welcome everybody to the Fall Brawl is wargames people tonight sex men step and save war games heavyweight championship on the lane I don't think Shawn Michaels can pull it off again or can he while all right we are starting things off eat man tag team action we know Diamond Dallas Page has got último dragón standing with them but who else if anyone has Paige got to stand with him to face Raven and his flock if Diamond Dallas Page can win this match then he gets Canyon buck Raven is gone brainwashed are under a spell or something and he gets him back first he's got to defeat the flock can he get it done tonight along with that the wargames much he'll that wargames kids will be calming down before the main event tonight because Kevin Nash and Scott Hall agreed they are what they face each other and Sayed that structure one-on-one take it was on the line tonight Hardcore Championship the waddle championship the Tag Team Championships Television Championship cruiserweight champion well be and this matchup right here eventually when we finally get to it and it ain't no purgatory all these people are waiting to get to them death there we go and here comes Raven with the flock Canyon on the rake who after being unmasked with was gone around being known as mortis but after being unmasked by Diamond Dallas Page at top though it was Canyon all along and vampirul man a man who was beaten down by Raven beaten so badly decided to join them and of course was one other man because four people don't come out together any more than that skin and of course the other the the young superstar that's been completely brainwashed and he joined in Raven and this flock this cult almost not as cool a little belly Kidman who's been standing worth the flock as well Billy Kidman has been having these issues with último dragón that's why último dragón decided to step up he told Diamond Dallas Page on nitro this past week I'll stand with you multiple dragons had these issues with Kidman and of course Raven as this man he wants his friend back he wants Canyon back but he needs to defeat the flock has he got a team I know ultimate dragons gonna stand with them but who else Diamond Dallas Page he needs allies well as I says we know he's got Altima but who else who will stand and fate as their as the cruiserweight champion as I said he's been having these issues with Billy Kidman as well as psychosis of the NWO and we're all tamal dragons yeah that's his name well who's it got as pages well Peters and the ring smiling right now he's smiling he's I think he's definitely got someone but who's he got don't worry about the same as governor away that's tape something I got wise to when it comes to these eight-man matches well well waiting Ravens holding his arms oh he's looking at page seen who you got where are they so here we go here we go and and and no he's back he's here again what Parker or vampirul vampiros eyes just opened up have you've seen it the match he's between Vampiro and Lopaka oval our hardcore championship my god they had some crazy hardcore matches and Lopaka looks like he stepped up we haven't seen lopaka says Raven gave him a beatdown we haven't seen la Parker and months last day we saw him Raymond esto a beaten tube and Lopaka is back tonight oho well vampiro and Lopaka had a hell of a battle over the hardcore championship and Lopaka is standing tall as pages pointing at the entrance he still smiling here as he's pointed to Raven he's shootin something at Raven seeing you know this man who does he mean who does it mean you know this man as oh good god from ECW good God would you look at that face a face only a blade none could love The Sandman former ECW heavyweight champion when he was n WCW he had some stupid name what hawk or something like that well not using that name we're sticking with the Sandman The Sandman is in WCW and Raven Raven knows the Sandman all too well and the Sandman is in WCW and he's got a team-up with Diamond Dallas Page último dragón and Lopaka my god have we got a strange team lineup here from the cruiserweight to the hardcore to the high-flying my god that face outside man doesn't look that bad when I saw it before I'm I've got the round referee in the Smackdown rectory wife I got them screw it I'm gonna roll this is the Smackdown referee from the model universes actual diatom now God will not waste the tape tonight Liberatore grinches and everyone's favorite move oh god we've got the SmackDown RIF and tonight 8:00 this will be interested and change it but I'm not going through all that waiting to get these guys to the ring again to hell with that alright SmackDown rivers and I forgot to change the referee when ice creating the show ah the little things as vampiro is owned and vampirul he'll Oh what I kicked a page all right over the referee survived in a different era as I need a corner page he makes the tag to the cruiserweight champion and a lot of our double team now has vampirul and OH step up in security there we'll just see WCW is decided to test the black and white stripes today on the shore as último dragón Shorty's power here man what a salam on Vampiro [Applause] so Paige needs to wasn't less much to get canyon back as vampirul mine goes ronpa lightsome with that DDT I said attack or not and there's the tag to canyon the man the man that les matches all a boat as all other top rope Diamond Dallas Page he just wants his friend back he what's this green washed trap that Rivas got in Canyon although as a heel kick there so multiple dragon as well – a dragon catches on man horny on Sade I still use you've got to do it in the unsane if you I get the one multiple dragon man land and he's finish on there and one of