Wrestling vs Jiu Jitsu – Jocko Willink

Wrestling vs Jiu Jitsu – Jocko Willink

okay this is part question part opinion
in podcast 13 you stated effectively not explicitly that jiu-jitsu is the martial
art that takes the most time to become proficient I disagree and here’s why as
a wrestler I’ve been able to pick up jiu-jitsu in a matter of about two
months to the point where I can submit a blue belt here and there and mostly
control purple belt possibly there is white skill ranged along belts which I
only roll with lower level players I might just be a bad teacher but I’ve not
I’ve not had as much success teaching jiu-jitsu guys to wrestle after the same
amount of time they’re after the same amount of time there may be a low high
high school wrestling level I found it extremely difficult to teach new
disciplines to shoot penetrate with their hips or effectively use their hips
to defend us or scramble possibly my sample size is too small to form an
accurate opinion but I’m curious of your thoughts on the topic thanks love
listening you learned so yeah I guess when I said that I should have said
grappling in general which is definitely harder to achieve a basic level of
competence in rather than striking now don’t get me wrong you take a skilled
boxer they will destroy an unskilled boxer you take a skilled muy Thai guy
they will destroy an unskilled muy Thai guy do
you’ve changed good more Thai people before right the first person that I
ever did that with that was a skilled muy Thai legit skilled Muay Thai it was
like black Bell versus white belt right yeah I would think about throwing a kick
at him and he would check it right and then he would throw a kick at me before
I even knew what was happening right there that much better they can see your
hips they move it’s the same same thing with boxing if you go against a good
boxer they’ll Jack you up in that sport right in that sport you will get works
so now that being said a good wrestler is a good grappler you are a good
grappler and that’s why you’re able to pick up jujitsu very quickly because
rest is grappling which is jiu-jitsu there
are there differences yes there absolutely are differences but it’s like
longboard surfing and short board surfing if you’re or baseball and
softball if you played baseball in college when you get out on the the the
office softball team you’re a killer that’s the way it is not it’s cuz you
played soft but you played baseball you didn’t play technically softball it’s
the same thing with with wrestling and as far as the fact that it doesn’t take
long to learn if you’re a high level wrestler to learn jujitsu yes absolutely
you’ll learn it very quickly look at the history of the UFC Dan Severn Mark
Coleman Kevin Randleman Randy Koecher Tito all those high-level Russell’s and
that’s the history because guess what high level wrestlers are there right now
– John Jones DC it’s it’s wrestlers it’s wrestlers
and wrestlers now are there other guys that come in and fill it but the the the
I would say the majority base is wrestling you know so now you also have
to look at speaking of history you have to look at the early ufc’s or you go to
any gym in the fact is the fact is a jiu jitsu only guy beats a wrestling only
guy in a fight nine times out of ten that’s the way it is that now if the
wrestler can learn very quickly but if the wrestler only knows wrestling and
the jiu-jitsu guy only knows jujitsu the jujitsu guy is going to win simply
because the wrestler doesn’t know how to finish the fight he doesn’t know how to
finish it he doesn’t have any submission holds to finish a fight so can they
occasionally nine times you know one time out of ten or whatever get
something and and yes that can happen but and and also I’m not talking about
if you take a NCAA wrestler and you put them against the white belt or
maybe even a blue belt there’s a chance that the blue belt can’t submit him the
guy’s just too strong that’s if he has some awareness if he
has no awareness whatsoever he’s gonna get tapped out yeah and if you watch the
early ufc’s that’s exactly what happened you know the wrestlers they might get
position but they were getting choked they were getting tapped and you go to
any gym right now you have a tough wrestler walk in that doesn’t know any
jiu-jitsu he’s gonna get tapped out I mean for instance right now at our gym
we got a really good wrestler named Taylor Johnson and I’ll bring his name
up because he eats I can remember it all cuz it’s all been recent he’s been
training now for less than a year when he first came in he was getting tapped
out you know that’s the way it is he’s a phenomenal wrestler two months later he
wasn’t getting tapped out six months later he’s tapping people out so that’s
what happens but if you take physically kind of close people and you put pure
wrestling against pure jiu-jitsu jiu-jitsu who’s gonna win now there’s
also another thing that you’re probably noticing in this situation and that is
