WWE 2K20 – HIDDEN FEATURES You Might Not Know! (BOTCH, Unused File, Glitch & More)

WWE 2K20 – HIDDEN FEATURES You Might Not Know! (BOTCH, Unused File, Glitch & More)

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel in to more WWE 2K20 hidden features as always covering some of the
things that you might not know are part of this year’s game from Easter eggs
secrets unique and specific hidden features some of these you might know
some you might not but always remember that you are able to leave your
suggestions down in the comments below of other awesome features that you guys
want me to show off to the community before getting into it you guys already
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with taking it over to creation because there’s always some awesome stuff to
find over there and this year we got a bit extra when it comes to Drew McIntyre
WWE games updated his trunks as much as possible from this year’s a Royal Rumble
event but we’re heading to the lower body to check the trunk so you will find
that he is wearing two trunks instead of just one just for extra protection right
so in technicality it is a two sets of attire for him and by removing his
current one we can use a more black and red version of his attire which has the
same logo but a bit reposition and it’s one that I personally prefer sticking
with creation but there’s some community creations after the last patch patch
1.08 there’s another new glitch and this is actually a good one that I hope WWE
games doesn’t remove and that is that we’re able to download as many things as
we want from community creation within the same day because the 20 download
limits it’s basically broken you can continue to download and it will go down
all the way up to zero which then you’re not supposed to download anything else
for the next 24 hours but with the recent patch the game doesn’t recognize
that and you can just continue to download anything that you want taking
an old-school we know that just like previous years they’re specific and
unique commentary when it comes to certain superstars facing off against
each other and in this year’s game when putting the two franchise player
Goldberg and sting against each other the commentary referenced them not just
during the match but also in the entrance during Goldberg entrance the
commentary even acknowledged that Goldberg is about to face
thing and that is going to be a heck of a match between the two WCW franchise
player taking it up a notch when getting into the match more specifically in a
WCW arena the commentary team has some specific lines detailing the history of
WCW even at one point we have them referencing the fact that yes the WCW
championship is a prestigious one but then Corey graves goes on to make fun of
the fact that it definitely is except for when that rider won the championship
referring to Vince Russo and also when the movie started warning of course
referencing David Arquette they don’t mention them by name but it is an
awesome reference all the momentum he can muster if he wants to top WCW was the biggest competitor to WWE
for nearly two decades even eclipsing WWE’s popularity for a long time so
winning a WCW branded title is a big deal oh they call that where the big
boys play for a reason to be a champion and WCW met you among the best in the
world except for the time that that movie star
and otherwise it’s pretty much good the best
of the best moving away from the reference but sticking with the audio
and this one is certainly a big botch when you have met Phoenix in a tag team
match and she wins the match doing the victory scene we get a big vouch audio
cue definitely not supposed to be in the game
the Phoenix name is completely cut out which leads to Greg Hamilton announcing
who is the winner and then a bad Phoenix name I’m getting caught off and then him
referencing Tony Chimel some of these audio mistakes are not really rare this
year because we actually found a couple more which we cover before yeah and also chill got kind of taking it to the backstage previously we
covered how there’s some magazines laying around and na you can see that
some of the issues advertise that you’re able to get a WWE 2k 20 demo code within
these magazines so that you could play the game early following that or
something that you guys pointed out is that on the Undertaker magazine there’s
some interesting phrases on it one of them being the former WWE cruiserweight
champion rich Swan who hasn’t been in a WWE games since 2k 18 why would they
leave him there we have no idea unless of course it was carried over from the
previous game this comes at a very hard time when PC players have been finding a
lot of files related to 2k 18 giving the impression that this game is more based
on dad instead of 2k 19 just some very interesting notes and the last feature
we are taking it over to the fnatic that is Riley fish because we’re looking
around his Wrestling Academy arena there’s a lot of awesome stuff multiple
articles referencing legends big moments for like Ric Flair Hulk Hogan Macho Man
Roddy Piper and so on it also showcase a lot of wrestling masks of course
including the mass attacker from WWE 2k 19 and multiple other variations of
masks for current superstars sums that are not even available in creation we
also get to see multiple trophies including the best in the world
Shane McMahon trophy the one thing that I did found interesting is that they’re
hyping up an upcoming wrestling event called global meltdown and fatal fury
even featuring legends and I wonder if this is related to an upcoming DLC maybe
not but sticking with it when it comes to March um and you can see that he is
rocking a complete different attire than what he actually has in the game this
year and come to find out that much like Hulk Hogan having his own Hollywood Hulk
Hogan on use model Macho Man also has this model that is on use in the game
but are found in the PC files the crazy thing is that this one even looks almost
better than the one that we got right now so I could only hope that he get
patched and and we could get some of that
stop but who knows anyways guys that is what I got for you in this WWE 2k 20
hidden features episode if you enjoy them forget to elbow drop it let me know
your suggestions down in the comments below of anything else that you want me
to cover and share it to the community have those notifications turn on to not
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to t ow did


  1. Here’s something I hate about 2k20 every time I try to change the Fiends move set it just resets after one match or when I log back into the game

  2. Another hidden feature, let me tell you what it is= Everything that sucks about this game will suck about the next game. Spoiler alert but im no paul heyman

  3. Check out the evolution theme song on wwe2k20 because it's not line in the sand song from motorhead. The song that is being played instead of that it is the hardy boyz theme song loaded.

  4. Did you know that when you’re on create a video, and if you choose Randy Orton’s titantron, you can see Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho?

  5. I'm from the WWF eras and i LOVE box seats but i could never afford them

    but yeah i love them especially in WWE games and there not just for PPV even in life and i know this because THE ATTITUDE ERA
    VINCE was watching a match from a box seat on RAW IS WAR…. So remember box seats are NOT just in PPV'S that's all for now my internet neighbors.

  6. This game is broken I played a matched Bobby fish vs Kofi for the U.S. championship then after the match I check the champions and it says Kari sane is U.S. champion

  7. You really should check out ViolentLee's channel. He used to work on the WWE games, and according to him the future of both 2K20 and 2K21 is not looking good. Several 2K employees have apparently quit, and the budget for next year's game has been slashed.

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