multiple dragon dropped Canyon on the outside there as ball up and over the ropes again and down to the floor again Diamond Dallas Page has been attacking Canyon every week seed he's gonna keep smacking him keep smacking him until he gets what he wants and remember the rules on the other side oh god my knee panel steps I'm not sure they're ever even hand the floor when this match Diamond Dallas Page has to Tommy's back he has to walk away and stay away from Canyon he has to leave his friend behind packet in the Reg cruiserweight champ you not looking too good right now as Canyon by these moments and Turkey a team throughout the universe CDC W Saenz are in the crowd for the Sandman revered of course former ECW Champion as well as Ultimo dragon flying through the air Raven not Likud what you saw their eyes look at their strengths are multiple dragon again mine just left a time lock on it that's Seto bomb Sandman with that hell of a mug looks like Mickey Rourke and a sensory movie [Applause] and now your goal Canyon and page Canyon very quick little tagging out getting vampirul back head and a double team nail knock page quick take up down nail claws lanes them as Diamond Dallas Page the only thing on the line and this March is a friendship today all this referee sees first of all matchup tonight first of all job everyone says he will and the future beer a great referee takes bumps like no other I don't know the roverís Adam Adam Gordon for the last few weeks as la parka apakah and vampirul man that matches the hard over that hardcore title weekend Rico it was extremely hard for Zales their tag or parker tripoli legend and the elbow dropped under the law Back Bay Canyon I'm all covered I'm down now it cannot leg and what teleportation skills there Canyon right off the apron spend shot there and again off the apron [Applause] and Lopaka and go on a story for lopaka when I was a kid in a foursome and WCW NWO revenge I thought his name was Ellie Parker I thought he was from Ellie yes that's what I thought when I first home I just called him a Lee Parker had no idea who he was eyes go Canyon and therefore I know and Canyon could be the man who keeps himself on the floor kid Noah Parker so Teddy to call him le Parker my eyes lopaka over as well so just to clarify people when I called an le Parker I thought has reg name was pretty much Los Angeles Parker stupid child as ult's watching out here back and forth eyes a park across the ring again Canyon into the corner as la Parker what's he doing reven and Vampira bull try again he lopaka seems very confused [Applause] [Applause] I said well what should we go bomb them vodka was waiting at all look at vampirul he came Pepito sorry Raven he came running and now he was not letting not one happen as another corner again and he's not finished here eyes off that medal rope with a moonsault and he's still not finished Lopaka our poornima knees nani stretching them he is stretching them and canyon just tap canyon you'll get out of the flock if you just tap [Applause] it's carrying all a park around right back up as all gets caught thought as Canyon here and Canyon mind is twisted I'm known and revered still hasn't gotten this much little son man but that's the joys of eight man tags they still have the common sense to take Peapod it was all watch out up here old packing these Mormon bumpy would love to get one up on la parka again need to exchange that hardcore championship a lot Raven of course also uh for the Hardcore Champion as canyons enjoying a massage off the ring rule over these back there see those chairs that a year an Aggie slob nail a pakka right back up he's felt like an awful farm people as our big shot there as down at the corner by huge blow you know he's not finished by Parker stalking vampirul spear just followed on there as I can look at Raven the one to save the day it even doesn't want to lose Canyon well however he done here recruit these guys he's obviously cooked a lot of what could eat brainwashing them or whatever he's done as vampirul oh caught with the elbowed out I'm gonna call him again and I tagged to the cruiserweight champion I said all we a man that got them up here on Oh a double team that was and all makes their tag Canyon man comes running in and alter will right back up a kid and oh I put through the back and or a dropkick goodie before looking moves but hey they work [Applause] back up teas feet here canyon gonna send them at the corner as well as they go in with them here as Canyon is up high up onto the shoulders but he's got heaters all back into the ring and oh he said Raven as n looks like Raven you already dropped these shots as all we were revered and Oh rival Sandman Cuban sigh man got dropped here's your debut speeder billy kidman rate lon tumors up thought the ref was already bored out like the videos fast bumpin hastily we're going by the timeline as Canyon gets thrown although it be fair I've never said if these universes are connected technically though I would see them not all that cheap shot gods were dragon dragon no way the neva cumin for long did he it's vamp evil and vampy will no stock it out the cruiserweight champion and pyrrole just leave em out there and Lopaka see then that one is all watch out Raven Raven for behavior even from behind with the electric chair drop and oh I shot look at ribbon the cheap shots here in Beach st. ray another ring post is all better look at look at the ring oh no no watch out watch over people switch that Oh Tombstone Piledriver Ultimo dragon went for it it completely backfired and all mine found people's not done not done really do a second times and a cruiserweight champion and vampiro [Applause] vampirul mine as