anywhere near the greatest
wrestler and the man behind the face paint was problematic, to say the very least, but
the persona he created was always larger than life and it was a thrill to see it recreated
so excellently in this modern wrestling title. I have to give a ton of props to 2K & the
developer Visual Concepts for reverently paying tribute to the eras that put the company on
the map, but setting my personal nostalgic high aside, the collaborators had the goods
to back up what could have just been aesthetic fluff in the form of the customization options. I’ve made it perfectly clear in the IUPGs
on offenders from the modern age that I adore character creators and WWE 2K20 has a pretty
good one. It lets us sculpt everything from facial features
to scar & tattoos and even the size of their buttocks. Yes, you heard that right, we can mold that
booty. I’ve seen some funky character creators
in my time and I’ve got to say that this one takes the cake. Admittedly, the menus can be a bit clunky
& I accidentally deleted my baby Shrek meets Hulk monstrosity because of them, but I honestly
blame that more on my carelessness than the game itself, because I’d spent about an
hour on it & I was raring to go into the ring. It definitely would have been nice to see
my mean green Macho Man-esque machine destroy everything & everyone that crossed his path,
but I still got a chance to see some interesting custom characters in action, including the
two that I came up with for the story mode, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Long story short, the character creator is
pretty tight & I think it’s a vital addition to the action. What’s also an essentially & majorly cool
addition to WWE 2K20 is the Universe section and everything that comes with it. As I mentioned before, my experience with
the 2K line is non-existent prior to this, so I mostly have no idea what’s brand new
to this entry or what’s been a longstanding feature, but all I know is that my head nearly
exploded when I loaded up Universe for the first time, because it not only gives us the
ability to make our own Smackdowns & RAWs, but it also let’s us perform all sorts of
promos. We can make faces become heels, we can set
up new teams or break up old favorites, or we can just have them brag about how badass
they are to the legions of fans. I’m sure that’s probably old news to those
of you who’ve been following the 2K line since it started, but this to me is awesome
and it shows that WWE 2K20 isn’t the complete irredeemable mess that most people make it
out to be. Taking that to the next level is the immense
attention to detail that helps immerse the player in the arena. We have everything that makes wrestling the
unique legendary entity that it is, from the epic entrances to the established commentary
crew. The former brings an aura of authenticity
to WWE 2K20 and really gets your adrenaline pumping, while the latter adds color and comedy
to the proceedings. Like I’ve said before, I haven’t watched
wrestling in years, so I have no idea who they are and I did miss the King & J.R. at
certain moments in my capture session, but I will give them credit because they made
me laugh multiple times, especially in the story mode. Speaking of which, 2K Central has a playable
documentary spotlighting the Four Horsewoman, where we experience first-hand the rise of
the faction through recreations of their iconic matches. I found 2K Central to be an inventive feature
overall & I applaud how it gives Lynch, Flair and the rest of these modern titans they respect
they deserve, but to me, the true highlight of this whole shindig is MyCareer. MyCareer is the story mode that I referenced
earlier where we create two superstars and follow them from their high school days of
dreaming about the WWE to their induction into the Hall of Fame. MyCareer was where I was finally able to satisfy
my urge to make weird looking characters and my Red & Tre ended up being a hot tempered
giantess & a scrawny showboating high flier. I’m sure the story stays the same no matter
what you make your Red & Tre look like, but it felt to me as if it was perfectly tailored
to mine and I say with no exaggeration that this was one of my favorite solo playthroughs
from at least the past five years. That may be a bold statement to make, but
I stand firmly by it. Of the thirty plus hours I spent with WWE
2K20, I’d say that at least half of that came from MyCareer. I admittedly have a lot of gaps in my gaming
history and I’m slowly, but surely filling those in, but even so, I can confidently say
that MyCareer puts a number of Triple A titles’ plots to shame. It really is that good and I never stopped
being hooked on seeing the twists & turns it took along the way. Between the extremely clever narrative, the
era spanning roster, the wide variety of match options and eclectic licensed soundtrack,
WWE 2K20 is a powerhouse of a sports entertainment tie-in and I had a blast pummeling the ever
loving snot out of the competition…but it also has an almost overwhelming amount of
flaws. First off, the controls are at the very least
clunky and are often aggravating A.F. The basic moves can be pulled off by just
mashing one or two of the buttons, but the submissions & pins are unnecessarily complicated. I’m used to the spam pin breakout of old. It’s as simple as it gets and you can escape
being counted out most of the time unless you’ve taken too much damage, but WWE 2K20
replaces that with a single button prompt. Sounds simple, in theory, but it only gives
us a tiny window in which to successfully activate the break, so you have to be pin
point precise or else suffer a humiliating defeat. It is possible to enlarge the window to a
certain extent, but you have to have enough points to unlock them in the skill tree section,
and even then, it only works for a little while before we’re right back where we started. The submissions can be even worse, because
they always pop up without notice and we have all of a few seconds to understand what they’re
asking us to do and then correctly do it. The button prompts in general in this game
are super annoying. The Y button reversals are particularly finicky. I was eventually able to get to a point where
I was able to do them consistently, but I swear there were times when they should have
worked and then they didn’t or they worked when I didn’t get a prompt to do them. Like I said, they’re the definition of finicky
and the pin by itself is one of the worst things I’ve ever had to deal with in a game,
