WrestleMania 36 Already A Disaster? EX WWE Wrestler Returns To In Ring Action! Wrestling News!

WrestleMania 36 Already A Disaster? EX WWE Wrestler Returns To In Ring Action! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
January 3, 2019 We’re starting off today’s news
by looking ahead to April 5th
this year, when the WWE will host WrestleMania 36 in
Tampa, Florida. Though this will be the biggest
show of the company’s calendar,
fans know very little about what the show will actually
be like, and that feeling is
reportedly the same backstage. According to an anonymous
source who spoke to Wrestle
Votes, very little has been booked for the showcase of the
immortals thus far, and the
source can’t remember a WrestleMania with so little planned
in advance over the past decade
they have been with the company. In a tweet, Wrestle Votes said
that their source found this
lack of a clear goal to be both refreshing and frustrating,
as hopefully fans will get a
better idea of what will happen in the coming weeks. One major match that has been
rumored is Universal Champion
The Fiend Bray Wyatt taking on Roman Reigns, though
there are concerns about
undoing the goodwill the Big Dog has received since his
return in February last year. Another match that has been
discussed for Reigns is for
him to take on The Rock, despite the Great One confirming
his retirement last year, 3 years
after his final official match at WrestleMania 32. With the 2020 Royal Rumble less
than a month away, hopefully the
January tradition will give fans an idea of who will
be entering WrestleMania as
champion, and who will be challenging them. One man who knows all about the
Royal Rumble is ‘Stone Cold’
Steve Austin, as the Rattlesnake is the only man to
win the match on Pay Per View
on three separate occasions. Winning the 30-man match in
1997, 1998 and 2001, Austin’s
final win was arguably his most impressive, as in 1999, the
Bionic redneck received neck
surgery due to injuries that could have forced him to retire. On the latest episode of his
‘Something to Wrestling With’
podcast, Bruce Prichard discussed Austin’s health issues,
saying that the Rattlesnake
would start exhibiting symptoms of nervous system
damage that worried everyone.
He said: “You could tell that there was just
something off a little bit in the
way that Steve was working. Whether he was a little
bit more careful in the ring, and
the way that he moved in the ring. So for Steve
to step up and say ‘Hey,’ raise
his hand and say something in the first place, you
know it’s gotta be hurting him
really bad.” Needing Austin to be written off
of TV, an angle was made
where the Rattlesnake was run down at the 1999 Survivor
Series, allowing him to be
absent from the ring for almost a year before returning. We shudder to think what could
have happened had WWE not
opted for the surgery, but it’s clearly good that they did,
as despite retiring over 16 years
ago, Stone Cold is still physically fit enough to raise
some hell and drop some
stunners whenever he appears on WWE TV. We’re looking at some news from
Impact Wrestling now, as the
company’s World Champion Sami Callihan received
a very special present recently,
over the festive period. On Twitter, the OVE leader
revealed a new championship
belt design that he will now be defending at shows, which
includes a new red and black
design on the championship plates. Since debuting with Impact in
November 2017, Callihan has
been one of the most unique and controversial stars,
after he smashed Eddie
Edwards’ face in with a baseball bat, and now that he is
Impact World Champion, the
Callihan Death Machine shows no signs of slowing down. From Impact to AEW now, as
Billy Gunn has done a lot as
a trainer in the new promotion but has also served
as an occasional wrestler on TV. Recently, the former WWE King
of the Ring winner appeared
on AEW Dark alongside his son Austin Gunn, and it seems
that the pair are serious about
Austin becoming a wrestler, as they have
trademarked the Austin
Gunn name for wrestling and entertainment purposes. Though the second-generation
star hasn’t been wrestling for
long, Austin has show great potential in the ring, and
with the right training from his
father, could definitely make it big, as a literal, Son
of a Gun. More AEW news now and if fans
weren’t too happy about how
the wedding between Lana and Bobby Lashley went
down on RAW, there’s still
more love in the air, as Chris Jericho and his wife recently
renewed their wedding vows. After Jericho and his wife Jessica
married in 2000, the pair have
welcomed three sons, and this recent vow renewal
ceremony is a clear sign of
their devotion to each other. On Twitter, former WCW
announcer David Penzer shared
his congrats to the couple, whilst also saying that he is 1
of 5 people to have been at
both the vow ceremony and the original wedding 20 years ago. Since joining All Elite Wrestling
this time last year, Jericho has
had a blockbuster career, including becoming the
first AEW World Champion and
releasing his own line of bubbly Champagne, and it
seems that Y2J is looking to
have that same level of success, both in and out of the
ring, in 2020. Back to WWE now, and though
this week’s edition of NXT was
focused mostly on the end of year awards, the show
did reveal the participants of
the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The eight-team event will take
place on the Gold brand over
the coming months, and will not only feature NXT stars,
but Superstars from NXT UK,
including the reigning NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus. In the first round, it’ll be
champions vs champions as
Gallus take on the NXT Tag Champions the Undisputed Era,
whilst Imperium face off against
the Forgotten Sons. Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne will
need to co-exist when they take
on Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews, and
the Grizzled Young Veterans of
NXT UK will face Kushida and a mystery partner. Time will tell who Kushida’s tag
team partner will be for the
show, but with former Classic winners including the
AOP, Finn Balor and Samoa
Joe, and Ricochet and Aleister Black, it’s clear that all
teams involved will be wanting
to join this elite list of winners. One former WWE Superstar fans
shouldn’t expect to see on NXT
anytime soon is Cameron, as the Funkadacytl
has kept her distance from WWE
following her release in 2016. This week though, Cameron
revealed that she will be
returning to the ring as part of an independent show in Tampa,
Florida during WrestleMania
week, which will be the first time fans will see her in
the ring since March 2016. Part of the 2011 season of
Tough Enough that aired on
the USA Network, Cameron didn’t win the reality show, but
was later signed to a WWE
contract and was featured as one half of The
Funkadactyls with Naomi. It’ll be interesting to see what
kind of reception Cameron
receives in Tampa when she returns, as the former Total
Divas star has been noticeably
quiet about wrestling since her departure, almost
four years ago. Speaking of reality shows, one
man who knows all about the
genre is The Miz, as it was on reality shows like MTV’s
The Real World, that the future
A-Lister got his big break in entertainment. Now, the Miz and Mrs star will be
returning to MTV, but this time
not as a contestant, as Miz will be hosting the new
eight-week special: “The
Challenge: Champs vs. Stars”. A spin off of one of MTV’s most
iconic brands, Champs Vs
Stars will see teams of former Challenge champions take
on athletes, for a cash-prize
donation to a charity of their choice. Interestingly, The Miz was a
regular on The Challenge before
he made it in WWE, and the former Money in the Bank
winner said he was thrilled to
be back on the show after so much time away. He said: “I can honestly say that if it
wasn’t for this iconic show, I
never would’ve had the confidence to fulfill my dream
of becoming a WWE Superstar.