all to what mr. schoolboy that you what you send I'm gonna call not caught where I put a little dragon not looking too clever right now no risk it clot just tapped a lot about that and no vampeer or doing the magical stare of death don't forget Kevin Nash has promised to introduce his new maneuver tonight the finger poke of doom now as vampiros go up again right in the corner and vampirul fix the leg here belly ket bed kept main column último dragón stays and I thought I was over the dream end into this match which does it work because you can't get it but if I could just get a candlestick or Ephrem Eagles down and then some and just let loose on everybody who just bang bang bang tagging Sandman come on he's Deeb you guys pages and as well Canyon law quickly sends up in the corner a cheap shot by ket min and straightaway tagging out it's almost as every birds told them to tack out their double team they're on Kidman our bike headman I should sit I know that's those drugs kicking and he's being if you remember the flock that was a story for bellick headman that here even was help them get out with his drug abuse but it was Raven it was actually given on the drugs as David Dallas Page story lanes for the ladies eyes catbird and Canyon comin Barkin your side mine was reaching for it their eyes Canyon and come on Canyon wake up or Canyon has to do it be saved just let page roll them up get a pen and your sieved you know in a flock Canyon doesn't see me know any better and oil goes Canyon again and Canyon drop-in page and the Covenant page come on page if I seen your friend and they're quick tags by the flock Vampira barking nope [Applause] as all wait page what page back autumn here and peach and all page has got vibe people up here and dermis that bomb he [Applause] stops by page page is not slowed down here he makes a tag último dragón no vampirul took it to ultimate and guess it ultima woods about a revenge maybe not as the cruiserweight champ sent to the corner oh it make bit there oh when you get caught way I know but look at Altima though call a multiple for a reason Vampir or brain bastard and oh here it goes can he get it this time and yes on farm people see jobs editor cob or even as screaming army screaming on the only wait and dinner peach its go he's friend back and Raven can't believe it Ultimo dragon who would like a goner in this match at one point an absolute goner reven man even vampirul was destroying último dragón was a flat line up the hey lady I'm gonna get the highlights and I'm celebrating while doing sweet air fall me I'm sure we'll see more to Sandman we do have a hardcore title after all well Sam I don't do too much except get Bulldog by Kidman but page nor Z's get his friend Reeve and has grabbed Canyon by the rest he's dragged him over here there's pages looking up at this stage page one peach woods Canyon handy Deauville right no but reven has taken them the flock is over here but Diamond Dallas Page has got the one the Ratana lopaka the d view of Sandman and the hilt of the cruiserweight champion Diamond Dallas Page has got the victory in know Raven has to handle the canyon [Applause] well our first singles match tonight and it's a my challenge that was made his cut Hennig has thrown out a challenge to all in half he wants him one-on-one Bret Hart ritand off course Bret Hart well be Bret Hart well be n their main event tonight he will be on wargames but he didn't return a law and he ritand what has family the fool family the foundation well this past weekend nature where the six-man tag so many cheap shots by the NWO and that match records picked up the victory and it had in the British bulldog and then cut her neck throughout the child and she wants to sure he's better than Owen and car training for my television champion courses get Vincent at ringside along with record we all know those two can play our huge Park as here comes all in heart it's got the British bulldog davey boy smith and brian pillman with him Jim Knight R is in the back with Brett getting ready for the main event tonight I'm not gonna leave Brett by himself he don't do that mystique not in the WCW locker room but he can guarantee the NWO would happily take the chance to weaken someone up well Owen was not backing down from this challenge cut hearing one so much he's got it I see a vehicle this could be a very technical marchi up Hannigan all in half I still shot there with the right hand eyes all in lunch in about the ring no car hey Nick was not expecting that Owens mocking up eyes all in all he came only got caught again all in sins I'm off the ropes back bodydrop and well or as messing with cutting no ice all in there and imma get T's feet eyes down to the floor [Applause] Manek trying out a little cheap shot there and I'll get caught I'll kick there caught him with the elbow Minoans really catching Henny goat right now and ball in mine nope got any thought it was so much better he's getting taught a lesson right now eyes oi [Applause] don't a5 here on it you get back in the ring watch out for Rick Rude eyes off the barricade their eyes all in he ain't taking no count-out victory s he's fast one on one match and WCW won an eight-man tag on his debut he lost that six-man tag as past week [Applause] and Hennig made a corn note and a back suplex [Applause] and anning note monkey fleck pretty much as in Norway Vincent I steel chair in the ring there our rookie referee hasn't noticed that [Applause] and taking down an armbar here I told you it would be technical well not letting down so far technical whereas guys are we else Vincent doing what they always do the referees getting rid of that chair and hearing he got takes advantage of the