that wrestling wrestling selects for athleticism right wrestling selects for
athleticism and for you to be competitive in wrestling you need to be
strong quick athletic agile all those things are important and I’ve seen that
you know with the the school where my kids wrestle and you see it what it’s
like when you get a strong athletic kid and how they’re able to execute moves
better than someone that’s not that good of an athlete and so wrestling does that
wrestling is selective so if you wrestled guess what you’re a really good
athlete you and if you did well wrestling or he wrestled for a long time
you developed that athleticism because you had to be explosive you had to train
hard so that’s that also blue belts you look at a blue belt a blue belt is
basically a person that’s been doing jiu-jitsu for a year maybe two years
right so that’s the same thing as a lower-level high school wrestler
right a low-level high school wrestler was a guy that didn’t start wrestling
until he was a freshman year started wrestling well that’s a low-level high
school wrestler and guess what he’s getting beat so you should be if you’re
a good wrestler you should be able to once you understand the basic principles
of jujitsu you should be able to beat blue belts because they’re a year into
the game that’s the way it is yeah you take a competitive wrestler and
you go against somebody that’s you know seven years in and now they’re a brown
belt well that’s that’s a competitive high school wrestler
that’s a senior and he started training in sixth grade that’s seven eight years
go against a seven or eight year jiu-jitsu guy you’ve got now you’ve got
a good match and likely legit to guys gonna win now again if you take know if
you take a pure wrestler versus of pure jiu-jitsu the juicy guys gonna win all
day all day so you know there’s no denying and like I just said there’s a
reason that wrestling is the the premier skill set in the UFC that predicts
champions no doubt about it it is a great and incredible martial art
I I wish that that wrestling had kept its roots as catch wrestling and still
had submission holds and all that because it would just completely change
the game but it doesn’t so you have to add them later there’s also something
else too where I think that I think that people in general wrestling’s not for
everybody mmm right it’s a very hard sport and I think that people avoid that
grind of as far as as far as the okay you’re gonna get good at wrestling now
how much it’s a guy now I’m gonna make you good at wrestling jujitsu guys have
void the grind I shouldn’t say all of them but some
often do do two guys avoid the grind of the takedowns and the intensity of
wrestling they’re not looking for that that’s one of the things that makes it
so appealing to a very broad range of people is that you can train it at a at
a mellower pace right and that’s also why if you go do jiu-jitsu tournaments
wrestler do really well in jiu-jitsu tournaments
because they understand the intensity of rounds of limited time of Smashing
someone of going all-out jiu-jitsu guy that’s been traded in the gym
name ready for that first tournament there’s no jiu-jitsu guy in the gym that
goes to the first tournament and says yeah that was just like what I thought
it was me like no they not used to that intensity they’re not ready for it so I
mean and of course not taking away from jiu-jitsu guys that train like Mad Men
with total intensity and get after it’s super hard to go as those guys exist as
well and also last little thing on this there
are also some wrestlers that don’t adapt to the slower pace of jiu-jitsu they
can’t adapt to that and they don’t adapt to the slower pace of MMA and so they
their whole career they gas out and there’s plenty of pro MMA fighters UFC
that have come in high-level wrestlers that they couldn’t ever quite make the
transition to MMA so you know bottom line these are these are points that I
pretty much agree with that the that this this guy made and wrestling’s
awesome I think it’s a great base I think it’s it’s a form of grappling and
it complements jiu-jitsu and Egypt jiu-jitsu complements it and I wish that
it was one sport yeah but it’s not so you have to do both yeah and it seems
like like two because he was originally not complaining wasn’t complaining but
his premise was that you know jiu-jitsu is is not in fact the hardest one to
master you know wrestling he’s implying that wrestling is harder to master you
know because he taught jiu-jitsu guys wrestling and they didn’t pick it up
right it was kind of in jujitsu you can break all kinds of wrestling rules in
jiu-jitsu yeah and but wrestling guys when they’ll come in if they they have
to learn to break some wrestling rules otherwise it’s gonna be their detriment
sure a lot of them a lot of them carry over a lot of
a lot of the strengthen but man if a wrestler can’t break the rule to to go
to his back there’s a lot of rest the wrestles will give up their back all day
