WRESTLEMANIA!! | WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 (RTWM #5 / FINALE)

WRESTLEMANIA!! | WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 (RTWM #5 / FINALE)

ladies and gentlemen welcome back to child welcome back to smackdown vs. raw 2009 Road to Wrestlemania under taker Edition its finale time baby this is a San Tino look apparently look wait oh wait I didn't see free with that said about taunt what did that say it was giving me instructions and give it some flash sunscreen for half a second Santino's a zombie I'm fighting Rey Mysterio Undertaker's Road to Wrestlemania is about to be complete and I have no idea like a lot of randomness here and honestly I'm cool with that I think you guys know I appreciate some wackiness and random nonsense when it comes to my wrestling stories and storylines in video games anyway thank you ed Santino you've got to be kidding me this is great um um I'm here for this zombie nonsense I was winning 2k 19 I was like Oh Sami Triple H or whatever that was damn this man under the control of the Deadman I guess whatever shot in his face from the earned and that other episode really got to him really really got to him do magic wait what does that mean what nothing happened way I'll be wait oh okay no that was a Rea right move it literally says do oh oh you can't see it my cameras in the way hold on it literally says do magic in the bottom right corner here do magic I don't know what what does it do when when it does magic what does he do do now Oh his meter goes up that's actually awesome wait why is he frozen was it too much they do too much magic Oh I think I did too much magic Santino with a big reversal imagine no I don't think happens come on Sam let's go do some magic damn and nothing's happening anymore does he's like I feel like maybe he has to be on the offense or something they're not magic heal him that would be cool I shouldn't get in the ring I feel like I don't want miss ball for him you grab this revved up will you talk about I didn't do nothing Hey Hey look thanks you know oh I couldn't oh I wanted to give him water card see what see what is that why is he like convulsing like that did I do it too much oh he's teleported behind him I think it's Ari and keep the evidence which today I'm angle backing more I could see what was going on yeah like I this this whole dance the zombie convulsion thing I don't really understand Oh ray-ray pal oh dear you guys doing hey stop talking Shh be quiet all Santino's gotta okay he's got a thing oh I didn't mean I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry break out of it break out of it bring out if I break out of it break out of it so I should just not use it anymore there you go set there you go Santino BAM you got it this is all you this is all you – lets go zombie Santino do more magic oh we can't uh I I didn't really get the gist of what was going on with the magic stone except for the few times where his meter went up but then it stopped look at this dead man Oh oh he took it away so yeah mess with me now Wow Oh boogeyman wait whose sides the boogeyman on you think we cool we cool we cool boogeyman is here for me that's crazy oh no the bogeyman the boogeyman wants to end my streak huh it's better be a one-on-one sir wins player gets bonus oh I forgot it wanted me to lose oh I forgot all about this it's fine I don't need I need a bonuses prizes stupid anyway regardless the final stop on the road to Wrestlemania is here on Smackdown any more zombies anymore boogie Mans I'll take what I can get cuz this has been a very enjoyable story I've flew through this so quickly I had a lot of fun recording this like it was nothing leader of news cool look at that oh my gosh like I don't know how they found a way but they found a way to days to Wrestlemania to make I literally have fought no one except like Santino and Finley basically this entire time and they somehow made it so that it's still enjoyable you don't have it you know how that's possible I think because a lot of the funky storylines stuff in between is what the focus is is the focus isn't really on these matches cuz these matches last like two minutes you know what I mean and I'm I've said there's so many times this is my preferred way I would rather it focus on the story and the cutscenes and a little wacky dumb stuff in between because I could sit here all day and just have 10 20 30 minute matches as if I wanted to but when it's story driven I think the purpose and the focus should be on a story so the fact that the matches aren't very long and I'm able to fly through this and it doesn't feel like I'm playing the same matches over and over and over and over and over that's very that's very much appreciated so that's off to the developers of Smackdown vs. raw 2009 good good on you lads but now speaking of lads his name is Finley he loves to fight my Lemmy my name is Undertaker and I love the bike one of em days elbow to the back of the neck a cerebral Korb nauseam and there's one to the nose around the tip otherwise known as the nostril miss apex big kick to the midsection I'm already too busy no against me every possible turn and you really think that at any moment in time any one of these guys stood a chance I don't know what you were drinking or thinking or if you were drinking why you were thinking which would make a lot of sense um I'm gonna just wear him down a little bit I'll undertake a looks a little tired actually Undertaker this road to Wrestlemania for the dead man has been has been something else I didn't mean to do that Oh nice roads it's a little move what the hell is the ref just do here we go Irish whip from the dead man grabs them drop some Y sidewalk slam says Michael Cole but here we go I'm gonna store this signature so I can hit this man with a beautiful choke slam and that might be enough – and it is a chokeslam to end Finley's night I had enough of you had enough of Santino turn one of you into a zombie don't make me do it twice you meet a boogeyman simple as that real simple you thought you thought up he goes down he goes what a dummy watch out Oh I'm trying figure out what the hell he's doing what happens there what did he do eat a boogeyman and he got me sit up Jana hands go help you can't kill the