distraction without elbow I was all-in dropped on that top rope now top tombak aways he's going to go again here right under the cover and all the way off the corner there [Applause] caique feels that he's at something to prove here it's time to go off the corner or in catches on plan sir with the DDT eyes or in tons of our road then the pale driver so pale driver right under the cover oh and cannot believe me then get up guys dog gets caught up any great on to I'd all right over that signature on the move on the end of creating right under the cover and all I know of that one might hitting thought he had it and I might be collared without hanging Plex as he's got all in here on Owen up and over couldn't hold the bridge they'll be quick to post right under that cover leg hooked on Owen Owen gets the shot my god anything cannot believe he doesn't get that there as he skips I'm up here in oh boy and we're getting our elbow in there as war watch out horn horn trapped him head-on times up in the ropes he's way in the ropes the Sharpshooter but right in those ropes as all in posies under the cover here finds his feet are part of the ropes you know I been stolen from Manning oh and ha the cheeky little shit oh and half feet under mantilla sharp shut up he got to the rock break and he quickly pounced on him on air cover Parise feet on the ropes who cares he beat the NW all at their own game Oh in heart beats car training beats the NW all at their own game throws his feet on the ropes how does he like it was a keck ho and their hand clicks he went locked in the Sharpshooter he was right on the ropes and he threw his feet on the ropes Owen Hart he beat cut Haney get his own game and Han ignores that record and Venson our irate on the outside Owen Hart gets the victory and beats them their own way you can call it cheating I call it fair game when it comes to the NWO goddamn entrance well there's big sexy Kevin Nash for what the entrance changes so we'll ignore that and Kevin Nash the United States Champion making his way to the rank Hammond Scott Hall are putting nests to bed to Nate and saved the wargames cage okay here the Elimination Chamber boxes the best we've got hopefully they put the art wargames on the next game I think this should that's been done a few times now why not and well the Challenger Scott Hall i Scott Hall it's not even about the US table Scott halls got a taste of the woddle championship a to teh waddle champion in this universe finally got to the top it wants to get there again but first he's got revenge on his main he needs to deal with Nash once and for all of your head Smackdown riff well all right here we call with these two as Scott Hall playing the crow T up as Nash just watching on his and well Nash hell are these two tuners switching corners almost here alright no score whole mocking Nash is Nash till no let's do this let's do this as they are face to face they are feast to feasts here eyes and oh hell was that as and what the hell and Scott Hall with a small package what what what was that let's go poke them they just punked him in the chest what was that what in the hell was there as an looking skull he's actively he just went through a bowel look he just went through wall what's Kevin Nash's laughing and skull hole is celebrating he's walking around the ring like he's just been through hell as Nash is laughing his nation hall Nash and Hall look eye to eye and all my god they're hugging and laughing what the hell is going on well I really don't know what to see for what we just saw what the hell a Hall and Nash planar as well we're about as one at the TV Championship in a triple threat match we've got a new United States Champion and Scott Hall and it was a fast if there ever was one it was that it was an absolute fast guys Robert Gibson's looking to become Television Champion once again representing the Wolfpack the hills happened with all the Nash's the two of them hugged what are they his Hall is hold went back 10 W is Nash went back to wolf Parker the two of them leave it up what the hell is going on as well this match here there's going to be wolf pack versus end-all-be-all versus WCW Robert Gibson Ricky Martin Ricky Martin who still can't get that victory over Robert Gibson he still can't pad on me can't keep him down ball for these men are alive former tag champs together okay Martin of course ton these back on I'm joined the end of York Robert Gibson decided to take up the black and red or wolf pack to go after them they are both former television champions as well and well well he's rocking the black and red so I thought I put he's waiting red on here well he almost looks like you'll be rocking the Wolfpack our dota he's had his issues with Robert Gibson so Mindstorm television champion believer says his first title defense of the television championship well it'd be successful well referees doing an alright job and he's fast native up forget the logo on his shot guys oh and Ricky Martin went straight for them they're in one stop just watching hell Gibson just floored Ricky Martin like he always does [Applause] Ricky Martin takes his chance get right on here Jepson oh well that jumping calf kept mine so I'm always well known for that move [Applause] and roll kept singles through one storm catches Robert [Applause] and Oh Betty that Tomic dropped there [Applause] and well everyone's going to the Oaks 8000 storm bark n0 he's looking back it to show abuse it Gibson there probably should I put rocky malt and don't fast and oh lovely I'm done hooked down line that Tiger Balm he's got the Penan and Ricky Martin Gibson doing everything he can to well we get caught they all got caught Gibson skip some up and