WWE 2K19 Gameplay – Aj Styles vs Seth Rollins

WWE 2K19 Gameplay - Aj Styles vs Seth Rollins

can you talk about a j-style the list of accomplishments is seemingly look done I don't think we're going to wait for the match to start come on two broken hands yeah they couldn't wait to get ahold of each other Oh up across the shoulders and there's to them and here we go this is the type of battle that you can show someone whose needle or random entertainment say this is what WWE's all about and this is one of those matches where it's hard to believe we get paid for this well actually hard to believe sax then gets paid for anything the best laid plans often go awry but the architect has always been able to rebuild and redesign yeah but it's that reclaiming part at the end of it saying that Seth Rollins often gets tripped up to Seth Rollins getting ready this just ain't gonna do it a bit of a Houdini job right there oh and Seth Rollins with a quick kick out too soon he's gotta worry watch it right in the slam we're gonna suplex break our oh great hi German suplex after 18 years people told AJ Styles didn't never survive in the WWE after 18 years people said you'll never win the WWE Championship AJ Styles has proven those people wrong Wow AJ Styles is beam controlled now AJ Styles looks like he's a step behind there guys Hazen really hurting unfamiliar showing from AJ steep the hardest part of the Ring Seth Rollins is looking for something big here McKinney hit it guys [Applause] the house looks like you wants to do it all by himself vertical duplex nice mr. rule coming up the damage has been done Seth wall as he's in trouble he fights his way free but how much energy to be exhaust fighting his way out it really looks like Seth Rollins is buckling under the pressure Rollins has taken so much punishment this is not where he wants to be at this point in this match he has got to do something quick yeah all the architects design seem to be going astray got to figure out a new plan quick come on I'm not like this this is not how I wanted to see this in and here's a look back with some of the action from the previous match check them out here one thing I can say about that match is that it had the few interesting moments very and that's what happens when you can't answer the 10-count and it doesn't sound like the fair that you through it with the decision here


  1. Undertaker returns… Now Extreme Rules gonna be a super extreme babe…
    shock the system

  2. Corey I hope the Undertaker hear you and take you to Hell .You always Yapping wish some of those people you Yap about shut you up

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