there’s they don’t want to go on their back you know and that’s why they’re
gonna get choked all the time but if like Taylor you that’s a good example
Pro Hill fucked he broke that rule quick and that’s why he’s so good cuz he can
expand his mind and break that rule so but consider the jiu-jitsu guy right now
he has to learn all they see so he has to essentially and not so much break the
rule you can probably break some rules you know but not going back whatever but
you just think I doesn’t have to break any jiu-jitsu rules necessarily case in
point how much time and effort am I gonna put into learning a takedown
correctly when it barely decides the match exactly there’s a mental there’s a
mental gap into the desire for knowledge because if I if you take me down cool
I’m gonna get in you I’m gonna be you’re not gonna pass my guard whereas when a
wrestler shows up he has to learn this stuff otherwise he’s losing he’s getting
tapped out he’s getting choked yeah so that’s a great great point there yeah
very true so yeah you don’t have to you know and even when you say okay Jiu
Jitsu should focus more on takedowns and it’s really cool and you should
definitely focus on the takedown so you got to learn them and it’s very
important but at the back your mind as a jiu-jitsu guy I’m like just bull guard
yeah I don’t really care if you take me down it’s okay or and then now we’re
talking about in this case we’re come out saying that me personally because I
don’t like potentially but and here’s the thing to even add to that even if
you’re considering the comparison of wrestling and jiu-jitsu take the
takedown situation take not all takedowns are quote unquote wrestling
takedowns yeah I can be like okay I can not learn wrestling at all and still be
good at takedowns if I learn judo or fight you know if I learn something so
again so it goes it’s basically you’re taking something really vast with a lot
of easy ways to maneuver around certain techniques and still be vastly
successful and then you’re basically saying okay let’s take that
person who has that approach and narrow it down to this much more difficult
approach and way less effective approach essentially is the vastness of grappling
I can still be successful in grappling without learning XYZ wrestling moves and
then you want to teach them these XYZ wrestling moves probably some that can
go against you especially when it comes to energy energy conservation and all
this other stuff that’s why a guy maybe yeah who might be difficult to learn
that but how you said there’s a gap in the motivation there’s a difficult to
wanna learn or kick or care about learning this thing when it’s gonna
serve me less in my grappling no doubt you can just look at the human facts of
jiu-jitsu there’s a reason why takedowns are not emphasized very much energy to
at a normal academy in normal academy they do not have the focus on takedowns
like wrestling wrestling in wrestling the takedown wins you doesn’t win you
the match on record but that’s a huge part of wrestling is getting the
takedowns jiu-jitsu it’s it’s a little tiny percentage of the match give you
two points yeah but it doesn’t mean anything to me because I’m gonna submit
you yeah in just the nature of the game you know wrestling is takedown pin
there’s more to it I understand but jiu-jitsu is just submit the guy you
know soju gets it in in a way it’s like just just get it to the ground you can
hit off your back you can win them from the top you can wear a wrestling son
like that yeah I know people literally pull guard
and then win from there back on top zero in the match and so so the fact that you
can pull guard gives you this entire out to get away from doing takedowns and you
can still be victorious yeah very very often yeah and that goes along with
these even these techniques that he mentioned like you know you know see hit
basically that there’s there’s a lot of moves in there there big moves big moves
and they do help you but like I said that they’re just they’re simply not
necessary you know I mean any physical move is helpful to know and
to defend whether it be from offensive you know or defense position but again
if you’re trying to narrow it down and teach these guys who their approach and
their knowledge comes from the vastness of grappling yeah and you want to narrow
it down to this thing it may or may not work you know and it may or may not
serve you it could work against you but here let’s try to learn this real hard
yeah you can have that gap in motives you actually don’t care about the
takedowns yeah and I’m gonna go on record now as saying this just because
jujitsu doesn’t focus on takedowns doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus
you should learn takedowns you need to know takedowns from a self-defense
perspective from an MMA perspective takedowns wrestling you have to do it I
mean that’s why my kids wrestle you know it’s because I didn’t wrestle and I hate