down and right back on a line storm [Applause] and Ricky Martin is having a very retarded night as Ricky Martin well catches lance storm Russian legsweep take some dough trying to get that quick cover and a line storm trait teardrop robot kept sitting chill no match between Walton and Gibson on nitro s past week it was a failed attempt oops it ended up dropping mine storm as these two know each other so well Gibson takes Walton down again he's really got his number as Gibson to the outside and look the caught they're a little jab bylines store another former ECW as all Ricky Martin just law blood once torment Gibson just floored them at know him and I look at Robert Gibson Robert Gibson just took down Martin he sees lines storm he saw that war blow he jumps out in the color here on Lance Storm little one storm just got a shoulder up oh ho pestered Ricky Martin of business if you'd done that Mindstorm line just gets caught robert gibson takes full advantages look at lesson 13 fuck off for here Ricky Martin bear get up as though about life's stormy no is here we go as submissions well watch out DDT by Ricky Martin gets it over the back there line stones not had a good last two minutes he's back on his feet yell that he's just taking his time a little bit later forth in this Hartmann as Martin and Gibson are continuing their thing here going at it and it that corner it is Kota long tape I stopped just got to have himself arrest and see I believe him I was Gibson when it'll react of all but Lance Storm freaking that one up as Omar and that would have been so good if it could connect that's what they need put in the game as all he was calling that and lime storm just took all over the top rope and I'll be a minute line storm and we're gonna get our first taste here there's lime storm say just drivers me through Robert Gibson Jesus Christ learnt storm again here and Lawrence Rome on Gibson night oh god he's raw when I wrote oh I don't know what up – I'm still on there oh man Robert Gibson those knees there there's no coats here it's not he cures or the law blow made obvious there's lime storm Gani leo rocky bought that snap DDT nails Gibson somehow and his feet after that I thought we got a job on there and we'll get Sid somehow he's midsection with those knees bent rule then his lime storm just grabs up and throws on my way nothing the referee can do here and fall off submission must take place inside the ring line storms just the raw in hammer boat right now Robert Gibson after Lance Storm flying off those Tom buckles no Ricky Martin look given enough tape back into the ring or everyone's by conveying even Gibson and then all eight to the midsection their rookie Morton and look at on target in the med station mind storm and the back though [Applause] and gonna dropkick there [Applause] and go watch out and that's going to go right to the midsection here reka morvay again because I don't think Gibson's going to be able to take this not after Whitney Ricky Martin's just watching here that little what he's doing and there is Rick importance of eat art that has established firmly and without a shadow of a doubt Robert Gibson had no choice but to tap there especially after Lancelot driving those knees right through Gibson wine storm routines a television championship which after all those dives from the top rope man driving his knees into the midsection that just took him out Robert Gibson had no choice but to tap there in lime storm is still the television champion referees really not good at his job yet as a still learning and lime storm retains still your TV champ another submission victory they'll hardcore championship on the line Rey Mysterio jr. hood well pretended to join the Wolfpack just so he could get into the cruiserweight table match last month ma that very obvious – well corn of all people that he was not Wolfpack he is w CW through and through and that has led to this he pretended to join the Wolfpack just to get a shot at the cruiserweight table and then he Tom Don the Wolfpack very much as soon as up people view resolve on the very next night on nitro and know Cornyn and Rey Mysterio jr. are gonna go at it for the hardcore championship Dovi it means EEI eyes here we go and they'll sniff started on this or they've starting up there and oh one as corn and all corn on Landry over the back oh the bills win it's it's not EQ at the end of the day and not wait something else on his main there as all women I can call and just caught them they're in corn and just call and bombs aren't good my god and war went to happen without championship there re common all worried another guard real there guys core nine throw them down to the ring [Applause] guys cornered off their steel steps and what's he looking for what's he looking for of course it's wood when is it not Oh caught with a Knick recall there I think that make a tick know how awesome corner and corn on and look mad tainment bat tainment I know what he wants yeah that's what he wants maybe they are wait a tough finish this and corn on are you offer back I'm called on Jesus man candlestick going to tone here he's having a bad D Oh may I cut down again now corner and Manny's on the hunt what is he looking for it at all good good I think that might be stings but it already takes it from them and or dangles going on and either come up and call on [Applause] Conine grubs up in a headlock again another bill dog [Applause] and all my god he's got another one and no that's a connection it all retakes it from off the Med sanctioned all caught there oh hang it line D done between those sticks that's lucky all right what the hell is he or no what the hell is he or note I think he wants his