Wrestling Technique: Duck under, breakdown, gut wrench

Wrestling Technique: Duck under, breakdown, gut wrench

approach my goal here today to show us some wrestling technique like a first day okay so we're going to do minimum modified wrestling to emanate submission technique really easy transition moving we're going to go from me thunder break down to the modified gut-wrenching uppercut wrench go to the upper part of the body okay and from there you go into submission like in like an arm bar or we're making it shorter so we're gonna break this down first don't do it is simply what it sounds like I'm going to duck under my opponent inside control gripping the head like so disarmed here I'm using density lock tight I come around bring my right hand to his hip I'm cranking the neck while I'm doing this and then I'm break him down because this is actually quite easy for me to do he comes down like so now from here perhaps he's still in a bit of a solid position now for introduced you guys ain't know what to do but I'm a wrestler so I have to do a breakdown from here so there's many ways you can do this either grab the wrist kick into the river here how did you go from in conference position locks off Salmon Arm in grip break them down here now my only probably gold to his stomach from here now if they're here the line on the side I will then going to now we modified gutwrench which is an upper coverage so here I move in gable grip here lock in and from here I'm doing a lot of the same gutwrench technique but this time I'm just doing for my upper position here I'm going to get tight squeeze in nice and tight with the boa constrictor okay nice and tight Rameses they're comfortable no from here you can go into submissions they're available there nigga choke it's the really one if you I know you guys do want verse two branches a bit better so let's break that down let's go from step by step so again we're here i doctor here he's against the bargain that's the key credit down the bottom now these are crank until he goes all the way south when you break them down from here move into the government's position nice and tight submissions are available okay so guys some additional notes here with the uppercut wrench if you received from my perspective I'm you doing the cable grip here okay coming up here at about you're close to stir okay right around good then from there I grip in like so okay so to watch my arms not doing this this so actually takes a lot of pressure and power and you gotta get good at it now depending on the girth of your opponent's sometimes it can be these scripts but this is the best grip okay yeah so that's where you want there then you can break down onto the shoulders so from what a feeling there you're pulling the arms and also deriving the chest from the shoulders you say um for me do Jiu Jitsu friends think about how you how you compress in a triangle and it's very similar that's what you're looking for it means that compression there except this is using your upper body yeah I can't stress another well if I my camera perspective and I just look like the hand goes here the hand goes there every one of these grips has a lot of pressure behind them


  1. what a coincidence, we were working gut wrenches at my wrestling club this Sunday just gone. And while letting a much bigger guy try it on me, he dislocated my elbow. As he put all his weight on me as he wrenched and rolled, all that force went into my half flexed right arm and cruuunnnccch it went. It thankfully went straight back in. But it will take a while to recover and is making me doubt whether I'm durable enough for wrestling. Oddly, I've never been hurt when full pressure wrestling in practice.

    Anyhow, thanks for a technique vid.

  2. Can you do more wrestling video like that with him? I really like how he breaks it down and you guys make it easy to follow and understand

  3. Gracias por compartir éste nuevo video, es muy educativo. Enhorabuena aprendí algo nuevo gracias a ti, esas técnicas de wrestling que hiciste con Michael Hulbert son muy interesantes. Can you upload a new video about some judo techniques? Have a great day Mrs Ramsey.

  4. Quick critique. When your in the collar tie and you duck under if you shoot and keep your arm bent at a 90 degree angle and not move it. If will not only get them on the ground but you'll be behind them.

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