Wrestle and Flow – Ep. 27 – D-Generation X (DX)

Wrestle and Flow – Ep. 27 – D-Generation X (DX)

Are you ready? You think you can tell us what to do? You think you can tell us what to wear? You think that you’re better? Well, you’d better get ready Bow to the masters We let it be known in ’97 what the goal was,
dawg We asked to see the greatest talent, and they
showed us y’all Couldn’t help but laugh, that was right after
we all dozed off We made a crime scene, yeah, they had it all
closed off And then we tore down the rope
Call that pressure provoked Acclimated and close
A calculated revolt Happened every Monday night, the guys would
come to your town And in that moment when DX was on the ground,
we would Break it Down! D-GENERATION X! D-GENERATION X! You think you can tell me what to do? You know who you’re talkin’ to? Greatness at it’s core
That’s what we are Knew as soon as we seen y’all We would come break it down
And show that we didn’t need y’all Couple chops to the crotch,
The pyro’s the sound with it Got a couple words for you
If you ain’t down wit it For the thousands in attendance, for the guys and the girls For the millions watching close on every side of the world For the money that we make from all our merch (Break the budget) Everybody else, we tell them all to suck it Break it down! D-GENERATION X! D-GENERATION! You think you’re a big man? Treat you like you’re a little man Let it be known about us There’s no way that some of y’all would’ve made it here without us That’s intensity that’s forming, growing, all around us Those titles? We came to take ’em Who’s in charge in this place? Your rules? I’m ready to break ’em What we do is for us, so that’s the justification Straight obliteration comes from our invasions Any one of us takes a trip to your town Burn that ish to the ground And you know we ’boutta break it down! Yeah JWill DX Wrestle flow, flow, flow, yeah


  1. LYRICS: https://genius.com/Josiah-williams-are-you-ready-dx-remix-lyrics
    NEW MERCH! https://prowrestlingtees.com/wrestleandflow

  2. This is fucking lit. You are a lyrical genius. Its a shame wrestling hiphop has such a small target market or you would be world known. Thank you for your music.

  3. Bruh! This was dope. I was more hype to this than when Run DMC did "The Kings" theme for DX back in the day! Maybe do another one w/ DMC mixed in? Wrestle'N Flow Remix?! On a side note…..Razer Ramon. cough cough

  4. It awesome I put your two songs on my Instagram of my favorite follow me on Instagram @alex_the_legit_boss

  5. More of Old School's superstars pleaseeeee! I would love to hear about Chris Jericho!! He is my favorite wrestler.

  6. The boy putting out straight heat! AND IF YOURE NOT DOWN WITH THAT, WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA: SUCK IT!! 🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️

  7. J. Will this is front row Joe here just wanted to tell you you did a Nother amazing job with this one again!!!!!! But now you are talking about WWE. Hall of Famer’s D Generation X!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work !!!!!!!!!! #Wrestle&Flow

  8. i take this song as a message to me but its ok You dont have the musical range yet to do Pete dunne but its ok Ima Like this

  9. Yo this was 🔥 can you do a Stone Cold Steve Austin one I think it would be hella awesome to hear the glass shatter and you rapping over it 💯

  10. Once again, you did a great job! Awesome!

    Have you seen the best of 7 matches from Sheamus and Cesaro? A track about that would be great, or just about The Bar 😉

    Sorry but Cesaro is underrated

  11. Man you're so good on these videos and I love it. How about make a HHH "The Game"? I'm pretty looking forward to it.

  12. This takes me back of when I was a kid. Attitude era was the best era in WWE. Can't wait to see them get inducted into the hall of fame much deserved

  13. I'm happy for Chyna. She finally found her way into the HOF. I'd love for the wrestlemania women's battle royal to be renamed the Chyna Battle Royal.

  14. Has any WWE superstar ever reached out to you? Bro this is so dope. I just ran into your video on Instagram. At the beginning if each of your videos you should tell people to share this and help your reach 20k subscribes and then do a small give away and then keep going up from there.

  15. So dope !! this platform you created is amazing ! It was a great look seeing what you did on Takeover. I need to hear a remix to AJ Styles current theme!

    1:TRIPLE H
    2:X PAC

  17. I would love to see him do one with the nation especially with that cold ass theme when the Rock was the leader

  18. "Couple chops to the crotch, the pyro to sound with it, got a couple words for you if you ain't down with it"
    So subtle, and so dope 🔥🔥🔥

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