table oh you're not getting it eyes over that one there as all watch out watch out cool down now mine real your night table the legs of it facing up as well and oh good god and get better with up and cool down while they're in hand and geez Conan was pissed off with what happened guys all reet as Reno where's it going with them right to the apron and I beg DDT on the outside [Applause] as under the right as cool dad and aw corn on weight from the Gettys feet here and called our rolls through antique some down you know pulling on setting up that Lydell there and I'll wear my no way I'm gonna I'm called on geez I think I would do it there but khonani Gordon father penber look sir he is not furnished I think called Iron Man he's out for revenge wolf pike was used adultery and oh wait a minute REE Rees get Coonan and the Tebow siblings through the table and we may actually be able to steal this heel and all we Mysterio jr. see thinking what's he thinking and the old dragon runner the dragon runner [Applause] I'm still so good at this game uh-huh and Rey Mysterio jr. only went and stole a traitor the day conan was setting up for something he looked like he had that one when he dropped him I mean he or Conan was uncontrolled right here I caught on it at one manner he dropped his head buying rate or not sticky dead as well but then reduced as Conan was looking to put one the table resuit Blake's them through the table in land either dragon Rana and Rey Mysterio jr. just took the WCW hardcore championship from the Wolfpack and brought it back to WCW Rey Mysterio jr. calm as he catchy so many people well over the tag TP and Shaq well the jewel that walk come for a few months before finally losing them but they want them back they've got the rematch tonight they've had the one-on-one matches and Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell well look to get back there was tag tails they're looking and bringing them back to the NWO is here come the phone Enix whose entrance I still haven't changed good god man the little things well the Von Erichs Carrie and Kevin multiple tame tag team champions they are tag champs once again can stainer and buff get them back I can avoid Eric's keep the return on a roll thanks for that thanks for that doll taemin as always and well there we go Scott Stadium and Bagwell are fired up guys well mine Kerry just went right through Mike Carey was more fired up than buff was well the attacks singles matches as past week on nitro man Kevin Von Erich defeated Buff Bagwell one-on-one two weeks ago Scott staying up defeated Kerry Von Erich is Kerry and both are going out at right now tag titles on the lane war games is coming up after this sex man elimination which has it what war games does it supposed to be the first man he got a pen fault and but they're meant to come in on tables Elimination Chamber has tables well as hell and a sale would make more sense I don't know I've just been using the chamber I used that last time so I was carry back Narang we see the future Smackdown referee is managed to not get knocked on his ass and this match or unless sure and a.m. he's not an the Rangers in the Elimination Chamber so he might survive nitrile was is calling you well the Von Erichs showing us what they can do [Applause] and now's a tag Scott staying around Kevin Von Erich wheat and Fordham and Scott staying off Kevin of course the younger of the two Oh Hammond carrot Von Erichs of actually made of a tommy wrestling in real life Kevin Von Erichs two sons the Von Erichs are back on the independent scene yeah so I think about that here during the week there I hope they don't you know suicide is another quick tag as know watch out Kevin Cobb [Applause] on the one the ropes there under the rain sends them to the corner and Olcott the DL boodle well Kevin straight back and in the corner again both again my switching it out [Applause] as both Bagwell [Applause] and all snaps anoke staying up it's got stained I've got them down holding on to him he'll back up it's got a stain I said then carry under that corner all when they were through the back caught by an elbow taking down [Applause] it's got staying off watch them over [Applause] and oh man off Bagwell showing has strength as well and all just caught Nia [Applause] I'm Carrie [Applause] and or there's the claw all the for Mary Claude Stockton or Bob Bagwell though I think they'll start to get you still s moved all the way on the net both not the correct ain't we start doing star jumps as all he's going for everybody sickened favorite move and uh Carrie is waiting for a McCarty's feet he up and burn just blasted Buff Bagwell death senator come up and score stain I had to save that one [Applause] Oh gets caught DDT cinnamon the ring nice pop Bagwell no Oh caught ball and all he's learning again he's on him again he's gone down claw baktun both Bagwell's being clawed and there's no choice it's gotta stay no can't believe it the Von Erichs retain the Tag Team Championships well that was the last match of the night yeah hopefully although I though our war games will be bad well that was a pretty pretty media or Cup the Von Erichs routine we'll definitely need to do something new for the tag team division I think I'm sure I can think of something we could do as the Von Erichs are stel Tag Team Champions to Bilt's have changed hands tonight I'll sorry two bills have changed hands to have it what's gonna happen in the main event it's coming up next here we go ignore the entrance well coming to the ring fast and I'm pretty confident the numbers wouldn't stack the way I set them because they're never doing that bloody game with anything I do well sting representing the