that fact because I go against like he’s saying you know I go against a good high
school wrestler it’s hard for me to take him to the
ground you know you get somebody that wrestled in college I know what’s I know
I’m not good now I I have developed good takedown defense over the years and it’s
actually takedown offense because I have offensive ways of defending takedown you
know I’m gonna throw submissions but I can’t go back in time and go through the
the training that you get when you’re a high school wrestler and and college
wrestler I can’t do that I can’t do it I mean I just don’t have the time and the
motivation to do it because I’m in the same boat as as you know what the guy
that you’re just talking about how much time am I going to focus on takedowns I
know I go against a college wrestler he’s taking me down I go against a good
high school wrestler there’s a good chance he’s taking me down yeah so how
much time and effort I mean I could spend the next five years I could go
through a competitive circuit I could join the wrestling club but am I gonna
do that right now is that time effective or do I just want to get better at Jiu
Jitsu and then have access to the rest of the grappling spectrum that you just
talked about well it’s an obvious choice I’m gonna focus on the spectrum that has
the most the most application in every situation I’m gonna
be in yeah so if you if you get the chance wrestle wrestle as much as you
can learn your takedowns drill your takedowns put your kids into wrestling
jujitsu for sure put your kids into wrestling you know they don’t have to
worry about it then yeah the fact remains some people they don’t want that
beef you know where you gotta go and wrestle you’re a man that’s hard you
know and even like a wrestling you can have a wrestling style to your jujitsu
you know but again if you don’t want it you know who didn’t wrestle Craig Craig
Baker Aker ya didn’t wrestle ya you ready you’ll be like where did you
wrestle in college is what you thinking he’s pure Jiu Jitsu yeah didn’t wrestle
in college yeah didn’t wrestle in high school didn’t even wrestle in high
school he feels like a total wrestler when you’re with him and his takedowns
are great yeah and there’s some Brazilian guys that have come up that
you know Brazilian UFC fighters that are very good wrestles that never wrestled
before they have really good takedowns yeah and but you know you’re gonna even
have to worry if it work for that and these kids that come out of high school
yeah that wrestled in high school they got it yeah that work has an input yes
gift that they got yeah but for these guys and back to the question for these
guys that he’s trying to teach and he totally says like it could be my sample
size I understand yeah that’s a good point actually
but because the sample size be big you can get guys like Craig they’ll pick
that stuff up real quick but at the end of the day when it comes to as he put it
when it comes time to shoot penetrate with their hips or effectively use their
hips to defend or scramble you can omit all of those things from a jiu-jitsu guy
and he can still win and beats vasin successful you know so scramble mm
scrambles a questionable one yeah to be almost devil yeah but again I mean you
know we’ve moved you scrambling is a very good valuable thing to have in
jiu-jitsu yeah much more valuable than you know being able to penetrate on the
shop yeah yeah agree but yeah wrestlers right that’s a weird that’s such an
interesting bro I roll with this I feel bad that I forget his name but I roll
with him every time I see him and he swallowing me a given may be 165 maybe
and but an awesome wrestler new guy – under one year and his game is resting
but he’s like high-level rest and also if I play the wrestling game and I know
I know wrestling like I’m solid I can wrestle against good wrestlers maybe not
Taylor but good wrestlers so I can play and I’m bigger than him
you know so if I go and wrestle to wrestle this guy bro he liked it you run
game on you yeah I’ll run his game push but if I just slow down in my mind be ok
he’s a wrestler it’s just yeah let’s work around the wrestling ah no problem
yeah you know but once the once he if he can give up the wrestling rules you know
you know yeah but he because he has that athleticism he switches hips like all
quick base just like like he’s built into the ground that’s how good his base
is you know it’s a yeah wrestling yeah and I guess from a human nature
perspective here for you to apply this to other situations in life think about
when you’re trying to get people to do things
think about the motivation that they have in their head not not motivation of
like let’s go but not the actual the actual mental motivation of what they’re
gonna gain from what you’re trying to give them and do they see the reason of
why it’s important yeah you gotta play across the board jiu-jitsu the life
wrestling is life wrestling is grappling rappeling is like