but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to WWE 2K20’s issues. The computer A.I. is all over the place. Some matches have it so easy that they basically
stand in place and do nothing and others have them be uber ferocious even when the difficulty
is set to Easy. No matter what the difficulty’s set at,
the matches in the single player mode tend to drag on forever because the wrestlers never
know when to give up, even when their health meter is in the red and their body is busted
beyond belief. On the other hand, the matches can be ridiculously
short if there are required objectives determining the outcome. MyCareer has a boatload of objectives guiding
the matches, and they mostly involve getting the opponent’s health down to red or yellow
and striking or grappling them, but they can be grating on the nerves, especially when
the A.I. isn’t cooperating. To give you an idea of how restricting the
objectives can be, there’s a cell match in the story. Now, when you think of cell matches, you probably
expect that the goal is too climb over & out to victory, but not in WWE 2K20. When I finished what anyone would expect to
be the goal, I was informed that I lost the match, even though I technically won, and
the reason was that I had to pin my opponent out. Luckily for me, the story ended up being worth
it in the end, but the presentation itself often provided even more of a hurdle than
the set in stone goals. As I mentioned before, I’d spent over thirty
hours with this game in both its launch and patched versions before I was done, and in
that time, I encountered more technical snafus than I could shake a stick at. Prior to the first patch, the matches would
occasionally finish prematurely for no reason at all and there were bugs & glitches out
the wazoo. Tables would teleport out of the ring, wrestlers
lost their equilibrium on a dime, and physics were tossed out the window altogether. By the time I was done my playthrough, there
had been two 20GB updates and a 4GB one, and these patches helped to fix a lot of the bugs,
but it’s still far from stable. In fact, in some ways, I’d say that it’s
even less stable now than it was before. In the two hours I spent with the launch form,
WWE 2K20 didn’t crash on me once, but since the patches have been introduced, I’ve lost
track of the number of times it’s crashed on me. There was one time where I had to completely
redo a match I’d already won just because it crashed before my progress was saved, and
if that isn’t some of the biggest B.S. you’ve ever heard, then I don’t know what is. The crashes are without a doubt the most frustrating
flaw, but there are a bunch of smaller ones that really ground me gears. The lines from the commentary crew would frequently
cut off mid-sentence & the majority of the promos are mimed without a voice recording. Needless to say, I could go on and on about
the number of glitches I took note of during my weeks long capture session, but I think
it would be better if I just let the footage speak for itself. Wow…I’m shook. I’ve seen some wild and wacky stuff during
my IUPG tenure, but I’ve rarely seen anything like this. I mean, I’ve brought such notorious offenders
as Action 52 & Ride to Hell: Retribution to trial and delivering fair & unbiased justice
to those games certainly presented a challenge in its own right, but this is a unique case. Whereas those games were developed from scratch,
WWE 2K20 is the newest installment in a long running series. Granted, this is the first one that was put
to market with very little, if any input from the original developer Yuke’s, but there
clearly was a template for what was acceptable for this franchise and this somehow slipped
well below its standards in spite of it. I introduced this video by paraphrasing the
tweet that led me to pick up this game for IUPG and that gave me indication that it would
be a broken mess. Some of the screenshots I saw during my research
showed even more so that this was a trainwreck in the waiting, but now that I’ve seen it
firsthand, I’m finding myself more or less exactly where I was when I started. My initial impressions were mixed and my final
thoughts are again mixed. I’m still amazed by the amount of content
it has to offer, the legends matches had me giddy like a kid at Christmas and I absolutely
adored MyCareer from start to finish, but those bugs & glitches and all of those crashes
made me see red more often than not, and I’m not talking about my custom character. I suppose it’s possible that there will
come a day when 2K & Visual Concepts have dealt with them all and I’ll be able to
ease back & enjoy all of this sweet grappling action to my heart’s content, but since
44 GB worth of patches have barely made a dent in the seemingly dense wall of cluster
F, I’m not going to count on that. No matter how much I enjoyed WWE 2K20 and
I genuinely had a lot of fun with it, the fact remains that it never should have hit
store shelves in this condition, and that’s why I rule that the verdict is… Guilty! It feels kind of weird to punish something
that delighted me as much as this did, but you all know that I strive to be as impartial
as possible and I couldn’t in good conscience pardon this when it has this many issues. With that said, though, I’m still going
to give it a recommendation, if only for the story alone. At the time I’m filming this, Black Friday
just past and it was down to $30, but even with that sale being over, I’m sure it’s
going to stay around that price. The negative press it’s been getting was
starting to bring the price down even before Black Friday and I’m sure it’s only going
to get cheaper & cheaper, so you could do much worse than pick up a copy for your console
of choice. Anyway, with that unfortunately less than
stellar culprit behind bars, I can now say that I’m officially back and it feels oh
so good. I didn’t mean to be gone for so long, but
I had major creative issues that I had to wrestle with, and now that I’ve put them
behind me, I’m more excited than I’ve been in a long, long time to make more content. Thank you all so very much for your patience
in this personally trying time. Your support means so much to me and with
you by my side, we’re going to end this year on a high note and go into 2020 stronger
than I’ve ever been before, so be sure to come back next week for another IUPG and check
out the links on the screen to subscribe to the channel, watch more reviews or become
one of my patrons on Patreon, but until I return with another epic trial, court is now