Wolfpack has not been world champion and a long time can he get it done tonight he qualified for this matchup having Goldberg had to team up to face Shawn Michaels and his partner no problem as his partner Tom bottom he's partner turned out to be Bret Hart it was three against one and just like that Stengel Bergen Brett all qualified for wargames [Applause] [Applause] and well this man finally got that championship back only gets screwed over he wants it back let's hope he doesn't drop anyone on the neck tonight or give himself a giant concussion and Goldberg who wants to be world champion it's the only thing at Mars to him being the man that is that right Flair pretty much personally hand-picked them to be the guy who lead the charge against the NWO staying of course well not stand with flair that's why we've got a three-way battle it has been half an inch stain will not stand with Ric Flair and WCW and well this man made these magical Rotundo should I see debut and WCW he is the warrior the Waddell defeated Shawn Michaels one-on-one at a match this past week on nitro with macho madness Randy Savage where he picked up the victory the water I could have caiman at WCW and end up just dominating as the warrior well the numbers are definitely not the way I set them then because Bret was to start this match and he's not and well Bret the Hitman Hart T Vuitton they needed some time off he's back with one target on his mind Shawn Michaels the man that screwed up in the World Wrestling Federation he's no waddle champion Owen got heads back to the earlier tonight the foundation are in the back watching they're waiting can Bret become world champion once again [Applause] and well here comes the champ Shawn Michaels is starting this match and well Shawn Michaels is the woddle champion and then that leaves one more man who there's a lot of people's packs for this and I did not have them starting this match and I've never seen the e I start this match and make it to the end so good luck with that you're going to need it go kotti with a short at the World Championship cannae when he's first World Championship and become a one-time WCW champion it wasn't meant to start the match numbers just don't work in SQL oh the referee is on the ring I don't know why I thought he wasn't well bukake went strict on their champ they'll don't forget that sweet Chen he took co-worker let's all make lunch break up t wasting no time with everybody's favorite move is Shawn catches almond gone short kept sup [Applause] cop for weeks ago Shawn Michaels in Booker T went one-on-one as Booker T with us some more and drop riccati jump from the top brought to the outside of the ring and Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Music demand modèle is without a doubt the single greatest super cake I have ever seen end their scheme look I'll see what it still won the match via count-out but all ho but he did as Michaels the champion starting this match I wonder who made that happen as thought wait a minute wait a minute and oh I thought you may have a good sharpshooter Britt was looking quite angry there but putting in a figure for Booker T of course represent and WCW but it doesn't hesitate to drop Booker T this past week or nitrile and Michael's gonna give the Nick wrench on his own hook up teeth or we've got II would love to just take out the champion here you know it enjoyed my leg face crush are there vacati is gonna have to battle all the way to the end to pull this one off [Applause] on another little Meg ranch everyone's favorite move who's joining numbers joy it's all random because the numbers never walk when I said it and it's the warrior the warrior journey was meant to be last phase and it number topical teased out of here or what is going after them all because he doesn't want any of the warrior oh he's getting over here look up he doesn't like what he sees Oh make was his up maples up he's Hank was all over the place has Bugatti takes his chance on the warrior and Wadi our Dhoni cause you know warrior he took it the warrior took it Shawn Michaels when he came and dusty Rhodes get dropped as well as walk went for the clothesline there then can eight shot to the midsection Michaels round they're back a fallen reverse DDT as Michaels imposes on the warrior and Michael's know with pick up T the pale driver and look at warrior pounces on him after the pale drive up and we ran it no Michaels is up the top rope he up and nobody home [Applause] mccartey not looking too good right now the atomic drop and uh or what but to Shawn Michaels can the champion survive this all March start to finish Michaels has managed to pull it off Michaels mate be are an absolute twat but my god does he have some heart when he's in that ring it's one thing you've got to give him but he's about to meet a steel war games of course is very different in this this universe and who's next it's all random and it's Goldberg no eliminations as of yet Goldberg as and and he sees and all golly went for everybody there before the warrior warrior man called Bergen warrior something we've never seen as only oats say no ankle bells get his eyes in the chat mate his eyes at Booker T after we pick our teeth on a nitrile that's past week and go back to us hat knit and it moves it all but got a cotton ball and snap saved on the steel all four men note there's on our water y'all gonna send hookup tea back end of the ring Oh God Goldberg dropped an S steel again their eyes water yup Goldberg sent back and they've got Tiana it is something magical to pull this off as a brittle and vulnerable to the neck wrenches Oh for Bob DDT as brake hose your belt drop that I don't watch Oh Cory wait for Sweet Chin now