  1. I would dare to say wrestling is comparable to boxing in that they are both great foundations for their respective martial system (striking in boxing, grappling in wrestling). The foundations built in boxing and wrestling translate very well towards more comprehensive systems such as muay thai for striking and BJJ for grappling.

  2. Great video ! My son is 11, has been doing Bjj since 5, started wrestling at 8, and is having a hard time with wrestling. He says he feels very limited on what he can do when wrestling.

  3. Try both in a streetfight against someone with even asic training and you'll get killed. The floor is the last place you want to be in a fight off the mat.

  4. Once again Jocko you're a complete idiot.

    BJJ doesnt train takedowns because they get hurt too much couldn't be a mcdojo pedaling to geeks, females and kids in high numbers.

    Even Eddie bravo said the same thing that is school is full of geeks and females. Geeks and females and kids don't want to train the grind of wrestling….I want to make money by making it easy and making it take forever to get to each belt.

  5. Yet again, Jocko you're an idiot.

    The only reason Brazilian jiu-jitsu bulls guard is because they're allowed to and because no one can slam them from the guard.

  6. That's not a fight. That's a wrestler doing jj. If you are in the gym and are like fight with striking. Wrestlers own what 6 of 8 ufc titles.

  7. There are no actual wrestling or JJ gyms in my area. How would you remedy this situation? I like them better than striking sports, fewer hits to the noggin.

  8. I rolled a whole bunch with a friend and his brother, both of which were wrestlers on a national level.
    The takedowns and ability to hold position was absolutely insane.
    The only problem is, when wrestlers train and compete, their game stops where jiu jitsu is only getting warmed up. So obviously they started picking up submissions and such, but the instinct to relax as soon as my back was on the ground never wore off.

  9. I think the technical aspect of wrestling is really underrated, my son is learning a proper single leg, you have to change levels, penetration step, then you shoot in, then you have to focus on head placement, shoulder placement, hand placement, all while needing to generating a lot of force in a short amount of time, and then applying that force quickly, and in the right angle.

    This is a basic wrestling move.

    Sorry but BJJ moves aren't that complicated, and this why you can Dillon Danis becoming a BJJ world champ in a couple of years after joining at 17.

    You will never see someone walk into a wrestling circle at 17 and become a world champ. Let alone in half a decade

  10. Don’t worry BJJ guys. By the time you get to purple you’ll handle wrestlers easily. They give so many openings. At WB though I was in fear of them.

  11. When the fight isn't on a coushy mat AND BODY LOCKS AND SLAMS HAPPEN ON CONCRETE, that changes things buddy.

  12. And don't tell me pure bjj guy is going to stop pure wrestling throws OR EVEN GET A TAKEDOWN ON THE STREET.


  13. Bottom line…..
    Growing up wrestling vs growing up in jiu jitsu. The wrestler will have a more successful career in MMA.
    That’s the bottom line.

  14. I am in my last hear of high school wrestling and I think its 100 percent the mindset that sets wrestlers apart in BJJ or MMA, as a wrestler, you NEED to be aggressive, you are ALWAYS looking for an opening to attack and are so much more used to getting the shit beat out of them and how to take it.

  15. the toughest SOB's you don't want to get in a fight with are rodeo bull riders. No amount of mat training can prepare you for mounting a raging 1,000lb bucking bull. wrestling, no wrestling, bjj, no bjj, boxing, forget about it….

  16. Bjj beats wrestling if the wrestler has no knowledge of jiu jitsu. If the wrestler and bjj guy have decent knowledge and skill of both disciplines, then the wrestler usually wins.

  17. He is saying a lot BS!!!!! Wrestlers only succeed in unrealistic fights including rounds and a cage. The set of UFC rules give advantage to wrestlers because they are weak! All that point system is pure garbage and helps boring fighters like GSP.

  18. Ultimately it depends on the fighter, not the fighting style. Those intangibles that cannot be seen in a fight or quantified, that's what gives each fighter his or her own edge.

  19. Eazy win for wrestling:

    1) Main reason why BJJ guys beat wrestling is because they are cowards, they always pull guard like a bitch…in real fight..if they pull guard, they are just asking the wrestler to ground and pound again
    2) BJJ guys wont hurt wrestlers…..BJJ guys usually have shitty takedowns compared to wrestlers,judokas,sambists
    3) Wrestler like Khabib or GSP double leg takedown you to the pavement and youre dead LOL

  20. I'm not sure I agree with this. My Uncle taught wrestling at OSU, and I can tell you for DAMN sure those wrestlers had/have finishing moves. They don't use them in competition for OBVIOUS reasons, but you're confusing the sport practice with the ability to use the skill in a fight when it matters. I've seen these guys wrap up BJJ guys before. It comes down to the skill of the INDIVIDUAL, not the delta between the two styles. This is Jocko's pride talking….

  21. As a former NCAA wrestler who has played around rolling with a couple BJJ guys, this is pretty spot on. I can take them down pretty much at will but then don’t really know what to do. I can usually keep from getting into a bad position but most of the time, I just want to learn some technique, not flail and try to dominate with strength alone.

  22. I did both. I felt wrestling was much harder to learn and required more physical attributes. You can add wrestling techniques to jiu-jitsu but if you add jiu-jitsu to wrestling, you will get smoked or disqualified.