  1. I am so offended by this franchise.. every year they put out a new game and that's fine,, but then they shut down the servers of the previous, if you give these people money you're as dumb as rocks

  2. Matt love the beard! Grow a ZZtop! Great vid bro love the work as always. If I don't comment before the end of the year have a excellent Christmas and a awesome new year!

  3. Considering the annual release nature of WWE games these days, I highly doubt 2K20 will get properly patched before the next game comes out…

  4. Cygnus destroyer another great video I haven't played a WWE game in a very long time also if there is one game it's not a WWE game I'd like to see you play would Axelay on the SNES

  5. Good review and agreed by the Verdict. If you enjoyed this one then I'd highly recommend past titles in the wwe series, such as Shut your Mouth, Here Comes the Pain on ,and SmackDown Vs Raw 2006 on Ps2, Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 and 2010 on XBOX 360/PS3. As well as WWE 13 (it's based on the attitude era) and WWE 2K14 (has a 30 years of wrestlemania mode and features many past superstars). They're all quite good and I'd highly recommend giving them a try.

  6. If you thought the promo system was something try WWE 2K14 and Create a story. You can write your own promos and do cool scenes! Glad you are back and doing a review on this mess is fun to see with fresh eyes.

  7. there should be borderline lawsuits against gaming companies that release shit like this where its got major bugs. But this since its a "wrestling" game and them considering who wrestling fans are they know they could get away with it no problems.

  8. Also just to post a 2nd comment. 2k20? PS4 next gen system? and they cant do facial mapping correctly? Half the wrestlers dont even have the right facial features, eyes, overall Its offensive. If it wasnt for their clothes and hair styles you wouldnt know whos face it is.

  9. This may be just me, but the lighting makes it look like you're being interrogated in a dimly-lit, empty prison room… I like it

  10. It's such a joy to have you back, Matt. I knew all along that you would conquer those creative issues that you were having and make wonderful videos for us all one again. Whatever you have in store for us for the rest of 2019 and beyond, you can bet that I'll be looking forward to checking it all out!

    Until the next video, take care, and have a wonderful holiday season, my good sir! =)

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    While wrestling games isn't my favourite genre, I see how it had the potential to be a great game for wrestling fans all over the world.
    It's just a pity they rush the launch of these games to the point they are such a mess. Nevertheless, the concept and game modes seem to be pretty funny, and I hope they end up patching the major issues and make this game a great experience for you.

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