dead man this is so cool is this just such a wacky just fun oh let's go you're gonna find out will the Undertaker's streak be broken by the boogeyman or will the dead man do what he does at WrestleMania 24 it's going down this isn't really cool this is a very very fun very fun road to Wrestlemania and I love how quick these are but we made it the road ends here y'all WrestleMania the show of shows the showcase of The Immortals from Portland is that where it was wasn't 24 like in Orlando or something and kill the dead man Undertaker versus the boogeyman maid in bed is in jeopardy sure is oh hell in a Cell Undertaker of boogeyman made of metal mania with a mysterious leader pulling strings they got possession of the mystical urn which both weakened the Phenom and put his brother Cain under their control naturally Undertaker revived Kane and the Brothers of Destruction reunited but the boogeyman revealed himself and sacrificed the big red Moscow Undertaker responded by possessing a new school member in making him take on his former teammate yeah the man tried to destroy Undertaker the same way he did Cain but failed he'll get another shot tonight in Helena south yeah you get your final shot but my streak on the line the Undertaker at this point in time had never been pinned submitted anything at WrestleMania oh snap wide you let's go like this is the stuff I need in my wrestling games you are at WrestleMania who's calling my phone on the most important day of the year I ain't afraid no boogeyman kazaaam the dead man welcome to Hell in a Cell boogie you about to find out what the dead man is all about Oh My Jesus is going down it's going down let me see this man's entrance this is dope this was very very fun damn the boogie mace graphics look great he's the boogie man and he's coming to get me so he thinks Oh God that's great the one and only see this man in your nightmares a face only a mother could love the one and only boogey man clock in hand and whatever the hell else is in his other hands and around his neck I think that's a young woman's hair I think he's got someone's entire scalp around his throat this is a crazy man you thought the Undertaker was weird ball being not alive but kind of alive and stuff but you have never seen a weirder individual in World Wrestling Entertainment and the boogeyman My Lord Jesus he's got the hiccups or something I don't know maybe he's cold he's shaking a lot what is it his ear what's in you here what is it yeah bring the Druids out for the big time WrestleMania entrance of the Undertaker man mm it-it's really good I think it's pretty uh I don't want to call it underrated but I know I don't really think a lot of people place this like super high on their list I don't think I place the two prior my list when I did my like there will be games tier list or whatever but it's pretty good it's damn good and damn enjoyable and the dead man putting it all on the line making this walk to the ring this special WrestleMania entrance brought to you here in 2009 and again I said it before something that I definitely think should be implemented in current games special special event entrances that are just a little bit different than entering on regular arenas I don't know could be cool little piece a little piece of nothing but it could add a little extra realism because that's what we're going for these days but the Undertaker book coming at him how do I get out of it how do I get out of the and just walk out I sure can buy all I missed that I missed that just be able to come out real quick Oh BAM we're already outside and the dead man is already climbing he wants the boogie man on top of the cell let's go it is time for you sir hey Kurt can't we gotta be real careful you don't want you don't want somebody flying off the edge now you really don't want anybody flying off the edge I said you really wouldn't want anybody fly it off the edge oh nice reversal Oh the dead man Oh Undertaker with a nice reversal big boot and you know what I wonder if I can I wonder if the Undertaker off this off the cell you won't you out haha out of his sick but the dead man the superstar you are at WrestleMania boogie man you're on top of the Undertaker's house Hell in a Cell oh oh oh I thought he was gonna throw my hands over seconds here comes the Undertaker back again with a clothesline want to bring them a little bit closer to this Oh Oh what we got here oh crap Oh drops him down what an impact educated and then big boot oh man boogie look buddy that's not a good place to be right in the middle Oh God Undertaker he's got him up what is he thinking does he want to put I think he wants to put him through I think he wants a chokeslam through the top of the cell this is any Undertaker look at the blood everywhere he's got Hell's Gate locked in on the boogeyman his boogie man gonna tap he does Undertaker's streak remains intact let's go as a don't match quick but I got what I got what I needed to get that was brittle moving chokeslams great sure does Oh bring out the casket for the boogeyman nice roll them on in r.i.p in peace boogie geez always gonna show slab of advice up in you go so sick believe it Cole The Undertaker remains undefeated and I'll call that a successful road to Wrestlemania let's go his victim rides off into the darkness as the Undertaker reigned supreme what a Hell in a Cell contest put that man through the top of the cell with a chokeslam you know set it on fire and there's my magic tree rest in peace baby oh man that was a very very good road to Wrestlemania Undertaker Serio's completed it just Vil playable boogeyman congratulations why thank you people this was very very good I hope you guys enjoyed this smackdown vs. raw 2009 Road to Wrestlemania featuring the Undertaker are we gonna do some more maybe maybe we'll start another one real soon who's it gonna be though you gotta stay tuned to find out hit that thumbs up button as far as abouts began thank you for your support on this series and I'll catch you guys next time peace


  1. 4:15 The magic was supposed to be used to freeze him like that, because the goal of the match was to make Santino lose, so freezing him like that would stop him and let Rey get his moves in.

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