‘The Challenge’ has evolved since my days of playing
and now it’s pitting the biggest
celebrity athletes against the best ‘The Challenge’
has to offer. It’s must-see
television at its finest!” Whether the show will be a hit
with the viewers or not remains
to be seen, but after years being in front of the
camera in WWE, as well as
movies and multiple TV shows to his name, The Miz certainly has
the personality to pull this off. Now, we’re looking at WWE
Backstage next, as though the
show hasn’t been around on FOX for long, it always seems
to get fans talking. This week, the viewing figures
weren’t great, as the show had
just 97,000 TVs tuning in, down from the week prior’s
153,000, according to the
PW Insider. This low figure isn’t entirely
WWE’s fault though, as the
latest edition of Backstage happened late at night on New
Year’s Eve, when many people
will be celebrating with their family, instead of
watching wrestling content. With that said, 97,000 is still far
less than what the WWE or
FOX want to have as the viewing figure for Backstage, so
hopefully this number will
increase in the coming weeks, especially with CM Punk
returning to the show in person,
on January 21st. From Backstage to SmackDown
now, and as the blue brand
prepares for the annual Royal Rumble Pay Per View, one
Superstar fans could consider a
dark horse to win the 30-Man Rumble match is Sheamus. Though he hasn’t been in the
ring since suffering a
concussion in April last year, the former WWE Champion has
kept in great shape in his
absence, and on Twitter this week, posted an image of his
ripped physique, in his
wrestling attire. Interesting, Sheamus has ditched
his mohawk hairstyle he’s had for
the past four years, in favour of his more
traditional look, and according
to reports, the Irishman’s return should be any day now. In November last year, Sheamus
made his return to WWE TV via
a vignette, announcing that he will be coming
back to the ring soon, and with a
new look and attitude, the 2012 Royal Rumble
winner could be looking at
winning the historic match for a second time in just a
few weeks. Whilst Sheamus may be ready
to return to WWE, one
Superstar who may be looking to leave soon is Drew Gulak,
as the former Cruiserweight
Champion hinted at departing the company this week. Recently, Gulak filed a trademark
for the term ‘Catch Point’, which
long time fans of his will recognize as the name of
a stable Gulak was a part of
during his time with the EVOLVE promotion. The group, which also included
WWE names such as Matt
Riddle, former Superstar TJP and NXT manager Malcolm
Bivens, was first used in at
Evolve 38 event in March 2015, where Gulak came up short
against Chris Hero, who fans now
know in NXT UK as Kassius Ohno. It’s interesting that Gulak would
trademark the name despite
being a part of WWE, and some have speculated that
this is a sign of the former
Cruiserweight Champion wanting out of his WWE contract. In November 2016, Gulak signed
a three-year deal with the
company, though there are rumors that that deal was
extended to five years, but so
far, nothing can be confirmed. Regardless of what the state of
his contract is, this trademark
could prove to be very useful for Gulak, if he decides to
leave WWE over the coming year. And finally today we’re ending
with news from Bayley, as the
WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion has shown
she is willing to pick a fight
with anyone. After Johnny Gargano won the
2019 NXT Match of the Year
for his 2 out of 3 falls war with Adam Cole, the NXT Triple
Crown holder pointed out that
he has won Match of the Year three times, which
drew the attention of the
former Hugger. When Bayley mentioned that
she won the Match of the year
award in 2015, Gargano quickly pointed out that this was
before he joined NXT, and
even challenged Bayley to a mixed tag team match this
Wednesday on NXT, pitting
Gargano and Candice LeRae against Bayley and the
Prince of NXT Finn Balor. Telling Gargano “You’re done
for” in a reply on Twitter, the
match would certainly be something different for fans to
see on the Gold brand, but
we’re not quite sure yet whether it will actually happen. Well that’s all the news we have
for you today. If you liked this
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  1. oh yay cameron's coming back
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  2. Cameron is returning to the ring. It's nice to hear that one of the greats is coming back. Who's next? Eva Marie? Rosa Mendes?

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