as all I'll say kick into their gut nail as all watch out watch out Michaels Michaels Bret is watching there's this sharp chill it's locked in on Piketty it's locked and Bret Hart watching Shawn Michaels he's moving pickup tease the first 100 Bret Hart is even right now Shawn Michaels just used the Sharpshooter to a lemony Booker T or Bret Hart is no Bret Hart as big and let me out stingers well he watched them use it he uses that he calls it a scorpion death lock technically sting done it first FYI as aa warrior gets bombed a no it's staying Brits gonna be last even though we was meant to start the match but the sentence I gave it but Gotti was meant to be sick in life I was covered on my chance some of the fans wanted them it ones I thought will give him a chance as make was instinct as ah we watch out with the hills make them stood and wrinkles Oh what the hell did he just hit stay away he ain't staying with something think it was a pair of knocks as Shawn Michaels and maybe one for everyone's not let's see dude what's he doing over there off and call what in a steel door Bergen staying will love lost an hour how are bomb fasting Oh doh gauze water yar Sweet Chin Music by Michaels and Michael's has got two eliminations well water he'll just got caught there after being sent over the rocks on in a steel [Applause] as Goldberg on this spiel all recorded you see their spiel and the champion is still one that should make who shown that heart once again no but there as he landed the spiel it's time for the jackhammer and I think the champion might be gone are we guarantee than your champion yes it is a triple threat we aren't guaranteed a new champion Bret Hart did not get a shot there what a shot that was as British and fresh as a daisy Shawn Michaels is out of here just as Bret Hart cool and just as brick or and Shawn was eliminated we all know 100% guaranteed a new champion [Applause] Oh maaan [Applause] I stink Bret Hart meet me there freshest one here and I'm not on powerbomb and oh my god would you look at Goldberg all right now [Applause] and nor to the outside again [Applause] as Brett and sting and all gets caught there in the air cover and the color I must start there to looked away was a spear I don't have a clue Master I'm writing doing what happens in the mic so I remember with eliminations and all mine there's all sting may be thinking that tomb stood oh it was a spirit must have been because he's good for a jackhammer I know he must have speared them and here comes the Jarek how am I on sting and as Goldberg just got himself another one no I know all brick catching on Brits got a great opportunity here Bret has got a great opportunity well back to the start of the two key 18 universe it was Bret and Goldberg that were fighting over the championship and all mine [Applause] [Applause] and another brettelmer crunch honest angles not being champion and so long Goldberg got screwed tell brick pretty much got screwed over when you go back to the start to key 18 and or we I'm gonna ankle bail or thought you maybe one Jack how many I but no my god guess he's trying to give Britt that Britain Chamorro boy a run there I thought might have been going for that speed up his mind I think stinging Britt really gang up on Goldberg as all we're gonna on a neck breakup but no Britt wait for our Claus Lane staying smart lefty Denis that was a bit to Goldberg I stay and it the corner and a Stinger Splash she gets none of it he messed his stinger splash and Goldberg go up Jack I've done messing this Stinger Splash call bell hooks the leg of sting and he's gone and his britain goldberg back to the start of turkey 18 when this universe began it was these two that were going out to over the championship Bret Hart was in charge of the end over y'all it was Herman Goldberg fighting over the championship fast forward a year and a half leo he'll be are in war games the last two men as Goldberg as Brett right now Bret Hart you imagine he got this bill how angry will Shawn Michaels be the to them didn't even meet a nice match I huge but there we don't all Goldberg wants it back though we all know he wants it back no and he's looking for more bombs more power bombs court and all mine going again we saw him doing this to sting and in the cover on brick hoping he's got it done [Applause] as Brett pushes on right under the corner eyes brick gonna run over the Bulldog and all the wait a minute Brett and Brett knows nor we those no way he's gonna try and tap the big man who's Oliver instantly over the Sharpshooter my speeder under the oh my god he could be paralyzed after that spear Lori done it you only win done it Goldberg has got it back Sean Michael's embarrassing the other ones by doing that all Michaels or he got caught didn't he warrior was eliminated before that by Michaels gold bail then go ham and yet there's this feel that I'm Esther and Goldberg God has built back [Applause] yell emanate is the champion but brett-brett didn't get his hands on him we have got a new champion [Applause] well he's waited to get it back Gobert got it Goldberg is world heavyweight champion once again ladies and gentleman like share and subscribe leave those comments down below and I'll see you and their next episode


  1. Great PPV!! That Smackdown Referee Cameo Was Brilliant!! Now the main question is what will happen with The Wolfpack? Keep Going!!

  2. Let it be known that the smack down ref was there in wcw also imagine Marty jeannette screwing Shawn by emerging from beneath the chamber and smashing him into the chamber glass like Shawn did to him at the barber shop when Shawn turned on him also great show

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