  23. At my BJJ/mma school we get taught both of them. In many ways it's just a grappling class then focusing on one of the arts exclusively. The entire gym kills it in competition and I think that's a HUGE factor in it. It's much harder to exploit a weakness when you have your bases covered at the begining and then specialize later

  24. As a wrestler that went to Phoenix jujitsu and only the guy that owned the place could tap me. And that was because I was throwing up tired. At a buck 40 I was tapping blue belts left and right.

  25. I love MMA and growing so learning wrestling will be a pleasure for me but I can understand coming from a BJJ mindset how the adjustment can be difficult.

  26. JUDO!!! Best of both worlds. Has most of the same jiu jitsu moves but true judo has all the same take down moves as wrestling and a whole hoard of judo take downs and throws. Downside its brutal.

  27. I’m 2 years into the game of bjj and still a one stripe white belt 😂 either I suck or my coach doesn’t give out promotions very easy.

  28. Wrestlers beat BJJ guys 9 out of 10. The Gracies took out all the throws that Judo has and just focused on the ground aspects and called it Gracie Jujitsu. Judo is way more effective in a street fight.

  29. Love u guys. I think catch wrestling is the part that uses more counter momentum and ends the small guy that isnt experienced. It's interesting. Strength sometimes becomes the victor in these situations where there are no rules, but the experience in all fields or in general compensates for size or stregnth difference

  30. You’ll always be better off with a wrestling base. In place of a BJJ base. It’s been proven too many times over in fighting.

  31. A big point that I've grappling as a wrestler. Is that the rules I was grappling under limited my throws. I personally believe that most jiu jistu guys can not handle getting thrown on their heads. I personally believe taking that tool out of a wrestlers belt hurts them the most.

  32. The first time you throw someone, or single leg and snap them to the ground, or high-C/double leg someone; you get hooked. Concrete hits harder than a fist. Dropping someone on the ground could potentially put you in a cell for life, but you also learn how to protect yourself from a life threatening slam.

  33. I never wrestled (actually I quit after a week as a freshman in high school because it was too tough for me at that point) but I have incredible respect for wrestlers. The period where you can almost laugh at how easy it is to submit them is relatively short lived. Their minds are IMPRINTED to pay attention and work harder than pretty much any athlete. (I've also learned it takes a lot of effort for them to understand the idea of a slow roll 😅) As long as they maintain that open mindedness and a bit of humility they will learn fast. Agree that the other way around is much harder, and coming from a guy with knee injuries pure wrestling is too high risk for me to engage in training regularly. I think we can all agree NO GI is a lovely balance and all have their place. 🤝

  34. I'm a Jiu Jitsu player and didn't have a wrestling background. However, from what I've learned so far from wrestling and judo, I prefer wrestling for the takedowns because it seems to dovetail much better into positions conducive to submitting someone. It may be that our gym trains in catch wrestling too, but I sincerely wish when I was young, the school I went to had wrestling.

  35. I'm a wrestler and when I went to my first jujitsu tournament not one of them could take me down… they excel on the ground but a wrestler can decide not to be taken down

  36. Does wrestling even exist? I mean, there are all kinds of submissions in catch wrestling. WTF is wrestling? Even ju jitsu i basically wrestling

  37. If bjj practices were as tough as wrestling practices there would be a lot less people in these comments talking down on wrestling.

  38. I have trained BJJ for 2+years. I trained Judo and Wrestling in private classes for 6-7 months between both. I am far from an expert, but here are my two cents. I had 32 years when I started training BJJ. After a couple of months I decided to take judo/wrestling so that :
    1) Was not easily taken down
    2) I took down everyone
    3) Learn how to break a fall
    After all that time, no one ever took me down in my class an I was able to take down everyone. This means, what Ryan Hall says in another video, that regular people cannot wrestle for shit (I live in a country were wrestling is not big). From a self defense point of view, you do not really need to know that much of judo/wrestling to bring someone to the ground. Even a white belt, with a half baked double leg, can bring your average joe to the ground. In addition, you can really get hurt training wrestling/judo, which are usually 2 hour sessions. This does not happens with bjj with its more mellow pace an 1 hour class. I think BJJ is just a more efficient and safe martial art that you can train in the long term.

  39. Yo, Joko. I had a question about suppressor. In particular Mark 23, which you should know about. How does it work and what the heck is the little light for which has hose attached to rear of suppressor? Why does light turn different color? What gas is being injected to the suppressor and why? I like suppressor but really love my 4 o. This might be a hit LoL!

  40. Just a little correction, the BJJ guy would finish the wrestler 90% of the time on the mat or on grass. If you are actually in the street, on concrete, the BJJ guy might be severely injured by the wrestler (or the judoka)

  41. 11:40 I disagree. A Jiu Jitsu guy going into wrestling has to abandon the traditional Closed Guard which is like breaking a Jiu Jitsu "rule."

    One thing that wasn't covered Youth Wrestling vs Youth Jiu Jitsu injuries. I see ligament injuries at every single youth Jiu Jitsu tournament I've been to, but I've never seen a ligament injury at a Youth Wrestling tournament because they simply aren't doing Arm Bars, Shoulder Locks etc.

  42. To answer the question in real world practice:

    Ben Askren vs Demian Maia

    Ben Askren is a “God-tier” Olympic wrestler.
    He was put to sleep by a “God-tier” BJJ practitioner.

    Sorry if the truth hurts but idc 🤷🏻‍♂️

  43. It also depends on the form of jujitsu you are comparing. Katamedo jujitsu is more of a standing form compared to Brazilian.

  44. I dont claim to be an expert but the conversation seems to be oriented at MMA or low level bjj. You look at IBJJF pros and takedowns equals points, and points are what whens. They may not be the most entertaining to watch but high level black belt jiujitsu is typically ran until time and you see the guy who got a take down and got those 2 points win. So in bjj schools that train for competition not just your casual person learn similar skill sets to wrestling(judo too)and even more so at high level when ability is equal. I dont even think you can find schools that dont drill wrestling and other stand up techniques because of how important it gets the higher you go.

  45. Only thing about sport ju-jitsu is the lack of "slams". What I've been told is a slam is a normal take down from a wrestling perspective, sometimes. Also as a bigger guy, i wrestled at higher weights when i was young. There's been plenty of times I've been German suplexed multiple times and in a fight, you lost if you get German suplexed.

  46. Anyone comparing BJJ and Wrestling should just check ADCC results, not the performance of good singing wrestler in a BJJ academy. And even in recent UFC, no wrestler wants to grapple with Damian Maia

    BJJ win because it is focused on being efficient, so if a guy come to my academy and smash a bunch of people with wrestling techniques, there's no complaining, just amusement, we j ask the guy not to stop but how he does this and that.

    Rules in BJJ are very little restrictive, so a Judo guy can do everything he knows in a BJJ mat, Aikido guy can use all his wristlocks, wrestlers can use almost every skill (only those suplex-like take downs would not be allowed I guess) and all of it makes BJJ guys tougher and better, because for BJJ the only concern is effectiveness.

  47. Wrestling, as far as controlling and pinning and takedowns are concerned, is a component of Jiu-Jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu is not a component of Wrestling.

    If you're already a skilled wrestler,, you've already got down one aspect of Jiu-Jitsu and the learning curve is significantly less steep.

  48. Wrestlers are really good at not getting taken down. This is where wrestlers really give BJJ problems. Especially in MMA. It seems to me that in self defense takedowns are winning moves. I can't imagine pulling guard in a street fight in most environments.

  49. I wanna point out a problem in Jocko's elaboration on the subject. When he said "fight," what he really meant is simply a submission grappling match. I wanna see your local BJJ bluebelt get into a no holds barred bare-knuckle street fight against an NCAA wrestler where punches and even objects can be thrown.
    Look at the UFC right now, who are the ones winning most of the fights? BJJ black betls or wrestlers and kickboxers? 😉

  50. Because of the rise of MMA people have forgotten the true purpose of BJJ (as the Gracie's teach it). It was intended to allow the small, weak, un-athletic person to protect themselves from a bigger and stronger attacker WITHOUT having to acquire the type of physical attributes that other martial arts require.

  51. The way I see it if we want to pick a side and argue we can do that all day…but I firmly believe that the complete grappler uninhibited in learning from all styles or sources will out perform either the wrestler or the Jiu Jitsu guy in a fight.

  52. It’s really interesting that in the UK here we don’t really have any wrestling but you can find BJJ clubs in most towns now. Judo and boxing are easy to find, kickboxing is easy but Muay Thai is barely there. MMA and BJJ are usually done in the same clubs. But barely any wrestling at all.

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